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Never Say Never Chapter 557-558

Chapter 557

He smiled lightly, took the steak from my hand and cut it, handed me the cut steak and spoke, “Zhuangyan will take care of it.”


Eating steak, I still felt uncomfortable in my body, so I simply lay down on the bed, all full of sleep, and it was impossible to fall asleep by continuing to sleep.


So I continued to take out the book I hadn’t finished on the plane and read it while Fu Shen Yan went about his business on the computer.


“Who was the last murderer?” At some point, he sat down next to me and lay over.


I froze for a moment and looked back at him as he smoothly pulled me into his arms, kissing me again on the cheek in the process.


I’d noticed that the man seemed to particularly enjoy kissing me.


“I haven’t finished reading it yet? It’s almost done.” I said, looking down and finishing a few pages.


The ending author didn’t specify who the murderer was, so I was a little confused and flipped back to read it again, looking up at him, “The murderer author didn’t write that?”


He laughed, “A little deduction.”


“The killer didn’t appear when everyone on the island was dead ……” I couldn’t help but stare and look back, surprised, “The killer faked his death?”


He raised an eyebrow and scraped at the tip of my pen, “Not stupid!”


I ……


paused, not thinking about who the killer was, and looked up at him, “But who could the killer be?”


I don’t think the author of “No One Left Alive” said who the killer was at the end.


He laughed, “Use your brain, who has the most access to resources and information.”


I pursed my lips and pushed him away, “Is it the judge?”


He nodded, his eyes a little deeper and I broke down a little, “Fu Shen Yan, you ……”


“It’s been a long time!”


“Wasn’t it just last night ……”


“Not enough!”


I remembered with a jolt that the ligature surgery seemed to require a break about, he ……


“Fu Shen Yan, you have to rest for a month after the operation!” Pushing him away, he circled me, somewhat roguishly.


“It’s fine, it doesn’t affect!”


I frowned and couldn’t help but raise my hand to push him, “Are you not going to take it? Call Cheng Junyu and ask.”


Seeing my firm attitude, he had no choice but to sit beside me and dial the number for Cheng Junyu.


When the phone was dialed, Cheng Junyu spoke, “It’s the middle of the night, what’s wrong with you?”


He was so close that I could hear his words.


Fu Shen Yan sunken his face, his voice low, “That one, what’s the impact?”


The reason for this is that the company’s business is not a good one.


Fu Shen Yan coldly snorted, “What do you think can be done in the middle of the night?”


Cheng Junyu ……


He was not stupid, he could naturally react to what he was talking about.


I can’t help but purse my lips and say without good humor, “Just a month can’t even be tolerated?”


I lowered my eyes, and my face burned a little.


I hadn’t thought of this before, and only with the benefit of hindsight did I react.


When Fu Shen Yan saw me blush, he said coldly into the phone, “Cut the crap, what’s the impact?”


“What impact can there be, do you have any feelings you don’t know in your own heart?”


Fu Shen Yan ……


After a pause, he said, “There is nothing to feel!”


“Heh!” Cheng Jun sneered.


Fu Shen Yan had no more patience and spoke, “I’ll hang up if there’s nothing.”


“Go to the hospital for a checkup, lest you say I didn’t warn you.”


“Got it!”


Hanging up the phone, Fu Shen Yan tossed the phone aside, his eyes deepened as he looked at me.


I ……


After a pause, I looked at him and said, “This time on a business trip, Cheng Junyu didn’t come with you?”


He nodded, “The company always needs to leave someone on guard.”


I nodded, and after a moment’s hesitation, said, “Did second uncle and second aunt used to have a daughter?”


Chapter 558

He frowned and looked at me with a sullen gaze, “Who did you hear that from?”


“No, just asking!” I didn’t want to pry much into his past, to be frank, but I just had doubts in my mind, so I couldn’t help but ask.


He took me in his arms, his dark eyes sinking a little deeper, “Don’t bother asking about the past, eh?”


I nodded, got up and went into the bathroom.


Why does he never seem to want to mention the past between Cheng Junyu and him to me, he doesn’t seem to care, yet he seems to care a lot.


When I came out of the bathroom, he was on the phone on the balcony, his face was a bit gloomy, I don’t know if it was because of the work.


When he saw me coming out, he gave a few words of explanation and hung up, walking towards me and pulling me into his arms by the way.


“I might not be able to go out shopping with you later, there’s a signing event over at the company, will you join me?”


I shook my head, “No, I’m not going, I’m going to rest in the hotel for a while, I might have to go back to Jiangcheng tomorrow.”


“Something wrong?” He spoke, his voice low.


“No!” I had originally come to see him in M because of an impulse, but now that I had seen the person and slept, there was naturally nothing to do, so I beat a path home.


He embraced me, his words discreet and warm, “Don’t wander off alone in future, what happened this time, can’t happen again, eh?”


I nodded and tilted my head to look at him, “When are you coming back home?”


“I’ll be able to go back tonight after I sign the contract.”


I nodded, my head was a little heavy, I didn’t know what was wrong, seeing that my face didn’t look right, Fu Shen Yan frowned, “What’s wrong?”


I leaned back on the bed, eyes closed, and spoke, “I’m a bit sleepy, I’ll lean for a while.”


Fu Shen Yan was busy with the signing at the company, so he calmed me down and left, and I lay on the bed for a while.


I happened to be a little sleepy when the phone rang, but was woken up by it. When I picked up the phone, it was Gaijin whom I had met at the airport.


“Hi Shen Shu, it’s Pickup Jane remember me?”


I nodded, realising that she couldn’t see my movements through the phone, and after a pause, I said, “Yes, Miss Pickup Jane, hello!”


“Do you have time now? Can I ask you out for dinner all the time? I don’t have any friends in M and my fiancĂ© is busy, I’ve been alone all day and I’m bored!”


I looked up at the window, it was dark and the clock on the wall read 8pm.


If I fell asleep now, I don’t think I would be able to sleep through the night, I would probably wake up in the early hours of the morning.


Thinking about it, I spoke, “Uh-huh, I’m at the Clyde Hotel, what about you?”


Once she heard me say yes, she was happy, “I’m at the winery, I’ll meet you there later, I’ll call you when I get downstairs at the hotel.”


I nodded and answered yes, then I spoke briefly and hung up the phone as I got up, having come in a hurry and only wearing one set of clothes.


I was a little repulsed by wearing the clothes I had worn again, and after thinking about it, I called Fu Shen Yan.


When I answered the phone, Fu Shen Yan’s voice was a little low, “Shen Shu!”


Hearing the movement on the other end of the phone, I froze, “You’re in a meeting?”


He answered, “Signing meeting, what’s up?”


Worried that it might affect him, I said, “No, I’m just calling you, you have a meeting first, I’ll call you back!”


Just as I was about to hang up, he said, “No, it won’t affect you, I’ll listen if you talk, it’s fine.”


I froze for a moment and said, “Can you find a way to get me a new outfit? I’m meeting a friend later and I want to go out.”


“Sure!” He opened his mouth and after a pause said, “Go with who for what?”