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Never Say Never Chapter 601-602

Chapter 601

With such a large and beautiful man sitting in the office, several of the man-girls barely did anything and their eyes fell on him.


Someone was curiously probing, “Who is this guy? What’s his relationship with Shen Shu?”


“Seems to be the boss of the electronic technology company, called Shen Yu, the son of Shen Changlin.”


“So it’s brother and sister?”


“No way! How come I haven’t heard of it before at all?”


“Wasn’t it also unheard of before, that Shen Shu was Shen Changlin’s daughter? What’s so strange about that.”




I closed the computer, got up, and looked at Shen Yu, “Let’s go!” The chatter wasn’t loud, but it could be heard, and I didn’t like hearing the gossip, so I stayed away.


When we left the hotel, Shen Yu smiled lightly, “What do you want to eat?”




He had booked a western restaurant, not exactly luxurious, but in the county it was considered excellent.


Relatively sitting down, he looked at me, “What do you want to eat?”


“You order!”


He paused, not saying much, and ordered two steaks straight away, his eyes fell on me and he said profoundly, “Skinny!”


I smiled, “You came to Huai’an for work?”


“To see you!” He spoke, his gaze honest, “Uncle San said you were in Huai’an, so I came.”


I nodded and didn’t say much more.


Counting the time, he was also in his thirties, how time flies.


“When do you plan to return to the capital?” He spoke, not much of a padding.


I flickered slightly and smiled lightly, “I don’t plan to go back.”


He frowned, “What about Four Seasons’ future? She could have access to better educational resources, why don’t you want to?”


The weather was a little hot, I raised my hand and pinched my brow, a little annoyed, “Shen Yu, can’t we just eat?”


The future is so long, always squeeze it in these days, what to say later?


He was silent, and did not eat, but watched me eat, a very strange habit.


The day they don’t come to Huai’an, I can’t afford to come to a better restaurant to eat, it’s too expensive, my monthly salary is limited and can’t afford me to spend.


Coming out of the restaurant, I tilted my head to look at the hot sun on the sky. Seriously, Huai’an is so hot in summer that it’s easy to get irritated.


“Shall I walk you back?”


He spoke, as if asking my opinion, and I looked at him sideways, “Want to go meet the Four Seasons?”


He froze for a moment, a little surprised, “I can?”


“You’re her uncle, why not?”


He smiled lightly, vaguely pressed with glee.




In the four years since she came to Huai’an, Four Seasons had never met Shen Yu, but because of the strangers who had appeared one after another over the past few days, it seemed strange to her.


When we got into the car, Four Seasons and I sat in the back seat, she tilted her head to look at me, there was a glance towards the driver’s seat, pursed her lips, “Mom, is uncle also your friend?”


I nodded, “Four Seasons, he’s an uncle, from now on you have to call him uncle not uncle.”


“Uncle?” Four Seasons froze.


Shen Yu thought he was being called and looked back over with indefinable emotion and joy on his face.


“Watch the road!” I broke out in a cold sweat when I saw a car coming in front of me.


Luckily, Shen Yu reacted quickly and steered to avoid a collision.


Speaking of the car pulling over to the side of the road, he turned back to me and the four seasons, looked at the four seasons, a handsome face looked at the four seasons with some expectation and said, “Four seasons, call out uncle again.”


I ……


Four Seasons froze, but spoke anyway, soft and sticky, “Uncle!”


His handsome face showed a joyful look and he looked at me with extra excitement and said, “Shen Shu, did you hear that? She’s calling me uncle now!”


I nodded, actually understanding him, he was like me, a lonely person at heart, probably living his whole life looking for a place to belong.


Four Seasons’ words of uncle made him extra happy and warm.


He was happy, but with mixed emotions, which were not for me and Four Seasons, but for others.


Chapter 602

Sending me and the Four Seasons back into the courtyard, his gaze seemed to remain on the Four Seasons, deep and far away.


Something was wrong with him!


As soon as Four Seasons came home, he liked to go into the backyard to pick fruit, and once Four Seasons was gone, I looked over at him and spoke, “Is there anything I can do for you?”


He looked back and froze, his gaze a little deeper, “Shen Shu, if you were pregnant but the father of the baby wanted to abort it, what would you do?”


Looking at him, I narrowed my eyes slightly, “Since it’s your child, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want it, Shen Yu, don’t fail the person who put you in their heart.”


He froze and looked at me, his gaze slightly embarra*sed, “I didn’t say the child was mine.”


I laughed, “When you were looking at the Four Seasons, you were probably thinking that if that baby was born, it would be a little bit as cute as the Four Seasons in the future, weren’t you?”


He pursed his lips, tsked, and sat down on the wicker chair with some annoyance.


With his hands on his head, he seemed extraordinarily overwhelmed.


I squatted down next to him, not quite comforting, “No matter what, since it’s your child, there’s no reason for you to leave him alone, let alone not want him, Shen Yu don’t make yourself regret it.”


He jerked up from his seat, looked at me with a slight frown, and spoke, “I’ll go back to the capital and see you again in a few days.”


He then took a few steps out of the courtyard.


Watching his gait as he walked away, I couldn’t help but smile lightly, people are always healed, perhaps a period of life with a touch of fireworks and a child.


Four Seasons came out, holding a watermelon in her hand, a little strained, seeing that Shen Yu was not there, she looked around and spoke, “Mum, where is uncle?”


I took the watermelon from her hands and put it aside, “He went back.” Looking at the watermelon she had gotten back, I couldn’t help but sigh, “Four seasons, this watermelon will go bad if you pick it and don’t finish it.”


She lowered her eyes, “I thought uncle would be here, that’s why I picked it.”


I froze and carried her to the wicker chair, smoothing her hair, “Four Seasons, do you want to go live in the city where Grandpa and Uncle are?”


She C*cked her head, thought about it, and looked at me and said, “Will Mo Bai go too?”




I was a bit dumbfounded and thought for a moment, “No, he’s going to live with his own dad.”


“Oh!” She was a little lost, “If I go, Mo Bai won’t have any friends.”


After thinking about it, she looked at me and said, “Mum, is it true that if I go and live with my grandparents and uncles, I’ll have a dad?”


I froze for a moment, unable to say what I felt, yes, a child wants to have a father after all.


Looking at her, I felt a little guilty, “Four Seasons, do you want a daddy badly?”


She bit her mouth and thought seriously, “Yes, if I had a daddy I could go play with him on weekends like I did with Uncle Fu, and he would buy me good food like Uncle Fu, and he would tell me stories and could lift me up high.”


I nodded, not knowing how I should speak to her.


I hadn’t thought about letting her know about Muzi, let alone letting Cheng Junyu know about Muzi’s existence.


After four years, this child and I had long since become one, and there was no way I could let her live with Cheng Junyu, nor was I comfortable with it.


But I did treat her badly when it came to fatherhood.


Hugging her, my voice was a little choked up, “Then mommy will take Four Seasons to the capital to look for daddy, so that Four Seasons can also be with daddy every day like other children, okay?”