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Never Say Never Chapter 581-582

Chapter 581

“About what time?” I opened my mouth and gave Four Seasons and Mo Bai their dishes, these two kids really have the same exact taste, they both only eat meat and no vegetables, they won’t eat at all if I don’t force them to.


Zhang Nan ate well, put down the dishes and said, “About noon, you dress ably.”


I nodded, although I had never done the job of reception, but some years ago when I worked at Fu’s, I had more or less been received a few times because of my status.


Mentally, I had a number!




The next day!


Because I had to receive guests, I purposely wore the clothes I brought from Jiangcheng back then, these years to Huai’an, basically did not buy clothes, and even if I did, I bought some cheap ones at the night market, basically did not wear brands, custom-made clothes even less.


This dress was custom-made by a famous Italian designer specially hired by Fu Shenyan back then, and there were many of them in the cloakroom. Back then, because I was holding the four seasons, I wore this dry set of clothes out for convenience.


Then I stopped wearing it when I came to Huai’an, and after a few years in the suitcase, it had a musty smell. The good thing is that the quality and design of the tens of thousands of dollars of clothes are top-notch, so even if I wear them for a few years, they won’t look old.


I stood in front of the hotel in advance and waited for someone.


It just so happened that Zhang Xinxin was on duty at the front desk today, and when she saw me wearing a high-quality outfit, she couldn’t help but be snarky and mean.


“Heh, it’s not enough to seduce the manager, is this a plan to seduce the developer? You want to become a phoenix, don’t even look at yourself.”


After all, it was a public place, so I just gave her a cold look and didn’t say much.


Yesterday’s fracas had created a feud between me and her.


It was common knowledge that she didn’t like me.


In front of the hotel, a black Mercedes S-cla*s pulled up, which was probably the best car in Huai’an.


When she saw the developer coming, Zhang Xinxin pulled her resentful gaze back from me and waited at the hotel entrance with a standard smile on her face.


All the hotel staff that could come were here, lined up at the entrance of the hotel waiting for the people in the car.


I stepped forward, walked over to the car and bent down to open the door for the person in the car, but before my hand could touch the door.


It was snapped up before anyone else could.


“I’ll do it!”


The man’s voice was low and cold, and I was familiar with it.


At the same time, I raised my eyes and saw the person who had spoken, and froze for a moment. It took almost just a second to realise that the developer we were talking about was Fu Shen Yan.


Chen Yi was probably surprised too, and when he saw me, he paused slightly, and after a moment, he withdrew his hand and took two steps back, looking at me and said, “After you!”


I stiffened up, saying that I wasn’t surprised, but I was only surprised, just for a few seconds.


I calmed myself down and bent down to respectfully open the car door.


The man in the car, a pair of polished black leather shoes landed on the ground, followed by the slender jade-like body of a man stretched out of the car and stood on the ground, the man’s gaze cold and dry.


Coldly looking at the push to develop Chen Yi, his voice was filled with displeasure, “Chen Yi, you ……” his voice, extremely strong, but only halfway through his words stopped, even the hands that were finishing his suit stopped in place, as if he had been cast in a fix.


The crowd was attracted by his sudden stop, and their eyes followed his gaze.


I frowned, not that I was being watched by so many people.


His outburst was too long, so long that those who greeted him thought they were ill-prepared for something.


Chen Yi, who knew him best, saw him looking at me with a deep, hidden gaze, opened his mouth and reminded, “Mr. Fu, let’s go into the hotel first and rest!”


Perhaps it was my illusion, I always felt that the man’s body seemed to be trembling, not knowing whether it was excitement or anger.


Chapter 582

After a long time, he drew his gaze back from me and without a word entered the hotel surrounded by a large crowd.


People who carry a glow with them are the brightest lights in the crowd wherever they go.


Looking at his upright back, I sighed slightly at the reunion of life, already a pa*ser-by.


A circle of people swarmed around him, and if it weren’t for my work, I probably wouldn’t have been able to squeeze in, rushing up to press the lift.


I wasn’t paying attention to my feet, I tripped over someone cold, my centre was unstable and I couldn’t help but fall down towards the front.


My knees were on the ground, and it really hurt, and I subconsciously hissed because of the pain.


It’s not that big of a deal, after all, there were so many people, it’s normal for one person in the crowd to fall.


But I didn’t expect that Fu Shen Yan would stop, then walk towards me and pull me up almost without hesitation.


After four years of not seeing him, he was getting more handsome and warm, “Is everything okay?”


I shook my head, stood up steadily, pulled my hand back from his palm and smiled lightly, “Thank you!”


Then I walked straight up and pressed the lift with the pain.


Inside the lift.


Zhang Nan spoke, “Mr. Fu, this is Shen Shu, the person in charge of reception at our hotel, Miss Shen, she is in charge of your itinerary for the next few days, you can communicate with her if you have any questions.”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyes to look at me, his gaze paused, and then he spoke nonchalantly, “En, good!”


Only, as he spoke, the hand he had copied into his pocket moved slightly, too small a detail, I hadn’t noticed it originally, but having been following with my head down, it was inevitable that I would find it.


Swipe the room card, Zhang Nan went to arrange other things, Chen Yi opened his mouth, looked at me and said, “Fu …… Miss Shen, you and Mr. Fu dock the itinerary for the next few days, I will go to work first!”


I pursed my lips, under normal circumstances, these matters, is not I and Chen Yi docking? How come I was allowed to dock with Fu Shen Yan directly?


Chen Yi left, and Fu Shen Yan’s slender body leaned on the sofa, looking a bit tired.


It’s always a matter of work. After a moment of silence, he didn’t open his mouth, so I thought it was because he was tired and didn’t want to talk about work now.


I opened my mouth and said, “Mr. Fu has just arrived in Huai’an and may be a bit tired, so how about this, you rest first, when you are well rested, I will just dock the work with your a*sistant.”


After saying that, I turned around and left.


A low, introspective voice rang out behind me, “Since we met, why do you have to hide?”


I froze for a moment, paused, looked back at him and said without warmth, “Mr. Fu is overthinking, after all you are a guest, since you are tired, it is reasonable to let you rest before talking about work.”


Between his pair of black eyes, deep without low look at me, I also calm, light smile said, “Mr. Fu have a good rest, if there is any problem, as long as it is my working time, you can always find me.”


After saying that, I turned around and left, not really an escape.


From the time I left Jiangcheng, I knew that there would inevitably be a day when we would meet on a narrow road, and since I already knew that, naturally I was ready to face the attitude.


Everyone has a past, so there’s no need to dwell on it too much.


When I returned to the office, my knee was numb with pain and I pulled up my trouser leg to look at the wound, which was bruised and seemed swollen.


“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Zhang Nan came in, not hiding her concern for me in the slightest.


The others in the office gradually came in one after another, and seemed to automatically ignore it when they saw him handing me the plaster.


It wasn’t a major injury, so looking at Zhang Nan, I said, “I’m fine, you go about your business!”


He pursed his lips, looked at me and then at the group of women in the office, then got up and walked away.