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Never Say Never Chapter 605-606

Chapter 605

Fu Shen Yan nodded, didn’t look, and handed the document directly to me, raising an eyebrow, “Read it!”


I ……


Zhang Nan smiled and looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Mr. Fu and Miss Shen look as if they have known each other for a long time.”


I always felt that this, asked as if on purpose.


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows and smoothed the broken hair on the side of my forehead behind my ear, his voice warm, “En, counting the time we’ve been married for seven years.”


Someone in the air drew a cold breath, and even Zhang Nan stiffened slightly, as if he was no longer expecting it.


Fu Shen Yan didn’t seem to care, seeing me tilt my eyebrows at him, he smiled lightly, “What? You think I’m not worthy of being the father of the four seasons, so you’re going to pretend you don’t know me?”


The words were clearly deliberate.


I froze, pursed my lips, and didn’t say anything else.


In the office, someone began to whisper and mutter, “She’s actually Fu Shenyan’s wife, for goodness sake, that ……”


Surprise and astonishment were there.


The gossip of the past few days was not broken at this point.


I sighed slightly, he deliberately came to see me in the office today, I think it was because Zhang Nan had said something to him, that’s why he came here on purpose.


“Are things done?” Fu Shen Yan spoke, and as he spoke, he had taken my hand.


I nodded my head and got up.


He looked at Zhang Nan and spoke, “Let’s eat together?”


Zhang Nan shook his head slightly, “I’m going to pick up Mo Bai back to see my mother in the evening, you guys go ahead and make a date some other time.”


We left the hotel and got into the car.


I looked at him sideways, “When did you get here?”


“Just got here!”


The conversation was shallow and not too rusty on the way.


The school, the four seasons carrying school bags, queuing out when they saw Fu Shen Yan from afar, a small face seems extraordinarily happy.


A face of excitement waved towards Fu Shen Yan, who smiled lightly and raised his hand to greet her.


I smiled lightly, “How is Dr. Cheng?”


It had been a long time since I mentioned it, and this was the question that followed.


He looked at me sideways, his hand already holding me in his, “He’s gone to Huadu and probably plans to develop there.”


“Married?” It’s been four years since I counted the time, and Muzi is like a silent pa*serby to him.


He pursed his lips, “Probably not.”


I tilted my head at him, a little curious, “Is there someone he can’t get over?”


“Uncle Fu!” Four Seasons came out and the conversation between us came to a screeching halt.


Picking Four Seasons up and getting into the car, Fu Shen Yan looked at Four Seasons and said, “What do you want to eat?”


“Ice cream, family bucket!” The little one blurted out, barely thinking.


Fu Shen Yan smiled lightly, his gaze falling on me, his voice shallow, “You might want to ask your mother.”


Looking over at me, Four Seasons pursed her lips and shrugged her shoulders, knowing it was impossible, and instead spoke up wisely, “What would you like to eat, Mum?”


It was hot and dry and I could barely eat anything at night, so after thinking about it, I spoke up, “Go home and eat!”


The four seasons were a little lost and looked down and said, “Okay!”


Clearly reluctant.


Fu Shen Yan smiled lightly, turned the car around and drove through the lane.


It was a hot day and there was hardly any appetite, so they simply stir-fried vegetables and didn’t eat much before Four Seasons went to the yard to pick watermelons.


Held a large one back, looked at Fu Shen Yan said, “Uncle Fu, you can eat with me today, last time I would have liked to eat with my uncle, but he went back.”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, “Uncle?”


“It’s Shen Yu!” I spoke, not meaning to hide.


He nodded and took the watermelon from Four Seasons, dividing it into two halves, the heavier one in the house was a qilin melon, not very big but very sweet.


The two were one large and one small, one half each, and it looked quite harmonious.


“Your father is preparing another match for her, and he came here to see you, to see the seasons?”


He spoke, his gaze falling on me with some depth.


Chapter 606

I froze slightly and smiled lightly, “The reason he’s running away isn’t because of me, he’s probably got someone on his mind and doesn’t know it, so he’s coming to me.”


However, I was a little curious as to who the girl was.


With that said, he said no more, and with a spoon, scooped out the flesh from the centre of the watermelon and brought it to my mouth.


Forced to take a bite, I spoke, “I don’t really like watermelon.” Otherwise the Four Seasons wouldn’t like to run to the field to pick it whenever someone from the family comes over; she likes to have someone to eat it with.


As the night wore on and Chen Yi came over, Fu Shen Yan got up, gave the Four Seasons a hug and looked at me, “It’s getting late, you guys get an early night.”


I froze for a moment, “Do you …… not stay?


The latter words did not ask out, he came I welcome, go, I do not stay.


The four seasons tilted his head to look at him, a little confused, “Uncle Fu does not live in our house?”


He smiled lightly, his slender body squatting beside Four Seasons, and said in a warm voice, “Uncle has something to do, he will come to see Four Seasons again when he has time.”


Four Seasons nodded, a little lost.


He got up, looked at me and smiled lightly, “Get some rest early.”


As I watched him and Chen Yi leave, I was silent for a long time and took the Four Seasons back to the house, it was still hot in August.


Counting the time, the Four Seasons would soon turn five years old.




The next day.


It was the weekend and I wasn’t surprised by Chen Yi’s arrival, but I was a little surprised by the things he carried in his hand.


It was all home-cooked dishes to nourish the body, things that were available in the courtyard, and if Fu Shenyan had asked him to send them, then it seemed a bit redundant.


He knew very well that I had these things in the courtyard.


“Madam!” Chen Yi spoke, his voice a little hoarse, as if he hadn’t slept well last night.


There was an extra dark circle around his eyes, looking extra tired.


“What’s wrong?” I gestured for him to come in and speak, he stood in place, handed me what was in his hand and spoke, “Mr. Fu is entertaining in the capital these days, he drank a lot of wine over the past few days, his stomach bleeding is a bit serious, last night he was afraid that you would worry, so he went to the hotel by himself.”


I froze for a moment and didn’t say anything, just listened as he continued to speak.


“He wouldn’t let me come to you, but it’s dragged on too long and he won’t go to the hospital, I’m worried that if he drags it out too long, something will happen to his health, can you go and talk him into it?”


I pursed my lips, my mood warm and cool, interspersed with shallowness, “When did he get like this?”


“Four years ago, after you left, he’s been like this, seemingly devoted to his work, but actually pushing himself to death, sometimes drinking all night long, several times he’s been in hospital with stomach bleeding, the doctor has advised him not to touch alcohol, but he simply doesn’t listen, he continues to drink as usual. You know better than anyone what kind of position he puts you in.”


Taking the small dish in his hand, I spoke, “I’ll be there later, give me the room card, go back later and get some rest, your health is important.”


When he saw that I said yes, he was happy and smiled like a child as he slipped me his room card, “Then you should hurry over later.”


As I watched him walk away, I was a little lost in thought, a farewell, some people healing their wounds, others struggling in hell.


In the eyes of many women, if a man is in disarray for a woman, then that man loves that woman very much.


But Fu Shen Yan is different, a couple of years, his years of spontaneity seem to have been buried in these four years, leaving him old and calculating, calm and introspective.