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Never Say Never Chapter 509-510

Chapter 509

I didn’t care what he said, my mind was on the four seasons, and followed Chen Xing into the nursery, the room was all neatly decorated in pink, including the baby bed and mosquito net, and everything for the baby.


Two men with a baby and still managed to make it so clean and tidy, I couldn’t help but sigh.


Four Seasons had probably just woken up and was lying in his crib, looking around with big, grape-like eyes.


When he saw someone approaching, the little one giggled out loud. A three-month-old child is still very small and soft.


Chen Xing saw me looking at the baby with a smile on my face and said, “You feed her!”


He gave me the bottle in his hand, then smiled and went out.


I took the bottle and did not move for half a second. I could not tell what was in my heart. The best thing in this world was to welcome life, because with new life, love and hope began to continue.


I didn’t know where Gu Han had buried the child at that time, and I never had the courage to go and see the child, let alone think about it.


At this time, seeing the four seasons, my heart softened and tears began to spread, happy and painful mixed, I was a little breathless.


Jon came in, entered me to shed my tears, and said, “Four Seasons will be your child from now on, treat her well.”


I nodded, my nose sore, the baby too small for me to reach out and hold at all.


I put the bottle to her mouth, and the little one was smart enough to suck on the pacifier herself.


“Four Seasons was born prematurely and is basically on formula milk, so it’s a lot smaller than other kids.” Jon spoke, sighing slightly.


I froze for a moment, my mind instinctively thinking of myself, when Gu Han had taken me to the hospital and removed the baby, and I was having milk.


It just stopped because there was no baby to suckle to stimulate it and no prolactin.


Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but look at Jon and say, “You’ll accompany me to the hospital tomorrow.”


He froze, “Agreed to go to the doctor?”


I shook my head, “No, I want to see the gynaecologist and ask the maternity ward doctor if I can still lactate four months after giving birth and ask them what I can try.”


His eyes widened for a moment and he looked at me, “You’re thinking of ……”


I nodded, “The four seasons are still young, besides I had just given birth originally, I originally had milk too, but because there was no child stimulation afterwards, so prolactin was not secreted and naturally it stopped, now go ask the doctor, maybe there is something I can do.”


Saying all this mainly for the four seasons, I didn’t expect Qiao En to suddenly blush most of the way and look at me, “Shen Shu, do you not even think of me as a man?”


I froze for a moment, puzzled, “What’s wrong?”


He held his forehead, “Is it appropriate for you to discuss such an a**hole with me like that?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “What’s inappropriate, I’m an old woman who’s had kids, what fantasies can you have about me, I see you’re pretty good to Chen Xing, what’s wrong with me discussing this with you?”


He froze for about a few seconds and looked at me and said, “How did you know about me and him?”


“Guess!” I spoke, after a pause, “I thought you guys were an accident before, but the few times I’ve seen you he’s been with you and every time his eyes have been on you, I’m not stupid, I can tell.”


He spoke dumbly, and after a pause said, “You don’t think we’re strange, do you?”


“Why should I think you’re strange? The world was originally just a strange place, just because there are more men and women paired up doesn’t mean the world was originally like that, fewer men and women doesn’t mean it’s wrong, right and wrong are in people’s hearts, you just have to feel happy and joyful, it’s just a little different, it’s nothing.”


He looked at me, his eyes red, and after a moment of silence, he fiercely hugged me and said, “Shen Shu, thank you!”


Chapter 510

I sighed, “Thanks for nothing, just live your life.”


I and Fu Shenyin, in the eyes of outsiders, probably feel that it is my blessing. It is the dream of many women to be able to marry the person they love in their lifetime, a person who is the best in every way, but the warmth and coldness of it is something only I know.


In comparison, peace and harmony is the best.


I slept extremely well that night in the Cloud Copper flat, and I didn’t even notice that I was crying from hunger in the middle of the night.


It was only the next day that Jon asked me if the Four Seasons crying had bothered me last night.


I shook my head, yawned and looked at him, “Remember to accompany me to the hospital after breakfast later.”


He gave me a blank look, “Don’t even think about it, it’s been four months since we broke, how can we just say we’re coming.”


In the kitchen, Chen Xing was already done, he wore a custom-made suit, extraordinarily handsome, handsome, when he saw me and Qiao En come out together, he spoke, “I’m going to the company in a while, I’ve taken on a few projects recently, I’m rather busy, you guys are on a roll in all seasons!”


I nodded my head and noticed that he was very careful to put the omelette in Jon’s bowl and chopsticks, and was very curious in my heart, how did these two get together?


Seeing me staring at him, Chen Xing pursed his lips, “Not to your liking?”


I shook my head and changed the subject, “Shen Yu has slipped a little girl into your company?”


He thought for a moment and said, “You’re talking about that little girl named Wang Yangyao?”


I nodded my head, “Yes!”


He took a sip of milk and spoke, “I don’t know what’s going on for now, Shen Yu said it was your intention, so I took it.”


I ……


When did I ever say that.


Seeing me frown, he spoke, “She just went over today and needs my attention?”


I shook my head, “Nah, I was just asking around.”


He was in a hurry to get to the office and left early, so Jon and I had breakfast and rushed him to the hospital.




The gynaecology consultation room.


Jon was holding the Four Seasons and I sat across from the gynaecologist’s office and said, somewhat awkwardly, “Doctor, I had my baby for four months and after that my milk ran out because the baby died early, now I want to lactate, can I still have it?”


The gynaecologist, a woman of about fifty, looked at Jon standing next to me, and the baby in his arms, and spoke, “Normally there is no way to promote breast milk, but of course there is the possibility that many mothers can do the same after six months, but it depends on each person’s health.”


After a pause, she continued, “We don’t recommend that you go for special lactation conditioning, but you can ask your husband to try it, usually with diet and artificial stimulation, there will be signs of milk production.”


It took me half a second to realise what she meant and I couldn’t help but blush, but after thinking about it, I spoke up and said, “What do I need to watch out for in terms of diet?”


“I don’t have any lactation soup, but I can prescribe some Chinese herbs for you, and some people will find someone to ma*sage you, but we don’t recommend it. Help, and of course you can let the child try, the child has enough suction to not hurt you.”


After saying this, the gynaecologist looked down and wrote the prescription, handing it to me and said, “Pay attention to maintaining a good mood and sleep during the lactation process, it will be more effective!”


I nodded, more or less blushing, said thank you and left the hospital.