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Winner Takes All Chapter 501-502

Chapter 501

It is late at night.

In the bedroom, the lamp is dimly lit.

The fragrance of lavender was refreshing.

Chen Dong lay on his side, wrapping his arms around Gu Qingying, his gaze always falling on Gu Qingying’s serene and sleeping face, not moving half an inch.

His whole hand had long since gone numb.

However, he still held back the numbness that was like an electric shock and did not move a muscle.

He was afraid that if he moved a little, he would wake up Gu Qingying.

Downstairs, Long Lao and Gu Guohua, the couple, were late in seeing Chen Dong and Gu Qingying come downstairs, and did not go upstairs to call for someone.

Just as the cries died down, the night was late.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s hanging heart, also finally fell back into the stomach.

Finally …… the rain cleared up.

In the dining room, the lights were bright.

Long Lao looked at the time hungrily, “It’s already one in the morning.”

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, who were drowsy on the table, looked at each other.

Gu Guohua said, “Shall we go up and call them?”

Li Wanqing shook her head, “Little Ying has finally slept peacefully for more than a month, and you, as a father, don’t know how much it hurts.”

After a pause, Li Wanqing got up and said, “I’ll get the dishes, let’s even out a bit, you and Long Lao eat first, then go rest, I’ll wait here, if Xiaoying gets up, I’ll warm up the food for them.”

Just as Li Wanqing turned to walk into the kitchen.

On the stairs, finally came the sound of footsteps.

Chen Dong helped Gu Qingying to walk down.

Long Lao and Gu Guohua in the dining room hurriedly got up.

Gu Guohua happily shouted to Li Wanqing in the kitchen, “Wife, don’t take the dishes, Dong’er and his daughter are coming down.”

“Mom and Dad, I’ve made you guys worry.”

Chen Dong said apologetically to Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing who had walked out of the kitchen.

This past month or so had been an unspeakable ordeal for Gu Qingying.

For Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, who were parents, how could it be otherwise?

The misunderstanding was before, and when they learnt of his accident, they still managed to help each other with all their might. The weight of this affection was clear to Chen Dong.

Because he had felt the other family.

The two were comparable.

Those three years could be described as dark and felt clearly.

It was also because of this that Chen Dong valued Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s affection and righteousness even more.

“A family does not speak of two families.”

Gu Guohua smiled broadly and waved his hand, pointing to the table, “Quickly sit down, let’s have a good family reunion meal.”

“Right, right, I’ll go and heat up the dishes, they’re all cold.”

Li Wanqing was overjoyed, and with a smile on her face, she carried the dishes that had already cooled on the table into the kitchen.

Long Lao smiled faintly and also went into the kitchen to help.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying accompanied Gu Guohua in the dining room, chatting idly.

Soon, the dishes were all heated up and served.

The family ate, the atmosphere was warm and lively.

Of course, Chen Dong also deliberately concealed matters about Chen Tianfang and the Chen family, and kept his mouth shut about Gu Guohua’s enquiries.

He also asked Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing to help keep the secret that his legs were not crippled.

Whether his legs were crippled or not was a card he had left behind.

A card that might make Old Lady Chen’s jaw drop in the future.

When the meal was over, it was already 2.30am.

Chen Dong helped Gu Qingying back to her room and calmed her down to sleep again.

The following days followed.

The dust had settled and the ultimate goal of the trip had been achieved.

However, Chen Dong was not in a hurry to return, but took this time to spend with Gu Qingying.

A month or so had tortured Gu Qingying too deeply and exhausted both physically and mentally, which was an unbearable weight for a pregnant woman.

Even in Gu Qingying’s secret words to Chen Dong, if she hadn’t been thinking about the baby, perhaps she would have ended herself quietly sometime during this month or so.

It was these words that made Chen Dong feel guilty to the extreme.

So he made up his mind to take good care of Gu Qingying.

Of course, it was simply impossible for Gu Qingying to recover in a short period of time from her physically and mentally exhausting deficit consumption.

But at least, he had to wait until Gu Qingying’s physique had recovered a bit before deciding to return.

A whole week.

Chen Dong was at the Gu family villa, cooking all kinds of food for Gu Qingying in different ways.

When he was free, he took Gu Qingying out for a walk to make her happy.

With careful care, Gu Qingying also recovered quickly.

Although she was still thinner than before, at least her complexion had returned to full redness, and Gu Qingying’s face had a smile again.

Not only did Chen Dong feel relieved at this point.

Even Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, and even Tian Ai, who had come a few times, looked on with incomparable relief.

In the blink of an eye, a week pa*sed.

Inside the garden of the Gu family villa.

The stars and moon were in the sky, and the garden was lit up in many splendid ways.

Chen Dong and Elder Long walked side by side.

“Young master, we are returning tomorrow.”

Elder Long asked, “Should we inform the Hong Society side?”

