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Never Say Never Chapter 515-516

Chapter 515

Qiao En glared at me and said with a few awkward smiles on his face, “Hello, Mr. Fu!”


Fu Shen Yan spoke, “Hello!”


Fu Shen Yan’s aura was cold and difficult for me to approach, so Qiao En went straight to see the Four Seasons after greeting him.


I pulled Fu Shen Yan and followed him into the Four Seasons’ room, where the little one had eaten milk powder and was already asleep.


Fu Shen Yan was a bit lost in thought as he looked at the child, raising his hand to touch the child, but then withdrew it.


Probably all men are like this, they are at a loss when faced with a newborn child.


Jon collected the clothes that had been changed for the four seasons and put them in the laundry room, and looked at me and said, “Do you want more medicine today?”


I was embarra*sed for a moment, but as my eyes fell on Four Seasons’ thin figure, I couldn’t help but nod and say, “Drink!”


He glanced at Fu Shen Yan and saw that Fu Shen Yan’s gaze was completely on the child again, so he raised his eyebrows and went out.


I was left with Fu Shen Yan, and he looked at the child with extreme concentration, before looking at me and saying, “Jun Yu’s?”


I didn’t expect him to come out of nowhere with such a statement, startling me, I hastily shook my head, “No ……”


The words that came out of my mouth didn’t come out as I touched his deep gaze.


“Does Jun Yu know?” He continued to speak, his long, slender fingers landing gently on the cheeks of the four seasons.


“I don’t know!” He mostly knew, and it would be too pretentious of me to continue hiding it.


He nodded, looking at the child with the corners of his mouth slightly upturned, extraordinarily nice, “Let Mr. Qiao get ready later, we’ll take her to the registry office, get the child’s account set up, and take advantage of the Chinese New Year to bring her back to the Fu family to meet all the elders of the Fu family.”


I didn’t react, so I looked at him blankly. When I saw that I was lost in thought, he pursed his lips, “What’s wrong?”


I shook my head, “No!” My heart warmed.


I hesitated for a moment before I looked at him and said, “Fu Shen Yan, thank you!” Taking care of the Four Seasons was something I had to do, but he seemed to have it all figured out for me, treating the Four Seasons as if they were his own child.


Jon handed me the medicine when it was ready, a big black bowl that made me a little sick to my stomach just looking at it, but it was always something to drink.


I pinched my nose and drank it all, Jon slipped me a candy and spoke, “The doctor said to try it with a ma*sage after drinking the medicine, it’s necessary for an adult to try it.”


He was originally stating one thing, but said it couldn’t help but feel inappropriate, looked at Fu Shen Yan, shut up for a moment, and then went out.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and pursed his lips, “It’s medicine that’s poisonous, it’s not good for your body.”


I enthused, my eyes fell on the four seasons and spoke, “I want to go to the hospital later.”


“I’ll accompany you!” He spoke.


I was just about to refuse when Four Seasons suddenly burst into tears, not knowing what was wrong.


I didn’t know how to coax a baby and was too scared to reach out and hold it, so I rushed out to find Jon.


Jon was in the kitchen, having hired a babysitter to come over because he couldn’t cook either, and he was just about to go in when he heard the Four Seasons crying.


“I think it’s hunger!” He grabbed a bottle and hurried into Four Seasons’ room.


I followed him, but he stopped suddenly and I didn’t control my speed and slammed into his back.


My nose ached, “Jon, you ……” The words that followed didn’t come out, and I was as surprised as Jon.


I just went out for a moment of work, Fu Shen Yan has been holding the child in his arms, two palm-sized children, he held in his arms.


Extraordinarily small, at this time the four seasons have not cried, but quietly open a pair of big black eyes looking at Fu Shen Yan, well-behaved to the point of no return.


Chapter 516

Jon froze for a moment and walked over, handing him the bottle in his hand, pursing his lips and coughing, “She should be hungry, give her something to eat.”


Fu Shen Yan found a seat and sat down, then moved very gently to feed Four Seasons.


The man who was usually cold and cool was extraordinarily different from the man who was holding the baby and feeding it at this moment, I didn’t know what to say for a moment, I thought the image was cute and heartwarming, but hilarious at the same time.


Jon looked at it, but didn’t say anything, just turned around and went out.


I walked over to Fu Shen Yan and looked at Four Seasons who was still staring at Fu Shen Yan with big eyes as she ate her milk and said to Fu Shen Yan, “When did you learn to bring up a child?”


Especially with such a small child.


He raised his eyes to look at me, his eyes extraordinarily deep, “You went to learn when you were pregnant.”


“When did you learn?” I didn’t seem to know anything about it.


He hooked his lips and didn’t speak anymore, his gaze fell on the Four Seasons and his voice lowered, “Take her back to live at Shan Shui, Jon and Chen Xing both have their own business, you’re going to let them take care of her all the time?”


I froze for a moment, not expecting this question and for a moment I didn’t know how to answer him.


Seeing me dazed, he sighed, “Shanshui Residence is big and you have time now, with the kids with you, you won’t be able to mess around with your thoughts, besides I’ll find a few more nannies, when Sister Zhang comes back after the year, she has experience with the kids, you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to bring them up yourself.”


He looked at me and said very seriously, “Is that okay?”


I nodded subconsciously, and only as an afterthought did I come back to my senses and shook my head, “No, I want to ask Qiao En and Chen Xing, they have taken care of the children for so long, it would be too dismissive of their feelings if I said I would take them away, after all, there are feelings.”


He nodded his head, but did not object.


At noon, Chen Xing came back for lunch and brought along some fruit. At the table, I looked at him and felt more and more that he was different from when I first met him.


At that time, he was a gangster, with a hangdog rich kid look. Almost half a year later, he seemed to be silent, often quietly taking care of others.


Seeing me looking at him, I raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”


“Are you going home for the Spring Festival?” Although the Chen family is not considered a large family, but there are properties, Lin Wan got a lot of property by marrying someone, although the Chen family has Chen Xing, but for so many years probably Lin Wan did not want to hand over the large Chen family to him.


He set up the dishes, stiffened slightly, looked at me and said, “Where to go back?”


I was speechless for a moment, suddenly not knowing what to say.


A few people made their way down and Chen Xing looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “You guys find time to take the four seasons to register for the household.”


I froze and couldn’t help but look at him.


He pursed his lips and spoke in a light mood, “Neither Jon nor I can officially adopt her, you are legally married, you can go through the formalities and adopt her.”


Qiao En was originally surprised as well, but when she heard Chen Xing’s words, she couldn’t help but be silent.


Fu Shen Yan enthused, his gaze all falling on the Four Seasons, and spoke, “I’ll go back to deal with these matters as soon as possible.”


Chen Xing nodded his head, but steadily said, “My mother said she wanted to ask all of you to have a meal together.”


Lin Wan?


I froze for a moment and couldn’t help but speak, “Us?”


The matter of Lu Xinran, although it is now sort of forgotten, but in the end Lu Xinran is her daughter, I hurt someone and made her notorious, she would want to ask me out for dinner?


Chen Xing nodded, “You and Fu Shen Yan will go together.”


I subconsciously looked at Fu Shen Yan, he nodded his head and gave an encore, as a response.