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Never Say Never Chapter 555-556

Chapter 555

When we got to the airport exit, she looked at me again and said, “Why don’t we give you a lift, you’re not familiar with this place alone, you won’t lose yourself!”


I smiled, thinking she was very cute, “Don’t worry Miss Gu, I won’t lose myself in any way.”


She puffed up her cute little face and said, “Okay then, by the way, take down my phone number, in case you get lost in M, you can call me.”


After taking the number, her phone rang and she picked it up, looking towards the pick-up area outside the airport.


Seeing a black Ferrari not far away, she waved, “Honey, I’m here.”


With that, she looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, I have to go now, see you some other time!”


With that, she ran towards the two black cars, and when she got into the car, the window gla*s was rolled down.


She revealed her delicate face, “Shen Shu, see you later!”


I looked towards her face and was violently struck as if by lightning when I saw the man beside her.


Mr. Gu.


Gu Han!


How could that be? I had clearly watched him not breathing in a pool of blood, how could that be?


In the black car, the man glanced at me with a cold frown, withdrew his gaze with an indifferent expression and started the car.


The car was far away, and I stood there for a long time without looking back.


It was only when the phone rang frantically that I picked it up, still reeling from the dry surprise.


A gloomy, suppressed anger came from the other end of the line, “Where are you?”


I froze, it was Fu Shen Yan.


“I’m at the airport.” Looking up, it seemed to be raining and I found a spot to stand in.


The man on the other end of the phone spoke with a fury that almost tore him apart, “Where are you planning to go? It’s already midnight in Jiangcheng, Shen Shu, do you have to have people worry like this? One word from you and your phone is off for hours, don’t you know people will be worried?”


“I’m at the airport in M.” I opened my mouth and saw that the sky was already drizzling.


The anger that had been breaking out on the other end of the computer suddenly went out, and with a bit of uncertainty in his voice, he spoke again, “Where are you?”


I was looking for a taxi and said into the phone, “M airport, just about to take a taxi to Fu.”


“Doing what?” He seemed to be in a somewhat repressed mood, with an unspoken undertone.


“I missed you and came to see you!” I didn’t seem to be very good at spooning, so my words were extremely flat.


“Wait for me where you are!” He spoke, his voice low and provocative.


I froze, looked around, saw a taxi coming not far away, and spoke, “Aren’t you at Fu’s?”


He smiled pleasantly, “Yes!”


I was just about to speak when a force pulled my body into my arms, eager and pa*sionate, and I was held tightly in his arms.


My body froze as I was held tightly in his arms and smelled the familiar scent of a man.


After being held by him for a long time, I looked up at the dusty man close at hand, the black shirt had visible creases on it, left by the hug that meant too tight earlier, and the normally smooth jaw was already showing scruff.


His dark, bright eyes were bloodshot and his voice was low and S*xy, “Tired?”


I shook my head and slipped my frozen hand into his shirt and placed it under his armpit.


He lifted his hands, cupping my face, his hands hot, and cupped my face in a solid kiss.


A kiss that almost swallowed the marrow of my bones, and with all the people going back and forth in the airport, he didn’t care in the slightest that he wanted to tear me apart at this point.


If it weren’t for the fact that I was at the airport, I’m afraid he would have already put me on the spot.


When I got into the car, Fu Shen Yan ordered to go directly to the hotel, pressed the back seat shade, Fu Shen Yan pressed me into the seat, not restraining himself in the slightest.


I raised my hand to take his hand up and down and spoke, “How did you end up at the airport?”


Chapter 556

He took me upstairs in his arms, his voice low and dark, “Sister-in-law Zhang said she hasn’t been able to get through to you.”


I froze, “So, you’re going back for me?”


He smiled lightly, there was no traffic in M. When we arrived at the hotel, he didn’t even let me get out of the car, he directly carried me out of the car.


The hotel, just closed the door, he pressed me out of the foyer and kissed me deeply.


The space without outsiders disturbed, Fu Shen Yan more and more unrestrained.


The action was eager, but there was an extraordinarily reserved elegance.


The first time I saw him, I was in the middle of the room.


His waist was so strong that I was in pain, and my hand against him tightened, instinctively scratching him.


He hissed at the pain and stopped moving, his dark eyes looking at me with a smirk, “If you keep scratching, there won’t be many pieces of skin left intact on your husband’s body.”


I looked at him, my face burning red, “You deserved it.”


He laughed, “Since when did you deserve this with your wife? Eh? Little wildcat.”


I don’t know how long it took, but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep, my body falling apart.




I was so tired that I fell asleep and woke up the next morning.


I opened my eyes and saw him lying next to me with an open smile on his lips, wearing a bathrobe, obviously having gotten up midway through the day.


Seeing me awake, he spoke, his voice magnetic and strong, “Hungry?”


I nodded and moved my body, it hurt a little, being tossed around so much by him, it hurt like hell to even move.


Seeing me frown, he raised an eyebrow and dropped his palm to the small of my back, “Does it still hurt?”


I nodded.


“I just ordered a meal, I’ll eat later and then lie down for a while.”


Seeing the computer he had open on the table, the file seemed to be only halfway done, I froze slightly, “Do you have work today?”


He smiled lightly and kissed me on the forehead, “Yes!”


He said as the hot wet kiss fell again, pausing on my lips for a long time before speaking, “But you’re more important.”


I shifted, a little unable to get up, and spoke, “You carry me to the bathroom.”


He smiled, his eyes glowing as he picked me up and carried me across the room into the bathroom, placing me on the shower table, his voice teasing, “Can you wash yourself?”


I nodded, noticing his meaningful gaze, I understood it almost in a second and couldn’t help but blush for a moment, angrily saying, “Fu Shen Yan, you rogue.”


He laughed, “What did you have in mind when I said I’d help you wash your face?”


Leaning closer to me, he lowered his voice, “Besides, it’s not like I haven’t washed your face before, eh?”


I ……


The doorbell rang and he turned to answer it, it was the food delivery.


I washed up and when I came out I saw that he had all the cutlery ready, seeing me come out he raised an eyebrow, “Came without anything?”


I nodded, my face a little dry and my usual skin care lotion basically unpacked, he raised his eyebrows in a way that I knew he would and gestured to something on the bedside table.


I glanced sideways and saw that somehow a set of cosmetics had been placed, all the brands I usually use.


I couldn’t help but look back at him, “You ……”


“Finish up and come eat!” He spoke, interrupting my words.


I ……


This guy is really just a big straight man, barely even giving me a melodramatic, P*ssed off.


The food in m was not very appetizing to look at, and when he saw me staring at the steak, he guessed he could see what I was thinking.


He opened his mouth and said, “This neighborhood is far from Chinese Street, you eat some first, rest a bit and we will go to Chinese Street to eat in the evening, eh?”


I nodded and looked at him and said, “Don’t you have to work? Got time for me?”