Chen Dong pondered for a second and said, “Let’s inform, I survived this time thanks to the Hong Society, otherwise I would probably have sunk into the sea and been eaten clean by the fish and shrimps by now.”

“Indeed, it’s just that Old Slave really doesn’t understand why that old man Ye Yuanqiu forced you to join the Hong Society to your death in the first place, or invited you to join the Society as an ancestor.” Elder Long was full of incomprehension.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “I don’t understand either, and Elder Ye has never mentioned the reason for this to me, whether it is a blessing or a curse is hard to predict, but at least as things stand now, it is a blessing to me, and I do owe the Hong Society a life.”

After waiting for Elder Long to nod his head.

Only then did Chen Dong ask, “During the week that I accompanied Little Shadow, was there any news from the Chen family’s eyes over here?”

Once Chen Tian Fang died, the a*sa*sination crisis was over.

However, what Chen Dong was relieved about was the news that his legs had not been crippled back to the Chen Family.

As for the iron law of mutilation among fellow family members, he was not worried at all.

If Old Lady Chen really used the iron law of mutual mutilation to pressure him, then she would be truly brain-dead.

The matter itself was done in secret, and if the iron law was used to pressure him, it would inevitably lead to the matter of Old Lady Chen’s orders.

The whole thing simply does not stand up to scrutiny.

If Old Lady Chen dares to use the iron law to exert pressure, she is undoubtedly killing herself!

“There is no movement from the Chen family office, so I guess the old lady does not dare to make a move for fear of setting off her old self in the Chen family.” Long Lao responded respectfully.

Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, as long as Old Madam Chen knew vaguely about what was happening over here.

Then even if his father was not in the Chen family, he still had a chance to pull the strings with the Chen family.

Long Lao looked at the starry moon in the sky and said with some worry, “I just wonder, after such a long time, what has become of our own family.”

Chen Dong was stunned.

A month or so was too long.

His disappearance for such a long time was tantamount to all the businesses under his command being left without a head.

And when he had first left, he had explained to Qin Ye and the others that he would return in a week at most.

If Elder Long was still at home on guard, there would be no need to worry too much.

But Long Lao had travelled all night and day to save him, and what had changed in the meantime, no one could say.

Moreover, Old Lady Chen had even dared to secretly instruct Chen Tian Fang to kill him.

Definitely wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity to suppress him!

“Let’s hope that Qin Ye over there can still hold down the big picture.” Chen Dong’s voice was a little low.


Chapter 502

Early the next morning.

Elder Long had already arranged the trip.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying bid farewell to Gu Guohua and his wife, and then set off on their return journey.

Once they arrived at the airport and entered the fast track, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying boarded the plane directly.

After waiting for ten minutes, the plane took off straight away.

“This past month or so has pa*sed as if it was a dream.”

Chen Dong looked out of the window at the airport and rubbed his nose and laughed.

“It does seem like a dream.” Gu Qingying leaned on Chen Dong’s shoulder, “It’s still a nightmare.”

“But now the dream is awake and the rain has cleared.”

Chen Dong smiled brightly and hugged Gu Qingying tenderly, “Get some sleep, we’ll be home when you wake up.”

During pregnancy, pregnant women are especially prone to tiredness and drowsiness.

Gu Qingying let out a soft cry and then closed her eyes.

Chen Dong gently kissed her on the forehead, and then continued to look out of the window.

But it was with this glance that his gaze suddenly froze.

As the plane took off, the airport below gradually became smaller.

But he could faintly see a car parked next to the runway where the plane he had been on had been.

Beside the car stood a silhouette wrapped in a trench coat.

The silhouette gave him a familiar feeling.

It made his heart twitch hard and his expression became complicated.

He was unable to see the figure clearly because of the distance, and as the plane rose in altitude, the blurred figure faded away.

On the edge of the airport runway.

Ye Linglong was wrapped tightly in her windbreaker, her beautiful face was pale.

The light breeze blew the silk on her forehead.

But she did not move a muscle, looking up at the plane that was gradually disappearing into the sea of clouds.

This scene is like a painting.

But it is a poignant scene.

When the plane disappeared into the sea of clouds, Ye Linglong raised her hand and pushed the green silk in front of her forehead behind her ears.

Only then did she turn around and open the car door, her brows knitted together as she forced herself to bear the gunshot wound on her body and got into the car.

“Linglong, you’re too irresponsible with yourself.”

Yuan Yigang, who was driving the car, turned around and looked at Ye Linglong heartily.

Ye Linglong had her head down at this time, her hands wrapped tightly around her windbreaker, and Yuan Yigang could not see Ye Linglong’s expression.

I just heard Ye Linglong’s response, “He said he wanted to forget about the world, I just wanted to come and see him off.”

“But you can’t just ignore your injury, right? You are just a little bit now, if you trigger your injury because of travelling, this is something that will kill you.”

