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Never Say Never Chapter 547-548

Chapter 547

“Che!” Jon blew his eyes, “What’s the point of making a crush sound so righteous, wait a few more years and you’ll be a lookout.”


“Are you very idle?” Shen Yu looked at him, his eyes deep and stern, “Not going to take a walk with the four seasons in your arms?”


Realising that he might be getting angry, Qiao En had the good sense to carry the Four Seasons and go play in the yard.


Quieting down, I looked at him and spoke, “What did Third Uncle find out?”


He pursed his lips and his face turned a few shades more serious, “The test results came back, the man probably didn’t touch you.”


I frowned, “He didn’t touch me? Then why did …… deliberately leave that stuff in the room?


“There was no cellular tissue of yours there, and we did a match, and the police department made two guesses, one was that the owner was an extremely high status and mysterious person, which is a category where dna information is not easy to get and no match can be made, and the other was someone who was already dead, which is a category we couldn’t do a match on either.”


I frowned, “You can still get it out of a dead person?”


“Within a certain time frame and through scientific means, it is possible to extract them.”


He leaned back on the sofa and pinched his brow, “I’m guessing it’s the former, but at the moment there aren’t many people further up in Uncle Sam’s position, and of those people, they basically don’t have any dealings with you or the Fu family, so at the moment Uncle Sam is lining them up.”


I was silent for a moment and looked to him, “So it seems that there is someone who simply just wants to put Fu Shen Yan and I at odds emotionally, he probably doesn’t feel anything for me per se.”


After a pause I looked at him and was silent for a moment, “The same way has been used before, but that time he just had me kidnapped and made to listen to a disgusting scene, with a purpose much like this one.”


He frowned, “You know who it was?”


I shook my head, “Not quite sure, might need to see.” Tilting my head to look at him, I hesitantly said, “The trip to Huai’an after New Year’s might be delayed or maybe Fu Shen Yan will go too.”


He pursed his lips, slightly displeased, “Fu Shen Yan is the tail? He has to follow you wherever you go?”


“My own wife, why shouldn’t I follow? Mr. Shen often pesters his own sister, not afraid that others will look at him funny?” Fu Shen Yan and Shen Chang Lin came down from the study on the first floor.


Qiao En, who happened to be playing with the Four Seasons in the courtyard, also came in and looked at me, “You guys are very lively today!”


Fu Shen Yan looked at him and raised his eyebrows, “Who’s here?”


Before Qiao En could say anything, Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan came in, Mo Zhi Zhan carrying a lot of things in his hands.


“Everyone’s here, haven’t had lunch yet, have you? We’ve brought pastries over, we’ll try them later.” Lin Wan smiled warmly and put the pastry in her hand on the table as she came in.


Deliberately opening it and holding it out, she looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, try it, I heard Mr. Fu say you like matcha flavours, I deliberately made it to taste like matcha.”


I froze for a moment, a little confused, but it was just a moment, I took the pastry from her hand and took a bite, it did taste good.


I had always felt strange about the couple’s warmth and closeness, but couldn’t say anything was wrong.


So I didn’t say much.


After Lin Wan tasted the pastries, she volunteered to go into the kitchen, and while looking at the ingredients in the fridge, she said, “I called my sister-in-law this morning to ask what you were eating, but I found out that she had taken the day off, and you two young people were at home, so I figured I would just make something to eat again, so I came over, and it looks like you really didn’t eat much this morning. Ah, you can’t spoil your bodies like that.”


As she said that, she got the ingredients out of the fridge, put on her apron and started cooking.


Fu Shenyin and Shen Changlin were looking at each other quite normally, Shen Yu was playing with his phone, and he didn’t think there was anything unusual about it, not to mention Mo Zhi Zhan.


Only Qiao En and I were a little unnatural. He looked at me, the four seasons had fallen asleep, and his voice was pressed extremely low, saying, “Aren’t you and Lin Wan deadly rivals? Why do I look at you especially like mother and daughter now?”


Chapter 548

I shrugged my shoulders, “I want to know why more than you do!”


He exhaled, looked at a few people who looked normal and bristled, “There must be a ghost!”


Mo Zhi Zhan opened his mouth to ask about the case, Fu Shen Yan spoke normally, and I got up to make tea for a few people.


Han Shuang called, because there were many people, I was not good at answering, directly told her to hang up after returning to her in the evening.


It didn’t take long for Lin Wan to cook a table of food and greeted several men as they sat down, while I helped with the dishes.


Just after sitting down, Mo Zhi Zhan looked at me and said, “Does Shen Shu know how to cook?”


I froze for a moment and said, “I can cook a little!”


He smiled lightly, “In the future, you can let Awan come to your house to cook more often, she has recently enrolled in a cooking cla*s to learn all the skills, so she wants to find a place to show off her cooking skills!”


“Yes, yes, if you don’t mind, I can come over and cook for you every day!” Lin Wan spoke up, her voice extraordinarily cheerful.


I hurriedly said, “Mr. Lin and Mr. Mo are too polite, Shen Yan and I are juniors, how can we bother our elders like this, besides, the family has hired a sister-in-law, they only take the occasional leave, they are usually around, so there is no need to bother Mr. Lin.”


Lin Wan smiled, but didn’t say much.


After all, they were all acquaintances, and the good thing was that although there were some transgressions, on the stage, it was quite normal for everyone to talk and chat.


It was not easy to finish the meal, Shen Changlin received a phone call to have an urgent matter to deal with, Shen Yu went to see him off.


I carried her up to the first floor to breastfeed her.


Because I hadn’t rested well in the past two days, I was a bit drowsy.


But I didn’t fall asleep much either. When Fu Shenyan came up, I was completely drowsy.


Seeing me lying down, he came over to report the Four Seasons and looked at me and said, “Are you sleepy?”


I shook my head and my brow hurt a little, “But I can’t sleep at all!”


The four seasons were very good, Fu Shenyan hugged her and sat her down to coax her all over again, looked at me and said, “A trip to the hospital to see?”


I shook my head, lying on the bed and looked at him, “Fu Shen Yan, don’t you think Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan have been treating me differently lately?”


He froze slightly and looked at me, “What’s different?”


“They didn’t treat me badly before, but at least they weren’t this attentive, but this time, they’ve been too attentive, and I can’t find out what their purpose is for treating me this way, Fu Shen Yan, do you think they could be brewing some kind of conspiracy?”


He laughed, “You’re thinking too much, maybe they just want you to let go of what happened in the past, and we can all get along in the future.”


Was it possible?


People who had killed each other and would one day shake hands and make up?


No way!


I sighed, pounding my chin a little annoyed, and after a pause looked at him again, “Fu Shen Yan did anything unpleasant happen between you and Cheng Jun Yu before?”


He raised his eyes, his eyes a little deep, “This question, you asked me twice.”


I narrowed my eyebrows, pursed my lips, and didn’t speak.


He looked at me, his gaze heavy, “You’re doubting Jun Yu?”


I didn’t know what to say for a moment, I looked at him and said after a moment of silence, “I’m just guessing all the possibilities.”


He pursed his lips, “You don’t need to think too much about Jun Yu, I know it psychologically, from now on you should stay out of it and get some rest.”


After saying that, he got up and went downstairs.


I froze for a moment not knowing what to say.