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Never Say Never Chapter 537-538

Chapter 537

When Fu Qingyin saw Liu Han, who had been beaten beyond recognition, her legs went weak for a moment and she almost sat on the floor.


Fu ShenYin pinched his brow and looked at Liu Han and spoke, “Say Bai, repeat what you just said.”


Liu Han saw that it was not his own family, his face was much better, at this time calm down, his thoughts were more clear.


“Five days ago, after Gu’s annual holiday Fu called me, asked me to help her do something, after the completion of the matter will give me three hundred thousand, this kind of thing I originally would not agree, but my fiancĂ©e is pregnant, her parents want three hundred thousand bride price, if you can’t get it, take her to get still aborted!”


He huffed and spoke, “My parents are from the countryside, they’ve been farming for a living all their lives, the family has only just built a house, they’ve already borrowed a lot of money, they simply can’t get the three hundred thousand, so for that three hundred thousand, I agreed.”


“You are nonsense!” Fu Qingyin was furious, “I didn’t call you at all, much less give you money, you’re spouting blood!”


Liu Han looked at her, “The money is still in the car, the car keys were placed under the wall outside Gu’s house by you for fear of being discovered, you told me all this, the 300,000 was cash, you put it in that precious blue Ferrari.”


“I haven’t touched a single penny of the money now, you can go and see for yourself, I don’t have to lie!”


Fu ShenYin didn’t say anything, he just looked at Chen Yi, who nodded and spoke, “I’ve checked, there was indeed three hundred thousand in cash in the car, these cash don’t have numbers, they shouldn’t have been taken out of the bank, so there’s no way to find out how these last steps came about.”


Fu Qingyin looked towards Fu Shenyan, her emotions breaking down a little, “Shenyan, I am your aunt, I have no reason to hurt your wife, ah, you can’t just believe it on the basis of his one mouthful of words.”


Chen Yi stepped forward, handed the phone to Fu Shen Yan and spoke, “Missy met with Miss Lu once before, in Jiangcheng.”


After reading Chen Yi’s phone, Fu Shen Yan’s gaze fell on Fu Qingyin, his tone was extraordinarily cold, “You came to Jiangcheng in advance?”


Fu Qingyin’s face turned white and she opened her mouth, “I …… I came to see my father.”


“To see Lu Xinran for what?” Fu Shen Yan seemed to be uselessly patient, his eyes were somewhat icy cold.


Fu Qingyin’s body trembled a little, “She was the one who asked me to meet, she knew that I was the one who gave those things from Lin Wan to Shen Shu, she threatened me to trick Shen Shu out, or else she would tell those to Lin Wan, so that Lin Wan and I would turn against each other.”


“Heh!” Fu Shen Yan laughed coldly and didn’t speak anymore.


After a long time, he looked at me and saw that I hadn’t touched the juice and pastry in front of me and frowned slightly, “Not to your liking.”


I shook my head, “No!”


“Tired?” He reached out, pulling me in.


I nodded, this matter, looking into it, I didn’t know if it was good or bad, if it was really Fu Qingyin’s doing, what would Fu Shenyan do?


The two women are both a responsibility and an inescapable kinship for Fu Shenyin, and even if he hates them more, I’m afraid there’s no way he can do anything about them.


I opened my mouth, was really a little tired, said, “Fu Shen Yan, you send me back to rest!”


He nodded, his gaze thin and cold as he glanced at the two people on the ground, looking to Chen Yi and said, “Call the police, leave it to the police.”


Lin Wan was startled, her gaze horrified, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re not using evidence, you can’t do this.”


Fu Shen Yan looked at her, his eyes pressed extremely deep, “Then let’s wait for the police to finish their investigation, we’ll solve the problem in another way.”


Other ways!


For a moment, Lin Wan went limp and sat on the ground, helpless and at a loss for words.


When I got out of the factory, I got into the car, leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes, everything was exhausted to the point of exhaustion.


The temperature came from the palm of my hand, it was Fu Shen Yan, he pulled me and started the car, his voice was cool, “Don’t worry, it will be fine!”


