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Winner Takes All Chapter 507-508

Chapter 507

In the hall, there was silence.

In the silence, the air seemed to freeze.

In an instant, there was a flash of sword and light.

Dao’s harsh gaze was directed at Chen Dong.

This wild B*****d …… actually dared to eat it?

Long Lao and Kun Lun, on the other hand, had sad and puzzled faces.

Both of them knew that Old Lady Chen was deliberately hawking it, and they were even both clear that Chen Dong must know it too.

But what is the difference between doing this knowingly and running straight into the muzzle of a gun?

What was the young master …… thinking?


The desktop exploded.

Chen Dao pro could no longer contain the anger in his heart and angrily slapped the table.

“Chen Dong, you wild B*****d, do you put us elders in your eyes or not?”

Chen Daojin’s body trembled a little as he gritted his teeth, the anger in his eyes almost spurting out.

As Chen Daojin took the lead, the voices of anger suddenly rose.

“Insolent, simply insolent! You’re really a wilderness bumpkin, don’t you even know such manners?”

“The old lady spoils you, and you dare to climb up the ladder, bullying and arrogant, shameless!”

“Chen Dong, you don’t know how to be polite. Even if we are favoured by our grandmother, as a matter of etiquette, we must let her invite us first, what right do you have to sit with us, you wild animal?”


The sound of sharp words and tidal waves of scoldings echoed through the hall.

Long Lao and Kun Lun’s hearts hung in their throats as they listened.

Old Madam Chen’s cudgel had instantly put Chen Dong in the crosshairs of the crowd.

Even though the two of them knew that there were existences of Chen Daolin’s faction present, but Chen Dong had directly run into the gun and committed such a great rude act, those existences did not dare to speak out to help at this time.

The situation …… is completely pa*sive ah!

The only ones who can remain calm in the room.

The only ones who can remain calm are Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping.

Both mother and son remained calm in the face of the crowd’s rebuke and clamor, and even had a playful look in their eyes.

This scene made Long Lao’s jealousy split and dense beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead.

He was thinking of how he could help Chen Dong back when his eyes inadvertently glanced at Chen Dong and was instantly stunned.

Strange ……

What is wrong with the young master today?

How can he still remain so calm?


Instead, he smiled and chewed the fish.

When swallowing the last morsel of fish into his belly, Chen Dong duly revealed a comforting smile.

This dish …… left a fragrant taste in his mouth.

And such a reaction ignited the raging anger of everyone in the room.

“Chen Dong, you wild son, you have no respect for your elders, bullying and arrogance, born of a mother, not taught by a mother!”

Chen Daoxin was filled with righteous indignation, his eyes spewing with anger.

At this family dinner, he should have been seated next to Mrs Chen, but because of Chen Dong’s appearance, he had moved back one place.

He was at least an elder, a third uncle, but now he was behind his nephew.

Chen Dong’s words hit a sensitive spot in his heart.

It was not his ability, but his relationship with the bloodline that had brought him to his current position in the Chen family.

At this moment, Chen Daoxin’s anger towards Chen Dong exceeded that of everyone here!


However, as Chen Daoping said, “You were born by a mother, but not taught by a mother”, the smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face suddenly disappeared, and his face was as cold as frost.

In an instant, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Chen Daojin with a bitterly cold aura.

A monstrous coldness leaked out from Chen Dong’s body.

It was as if the temperature in the entire hall had plummeted to the freezing point.

When he met Chen Dong’s gaze, Chen Daochen’s sweat hairs instantly stood on end, and his expression froze, his bones shuddering.

At this moment, staring at Chen Dong, he felt that he was not facing a living person, but a god of murder with boundless killing intent.

Fear seemed like weeds, instantly crawling through his whole body.

At the same time.

Everyone in the hall sensed Chen Dong’s change, and all of them were shocked and smacked their lips.

There was silence for three seconds.

Chen Dong suddenly burst out laughing.

He stared at Chen Dao’s relatives and shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands, “Third uncle is right, I am just a wild child, how would I know so many rules at the Chen family banquet, I would have eaten it if my grandmother had told me to, if I had known about the rules, I would not have eaten it if my uncles had reacted so strongly.”


There was a dead silence.

