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Never Say Never Chapter 505-506

Chapter 505

For a moment, he was pushed away two steps, and instead of stepping forward again, he looked at me with sunken eyes.


There was a sticky coldness in the air, and I had expected him to roar at me in anger.


But no!


He looked at me for a long time, then turned and struck off.


I don’t know why it ended up like this. He was good to me, he had a heart for me, I knew it, but how did it turn out this way?


Tears were dripping on the floor, dripping, dripping!


Before he left the bedroom, I stepped forward and hugged him violently from behind, my voice hoarse, “Don’t go!”


He stiffened and stopped in place, letting me hold him.


“I’m sorry!” I spoke, burying my head in his back.


He was silent, not speaking, as if he was waiting for me to say something.


After a long moment, he clasped my hands around his waist and turned, his gaze lowered, “If you’re keeping me just to say you’re sorry, then you don’t have to.”


Looking at his well-defined face, he stared at it for a long time.


He raised his hand and smoothed my somewhat messy hair behind my ear as he dipped his head and placed a shallow kiss on my lips, “Don’t bother with anything else about the Gu family, including the Xu family.”


I snapped, already pulling my hands back, and he reached out, pulling my hands into his palm, his voice low, “Eh?”


The Gu family’s affairs were originally nothing that I wanted to take care of, and the Xu family was even less important for me to take care of.


I owe Gu Han a life, and if the two old men of the Xu family were to encounter something that required me, it would be impossible for me not to intervene.


So, there was no way I could do without this point alone.


“Fu Shen Yan!” I spoke, pulling my hand out of his palm now, “I’m sorry.”


A thin, cold air began to fill the bottom of his eyes with a stern undertone.


“You don’t have to say you’re sorry.” He spoke, a raw edge already in his voice.


I sighed, like a deflated ball for a moment, tilted my head to look at him and said feebly, “Fu Shen Yan, let’s get a divorce!”


In fact, it wasn’t Gu Han who was in trouble, nor did it have anything to do with Lu Xinran, but it was me and him who were in trouble.


He grabbed my shoulders with extreme force, and his black eyes stared at me with a deadly gaze, pursing his lips as if he was controlling his emotions, “You, dream!”


His voice was extremely low and dark.


Releasing me, he took a step back, gave me a deep look, then turned to leave.


I lifted my hand and pinched my brow, my head hurting badly.


I looked at the clothes he had thrown everywhere in the room, irritated as hell, suppressed my emotions and picked them up anyway.


I packed them in my suitcase and packed everything I needed to take with me into the suitcase.


Then I sat on my bed and booked a flight to Jiangcheng tomorrow.


I probably didn’t have the energy to stay up for two nights, so I fell asleep this night.


I originally thought I could sleep until dawn, but I thought too much. When Fu Shenyan came back, it was about 2 a.m. I don’t know when he entered the bedroom.


I was awakened by the sound of water in the bathroom, and not long after it stopped Fu Shen Yan lifted the covers and lay beside me.


His body was slightly cool but dry, his hair still damp, and I stiffened slightly as he reached around my waist and pressed his back against his taut chest.


It was so close that I could clearly smell the hormones of his body laced with shower gel.


I pursed my lips and tried to move away from him when he held me down, his chin resting on my shoulder, his voice low and magnetic, “Sleep!”


It didn’t take long to hear the sound of shallow breathing coming from him, so it was sleep?


Chapter 506

I rolled over and saw him sleeping soundly with his eyes closed, his features were handsome, but perhaps because of his recent exhaustion, he had dark circles under his eyes and looked a little haggard.


He seemed to be sleeping heavily and I lifted my fingertips to his nose, tracing his contours.


I faintly smelt the smell of alcohol on his breath, and I frowned.


I was very tired and sleepy, but I couldn’t sleep lying down and woke up every now and then.


It was hard to stay awake until dawn and fall asleep.


But I woke up in a daze when Fu Shenyan woke me up.


I raised my hand and tried to push him away, but he held me in his hand.


Perhaps it was morning and he was becoming more and more difficult to restrain.


I was so sleepy that I opened my eyes to see his face close to mine, his dark eyes looking deep into mine.


I was a little uncomfortable and tried to push him away when he lifted my hands high above my head, his voice low-pressure and with a forceful tone, “Don’t move!”


I pursed my lips and dodged his kissing lips, “Fu Shen Yan ……”


“Don’t make me angry, we can’t get a divorce, you can’t do the same duties a wife should!”


I ……


The phone rang, it was Jon, he was supposed to be asking me when my flight was today.


Fu Shenyan snatched up the phone, his voice pressed down to an extremely low level, “Calling so early in the morning, intending to hear how we perform the rites of husband and wife.”


This man …… is shameless!


I don’t know what Jon on the other end of the phone said, hanging up the phone, he seemed even more huffy.




It was almost noon after all the tossing and turning.


I was a little exhausted, I hadn’t slept well, and at this point, after being tossed around by him, my whole body was even more exhausted.


“What are you doing in Jiangcheng?” He lay beside me, his hands still lingering on my body after he had eaten and drunk enough.


My eyes were closed and I didn’t want to pay any attention to him at all, I pushed myself up to go to the bathroom and he held me down, “Hmm?”


I pursed my lips, “I’m going to take a shower!”


“I’ll walk you there!” He wrapped his arms around me, his face tense.


“No need!”


“I’ll walk you!” The tone was already tinged with anger.


With those words, he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, placing me in the tub and running the water for me.


I had thought he was ready to go out after that, but to my surprise he actually stood right under the shower and washed up.


I ……


This is more embarra*sing than just now, it’s …… embarra*sing!


Coming out of the bathroom, Fu Shen Yan had already dressed, seeing me wrapped in a bath towel, his eyes deepened and he spoke, “Tomorrow the company will be on annual leave, let’s go together to see my aunt and then go back to Jiangcheng together.”


“No!” I spoke, my face light, “I’ve booked a flight for today.”


“Return it!” He spoke, his voice frighteningly cold.


I pursed my lips and frowned, holding back my emotions before saying, “You can go back tomorrow, it’s a ha*sle to return it.”


He looked over at me, his long, slender hand reaching towards me, and I wrinkled my brow, “What’s wrong?”


“I’ll return it for you!”


I ……


“No need!” Not interested in continuing to argue with him, I turned around and went to the changing room, and when I came out Fu Shen Yan was no longer there.


After packing up, I looked at the time and saw that it was almost time, so I simply carried my suitcase downstairs.


At this time, I saw a message from the airline, a refund message.


I froze for a moment and realised that Fu Shen Yan had done it.


I couldn’t hold back my anger after a long morning, so I smashed the phone with a bang.


When I got downstairs, he was sitting at the dining table eating breakfast. Sister Zhang was not here, so he had only baked a few slices of bread.


I picked up the bread on the table and smashed it at him, my anger hard to calm down, “Fu Shen Yan, are you funny like this?”