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Never Say Never Chapter 545-546

Chapter 545

I ……


My memories of that night are completely blank, except for the extraordinarily real condoms that fell to the floor.




Seeing me wander off, Fu Shen Yan took my hand and bit down on my mouth, “Wandering off at this hour?”


I froze and looked back, my face burning to the bone.


“I ……”


Thinking that he had just had surgery and couldn’t exercise vigorously, I pressed his hand, my face flushed, “No!”


He stopped moving, his eyes extremely dark, “It’s come to this, you think I can control it?”


I pursed my lips, my face a little pale, “Fu Shen Yan, but I really don’t want to.”


He stiffened, hesitated slightly for a few seconds, and then released me.


He got up and went into the bathroom.


A series of movements, extraordinarily fluid.


I raised my eyes to look outside, it was already light, and with a slight sigh, got up and went downstairs.


My head was still buzzing with pain. If this went on, it would really drive me crazy.


Downstairs, the family’s sister-in-law took the day off, so I went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge, which had almost everything.


After thinking about it, I plucked some millet and prepared to cook some clear congee.


Fu Shen Yan washed up and came out to see me washing the vegetables, his slender body standing by the door frame.


A pair of dark eyes looked at me motionlessly, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.


I turned back and looked at him, “Sister Moon is taking the day off from work and won’t be coming over, what do you want to eat?”


“Anything!” He walked in and wrapped his arms around me from behind, his handsome cheek pressed against mine, his voice low, “Do you want to go for a walk later?”


I shook my head, “In a few minutes Jon is bringing the four seasons over, Uncle Sam and Shen Yu will both be here.”


He nodded, seeing that I was chopping vegetables too stupidly, and covered my hand, “You’re not planning on you cooking later, are you?”


I nodded and looked at him, “No?”


He lost his smile, “Yes, but I suggest you remind them to fill their stomachs before they arrive.”


I ……


He took the chopper out of my hand, “Step aside, there’s milk and juice in the fridge, have some first.”


Is this me being disliked?


I turned around and went upstairs to change my clothes, and when I came down, Fu Shen Yan had already made breakfast.


When I came down, Fu Shen Yan had already made breakfast, rice porridge and a few small dishes, and also fried an egg, which tasted very good.


Seeing that I had changed, he smiled lightly, “Come and eat!”


I walked to my seat, not rushing to eat, looked at him for a while, pinned my chin and said, “Did grandpa teach you how to cook when you were a kid?”


He shrugged his shoulders, “All the men in the Fu family know how to cook, second uncle and grandpa both know how to cook, and they’re both pretty good at it.”


I nodded my head, thinking about it, it seems to be true, Fu second uncle and second aunt two people are very good relationship, usually very loving, because second aunt can not give birth, so they choose to dink these years.


Now that I think about it, all the men in the Fu family are actually extremely serious about their relationships.


“Don’t fret, hurry up and eat!” He chucked the eggs into my bowl and looked at me, “When spring starts, let’s take the four seasons to the capital!”


I froze for a moment, realising that the annual holiday seemed to be coming to an end and almost all the companies were starting to work.


Frozen slightly, I looked at him and said, “Four Seasons is still young, I want to take her to stay in Jiangcheng for a while.”


He frowned, “Why don’t you want to go to the capital?”


I pursed my lips, “It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s the Four Seasons.”


“No need for excuses!” He spoke, his expression light, “The hotel matter, I will look into it, I won’t let it happen again in the future, Aunt and Lu Xinran have no direct evidence now, but Aunt is already suspected of being involved and is in police custody, Shen Shu, the road ahead still needs to move forward, it’s useless to run away.”


Chapter 546

I frowned, not knowing these truths in my heart.


A slight sigh, “I know, I ……”


“Then listen to my arrangements!”


“I want to take the Four Seasons on a trip to Huai’an!” I spoke, my eyes looking to him.


“With who?” He put down the chopsticks in his hand, his expression cold.


“Shen Yu!”


He pursed his lips, slightly displeased, “When did you decide?”


“Years ago!” At that time, I didn’t know that something had happened to Muzi.


“Did you never intend to talk to me about it?” He was a little angry.


I had a bit of a headache and pinched my brow, a little impatient, “Don’t you know now?”


Putting down my chopsticks, I got up, no longer able to eat, and went straight upstairs to the study.


The case of Gu’s ai was still in my charge, and the new product release was to be opened after the New Year, and soon the annual leave would be over and the release program would come out.


But I looked at it for a while and was in no mood to continue reading it. I didn’t sleep all night yesterday and now I’m not sleepy, but I have a terrible headache.


Fu Shenyan was leaning against the door frame, his gaze cool, seemingly not angry anymore.


I was a little annoyed by his stare and looked over at him, “What’s wrong?”


He raised an eyebrow, “The four seasons are coming over.”


I froze for a moment, dropping what I was doing and getting up to go out the door, to be kissed by him blocking the doorway.


It took a moment before he let go of me and pulled me downstairs.


Jon was sitting in the hall, holding the Four Seasons and teasing her, and Shen Yu and Shen Changlin had come over.


Shen Yu didn’t know how to take care of a child, plus the Four Seasons was small, unlike a child of one or two years old, so it was fine to hold and play with it in any way.


So he simply didn’t touch the baby and looked at Qiao En holding the Four Seasons, pointing out every now and then that this was not right and that was not right.


Exasperated, Qiao En directly shoved the child in his arms and said without good grace, “You’re all right, you hold it!”


The four seasons were placed in Shen Yu’s arms, and Shen Yu directly dared not move, his tall and upright body, holding the four seasons somewhat cautiously.


The body is stiff like a large stone, the four seasons do not recognize people, small hands tugging at Shen Yu’s expensive watch is very curious.


He was relieved to see me and Fu Shenyan coming downstairs and hurriedly looked at Fu Shenyan and said, “Grumble, hurry down and hug your daughter.”


Fu Shenyan has been bringing up the four seasons for a long time, and this man is a master of his craft, bringing up the four seasons extremely well.


He naturally took the Four Seasons from Shen Yu’s hand and held them in his arms to tease them.


The actual fact is that you can’t even raise a baby in the future, you can’t do anything, which woman will look like you.”


The first thing you need to do is to get a girlfriend.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. How do you plan to wait to die and be buried together in the future, nothing will be done as long as you can chat on the line?”


These two ……




I sat next to Uncle San and made him a cup of tea, seeing that I was busy, he frowned, “Didn’t you hire a babysitter at home?”


“Yes, I did, I took the day off!” I opened my mouth and smiled, “Fu Shen Yan and I usually like it to be quiet, the nanny comes over here to take care of us if the four seasons are here, and neither Fu Shen Yan nor I really like to have individuals living at home if we’re not.”


Shen Changlin nodded, looked at Fu Shen Yan, his gaze deepened and said, “I heard you had a treasure in Nan Huan Tao the other day, don’t you want to take me to see it?”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows and handed the four seasons to Qiao En, then the two went straight to the study, obviously to talk about business.


I looked over at Shen Yu and saw that his eyes were falling on the Four Seasons, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, “You’re thirty-five and you’re not going to find someone to marry properly for life?”


He looked back at me and Qiao En chortled, “What girl could look like him when he’s such a middle child?”


“You’ve used?” Shen Yu gave him a look and faintly looked at me and said, “What’s the point of getting married, I’ll just keep you and the Four Seasons and have a good time.”