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Never Say Never Chapter 583-584

Chapter 583

Zhang Xinxin came back from her shift and saw me applying medicine to the wound on my knee and sneered, “A lowly embryo who has never seen the world, seeing a rich and powerful man and still having weak legs, shame on you.”


I pursed my lips, but didn’t respond; I was in a hurry just now, but I knew exactly why I had fallen.


The hotel was full of people I knew, and there were only a few standing around me, and I couldn’t really think of anyone who could have tripped me by hand, except for Zhang Xinxin, who was closest to me, for a while.


After treating the wound, I got up and went to the water fountain to get a cup of hot water and walked over to her.


Looking at her lightly, I said, “Face, or hands, your choice?”


She froze, noticed the hot water in my cup, and her face paled violently, “Shen Shu, what do you want? I’m telling you, my father is the governor of Huai’an, if you dare to hurt me, I’ll make your life miserable.”


I nodded, my gaze faint, “Okay, I’ll see what happens!”


Without waiting for her to step back, I had tugged up her tender white hand to pour the boiling water down from the bottom, listening to her heart-rending screams as I tugged her hand tightly and finished pouring the cup of water.


The cup of water was empty and looking at her frantic look of pain, I spoke, my voice cold and heartless, “Miss Zhang, next time when you do a little action please wipe your eyes bright, this time it’s just one of your hands, I’m afraid next time, this delicate face of yours will be gone.”


“You ……”


After a pause, I suddenly remembered and looked at her, “Right, since you think your father’s official is so big, why not let him go home and retire properly, it also happens that, Huai’an so good geography, under his management, the economy can’t get up for so many years, he should also go back and retire properly.”


After saying that, I took the ointment by hand and went out of the office.


Walking downstairs to the hotel, Zhang Nan drove over and looked at me and said, “Get in!”


I raised my eyebrows and wanted to refuse, but looking at my limping foot, I counted on it and got into the car and fastened my seat belt.


He gave me a look and spoke, “Let’s go to the pharmacy and get some medicine, then I’ll take you back.”


I looked down at my ankle, which had been fine a moment ago, but now, looking at it, it was obviously swollen for the most part.


“You and Fu Shen Yan know each other?” He suddenly spoke up after the car was halfway down the road.


I froze and smiled lightly, “Do I look like I know someone like him who is a wealthy and powerful gold-digger?”


He pursed his lips, extra serious, “Yes!” After a pause, he added, “He kept looking at you just now and seemed to have mixed emotions.”


I smiled and didn’t say much.


After buying the medicine and returning home, my ankle hurt a little, so I simply stopped struggling and leaned back in the rattan chair to rest.


Rather unexpectedly, I fell asleep in the rattan chair long enough to wake up from my dream when I heard a knock on the gate in the courtyard.


Vaguely, my cheeks seemed to be mostly wet with tears.


How long had it been since I had shed a tear, since I had dreamed of that child, grown up, healthy and heavy in my arms.


The gate still rattled, and, wiping the tears from my eyes, I washed my face at the hosepipe and cleared my head a few times.


Open the door.


I was surprised to see Fu Shen Yan at the door, his upright body backlit, his face not the slightest bit smiling, a pair of black eyes as deep and translucent as ever, seeing me, the knot in his throat sliding, vaguely revealing indescribable complex emotions.


Before I could say anything, my hand was already in his, and he said, helplessly and self-deprecatingly, “I can’t pretend I don’t know you, I can’t do that, four years, I’ve put up with it for four years, and I still can’t forget it.”


He’s changed!


He had changed, the old him would not have said these lingering, unbearable words.


Chapter 584

Sighing slightly, I drew my hand back and looked faint, “Mr. Fu, come in and sit down!”


Not really a surprise, I guess, at least goodbye, I didn’t miss and desperately miss it as much as I thought I would, four years is enough time to let go of a lot of things.


Even the resentment, it had faded, no, it was gone.


He entered the courtyard and sat down on a rattan chair, I brought the fruit I picked yesterday, as if I were entertaining a guest, and looked at him with a light, detached smile, “This is home-grown fruit, it tastes quite good, try it.”


He looked at me, his gaze too deep and silent for a moment, nodded and took a shallow bite of the peach.


After a long time, he looked at me and said, “Very sweet!”


I nodded, Four Seasons time, I became extraordinarily reticent.


Zhang Nan picked up Four Seasons and Mo Bai back and froze slightly when he saw the man sitting in the courtyard, but his good upbringing made him not act too surprised, he just nodded slightly and said, “Hello, Mr. Fu!”


Seeing Zhang Nan, Fu Shenyan probably had little effect, I paused and spoke, “He’s the manager in the hotel.”


Fu Shen Yan understood, rose to shake hands, elegant and reserved, his eyes fell on Four Seasons and Mo Bai, his eyes faintly paused.


The development of boys seems to be slower than that of girls, both are five years old, Mo Bai looks like he is four years old.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan’s face sink slightly, I didn’t speculate too much, looking at the two said, “What do you want to eat today?”


Four Seasons didn’t seem too happy, his eyes fell on Fu Shen Yan and he said, “Mom can make anything.”


Mo Bai noticed the injury on my ankle and said, “Let’s make dinner for Daddy tonight.”


Normally, this would have been fine, but to Fu Shen Yan’s ears, it seemed different.


I didn’t say much, but raised my eyes to Zhang Nan and smiled lightly, “It looks like you’re going to have to show off your skills tonight.”


Zhang Nan was a bit surprised by Fu Shen Yan’s arrival, but he, who has always been straightforward, didn’t seem to think much about it, but looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Mr. Fu, stay and eat with us later, it’s all home-grown peasant food, you can try it.”


Fu Shen Yan collected the strange look on his face and nodded, his eyes grew deeper and deeper.


Looking at the two little ones, I instructed as usual, “You go to the backyard and pick vegetables, Four Seasons must not bully Mo Bai, do you hear me?”


Four Seasons beamed and nodded, “Mummy is biased and always protects Mo Bai.”


I was helpless, “He’s already shorter than you, if you keep bullying him like this, he won’t be able to grow taller in the future.”


“Fine, fine, I won’t bully him!” The four seasons carried two baskets and looked at Mo Bai, “Mum told me not to bully you, I’ll help you carry the baskets, okay?”


Mo Bai was a bit of a little man and said, “Daddy says I’m a man and have to protect the girls, you’re not bullying me, I’m protecting you.”


The two children walked and argued as they headed towards the backyard.


I shook my head helplessly and couldn’t help but smile lightly. I used to worry that Four Seasons would be alone, but now I was relieved to see that she and Mo Bai were getting along and were closer than brother and sister.


I was so worried that I would be alone, but now that I’ve seen her with Mo Bai, she’s closer than a brother and sister.


I froze and subconsciously said, “Mr. Fu, take a break, I’ll go to the kitchen and see if there’s anything I need to do.”


His wrist was pulled and his voice was low and introspective, “Have you had a good time over the years?”


I looked back at him with a calm gaze, “I’m fine, these four years have been the most peaceful four years I’ve ever had.”