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Never Say Never Chapter 579-580

Chapter 579

It’s not a serious illness, with Jon around, the four seasons are taken care of, and Zhang Nan comes over to finish seeing them whenever he wants.


For the past four years, I have been going to work every day to take care of the four seasons, but it is rare that I have these few days of leisure, and I don’t have to worry about anything.


When I was packing up and leaving the hospital, Qiao En looked at me and said, “The doctor said that your illness was caused by giving birth to a child, you need to take good care of yourself in the future, don’t ruin yourself, you are only thirty, don’t be too old by the time you are forty.”


I laughed and didn’t say much, I just said, “I want to eat chicken wings tonight, remember to go to the supermarket when we go back later.”


He held his forehead and shrugged his shoulders, “Can you think of anything else in that head of yours?”


I didn’t say anything and carried my things downstairs.


Zhang Nan was already waiting downstairs with his car, so I couldn’t refuse, so I got into the car.


I bought chicken wings at the supermarket and sent me and Jon back to the yard, and he went to pick up Four Seasons and Mo Bai.


The day calmed down and it was all just firewood and salt. I used to always think that if I was lucky enough to spend my life with Fu Shen Yan.


I probably would have been a more home-loving person, watching over my children every day, studying how to cook good food and how to take care of them and their health.


I always thought that maybe he had his own difficulties and that he had his own position in lying to me and hurting me.


The reason for this is that sometimes hatred and resentment are tinged with love, and after a long time, they are calmed down, no matter what, we will eventually say goodbye and go our separate ways, and have our own lives.


I was a bit uncomfortable when I was transferred back to the office, as Zhang Nan wanted to do things quickly.


It is probably because of this that I heard more gossip in the office. Someone in the hotel committed suicide by jumping off a building because of a bad relationship.


There was talk in the office.


“I heard that the girl’s parents were high-ranking officials in the capital, and although it wasn’t our hotel’s responsibility, the person was in trouble in the hotel after all, so I guess the hotel is going to be in trouble.”


“Right! It’s so easy to look like it’s going to get better, and then something like this happens, we’re afraid we’ll have to start looking for work again.”


“Yes! I heard that the head office is so rich that it doesn’t care about the income of this small hotel. I guess the people above won’t think of taking the time to deal with it, so they might just shut it down.”


“Then we’re going to lose our jobs, it’s so bad, it was so easy to get a job with good pay and treatment, and then this mess, I’m out of a job again.”


I couldn’t help but listen a little more to the discussion. It’s true that in Huai’an, a small city, there aren’t many big companies, but basically factories and small shops.


The resort hotel is a bit bigger, and the salary is much higher than the others.


I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a job for 3,000 a month, I can’t help but sigh, it was so easy to see that I was going to get more salary a month, but this happened, bad luck!


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.


A few of the receptionists left when he yelled at them.


He walked towards me, saw me staring at the computer screen, and said, “What are you thinking about? It’s time to get off work, so we’ll go pick up Four Seasons and Mo Bai later?”


I nodded, thinking that I would have to do the forms later, I shook my head quickly, “Pick up Four Seasons for me, I have something to do later, please.”


Seeing the forms on my computer that I hadn’t finished, he smiled, but didn’t say much and went out.


Chapter 580

As soon as he left, the front desk that was just talking started muttering again, but this time, since the topic turned to me.


Zhang Xinxin looked at me, not looking too good in any way, “Sister Shen, you said that you, a cleaning aunt, have transformed into the person in charge of the two most idle positions in our hotel, one with a leisurely salary and such an idle job, how did you manage to do that?”


The voice was eerie, and someone else, who didn’t mind the hilarity, chimed in, “Yes, Sister Shen, tell us about it, we are young, not older than you and pretty, and experienced, we know how to flatter people.”


Zhang Xinxin sneered and said disdainfully, “I don’t think you know how to flatter people, but how to sleep with men! I’ve heard that women are like jackals when they’re thirty, and it seems that Manager Zhang can’t escape the rhyme of an old woman, and this sleeping out of a position is really a lot more convenient than us, who work our way up step by step!”


I looked at several people and listened to their mouthfuls of old women and seduction.


I couldn’t help but feel that it was good to be young, to be able to speak without any boundaries and to hurt people as much as I wanted.


My eyes fell on the plain water that had just been poured on the table, I got up and stood in front of Zhang Xinxin, not quite angry, just a little cold in tone, “Indeed, I am thirty, and counting, I am four or five years older than you, think carefully what my twenty-four or twenty-five looks like?”


I raised an eyebrow and continued, “At that time I had just gotten married and had just entered the workplace, which was a lot more complicated then than it is now, and of course I had met the kind of sisters who were a little older than me and who were in high positions, but back then all I could think about was how to work hard, not how to attack her.”


“Now look at your face, I suddenly feel that it is really too important for my family to give me upbringing and learning, they taught me that when I see good people, it is to try to catch up, not to degrade and destroy, Miss Zhang your family upbringing, it is really quite …… average!”


This is not an unpleasant comment, but when it comes to family education and character, it is naturally different.


After all, Zhang Xinxin is young, hearing such harsh words from me, she exploded in a moment, raising her hand and ready to hit me.


I was not a silly white girl in her twenties either, and raised my hand to stop her from hitting down, then picked up the gla*s of water on my desk and splashed it towards her delicate little face.


“Miss Zhang, chewing on words is to pull out your tongue and go to hell, next time remember to go through your head before you speak.” Having said that, I wasn’t in the mood to continue working on the form and went straight out of the office.


“Ah ……” she shrieked in anger, “Shen Shu, you bad woman, you wait for me!”


The sound of her crumbling voice came from behind me, I didn’t care and went straight back to the courtyard.


Zhang Nan picked up the four seasons, the little one always likes to follow me lately, probably because she was worried about me after the last illness, so she always likes to follow me, afraid that something will happen to me.


During the meal, Zhang Nan suddenly looked at me and said, “Tomorrow a developer from the capital is coming to stay at the hotel, you may have to come out to meet him, and by the way, arrange his itinerary for the next few days in Huai’an, something has happened to the hotel, according to the intention of the top, it is for this developer to take over the hotel.”


I froze for a moment, puzzled, “A developer, what’s he doing taking over the hotel?”


He smiled lightly, “The area around the hotel is basically wasteland, naturally these developers are not aiming at the hotel but are planning to plan around it, Huai’an has developed well in the past two years, the natural scenery and foreign population is on the high side, if it develops into a tourist city, it will only be a matter of a year or two.”


This is true, Huai’an is not a large area, but because of the beautiful natural scenery, especially at the beginning of spring every year, the whole small county is surrounded by rape flowers, this small, una*suming city is rather like being surrounded by a sea of flowers.


With a number of natural waterfalls and ethnic minorities in the vicinity, more and more people in big cities are now thinking of retiring in a small city with a beautiful environment, and Huai’an is indeed a better choice.