I pursed my lips, no use opening my mouth, who could that person be?


Chapter 538

When I got back to the villa, I was a little sleepy, and after sending me to my room, Fu Shen Yan ordered his sister-in-law to leave.


I lay on the bed, hating being sleepy, but unable to fall asleep.


Taking out my mobile phone, I called Han Shuang and she picked up the phone before it rang a few times.


“Mr. Shen, are you …… okay?” Her voice was a little tentative as she spoke.


I enthused, “Did you see the news?”


“En!” After a pause, she said, “I entrusted a friend to check this matter, I can’t come close to anything on my side, the hotel’s security camera was destroyed, there’s no way to check!”


I nodded and huffed, “You don’t need to check these, you help me to find someone to keep an eye on Lu Ke, if you can, better check if she has contacted Lu Xinran and Fu Qingyin during this period of time.”


She was a little puzzled and said after a pause, “Lu Ke? Why do you want to check her?”


“I’m just guessing, I haven’t used it to be sure, you go and check first, what exactly is the situation, wait and see.”


Other should check, Fu Shen Yan and Shen Yu is faster than her, basically, he should check, he has checked.


After a long time, she nodded her head, “Okay, I know!”


After hanging up the phone, I lay in bed, unable to fall asleep, mentally clogged to the point of unbearable.


After lying there for a while, I was dazed and about to fall asleep, when noisy noises came from downstairs.


I was so uncomfortable with the noise that I simply got up and went out of the bedroom.


“You tell Shen Shu to come out here!” Lu Xinran roared down the hall like a madman.


The sister-in-law and the nanny desperately stopped her, pulling her towards the outside, and the bodyguards from the villa came out.


Carrying her towards the outside.


I went downstairs and opened my mouth, “Is there something wrong with Miss Lu?”


The bodyguards stopped but still tugged at the restless Lu Xinran.


“Shen Shu, why should I be blamed for what happened to you? It’s obvious that you deserve to be a*sa*sinated because you invite people to hate you, who are you to put Sh*t on my head?”


She struggled, and if it wasn’t for the bodyguards holding her back, she would have wanted to come forward and tear me apart.


I pursed my lips, “When did I put Sh*t on you?”


She sneered, “Who else could it be? Fu Shen Yan wanted to send me away, even my parents didn’t want me, they all blamed me, they all thought it was my fault for hurting you, why, I obviously didn’t do anything, if it was me, I would hate to get you killed, so you can never live forever.”


With that, she struggled to come and hit me, but two strong men pulled her, and she could only lunge a few times.


Outside the villa, a group of people came in in a hurry, and they were Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan.


When she saw Lu Xinran making such a scene, Lin Wan couldn’t control her emotions and went up to her, not caring whether Lu Xinran was standing still or not.


A slap was thrown at her and she fell to the ground, covering her face and raising her eyes.


When she saw Lin Wan, her eyes turned red and she said incredulously, “Mom, you didn’t treat me like this before, why? Now you’re beating me for this woman, I’m your daughter!”


Lin Wan looked at her with cold eyes, “How did I treat you before? You also know how I treated you before? Look at the way you look now? Look at what you have done to yourself? Lu Xinran, don’t you ever know how to repent?”


Lu Xinran broke down, “I was right, why should I change? It’s obviously your fault, you all blame me, why should I? I’m not at fault!”


Lin Wan was so angry that she wanted to hit her again, but was stopped by Mo Zhi Zhan, “Alright, it’s already a mess, don’t add to it.”


He looked to the bodyguards behind him and spoke, “Pick up the young lady and send her back.”


The bodyguard went to pull Lu Xinran, but she shook her off, shouting angrily, “Get out of here, all of you, don’t touch me, I didn’t use to hurt her at all, why are you accusing me wrongly.”


Lu Xinran pointed at me with an extraordinarily aggrieved face.


Lin Wan looked at her, her gaze full of hatred and disgust, long gone from the compa*sionate look she had before, “Who else could it be if not you? How many times have you met with Fu Qingyin in private, and what you discussed, do you think I don’t know?”