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Never Say Never Chapter 517-518

Chapter 517

After dinner, Chen Xing went to the office, and Fu Shen Yan took me and the Four Seasons to the drop


In the car.


I held my words for a long time and looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Isn’t Chen Xing Lin Wan’s own child?”


I saw how much Lin Wan loved Lu Xinran, but Lin Wan didn’t seem to care that much about Chen Xing.


He started the car, looked at the road ahead and said with an enunciation, “When Chen Xing’s father married Lin Wan, Chen Xing’s mother left in a car accident, so then the teenage Chen Xing followed Lin Wan.”


Being in his teens, he was already an older child, and Chen Xing had more or less no mother-son bond with Lin Wan.


“Why did Lin Wan invite us to dinner?” It stands to reason that she doesn’t want to see me now any more than anyone else.


At the traffic light, he stopped the car and looked at me, “Is there still resentment in your heart?”


I stared, “What resentment?”


“Against Lin Wan and Xinran?”


I pursed my lips and subconsciously looked towards the already sleeping Four Seasons and couldn’t help but say, “Life is such a long road, you always have to move on.”


I can’t stay in the past and not walk out. There is no way for me to let go of what happened to Muzi and the child, and all I can do is not pursue it.


Besides, Lu Xinran and Lin Wanru are not good today either.


The family is very fast, Fu Shen Yan in Jiangcheng for many years, both contacts and economic strength are very good, so basically there is nothing whatsoever superfluous problems, it is handled the account of the four seasons.


Fu Shen Yan looked at the three pages on my account book and the corners of his mouth rose, “There’s another person in the family.”


His eyes fell on my hukou and he couldn’t help but frown, “Your hukou has always stayed in Huai’an?”


I nodded, “When I got married, my grandfather said to move over, but I thought that if I moved away, there would only be my grandmother.”


He raised an eyebrow, “Shen Yu didn’t have his household registration with you?”


I shook my head, “He was very big when his father sent him here, he was just in foster care at his grandmother’s place, then the Shen family sent someone to look for him and took him away, I guess his father got the household registration with the Shen family to begin with.”


He narrowed his eyes slightly, “The Shen family is so powerful in the capital, you’ve wondered why Shen Yu’s father didn’t foster him with someone in a good situation, but had to choose his grandmother.”


“Maybe it was just because of the formality at that time.” Twenty-odd years ago, who could have known!


He hooked his lips and carried Four Seasons to the car, his gaze soft as he looked at Four Seasons and said, “A widowed old man in a small county would know the young master of the Shen family in the capital and a famous businessman in Jiangcheng, Shen Shu, do you think this is a coincidence at all?”


As I got into the car, I wrinkled my brows slightly, I had always wondered about the matter of my grandmother knowing Grandpa Fu, when she brought me out from Huai’an she said that Grandpa Fu was an old friend.


I didn’t think much about it at the time, but now that I think about it, it’s true that Grandma had been in the small county of Huai’an all her life, so how could she have known Grandpa Fu, who had always been in Jiangcheng, and also known Shen Yu’s father.


Now that I think about it, I can’t help but feel that something doesn’t make sense, but now that the old man is gone, I can’t find out anything about the reasons even if I wanted to.


“These things are in the past, research now, can’t discuss anything, it’s too cold outside, better hurry up and send the four seasons home!”


He responded indifferently, but didn’t say much.


Considering that the Four Seasons might not be used to living in Shanshui when she suddenly moved there, Jon and I discussed taking the Four Seasons to the Shanshui residence during the day and sending her to the Cloud Copper district at night.


After a busy day, it was already a bit late when I returned to Shan Shui Residence.


I was a little sleepy and had just opened the car door when Fu Shen Yan didn’t give me a chance to slow down and picked me up directly from the car.


Chapter 518

Straight into the villa, I froze for a few seconds and spoke, “Fu Shen Yan, put me down, I can walk by myself.”


After giving birth, I had lost a lot of weight, so Fu Shen Yan carried me and entered the villa with ease.


When we reached the front door, he gave me a look, his dark eyes held a dark colour, he had no intention of putting me down, “Open the door!”


I held out my finger for fingerprinting and he carried me into the hall and straight up to the first floor bedroom.


He placed me on the bed, and my whole body was wrapped in his arms in an extraordinarily intimate position.


All adults, I naturally knew what he was going to do, just a little embarra*sed for a while.


“Fu Shen Yan ……”


The first time you think of me, it can only be me!”


I had a moment, my eyes filled with a layer of warmth, looking at him with a somewhat muffled voice, “Fu Shen Yan, thank you!”


He buried his head in my ear and smiled, “Don’t thank me, let’s be practical.”


I raised my hand and took the initiative to wrap it around his neck and move closer to him.


For a long moment he clasped my waist, his voice raspy as hell, “Afraid of pain?”


I hesitated for a moment, looking at him, I was a little disoriented, this man was a poppy, a woman couldn’t touch it, it was addictive.


I reached for his shirt.


His hand was held in his and his smile grew, “Are you going to make sure I can’t leave the house tomorrow?”


With that, he pulled his jacket off, his hot breath spilling down.


I bit my lip and almost unconsciously screamed out, “Fu Shen Yan, it hurts ……”


His body trembled and his voice was hoarse, “Be good.”


“Fu Shen Yan, don’t you do it!”


He enthused.


Faintly feeling something flowing out, I froze and looked down to see him looking up at me just in time.


On his handsome cheeks, his lips were stained with some white ……


I ……


mind exploded for a moment, it was …… unbearable to talk about.


Seeing me looking at him in confusion, he smiled lightly and pulled me into his arms, “Starting tomorrow, start eating some nutritious food.”


I purse my lips, I can’t tell you how embarra*sed I feel inside, this is so embarra*sing ……


He pulled a tissue and wiped it clean for me and spoke, “Bring the Four Seasons over to live tomorrow!”


I nodded my head, not bothering to open my mouth to say anything to him.


I don’t know if it’s because of all this, Fu Shen Yan was extra crazy this night, the second half of the night my whole body was exhausted leaning in his arms without strength.


The next day.


I could barely get out of bed. Fu Shen Yan had already changed his clothes and looked at me and said, “Not going to sleep a little longer?”


“You’re going out?” He was fully dressed, looking in a good mood, and had made a point of fixing his hair to look even more eye-catching.


He approached me and kissed me on the forehead, “I’m going to pick up the Four Seasons later, try on the clothes first and see if they fit.”


I couldn’t help but laugh, “Just picking her up, you want to be so formal?”


He even made a point of fixing his hair.


He smiled, walked over to me and handed me the tie in his hand, “I’m a father too, I can’t give her a bad impression.”


Tying the tie around him, I couldn’t help but laugh, “She’s only three months old, what impression can she make?”


He looked down at his tie, in a good mood, and looked over at me and said, “How’s that? Is that okay?”


Naturally, I couldn’t say anything except nod my head.


I moved over and tried to get out of bed, not wanting the pain to be so bad that I couldn’t help but glare at him, “Fu Shen Yan you ba sta rd!”