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Never Say Never Chapter 523-524

Chapter 523

“Miss Lu, I’ll give you a piece of advice, it’s more reliable for you to call Mr. Qiao for this kind of thing, your brother Shen Yan is in the kitchen cooking for our mother and daughter right now, he probably doesn’t have time to care about your business.”


When she heard my voice, Lu Xinran was in a particularly bad mood and said, “Who told you to answer Shen Yan’s phone? Shen Shu, you uneducated.”


The woman’s mouth hadn’t been rinsed in a long time, and it stank as soon as she opened her mouth.


“My husband’s phone, how come I can’t answer it? Miss Lu, do you really think that because you call yourself Brother Shen Yan, he is your brother? It’s okay to think about why you even your parents hate you, find out why, don’t come hara*sing other people’s families for nothing, it’s cheap!”


“Shen Shu you ……”


I hung up the phone straight away, anyway, the words that followed were curses without having to listen to them, so it was better not to listen to them.


After hanging up the phone, I tossed it aside and my body was violently hugged from behind.


Fu Shen Yan’s low voice came out, “Let’s hear another word.”


He still smelt of oil smoke, but it didn’t affect his handsome elegance, so I couldn’t help but say, “What?”


His voice trailed off, “What did you just call me? Grace?”


I froze and subconsciously spoke, “Husband?”


His magnetic voice came out in a low chuckle, his stubble rubbed against my face and he gave me a kiss, “Say it again?”


I ……


pushed him away and I said, without good grace, “Lu Xinran asked for your help, aren’t you going to make the trip?”


He walked over to me and smiled lightly, “Didn’t you already tell her to go to Zhuan Yan? Wouldn’t it be redundant for me to go again?”


I gave him a blank look and walked over to the cradle to look at the four seasons, “Has Lin Wan been a bit cold to Lu Xinran lately?”


Lu Xinran is obviously not well, so instead of letting her nurse in the capital, they sent her back to Jiangcheng, and now they won’t let her go to the pear garden, why?


Perhaps I jumped too fast on the topic, he held his forehead and said somewhat helplessly, “That’s someone else’s business, since when do you like to meddle so much?”


“It’s not nosy, I’m just curious!” Four Seasons kept grabbing my hand, his little mouth deflating.


It looked like she was hungry.


Fu Shen Yan didn’t seem to be that interested in Lu Xinran’s affairs, he just said, “Her affairs are in Qiao En’s hands, Four Seasons is hungry, do you want to eat first or feed first.”


Nonsense, it was definitely first.


Looking over at him, I frowned, “You go out first!”


He raised an eyebrow, “Where is your whole body that I haven’t seen?”


“You don’t think you’re weird?”


He justified, “You’re my daughter-in-law, why is that weird.”




I didn’t expect Lu Xinran to come to the Shanshui Residence on her own, the Four Seasons had already fallen asleep when the doorbell rang.


I was eating, Fu Shen Yan got up to open the door, half a day no movement, I could not help but look sideways over.


I faintly saw Lu Xinran standing at the door, her face haggard with a bit of coldness.


She seemed to be getting thinner and thinner after not seeing her for a few days.


I originally did not intend to go to see, but after all, this is my home, I do not say anything, it seems a bit unjustified.


The first thing you can do is to go to the door and faintly hear Lu Xinran’s voice, “I originally also wanted to get out of your lives clean, at least in your psyche I can still be a sister that you occasionally think of, not to become a meal particle that you see and get annoyed, but I can’t help it, I didn’t go out, I don’t know what I should do next, brother Shen Yan, I can only look for you. ”


“Come in and talk!” Fu Shen Yan did not speak, I spoke.


Fu Shenyan turned back and gave me a look, then indifferently gave way to Lu Xinran and let her in.


Lu Xinran didn’t seem surprised to see me, her face sank as she looked at Fu Shen Yan and continued, “Brother Shen Yan, if you don’t care about me, I’ll just have to die.”


Chapter 524

Fu Shenyan, this person is thin and cold, to Lu Xinran, the responsibility is bigger than everything, looking at her, he opened his mouth, his voice was cold, “What do you want?”


Seemingly not expecting him to be so cold, Lu Xinran drew a breath, her face somewhat pale, “Take me to see my mother.”


I was more surprised than Lu Xinran, her own mother, she saw the need for Fu Shenyan to take?


Fu Shenyan seems very calm, just lightly spoke, “Yes!”


Then indifferently looked at her and said, “Your life and living Zhuan Yan will take care of you, there is nothing to do in the future, do not come over.”


Lu Xinran’s face, tragically white beyond recognition, her eyes pressed with pain, for a long time, nodded and spoke, “Good!”


The voice obviously carries traces of trembling.


“It’s not early, Shen Shu and I have something to do later, if you have nothing to do, go back first!” Fu Shenyan opened his mouth, and these words carry no emotion at all.


This is an order of expulsion.


I heard it, Lu Xinran also heard it.


“Good!” The word is still the same, she turned around, her gaze with a desolate and ridiculous.


Seeing her out of the villa, I pursed my lips and seemed to see my former self, “Fu Shen Yan, are you this desperate for every woman?”


He looked back at me, his black eyes extremely deep, “You will not!”


I didn’t say anything, but I was still curious about the question, “Why does Lu Xinran need you to bring her to see Lin Wan?”


How did this happen between their mother and daughter?


Fu Shenyan’s eyes sank and he looked at me, “Ever thought about finding your real parents?”


I froze for a moment, “How did you manage to jump on the topic so quickly?”


He gathered his eyebrows, did not say much, just said, “answer my question positively.”


I thought about it and said, “It’s not true that I don’t want to, but now that so many years have pa*sed, I don’t know how to get along with them even if I see them again, and I think that some people miss it for life, and they probably didn’t want to find me when they left me behind, so, to be ruthless, I don’t want to find them. ”


Seeing his eyes look a little strange, I could not help but speak, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”


He shook his head, pursed his lips slightly pursed, looked at me and said, “Go upstairs to change clothes, go out later!”


Thinking about the message Chen Xing sent me, I couldn’t help but wrinkle my eyebrows, “Are you really going to have dinner with Lin Wan?”


He nodded his head and gestured for me to change.


I wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, I let it go.


When I went downstairs, I saw that Fu Shenyan had already packed up all the bottles and diapers for the four seasons.


Looking at his skillful movements, I couldn’t help but say, “Fu Shenyan, have you changed the diapers for the four seasons?”


He gave an enunciation, put the bottles in the stroller, looked at me and said, “Let’s go!”




I looked like a loser.


Pushing the stroller out of the villa, Fu Shenyan went to the garage to drive, and I waited for him in the courtyard holding the stroller.


Seeing a woman squatting in front of the courtyard, I froze for almost a few seconds before reacting to the fact that it was Lu Xinran who had not gone.


Can’t help but frown, Fu Shenyan will drive the car out, also noticed the door Lu Xinran.


But did not say much, he carried the four seasons in the car, settled, looked at me and said, “Let’s go!”


Lu Xinran heard the movement, stood up from the door step and ran in, blocking the front of the car.


Looking at Fu Shen Yan, he said, “Brother Shen Yan, are you going to see my mother? You take on me!”


Fu Shenyan frowned, some displeasure, “A little later Zhuan Yan come over to pick you up.”


Lu Xinran red eyes, “The weather is so cold, Shen Yan brother please, take me with you!”


“Come on up!” I opened my mouth, a little annoyed, “Miss Lu there is no need to make yourself look so wretched to gain sympathy.”