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Never Say Never Chapter 603-604

Chapter 603

She was obviously a little surprised and said with big round eyes, “Really? Mum, you can’t lie to people.”


I smiled lightly, “When has mummy ever lied to the Four Seasons? Hmm?”


“So, can I take Mo Bai with me?” She spoke, her dark eyes looking at me, lovely.


I froze for a moment, “Four Seasons, Mo Bai needs to live with his own daddy, if he goes to the capital with us, then he and his daddy will be separated, do you want him to be separated from his own daddy?”


The little one shook his head, “No!”


“So, we all have what we want in all seasons, and what we want we get.”


She was silent for a long time and looked up at me, “Mummy, I’ll go to the capital with you.”


I nodded my head, everyone has different things in mind and different priorities.


The time to return to the capital had not yet been set, and it was always better to get Huai’an done.




Perhaps because of the successive appearance of the Shen family father and son, plus the care of Zhang Nan, I seemed to be isolated at the hotel.


Where there are a lot of girls, there are more rights and wrongs.


This day in the toilets, before I even came out, there were people talking.


“Whose kid do you guys think the one Shen Shu is carrying is? It can’t be Shen Yu’s, can it?”


“It can’t be, aren’t they brother and sister?”


“There are a lot of promiscuous people among the gentry and noble families, otherwise she wouldn’t be a proper Miss of the capital, why would she bring her child to live in this small county, don’t you think it’s strange?”


“It’s also true, that child’s father we never seem to have met, nor have we heard her mention it, it couldn’t really be Shen Yu’s!”


“It’s possible, messing around with her own brother and finally getting pregnant and hiding in this small county, isn’t it just to avoid suspicion!”


I can’t help but laugh bitterly, this people ah, it seems how to live, not necessarily free, people’s words can be feared!


From outside came the panicked voice of a girl, “Oh my God, I think I’m having my period, which one of you has your tampons?”


“No, none of us have had our periods.”


“What then, it’s going to get on my dress later, I forgot it was today and I’m wearing a white dress.”


Girls seem to be quite easily embarra*sed when it comes to this sort of thing.


Pushing the door open, I handed her for the tampons, didn’t say anything and left washing my hands lightly.


My sudden appearance was obviously a bit awkward for a few people.


However, I seemed to be used to it, and I had heard all the gossip that needed to be heard.


Back in my office, I continued to sort out my papers, and all I could think of was what I should say to Zhang Nan about resigning.


“That, thank you for earlier!” The girl’s awkward voice came to my ears, followed by a gla*s of milk on my desk.


I tilted my head and saw the little girl I had just met in the bathroom, who was now really red and talking to me.


“No!” I was cold-natured and spoke almost subconsciously, but slowed down, conscious that it wasn’t very friendly, and added, “A hand up.”


She looked down, bit her mouth, and spoke, “I’m sorry, I just ……”


The words that followed seemed difficult for her to say, and she looked a little embarra*sed.


I guess what she was trying to say was that one shouldn’t gossip behind one’s back.


I stopped what I was doing and looked at her, my gaze light, “You don’t need to apologize, I didn’t take it to heart.”


It was indeed not on my mind, I had heard all this gossip I don’t know how many times.


“Yue Yue, we’re telling the truth, what are you apologising for? It’s not like we’re the ones at fault.” A watcher spoke up, seemingly justified.


Yue Yue?


Then again, I’ve been working at the hotel for almost two years now and I can’t seem to remember the names of a few of my colleagues.


It took a serious look at the work tag on the young girl’s chest to see her name, Xu Yue.


Xu Yue turned back to the one who was justified while blushing with embarra*sment, “You don’t say anything.”


She looked over at me, clearly embarra*sed, “Sorry!”


With that, she went back to her desk.


Chapter 604



Xu Yue took the initiative to walk up to me and spoke, “Sister Shen, let’s go eat together!”


I froze for a moment and looked at the time, lunch time.


Time was flying by.


I opened my mouth to refuse, but when I saw her expectant gaze, the words reached my throat and I suppressed them again.


Nodding my head, “Yeah, let’s go!”


The restaurant.


There weren’t many restaurants near the hotel, so I counted fast food and snack bars, and she chose one, ordered and found a seat.


She looked at me for half a day, wanting to say something.


I drank my tea shallowly, but there was no extra emotion.


“Sister Shen, I’m sorry for what happened in the bathroom this morning, don’t worry about it.”


After a pause, she added, “And thank you!”


I nodded and smiled lightly, “No, it’s all just idle talk, just get used to it.”


She was a little embarra*sed, probably ashamed of herself, “Why don’t you explain?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Explain what?”


“Your daughter, and your relationship with Manager Zhang.” She opened her mouth, but she was extraordinarily serious.


I smiled, “Mouths are on other people, they can say what they like.”


“But the more you don’t say anything, the more they think their guesses are true.” She looked quite nervous.


I smiled and raised an eyebrow at her, “Do you think it’s true?”


She froze for a moment, a little embarra*sed, “I think it’s true when I hear it for a long time.”


I smiled lightly, “I like the landscape of Huai’an, back then I brought Four Seasons to Huai’an because I wanted to live here alone, I didn’t think too much about it.”


“What about Four Seasons’ father?” Young girls, always curious.


The waiter served food and I smiled lightly, “It’s getting late, I have to go back after lunch.”


Seeing this, she doesn’t ask any more questions.


Back in the office, I still have something to do, two duties added, although there is not much to do in the hotel, but always two duties, is to be a little more.


I was so serious that I ignored the sudden silence in the office and the occasional uncharacteristic coughing of someone.


About ten minutes later, my shoulders were a little sore and I got up to pour water.


Suddenly seeing the man standing behind me, I subconsciously froze for a moment and then spoke, “When did you get here?”


I regretted asking, because the tone of voice was too natural and casual, and in an office, for outsiders to hear, it always sounded ambiguous.


“It’s been a while.” Fu Shen Yan spoke, warmth contained on his brow, “Go pour water!”


I got up and went to pour water, and when I came back, he still dragged a chair and sat beside me, looking at the documents I had processed. The people in the office, some surprised, some puzzled, some curious, although not blatantly looking in my direction, but not the gaze cast, still very striking.


Seeing me with a gla*s of water, he lifted his hand to take it and took a natural sip along where I had been drinking, with a coughing sound coming from the periphery that was clearly not normal.


I frowned and said nothing more, sitting back in my seat and finishing the rest of my work.


He didn’t make a sound to interrupt, but waited very quietly for me to finish, and half a second later, I stopped moving.


He spoke, “Done?”


I nodded and put the paper away.


“What do you want to eat tonight?” He seemed oblivious to the strange stares from the office.


I sighed inwardly, this man was probably doing it on purpose, thinking that I was afraid that the word was going to get around even more violently about my pilgrim nature.


“All right!” Looking at the time, it was almost time to leave work.


Zhang Nan came in with the documents and walked straight towards Fu Shen Yan, handed him the documents and spoke, “Mr. Fu, this is the hotel’s operation for the past two years, please take a look at it.”