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Never Say Never Chapter 577-578

Chapter 577

After dinner, Zhang Nan pulled Mo Bai to do the dishes while Four Seasons and I went to the yard to pick some fruit.


In the height of summer, I scattered a lot of watermelon seeds at the beginning of spring, and the year I came to Huai’an I bought some peach trees and planted them along the fence, which bear fruit almost every year.


Four Seasons was carrying a basket, picking up the peaches that had fallen to the ground and were still edible, while asking me in a milky voice, “Mummy, do you like Uncle Zhang?”


I laughed, put the picked fruit in the basket, hung her nose and said, “So baby what are you going to say?”


She pinched her chin in thought and said, “I was thinking, mummy, can you make Uncle Zhang my daddy?”


I froze for a moment and looked down at her, “Four Seasons, do you want daddy badly?”


She C*cked her head in thought, and after a pause, she said seriously, “Not really, but, I like Mo Bai, and if mommy marries Uncle Zhang, I can marry Mo Bai later.”


“If your mother doesn’t marry Uncle Zhang, you can also marry Mo Bai when you grow up in the future!” A voice sounded behind us, magnetic and lilting.


Four Seasons and I turned around, and Four Seasons was delighted and trotted over, “Uncle Jon!”


Holding Four Seasons in his arms, Jon laughed, “Four Seasons, you want your daddy so badly, why don’t you call me daddy?”


After a long moment of contemplation, Four Seasons spoke, “Our cla*s said that daddy is the boy who has to lie in the same bed as mommy.”


I ……


Jon bristled and looked at me, “Your daughter is divine.”


I smiled, carrying the basket and holding the freshly picked watermelon in my arms as I walked towards him and said, “What are you doing over here? Didn’t you say you were busy with work lately?”


He put the four seasons down, took the basket and the habit from me and spoke, “I know your fruit is ripe here and I’m planning to come over for a few days, no?”




Jon had opened a psychological counselling studio in Jiangcheng and it had been doing well for a few years.


He used to come over to see the four seasons for a few years when I first came to Huai’an, but these years he’s been busy with work and only comes once or twice a year.


After dinner and some fruit, it was late in the summer and the Four Seasons wanted to go for a walk.


We all had nothing to do, so we walked down the lane together.


The lane was lined with roses, which were in full bloom in the summer, and Four Seasons liked to play here, especially when she dragged Zhang Nan and Mo Bai along.


Because whenever she came, Zhang Nan would buy her ice cream whenever she asked for it.


Zhang Nan came out of the cold drink shop with an ice cream in her hand, gave one to Four Seasons and one to Mo Bai, and then handed one to me.


I couldn’t help but smile lightly, being treated like a child after all.


Four Seasons carefully licked the cream and looked up at Zhang Nan, “Uncle Zhang, why do you always buy it for mum? Mum said that only children eat ice cream, not adults.”


Zhang Nan smiled lightly, “Your mother is just like you, she is also a child.”


Four Seasons was puzzled and looked at Qiao En and said to Zhang Nan, “Then Uncle Qiao En is the same age as mummy, he is also a child, why don’t you buy it for him?”


Jon didn’t take a sip of water and spit it out, looking at Four Seasons, “My big miss, your Uncle Jon is a man, not a child, he doesn’t eat these things, Uncle is different from Mummy, Mummy is still a child no matter how old she is.”


Four Seasons nodded with seeming understanding.


As night slowly fell, the streetlights on either side of the alley lit up, and I couldn’t help but notice that Chen Xing and I seemed to have walked down a long alley like this a few years ago.


The same alley was filled with roses of all colours, only this one didn’t have a night market or hot pots at the end of it.


“What’s on your mind?” Jon abducted me who was lost in thought.


Chapter 578

I looked back to see Four Seasons and Inkbrand already running away, with Zhang Nan following behind the two children.


Turning to Jon, he shook his head in hindsight.


He looked at Zhang Nan who was protecting the children and glanced at me and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, “Not a bad character and appearance, except for being slightly older, but a good choice.”


I was a little dazed by his inexplicable comment and couldn’t help but look at him and frown, “What?”


He shrugged his shoulders, “Finding you a date!”


I laughed, “It does seem like you haven’t been very busy at work lately.”


I bristled and said lightly, “Actually I think it’s quite good, he treats you well and in every way, he’s also taken care of Four Seasons over the years, you’re also thirty, you’ve actually let go of the past, it’s time to plan your life properly, find someone to keep you company, when Four Seasons grows up in the future, you won’t be alone.”


I held my forehead, ignored him and followed the man in front of me.


He followed me raucously, “Don’t look like you don’t care, I’m serious, Fu Shenyan is planning to get engaged, you should also think about your future now that you’ve let go.”


I froze for a few seconds, looked back at him and asked casually, “Engaged?”


He nodded, “To Lu Xinran, always Lu Xinran is his responsibility, even if there is no love, there is still responsibility, tying the knot is nothing, but you, I see Zhang Nan is quite good.”


I didn’t say much more, sighed slightly and walked down the alley, the night was getting darker.




It’s been four years now, and it’s no surprise that he’s starting his own life.


It’s always become a pa*sing thing, and when all is said and done, it should be blessed.


I finished my ice cream in the quiet of the night and suddenly felt that the path of the lane might be the path of my life.


Back at the yard, the Four Seasons had gone to bed early, Zhang Nan had taken Mo Bai back home, and Jon and I chattered for half a day before I would go to my room to rest.


I was in my bedroom, holding my vaguely aching stomach for a long time. Yes, it had been four years, and every time I had my period, I was in so much pain that I twitched.


And now with ice cream, how could it not hurt!


I thought I could stay up until midnight like I always do, but I didn’t expect to be in pain until I pa*sed out.


I woke up in the hospital and Jon looked at me, a little angry, “Don’t you know you can’t have ice cream when you’re having your period?”


I pursed my lips and sighed slightly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore!”


He glared at me, his eyes a little red, “Four seasons are scared and crying, she simply can’t leave you now, just the thing in the next room, you could have called me or shouted, why did you force yourself to endure it? Since when do you not even speak up when it hurts?”




Since when do you even open your mouth and not even talk about the pain anymore.


I smiled lightly and shook my head slightly, “I’m fine, don’t worry!”


Seeing that I wasn’t listening to him at all, he simply stopped talking and turned around and left the ward, obviously angry.


Zhang Nan checked in and looked at me a little apologetic, “I was careless, I didn’t notice, I’m sorry!”


I shook my head, “It’s my own mouth, I don’t blame you, has Mo Bai gone to school?”


He nodded, “Four Seasons went too, but she should be worried about you, I’ll go to school later and tell her you’re fine.”


“Thank you!” I couldn’t live without Four Seasons, and she couldn’t live without me.


He smiled lightly, “It’s too rusty, you’ll rest in the hospital for two days, I’ll take care of the hotel, you can stop doing the housekeeping side and go to reception and outstation, it’ll be easier too.”


I didn’t want to say thank you again, but I was afraid he’d think I was too nosy, so I just smiled and said, “I’ll take care of it.”


He smiled lightly and placed the hospitalization form beside me, sighing slightly, “You, don’t carry everything on your own.”


I pursed my lips and said no more.