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Never Say Never Chapter 559-560

Chapter 559

“A friend I met on the plane that you don’t know, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself.”


After a moment of silence, he spoke, “Okay, remember to message me when you go out, send me your address later and I’ll pick you up.”


I enthused, and then hung up.


Not long after, there was a knock on the hotel door, it was Chen Yi.


He had his usual icy face, and when he saw me open the door, he spoke, “Madam, sir asked me to send clothes over to you.”


I nodded and took the clothes, “Thank you!”


He enthused and walked away.


Back at the hotel, I changed my clothes.


It didn’t take long for Gathering Jane to call and say she was downstairs at the hotel.


I packed up and went downstairs, and froze when I saw a black Bentley parked in front of the hotel.


The window door was rolled down and in the driver’s seat, the man’s three-dimensional face with cold cheeks looked sideways towards me.


Familiar and unfamiliar, could there really be two completely one different ones in the world?


“Shen Shu!” Gathering Jane in the pa*senger seat C*cked her head and greeted me, “Get in!”


I froze, looked back and got in the car.


“What were you thinking about? I’ve been calling you for half a day and you haven’t said yes?” Gao Jian opened her mouth and looked at the man in the driver’s seat and spoke, “He’s my fiancĂ©, Gu Han, I just happened to run into him on my way to you just now to finish an errand, so we came over together, do you mind?”


I opened my mouth, still not out from the shock weight I just felt, and shook my head slightly, “No …… mind!”


Looking at the man’s sorrowful and handsome side face, I for a time in the psychological pressure do not know how many words want to ask, but pick up Jane in, but I can not ask anything.


The restaurant!


Gathering Jane seemed to be in a particularly good mood as she took Gu Han’s hand and spoke, “My Mr. Gu, you order, I like what you ordered.”


Gu Han enthused, his voice light, raised his eyes to look at me and raised his eyebrows, “What does Miss Shen like to eat?”


“All of it!” I opened my mouth, looking at the person in front of me that I had thought had disappeared forever, but now appeared alive in front of me, I didn’t know how to describe my feelings.


As the meal went on, Gao Jian had a lot to say, but Gu Han kept responding simply, and I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I didn’t eat much.


“Miss Shen doesn’t like to eat?” The man sitting opposite suddenly spoke, his voice indifferent and detached.


I froze, raised my eyes and shook my head, “No, I just ate some at the hotel earlier, so I’m not hungry.”


The man raised his eyebrows, wantonly open, “Miss Shen seems to be afraid of me?”


I froze, raised my eyes, four eyes met, I shook my head, “No, Mr. Gu ……”


“Yeah, I noticed that too, Shen Shu, you seem to have not been blushing very well since you saw our Mr. Gu, what’s wrong?” Gathering Jane spoke, with a puzzled look on her face.


The person who was all turned into ashes is suddenly standing in front of you alive, just ask if you are afraid?


I shook my head, “No, I’m just not feeling well, you guys eat first, I’ll go back first.”


With that, I got up and prepared to leave.


But he was blocked by Gu Han, who was a huge head taller, his eyes were deep and sombre as he looked at Gao Jian and said, “Xiao Jian, you go and pay the bill, I’ll see Miss Shen out.”


Gao Jian froze, nodded and obediently went.


I pursed my lips, my face not very nice, and staggered him straight towards the door, he followed behind me without a word.


Outside the restaurant, I raised my hand to call a taxi, and he stood by, still silent.


The phone in my pocket rang and I answered it, it was Fu Shen Yan, “Where are you? Are you coming back? I’m coming to pick you up.”


“Still …… not, I’ll go back by myself later, you don’t have to come!” I didn’t know what kind of state of mind and attitude Fu Shen Yan would use to face when I saw Gu Han, so I lied now.


He was silent for a while on the other end of the phone, his voice was low and introspective, “Good, I’ll wait for you at the hotel!”


I hung up the phone and looked at the cars on the side of the road, with only one thought in mind, hurry back to the hotel.


“M is not good for a taxi, need me to drive you?” The man behind me who had been silent spoke, his voice indifferent and cold.


“No need! Thanks!”


“Heh!” The man laughed coldly, “Not asking anything, Shen Shu, this is not your style!”


Chapter 560

I pursed my lips, “Mr. Gu, between people, deception is the most shameful of all.”

“Deceit?” He sneered, “What have I cheated you about?”

I didn’t say anything, a taxi came by, I raised my hand, called the taxi, got in and gave the address of the hotel.

When Gaijin came out, the taxi was already far away and I saw her looking at Gu Han and frowning as if she was complaining about something.

I didn’t want to ask what happened to Gu Han after the accident, if each other’s lives were starting to diverge, each live their own lives.

I was angry that he seemed to have been treating all of us like idiots, and had probably been watching the farce as a spectator.

The hotel!

I saw Fu Shen Yan standing in the lobby waiting for me, his usual black suit, shiny black leather shoes, one hand in his pocket, standing in the hotel lobby, his figure strong.

I froze, crouched in place for a moment, my heart more than a little complicated, Gu Han’s matter, do I have to talk to him?

He saw me too and walked towards me with his long legs, looking at his figure, two words suddenly came to my mind – Sun!

He walked into me and before I could say anything, he took me into his arms.

I froze for a few seconds and raised my arms around his waist, my cheek pressed against his chest, the man’s body smelled faintly of gra*s and faintly of sunken incense, smelling his scent made me much more peaceful, closing my eyes, I spoke lowly and called out, “Husband!”

The man’s body lurched, his arms tightened around me and he looked at my face and said, “What happened?”

I shook my head, “No!”

There were many people coming in and out of the hotel, and from time to time, people pa*sing by would stare at me. After holding me for a while, Fu Shen Yan pulled me back to the hotel.

There was a lot of Chinese food on the dining table in the room, and after taking off my jacket, I couldn’t help but look up at him, “You didn’t eat?”

He smiled lightly, “We’ll eat together when you get back.”

I froze, “You know I’ve eaten out.”

He enthused and pulled me to sit at the table and gave me a dish, his voice warm, “You don’t like western food, so you’ll be hungry when you get back.”

Gathering Jane did take me to Western food, but I froze and looked at him, “How did you know I was eating Western food?”

The food on the table must not have been delivered long ago and was still hot, he gave me a bite of the food and took a bite for himself, looking warm, “You were followed by bodyguards.”

I froze, because of what had happened last time, he had arranged a few people for me afterwards, something I was aware of, I had just unconsciously forgotten about it.

After a moment of silence, I looked over at him, “You saw him?”

Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, his gaze shallow, “Who?”

“Gu Han!”

He enthused, as if he didn’t care, “Eat, it will get cold later.”

Seeing this, I bowed my head and ate, so I didn’t say any more.

After eating, it was already a bit late, Fu Shen Yan seemed to be rather busy, the phone kept on thinking.

The waiter came in and put away all the cutlery, and I sat on the sofa, watching the TV, basically not even looking in much.

He finished his phone call and made it to my side, pulling me into his arms, his voice warm, “Want to go out for a walk?”

I shook my head, “What’s wrong?”

He smiled lightly, “I’m afraid you have indigestion from what you just ate, otherwise some other exercise would be fine.”

I ……

“Let’s go!” He got up and seemed genuinely intent on dragging me to bed.

“No, I want to watch some TV!” I spoke, my eyes falling on the TV.

He put his mouth to my ear, his voice low, “We’re going back to Jiangcheng tomorrow, aren’t you going to take a walk out of breath?”