Chen Dong’s voice with a slightly teasing smile echoed in everyone’s ears.

Everyone was frozen.

Elder Long and Kunlun even looked at each other and their eyes lit up at the same time.

Young master …… is wonderful!

A single sentence was enough to block a long time’s mouth.

Obviously the young master did not understand, obviously everyone was present, obviously everyone did not warn, the young master ate it, why should everyone blame the young master?

In a trance, Long Lao and Kun Lun understood why Chen Dong could remain calm from beginning to end.

It turned out that the young master …… had already made up his mind!

This was in fact exactly the case.

As Chen Dong’s words exited, the faint smiles on Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping’s faces instantly disappeared.

The rest of the people, moreover, felt as if an invisible hand was pinched in their throats, wanting to speak but not to.

How else could this …… be blamed?

Everyone was silent and speechless.

But Chen Dong, however, had no intention of stopping.

He looked at Old Mrs. Chen, clasped his fist, and said in mock guilt, “I’m sorry Grandma, Dong’er is a wild seed, mountain pigs can’t eat fine bran, he doesn’t know the rules and manners of the Chen family, Grandma gave the first chopsticks to Dong’er, she was spoiling Dong’er, Dong’er was bullying and arrogant, he ate this chopsticks of food, causing all the uncles and brothers to be discontented and resentful, please also ask Grandma to be the judge and punish Dong’er. ”

As soon as the words were spoken, everyone’s face sank.

Only Elder Long and Kun Lun had a brighter light in their eyes.

With one sentence, they not only confirmed their ignorance once again, but also made it clear who had “acted first”, and even backhandedly sent Old Madam Chen into a tailspin.

Even if Chen Dong’s words demean himself, but in the eyes of Long Lao and Kunlun.

The young master’s words …… were beautifully said!

The words and lips take advantage, that is not called cheap.

Even if you fall short in words and lips, but you can grasp the advantage in your hands, that is called taking advantage!

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen looked solemn, looking at the guilt-ridden Chen Dong, and instantly went a little crazy.

“Old madam ……”

Seeing Chen Dong show his weakness, Chen Daojin instantly got hot blooded and wanted to strike while the iron was hot to get Chen Dong severely chastised.

But Old Madam Chen’s expression snapped to a stern one.

A fierce aura shot out of her eyes as she looked angrily at Chen Daoxin.

“It was the old body that gave Dong’er the fish, and Dong’er also said that he did not know the rules, so this is also the old body’s fault, do you want to punish even the old body?”

Chen Daojin: “? 0?”

He was dumbfounded on the spot, his face turned pig liver coloured.

“Sit down, let’s eat!”

Old Madam Chen didn’t bother to pay attention to Chen Daojin, casually chucking a piece of food into her mouth and chewing it fiercely.

She didn’t mind Chen Daoping being a Sh*t-stirrer and targeting Chen Dong blatantly, on the contrary she was happy to do so.

But if she wanted to stir it up, she wouldn’t allow it!

An undercurrent, as it were, came and went as quickly as it came.

But as the banquet began, the gazes that fell on Chen Dong became colourful.

There were indignant and unjust, some appreciative, and some sinister and ruthless ……

Chen Dong could clearly feel these gazes, yet he remained calm and ate calmly.

From time to time, he would also raise his gla*s along with the crowd.

He was waiting!

Old Madam Chen had set up a banquet especially for him, and it would be too insulting to Old Madam Chen if it ended with just the little episode just now.

Inside the hall, the atmosphere was odd.

The people at the table were exchanging gla*ses and laughing.

But the air was solemn and heavy, as if frozen.

In front of the small table.

Chen Tiansheng and the other juniors ate quietly. Chen Tiansheng, who was impulsive and recalled the scene just now, was indignant and whispered to Chen Tiansheng.

“Brother Tiansheng, this wild B*****d is too sopH*moric, he actually managed to make so many of us eat a dark loss on the spot.”

Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and shook his red wine gla*s, but his gaze was shadowy and resentful as he looked at the wheelchair under Chen Dong’s seat.

Moran sneered and murmured, “What’s the hurry? Grandma will clean him up, this is a heavenly opportunity!”

“Everyone, be quiet, today’s family banquet, the old body also has something to say.”

