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Never Say Never Chapter 525-526

Chapter 525

Lu Xinran’s face turned white, a pair of pitiful eyes looked at Fu Shen Yan.


Fu Shen Yan’s face was not very good, cold and icy, “The car can’t fit, you wait for Zhuan Yan!”


Then he went straight around her, started the car and walked away!


I looked in the rearview mirror at Lu Xinran, who was standing still, and looked at Fu Shen Yan, frowning, “She’s like this, you’re not heartbroken?”


He pursed his lips and looked at me, “You want me to be heartbroken?”


“Drive well!” It’s the same to me whether I’m heartbroken or not.


Four Seasons was very good all the way, probably because she liked the car ride, so she was very excited in the car, and every now and then she would reach out and grab her hands everywhere.


The car stopped outside the pear garden and in front of the villa, Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan were standing at the door, seemingly waiting for a long time.


When they saw us, Lin Wan came forward, looked at me and smiled, “Here you are, the meal is ready, just waiting for you to go up.”


Fu Shen Yan carried the four seasons out, Mo Zhi Zhan and Lin Wan looked at each other, their eyes surprised, looking at me, “The child …… child is fine?”


I pursed my lips, my face a little icy, “Lin always intend to move again?”


Lin Wan’s eyes reddened violently, shaking her head, “No, child you don’t think too much, I am happy, the child is fine.”


Fu Shen Yan hugged the four seasons and didn’t say much, just said lightly, “Let’s go!”


The restaurant was on the ground floor, Qiao En and Chen Xing were both here, even Cheng Jun Yu who hadn’t seen him for a long time, the woman he was following was Lu Ke who hadn’t seen her for a long time.


I was surprised to see her here.


I looked at this woman, who was getting more and more dignified, and grimaced.


“Shen Shu, come and sit here!” When Qiao En saw me, she spoke sharply and beckoned towards me.


I walked over to Qiao En and sat next to him, while Fu Shen Yan pushed the baby pram and leaned next to it.


The villa in the Pear Garden was probably the most expansive villa in Jiangcheng, with the dining room alone involving hundreds of square metres, which was even larger than the average dining room.


The round table was so big that if you didn’t speak louder, you probably wouldn’t be able to hear what was being said across the room.


Lin Wan seems to look at me with some extra attentiveness and tenderness, and ordered the servants to start serving food, and she and Mo Zhi Zhan made it next to Fu Shen Yan and me.


With a gentle face, she looked at the still excited Four Seasons in the stroller and smiled, “So cute, it should be four months by the count of time.”


Mo Zhi Zang glanced at me, who was cold, and looked a bit sad, and said, “Shen Shu, this child is smaller than normal, is it because the nutrition has not kept up?”


I pursed my lips, my face not looking too good, “She suffered a lot when she was born, so she looks smaller than a normal child.”


Lin Wan pulled Mo Zhi Zhan and said with some hurt, “Blame me, it’s my fault.”


I felt that these two people were a bit baffled and couldn’t help but look at Fu Shen Yan, who took my hand and patted it as a sign of rea*surance, and looked at Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan and said, “You two sit down!”


Probably sensing my disgust, Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan both sat down.


I couldn’t help but feel puzzled, one, because this person’s attitude towards me from the beginning to now was very different.


Secondly, those videos of Lin Wan’s past, it is reasonable to say that Mo Zhi Zhan should have known about them all, so why can he still treat Lin Wan so calmly.


What man doesn’t care about his wife’s past? Why can Mo ZhiZhan face it so openly?


There is still something that I don’t see.


When she saw that the people had not yet arrived, Lin Wan looked at everyone and said, “The dishes are all here, let’s all try them.”


Before she could finish her sentence, a noisy voice came from outside, it was Lu Xinran’s voice, “Mom, what did I do wrong that you don’t see me?”


Chapter 526

Within a few minutes of the words, Lu Xinran and Qiao Zhuan Yan came in together, Lu Xinran was still wearing the same clothes she had just worn at the Shanshui Residence, the haggardness and despondency on her face visible to the naked eye.


Lin Wan stood up from as, her face very bad, looked at Lu Xinran and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to come to me?”


She walked towards Lu Xinran with some anger, but was pulled back by Mo Zhi Zang.


Mo Zhi Zhan looked at Lu Xinran with a light face and said, “Here you are, come and sit down, just as the dishes are ready.”


Lu Xinran did not sit down, but looked at Mo Zhi Zhan, her eyes red and swollen, “Dad, what have I done wrong? You and Mum don’t want to see me?”


Mo Zhi Zhan sighed and seemed to have no intention to say more, he just looked at him and said, “Xinran, everyone is here, let’s talk about what we have to say after we eat, okay?”


Lu Xinran still wanted to say something, but was pulled by Qiao Zhuan Yan, and the two of them sat down.


I was already close, and as I watched Fu Shen Yan give me a dish, Lu Xinran’s eyes were about to shoot me to death.


Lin Wan greeted a few people to eat, looked at me and smiled, “I heard the vice president say you like to eat dessert, specially ordered the kitchen to sit a matcha for you, you taste the taste, see if you like it? Now still have to breastfeed, later you drink some soup, replenish energy, this body of yours looks too thin, and breastfeeding, will be in trouble, have to eat on top of snacks.”


She said, placing a pastry in front of me and giving me a bowl of soup along with it.


I was a little uncomfortable and frowned at Fu Shen Yan, not understanding what was going on here.


Fu Shen Yan looked pale and said, “See if you like it?”


The pastry tasted really good, but I couldn’t eat more than one bite because I was mentally occupied.


I took a few shallow sips of the soup, but I found it good.


Seeing that I liked it, Lin Wan was very diligent in serving it to me again, but this time Fu Shen Yan stopped her and said, “You don’t have to be busy, I’ll do it, I’ll give her whatever she likes.”


This was a small detail, but it drew an angry look from Lu Xinran.


Four Seasons was probably hungry and kept grunting, Jon had been taking her for a long time and at a glance he could tell she was hungry.


Looking to me, she said, “Did you bring a bottle?”


Fu Shenyan found formula to feed the Four Seasons before I did, but the little one wouldn’t eat it and kept scratching me.


I picked her up and saw that she was still grunting and scratching at me, so I said, “What’s wrong with this?”


“Maybe he doesn’t want to eat the formula, Shen Shu, you go upstairs to the bedroom and feed her!” Chen Xing, who had been looking light-hearted, opened his mouth.


Seeing this, Lin Wan hurriedly said, “I’ll send you up, it’s normal for a child to be small in months and not like to eat formula milk.”


Seeing this, I couldn’t say much and carried Lin Wan up to the first floor.


“You feed her here, the little one is probably starving.” Lin Wan spoke, an extraordinarily kind smile on her face.


I sat down in the chaise longue and, without much concern, began to feed the Four Seasons.


I thought she would leave later, but to my surprise, she didn’t. Instead, she stood by and watched me breastfeed.


This little one was really picky, but after eating for a while, she became honest, and while she was eating, she raised her little hands to grab her little feet, her movements were extremely cute, and her big watery eyes were looking around.


“Shen Shu, you are too thin, just gave birth to a baby, the flesh on the stomach are gone, you and Mr. Fu are young after all, do not know how to take care of themselves, why not stay here in the Pear Garden for a few days, just about the Spring Festival, I heard Xing’er said you plan to spend together, why not come to the Pear Garden, the family chef and nutritionist are available, and also to give you a bit of health conditioning, what do you think? “