Yuan Yigang frowned, he and Ye Linglong grew up together, and he was also the one who brought Ye Linglong along to play with him, although there was no blood relationship, but the brother-sister love was real.

“Big brother, promise me that you won’t tell grandpa.”

Ye Linglong’s body trembled a little, and she spoke with the sound of a backwards intake of cold air.

Yuan Yigang’s expression changed, “Linglong, what’s wrong with you?”

Ye Linglong raised her head and looked at Yuan Yigang in miserable pain, what little blood that remained on her face was gone, endlessly pale, even her lips.

She smiled faintly and leaned back against the seat, her hands loosening the trench coat that had been wrapped tightly around her body because of the severe pain.

As the trench coat slid down to her sides, a cloud of crimson blood was rapidly staining the blue and white hospital gown, blinding beyond belief!

“The wound has split!”

Yuan Yigang’s mind buzzed loudly and hurriedly started the car: “Linglong, you silly girl, for the sake of giving him a ride, you even gave up your life, are you worth it?”

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled in pain, and her willow brows furrowed.

Even though the corners of her mouth kept trembling and sucking in cold air, she still pulled up an arc.

Smiling sadly, she pretended to be petulant and said, “Because I want to send it.”


The time when the plane landed at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

It was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

Chen Dong and the three of them got off the plane.

They saw a Rolls Royce parked beside the runway of the plane.

Kunlun, Fan Lu and Qin Ye greeted them at the same time.

“Young master.”

“Brother Dong.”

“Mr. Chen.”

All three of them were full of smiles and incomparably happy.

After Elder Long left, he also explained things to Qin Ye over the phone.

With Elder Long’s departure, all of Chen Dong’s capital was also all handed over to Qin Ye to dominate with one hand.

But in these days, neither Qin Ye nor Fan Lu or Kunlun had ever slept soundly.

Chen Dong’s safety and security were always on their minds.

Now that they saw Chen Dong had returned safely, all three were in an uplifting mood.

But when they got closer and saw the wheelchair under Chen Dong’s seat, all their smiles disappeared.

“Dong Ah, what happened to your leg?”

Qin Ye’s face changed drastically as he stared at Chen Dong’s legs with round eyes.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “I managed to survive, but my legs are crippled.”

On the side, Elder Long and Gu Qingying looked at Chen Dong with a gloomy expression, as if they had a sadness with.

An atmosphere of sadness instantly enveloped the crowd.

After Qin Ye froze, but he took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and squeezed out a smile.

“It’s alright, it’s just that both legs are disabled, there will be blessings after a great disaster, the most important thing is that you are back, Brother Dong, let’s go home.”

With that, Qin Ye stepped forward and took the wheelchair from the pregnant Gu Qingying: “Sister-in-law, I’ll do it.”

Then he complained to Long Lao, “Long Lao, you too, at least you are a household slave, you don’t even know how to help the young lady.”

Long Lao made a big blush.

Gu Qingying explained, “Qin Ye you misunderstood Elder Long, Elder Long had to take some traveling gifts, it was much easier to push Chen Dong instead.”

“We’ll help.”

Kunlun and Fan Lu also came back to their senses and hurriedly ran towards the turner to pack their traveling gifts.

Chen Dong glanced at Kun Lun, who was arrowing, and smiled slightly, “Brother Kun Lun looks like he is recovering well.”

Qin Ye nodded and laughed playfully, “Brother Kunlun doesn’t even need to breathe when he beats a tiger to death now, it’s just that beating a female tiger would probably take a lot of effort and would have to be drenched in sweat.”

Chen Dong was stunned.

Gu Qingying was also a bit puzzled.

On the contrary, Long Lao smashed his mouth and looked at Kunlun and Fan Lu with a strange smile, saying, “Xiao Lu is indeed fierce.”

Mother tiger?

Fan Lu?

Chen Dong suddenly realized and glared at Qin Ye, “You kid I haven’t seen for more than a month, but you are getting better at driving, huh? Aren’t you afraid that Brother Kunlun and Sister Xiao Lu will kill you?”

“Shhh, pretend that nothing happened!”

Qin Ye made a silent gesture in mock fear, causing the three Chen Dong to laugh.

Rather, it lightened the sad atmosphere from earlier.

On the way back to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Chen Dong asked about the situation of Qin Ye’s various companies during this period.

Luckily, Qin Ye’s answer made him relax.

On the entertainment company side, the two Zhang Chu families had joined forces, and Chu Reed was doing well in the mall.

The financial company was also under the control of Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian and had made many successes.

On the side of Dingtai, it is also developing smoothly.

After hearing this, a relaxed smile appeared on Chen Dong’s face, “It seems that the Chen family has been quite honest during this period of time and has not taken advantage of the opportunity to suppress me.”


Qin Ye, however, had a sullen expression on his face and shook his head, “Suppressed.”


Chen Dong and Elder Long’s gazes simultaneously stared.

Had the most feared thing happened after all?

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