Finally, Old Madam Chen, who was eating with a gloomy face, put down her chopsticks and swept her gaze over the crowd in a blazing manner.

Chen Dong’s heart and soul stared.

Finally …… was going to get angry?


Chapter 508

As Old Lady Chen spoke out, the hall fell silent once again.

Everyone was looking at Old Madam Chen with different expressions on their faces.

At this family banquet, everyone could detect some clues.

After all, everyone in the Chen family knew how Old Madam Chen treated Chen Dong, and the 180 degree change in attitude was, in everyone’s eyes, a sign that something had gone wrong.

At the junior table, Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyao, who were discussing Chen Dong, suddenly had a brilliant aura in their eyes.

On the other side, Chen Yufei also smiled smugly and poured herself a gla*s of red wine.

Chen Dong’s face was sullen and unperturbed.

But secretly, his hands still gripped the armrest of the wheelchair.

A large hand quietly landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder.

He gave a sidelong glance and saw that the large hand was pale and dry, so he was sure that it was Elder Long.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and told Elder Long to remove his hand.

Since he had dared to come, he had naturally prepared himself for this current scene.

The crippling of both legs was not something that the Chen family could possibly leave unattended.

What’s more, the reason why his legs were crippled was caused by Old Lady Chen.

If he could not grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Old Lady Chen’s status in Chen Dong’s heart would, in turn, fall into the dust.

There was a few seconds of silence.

Old Mrs. Chen coughed lightly twice.

Slowly, she said, “Chen Dong, today, we have invited you here for a banquet, in fact, we are considering you as Dao Lin’s own son, about the matter of Dao Lin’s disappearance, now it is time to tell you the progress.”


Chen Dong lowered his head and his eyes changed slightly.

Had father not allowed the Chen family to find traces by now?

Following closely, Old Lady Chen said slowly.

“Since the disappearance of the family head, the Chen family has been without a head and has been keeping the matter closely hidden from the outside world, and the entire Chen family has also put in all their efforts to find the family head, but to this day, they have still come up empty-handed.”

The words were spoken at an unhurried pace, low and somewhat helpless.

With these words, all the people in the audience revealed a look of helplessness and resignation.

The head of the family was the head of the family.

It is the head of a powerful family, and it is also the face of the family!

Chen Daolin had suddenly disappeared and there was no trace of him to this day. If word of this got out, it would definitely shock the world.

What’s more, the Chen family would lose all its face in front of the world’s most powerful families.

The Chen family has all the money in the world and is so high up in the clouds that even the gentry are like ants in their eyes.

Yet, they could not even find their own missing family head.

This matter concerned the face of every member of the Chen family.

Chen Daoling, who could not be found, had left everyone with a shameful face.

“So my father, is he dead or alive now?”

Chen Dong looked up suddenly, his eyes flushed red and filled with tears.

He looked like the terrified teenager who was unaware of his father’s clues.

Old Mrs. Chen gave Chen Dong a profound look and shook her head, “I don’t know if he is alive or dead, but Dao Lin is the head of my Chen family, our Chen family will not give up and will keep searching.”

“Thank you.” Chen Dong nodded his head with emotion.

Following closely.

The corners of Old Mrs. Chen’s mouth tugged as she swept over the crowd, “The second thing, and the big thing for the Chen family today, is Dao Ping ……”

“Understood, mother.”

Chen Daoping got up and walked out of the hall.

The crowd looked at each other, not knowing what to expect.

Chen Dong still kept his expression mournful and silent.

Three minutes later.

Chen Daoping re-folded back into the hall.

Only in his hand, there was an additional item.


As Chen Daoping walked into the hall, the object in his hand was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that struck everyone.

Everyone burst out in a gasp of shock.

Chen Dong looked at the object in Chen Daoping’s hand and his pupils tightened for a moment.

It was a framed photograph.

It was on a black and white background, with white silk hanging from the top of the frame.

On the photo, it was Chen Tianfang!

A posthumous photo!

After the shocked shout, a voice of disbelief suddenly exploded.

There was a tidal wave of voices.

“Old lady, what the hell is going on here? How could Tian Fang have a posthumous photo when he was so well?”

