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Never Say Never Chapter 561-562

Chapter 561

“No plans!”


Just back to the hotel to go out and walk, outside and cold, although I know he was kindly trying to take me out for a walk, but I really do not really want to walk.


Seeing that I was lazy, so he did not care, went to the computer to busy his business, I found a book, because the back and waist sore uncomfortable.


I simply lie on the bed to read the book, but may be because of the long cold relationship, waist, or sore uncomfortable, I back hand rubbed, but the hand is not, not good hands, so look funny.


Fu Shenyan simply got up and did my side, “Where is difficult?”


“Back and waist, very sore!” He raised his hand and rubbed under the butterfly bone.” Opened his mouth and said, “Here?”


“A little in the middle!”


I guess he hasn’t done much of this for girls since childhood, so he couldn’t control the force for a while.


The more painful it was, the more I avoided his hand, tossed the book aside and stared at him, “Are you kneading the noodles?”


He laughed, “Did it hurt you?”


I pursed my lips, “Or what!”


He reached out and pulled me into his arms, his voice a little rough, “Not under control, again?”


I ……


How does this sound so lustful!


I raised my hand to push him away, was wrapped around her, he sat on the bed my whole body was in his arms.


Feeling his breath change, I could not help but glare at him, “Fu Shen Yan you ……”


“I can’t control it.”


I ……




I pursed my lips, suppressed the anger, no good, “Dr. Cheng said, if you do not abstain again, it will be over in the future.”


He smiled lightly, “It’s out of my control!”


I pushed him away and said seriously, “Listen, get ready for bed, you still have to go back to Jiangcheng tomorrow.”


He didn’t move, pressing me into his arms.


I was speechless, “Fu Shenyan, you are not allowed to do anything!”


He held me, did not continue the following action.


For a long time, he got up and went into the bathroom, and when he came out he looked much more normal.


I woke up the next day and it was snowing heavily in the country.


I thought the flight would be delayed, but it didn’t affect anything.


I saw Qiao Zhongyan when I arrived at the airport, the goods seem to look at me not to comply, see Fu Shenyan pull me, he gave a heckle, sneered, “do not know also think that the third brother in the outside raised three, let you follow twenty-four hours a day, just a few days of business days are followed over, is also enough.”


I pursed my lips, a little embarra*sed.


Fu Shenyan gloomily glared at him, “No wife think about how to find a wife, do not spaced nonsense.”


Qiao Zhongyan ate defeat, no good turn to go to fetch a ticket.


Fu Shenyan dragged me directly to the boarding gate, just in time, did not wait much.


The first cla*s, Fu Shen Yan asked the stewardess for a blanket, the cabin pressed down, the first cla*s location is spacious, worried about my boredom, he opened the video.


Laid down beside me, pulled me in his arms, voice deep, “to fly for more than ten hours, want to watch what drama?”


I did not have the habit of catching up on dramas, remembering the college days when Muzi stayed up all night to catch up on a Korean drama.


When I thought of the title of the drama, I couldn’t help but say, “Let’s watch a Korean drama, how about ‘You Who Came from the Stars’?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Yes!”


I found the Korean drama, we started watching from the first episode, rare that he was so serious to watch with me, did not feel bored at all.


When Qiao Zhongyan came in and saw the two of us, he was a bit speechless, “Two, spreading sugar home to close the door themselves, this is a public place ah!”


I just saw Quan Zhixian met Professor Du meet in the elevator, retracted his gaze, glanced at him and spoke, “Watching Korean dramas, together?”


His eyes fell on Fu Shenyan, the corners of his mouth twitched, “Third brother you’re finished.”


Chapter 562

Fu Shen Yan raised his eyes to look at him and raised his eyebrows, “Keep quiet if you don’t look!”


Qiao Zhuan Yan ……


After the plane took off, he himself was probably bored, so he simply clicked on the video as well and looked sideways at me, “What are you guys watching?”


Not waiting for me to say anything.


Fu Shen Yan: ‘You from the Stars’.


Qiao Zhuan Yan ……


“A relationship with an alien, wouldn’t that end sadly?” He muttered, but clicked on the search button anyway.


Perhaps because of watching the drama, the journey was much faster than when he came, a dozen hours or so, and he was about to reach Jiangcheng.


