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Never Say Never Chapter 527-528

Chapter 527

I froze and spoke, “No need, thanks to Mr. Lin’s kindness.”


She looked a little embarra*sed, after a pause she added, “Shen Shu, are you still anxious about the past, look, it’s all over, your mother and daughter are safe, I’ve been punished, the Mo family didn’t accept me, causing to learn that Galloping could only come to Jiangcheng with me, it’s all over, let’s put the past aside, we’re all like we were when we first met, how nice. ”


I held my breath and raised my eyes to look at her, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Mr. Lin, money can be earned again when it’s gone, reputation can be regained when it’s gone, what do you think you can do to get a person back after you’ve killed him?”


Seeing her face scraping a little white, I pursed my lips and said, “I’m feeding the baby, please excuse Mr. Lin.”


She opened her mouth to say something else, but after looking at me, she went out in silence.


The four seasons ate happily, and I sat in my chaise longue, looking at the pink and aristocratic decoration of the room, and couldn’t help but freeze.


This is a girl’s room, Chen Xing occasionally comes to the Pearly Gates, but it can’t be him, and Lin Wan is even more unlikely, this room is most likely Lu Xinran’s.


I looked back and saw her smiling at me, so I hugged her and kissed her.


The bedroom door was opened and I pulled down my clothes, picking up Lu Xinran, whose face was as sullen as if it had been infested with ice when she saw me.


“Shen Shu, why do you grab everything, the people I like, the loved ones I care about, and now even my room, you have to grab it.”


I felt that her words were somewhat inexplicable and frowned, “Miss Lu, if you keep it, it’s yours, if you can’t, it’s not yours, I have no interest in your relatives or your room, so robbing is disdainful, as for the person you like, please express clearly, he and I are a legitimate couple, at this point, I need to rob?”


Her eyes were red with anxiety, “If you hadn’t interfered, would Brother Shen Yan have married you? He was only acting in the spirit of duty towards you, what do you think?”


I laughed, “So, Miss Lu, he’s duty bound to me, what are you? Love? If you love, why do you not even care to look at it, where do you get the impression that a man who can’t even look at you is in love with you?”


“You ……”


She was furious and ready to raise her hand to hit me, but I stopped her, “Miss Lu better restrain yourself, a good hand, you ended up playing so badly, haven’t you ever reflected on why your parents don’t even want to see you?”


I hugged the four seasons, not planning to argue with her, after all, with the child, if really fight, hurt the child rather than me to lose.


Seeing me about to leave, she blocked the doorway, “Shen Shu, what exactly do you want to do?”


I laughed, “Miss Lu, I should be asking you, what exactly are you planning to do?”


What was she planning to do, blocking me from leaving like that?


“I can give up Brother Shen Yan and not dwell on it, but you can’t appear in front of my parents again, or I’ll kill you with a fish.”


I really thought she was a bit baffled, “I begged not to see your parents and you, so please get out of the way and hold your hand high.”


There didn’t seem to be much she could do to me now, mentally angry but unable to do anything to me.


Giving me the right of way, she huffed and puffed her way out of the bedroom.


Seeing me come out, Fu Shen Yan greeted me, took the four seasons from my hands and spoke, “What’s wrong? You don’t look well!”


Chapter 528

I pursed my lips and said lightly, “No.”


When I got to the table, Fu Shen Yan kept giving me food, and he ate a few bites before taking the four seasons to play.


Perhaps because of breastfeeding, I surprisingly ate a little too much, Fu Shen Yan was smiling happily, and Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan seemed to both have their eyes on me the whole time.


I was wondering, but I couldn’t ask for a while. After eating for a while, everyone was done eating and I didn’t continue eating.


“What’s wrong?” Fu Shen Yan gave me a piece of roast pork and smiled, “Full?”


I nodded, “En!”


“The plum blossoms in the pear garden are most beautiful at this time of year, after you have eaten, why don’t you go for a walk to cool off?” Lin Wan spoke, her gaze falling on the four seasons.


As the little one fell asleep, Lin Wan found a nanny and said, “You can take care of the child over here for a while.”


“No need, it’s getting late, thanks to Mr. Lin and Mr. Mo for their hospitality, we should almost go back.” After eating and drinking all night, Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zang didn’t say anything.


It was as if they had just come to have a meal, which was a bit strange.


Mo ZhiZhan’s pair of dark eyes, looked at Fu ShenYan, smiled, “Mr. Fu, there is something going on in the company over at the Mo family, today there is just time to talk?”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and pursed his lips, “Go for a walk, take a break, I’ll take the four seasons with me and go home later.”


I nodded my head, looked at Mo Zhi Zhan, and said to Fu Shen Yan, “You guys are talking about something, is it appropriate for the four seasons to follow?”


“It’s fine, go ahead!”


I always felt that Fu Shen Yan was intentionally letting me have more contact with Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan.


Mentally, I was a little annoyed.


The courtyard of the Pearly Garden was large, and indeed as Lin Wan had said, there were quite a few plum blossoms in bloom in the backyard, which was beautiful.


“Shen Shu, the kitchen at home has made some matcha pastries, later on you go back and take some home with you to eat.” Lin Wan spoke up, following behind me and looking at me with some earnestness.


I wasn’t quite used to her being like this, and pursed my lips slightly, “You’re welcome, Mr. Lin, but it’s easy to put on weight when you eat sweets, I’ll just eat a little now and then.”


She looked at me and said cautiously, “Shen Shu, do you still hate me in your heart?”


I frowned and was really a bit annoyed, “Mr. Lin, what do you have to do, you can just say it, no need to be like this!”


She hurriedly shook her head and said, “I don’t have anything, don’t think too much about it, I just regret that I shouldn’t have done those things to you, and now I feel mentally guilty and want to make it up to you.”


“That’s not necessary, after all, a lot of things have happened, just don’t see each other again.” I spoke, my pace a little faster, not wanting to say more.


She followed me, still looking attentive and abrasive, “I know you can’t let go, I really just want to make up for my mistake, Shen Shu, promise me that you’ll let Zhi Zhi and I make up for our mistake, okay?”


“Mom, what are you doing?” Lu Xinran followed, her face tinged with anger as she pointed at me, “Mom, what do you want to make up for her? Hasn’t she done enough harm to us?”


With that, she raised her hand to push me. Behind me was the open-air swimming pool, which had been left standing because it was winter and the water in this pool was basically unused.


But it wasn’t very deep.


I didn’t know that Lu Xinran would suddenly attack me, so I was unprepared and fell backwards.


The water wasn’t deep, but it was extraordinarily cold in winter, and my clothes were all wet with water. A piercing cold invaded my body, and I couldn’t help but shiver, my body freezing.


When Lin Wan saw me fall into the water, she panicked and shouted towards the villa, “Someone, help!”