“Tian Fang is a son of the Chen family, how can he be desecrated like this? Old Madam, give me your word, as long as we know who did this, I, Chen Dao, will personally go and rip his head off!”

“Old Madam, Tian Fang is ……”


In front of the juniors’ table.

A crowd of juniors exploded in shock.

Even Chen Tiansheng, who had an extremely deep and shadowy personality, was now staring round-eyed and slightly open-mouthed, revealing a look of horror and disbelief!

Chen Daoping held Chen Tianfang’s posthumous photo and slowly walked over to Old Mrs. Chen’s side.

After placing the photo on the table in front of her, he sat down again.

He placed it in an extremely odd position, so that Chen Tian Fang’s posthumous photo was facing Chen Dong, who was seated on the other side of Old Madam Chen.

Chen Dong took a look at the posthumous photo of Chen Tian Fang, but he was calm and unperturbed.

Is this a trick?

Is he trying to make Chen Tianfang’s posthumous photo stare at me so that I will feel guilty and fearful and have trouble sleeping and eating?

Chen Dong is not a mother of God, and is unlikely to behave differently because of this small act of Chen Daoping.

Chen Tianfang was sent by Old Lady Chen to kill him, so why should he feel any guilt or fear when he killed her in return?

If the heavens hadn’t had eyes to give him a great creation, Chen Dong would have been a corpse by now, and Old Lady Chen would probably be celebrating with champagne at home.

“This second event is a big deal, and also bad news for our Chen family!”

With a single word, the crowd, who were still in a state of shock and uncertainty, instantly had their suspicions confirmed in their minds.

Old Mrs. Chen looked sad, pretending to cover her face and sobbing to herself, and said in a mournful tone.

“This is a sad news for the Chen family. From now on, the Chen family will set up a funeral hall to pay tribute to Tian Fang.”

With these words, the hall was filled with an atmosphere of sorrow and grief.

Young and old alike all showed their sadness and grief.

Chen Dong swept past the crowd in silence, smiling coldly in his heart.

When his gaze fell on Old Lady Chen, who was sobbing with her face covered, his sneer reached its peak.

This old man, he was really good at acting!



Chen Daojin suddenly slapped his palm on the tabletop and rose angrily, ”Old Madam, what has happened to Tian Fang? Tian Fang has been a soldier for several years, and has achieved great success in battle, his skills are extraordinary, if not for a great disaster, he would not be in danger at all, not to mention that he has returned this time, even if he goes out, he is still sheltered by our Chen family guards, I guess, there must be something fishy about this matter!”

A fierce analysis.

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, and then his heart was overjoyed.

If not for the occasion, he even wanted to give Chen Dao pro a thumbs up.

This third uncle …… was a real dog!

Chen Dong subconsciously looked askance at Old Lady Chen and Chen Dao Ping, forcing a smile.

And at this moment, Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping’s faces were ugly to the extreme.

The two of them gazed at Chen Daoxin with an extremely bizarre gaze.

“Chen Daoping, the old body has personally investigated this matter, do you still doubt the old body?”

Old Madam Chen spoke in a stern voice, causing Chen Daojin’s face to turn abruptly white, not daring to say any more.

Immediately after.

Old Madam Chen waved her hand and opened her voice again.

“This third matter is about Chen Dong’s successor, Chen Dong has a special status, when Dao Lin included him as his successor, the old body did not say much considering that he is Dao Lin’s own son, and I believe that everyone present, is also like the old body.”

Chen Dong looked grave, his eyes flickering with essence.

Finally …… it was time to get down to business!

The previous two things were nothing more than wording to lay the groundwork, but now that the picture is finally exhausted, the identity of the heir is what Old Lady Chen wants to talk about most today!

With Old Madam Chen’s words, the eyes of the Tao were locked on Chen Dong one after another.

And behind Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun also secretly raised their hearts to their throats, their backs chilling a little.

“However, Chen Dong’s legs are now disabled and he is sitting on a wheelchair, but my Chen family is a great clan, a magnificent family, with all the wealth in the world, if the successor is disabled, won’t it be a laughing stock?”

“I didn’t know about Chen Dong’s condition, but I only found out about it when I invited him here tonight, which is why I added this third thing before I died.

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