Just in time to see the drama where Du Teacher was leaving, my eyes were soft with tears and I unconsciously began to follow the drama with difficulty.


Fu Shen Yan handed me tissues, “Don’t worry, they will end up together.”


I tilted my head to look at him, my eyes a little red, “How do you know?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Idol dramas all end like this.”


I ……


I was actually speechless.


Jiangcheng airport.


When I left the airport, it was already early in the morning, I had been watching dramas all the way, and at this point sleepiness came over me.


I was so sleepy when I got into the car that Fu Shen Yan arranged for a driver in advance, and Fu Shen Yan put his arm around me, signaling me to sleep at ease.


I don’t even know how I got to Shanshui Residence.


The next day I woke up.


Fu Shen Yan was not around and the blanket was no longer warm underneath.


I got up and washed up.


I went downstairs and saw that Mrs. Zhang was still busy. The day in Jiangcheng had begun to warm up, and the sun was rising by mid-seven or eight o’clock.


“Xiao Shu, get up, breakfast is ready, eat it while it’s hot.” Sister-in-law Zhang seemed to be in a good mood, wiping the table and humming a little tune.


I made it to the table and took a few bites, my appetite was good.


All the major companies had started to close for the holidays, and Wang Shi’s side had sent me several messages asking when I would be back in the capital.


The new product launch was getting ready to start.


I thought about it and was ready to go back in just these two days.


“Sister-in-law Zhang, what time did Fu Shen Yan go out this morning?” I opened my mouth and drank my porridge.


“He left at dawn, he left in a hurry.” Sister-in-law Zhang opened her mouth and


Chapter 562 – I’ve seen Gu Han


After a pause, she looked at me and said, “I heard the other day that Lu Xinran doesn’t seem to be the Mo family’s daughter, I’m afraid I was mistaken at first.”


I was stunned, was this the reason Fu Shen Yan went out?


I didn’t ask too many questions, I was planning to go back to the capital and had to arrange to take the four seasons with me, I’m not well these days, that’s why I let Qiao En take her.


Cloud Copper Community.


When I arrived, Chen Xing was cooking in the kitchen and Qiao En was holding the Four Seasons. When he saw me coming, he bristled, “You’re such a mother, I almost thought you’d disappeared.”


I apologised a little and said, “I went to M. I only came back last night. How’s the Four Seasons been?


He nodded and when he saw Four Seasons reaching out for me to hold him, he handed him to me and said, “This little one doesn’t really want to eat formula anymore after breastfeeding.”


I held Four Seasons, who did feel thinner, and made it to the couch, where I looked over at Chen Xing and saw that he was serious about cooking.


I couldn’t help but look at Jon and say, “Are you planning to go back to the capital?”


He wrinkled his brows, “You’re going back to the capital?”


I nodded, “Gu has a new product to launch, and I’ve been in charge of this project, so it’s not right for me not to go back.”


He looked at the Four Seasons and couldn’t help but say, “You’re planning to take the Four Seasons to live in the capital with you?”




He was silent, and his gaze could not help but look at Chen Xing as he spoke, “Do you have plans to go to the capital had?”


Chen Xing stopped the movement in his hands and looked back at me, “Credit and the Chen family are both in Jiangcheng, so if I go to the capital, it can only be for business.”


After a pause, he looked at me, “Gu’s side, you can quit and go back to Jiangcheng, Fu’s in Jiangcheng is basically handed over to outsiders now, you’re the young lady of the Fu family, it’s only right that you go into Fu’s to take care of Fu’s.”


I pursed my lips, subconsciously wanted to refuse, he continued, “Fu Shen Yan’s ambition is big, but Jiangcheng is the origin is also the root, give Jiangcheng Fu’s to outsiders to manage, after all, it is better to get it yourself.”


I was silent for a while and thought about it, “I left Fu’s at first because of mistakes, now even if I want to go back, I have to at least produce results before I can do so, Gu’s ai is on me, what’s the difference between me leaving now before I see results and leaving Fu’s at first.”


“So, what are your plans?”


“Waiting for the market results of the ai to come out, besides, I’ve met Gu Han.” Four Seasons was probably hungry and kept reaching out with his little hand to rub against my clothes.


Chen Xing’s eyes sank, “Gu Hengyang’s only son, Gu Han?”