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Never Say Never Chapter 501-502

Chapter 501

The manager sent the fat-headed man away and came back to look at the girl standing and said in a cold voice, “Wang Yan Yiu, you don’t know the rules of this business, Boss Li is broad, you accompany him for one night, enough to serve drinks for a few months.”


“How about you try?” I opened my mouth, got up and walked next to the manager and spoke, “According to your logic, how about you take your clothes and trousers off here, go up and do a lap dance, I’ll give you 100,000, how about that?”


“Miss Shen this ……” the manager stammered a little and opened his mouth, “Miss Shen is joking.”


“I’m serious, if 100,000 is too little for you, then how about 200,000?” Although the level of consumption in the capital was high, for a service worker with no skills, the average salary was just under 10,000.


The manager looked at me with a bad look on his face and said, “Miss Shen, I haven’t offended you either, you’ve come and smashed up my place and made such a demand, Miss Shen doesn’t behave like this, you can’t just trample on us little people because your Shen family is so powerful!”


“Huh!” I couldn’t help but laugh, “Manager, what’s your surname?”


He froze for a moment, “Liu!”


I nodded, “Hello Manager Liu, I think if it’s a normal person’s brain, as a manager, when there are brutal and unreasonable people beating their own staff in the shop, what you should think of is to stop it not to spectate, I can understand that you are busy not noticing that this Miss Wang Yan Yiu, as you said just now, was beaten up, then after you found out that something happened, what you thought of wasn’t that you should ask about the situation first and then to deal with it?”


I continued after a pause, “Right, just listen to you, also know what Wang Yan Yiu was beaten up for, if I guess right, this little girl working here, choose how to make money is her own business, right? You did not protect her life safety at the same time, but also to her character insult, Manager Liu, the escort such behavior, not to mention that it is not allowed by law, even if it is allowed, she also needs to nod herself, which is considered a legal transaction, she did not agree to be beaten, how does it become her fault?”


“What does Miss Shen mean by this? You’ve come over to break up the stage today, haven’t you?” As soon as those words came out, a few men in black clothes appeared around him.


It looked like they were bodyguards.


I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows, “So blatant?” Knowing his identity and still being so blatant, it seems that the backstage of Imperial City is hard enough.


Looking at Shen Yu, I couldn’t help but speak, “Who owns this Imperial City?”


Shen Yu raised his eyebrows and his gaze fell on Mo Fei Lin who had been motionlessly sipping his wine.


So, it was the Mo family’s?


Seeing me looking at her, Mo Fei Lin smiled and said, “Does Miss Shen make friends?”


“Miss Mo has a very special way of making friends!”


She shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently, “I’m not a decent person, so naturally I can’t use any decent means, just ask if you’re willing, right?”


I couldn’t help but laugh, “Miss Mo has quite a bold way of making friends, if I don’t agree, are you planning to keep us as brother and sister for the night.”


She hastily shook her head, “That can’t be, if you really don’t want to, I’ll think of another way, but this Miss Wang thing, you just can’t manage tonight, after all, if she is in trouble, that dead fatty doesn’t dare to do anything to the Shen family, but I have to do business after all, he might deal with me!”


Shen Yu sneered, “Feel like Miss Mo has been walking around this nightclub unhindered for so many years, and she’s still worried about a few million dollar tycoon?”


“Of course I’m not afraid!” Mo Fei Lin opened her mouth and looked at Wang Yan Yao, “I’m not afraid, but ask her if she’s afraid, this dirt big money naturally can’t do anything to me, but the persimmon picks the soft ones to pinch, you think he’s holding his breath and won’t take it out on her!”


I also have to control Wang Yan Yiu.


Shen Yu tsked and looked at Wang Yan Yao and said, “Little girl, mind changing to a higher place?”


I ……


Shen Yu is blatantly trolling?


Chapter 502

Wang Yangyao froze for a moment, a delicate smiling face looked at Mo Fei Lin, a little at a loss for words.


Mo Fei Lin hooked his lips and smiled out, “Young master Shen means, is making me a friend?”


Shen Yu raised his eyebrows, a handsome face was filled with an evil look, “Many friends have many roads, no.”


Mo Fei Lin laughed loudly and had a bit of a heroine vibe, “Dele, it’s settled, all right.” She looked at Wang Yangyao and said, “Mr. Shen has asked for it, don’t you want to hug the big leg?”


Wang Yangyao was stunned and quickly looked at Shen Yu and said, “Thank you for saving my life.”


Shen Yu held his forehead, “Come on, don’t make it so serious.”


At this point, Shen Yu raised his hand to look at his watch and looked at Wang Yangyao and said, “Did you bring your phone?”


Wang Yangyao nodded and hurriedly took her phone out.


Shen Yu took the phone and left a string of numbers on it, then returned the phone to Wang Yangyao and said, “Call this number tomorrow, contact him and tell him that Shen Yu asked you to find him.”


Wang Yangyao took the phone and looked at Shen Yu, blushing a little.


Mo Fei Lin raised his eyebrows, “Shen young master not directly leave your phone number to her, let her look for you if there is anything, the ancient people say people, save life, when the body to pay.”


Shen Yu frowned, a little displeased, glanced at Mo Fei Lin, did not speak up, instead looked at me and said, “Sleepy?”


I nodded my head, I was indeed a bit tired, I had just drunk wine, the after effects came, my head was a bit dizzy.


He reached out and pulled me along, looking faintly to Mo Fei Lin and said, “It’s getting late, we won’t be accompanying you.”


Mo Fei Lin raised his eyebrows and looked at me, “Miss Shen, since we are already friends, don’t you mind leaving me your phone number for easy contact in the future!”


I froze for a moment and handed her my phone, she entered a string of numbers into it, looked at me and smiled, “More contact in the future!”


It was already three in the morning when I left the Imperial City with Shen Yu.


When I returned to the villa, as I thought, Fu Shenyin didn’t use to come back.


I was so exhausted that I didn’t have any extra thoughts, so I leaned back on the bed and fell asleep half-asleep.


The next day.


I was still dreaming when Jon called, and I woke up with a headache from the ringing phone.


When I picked up the phone, Qiao En said, “What happened to Lin Wan, you did that?” His tone was a little heavy, and although I was confused, I could hear the reproach in his voice.


“En!” I shifted, feeling uncomfortable all over, probably caused by the lack of sleep.


He sighed, “Shen Shu, if you can’t get past what’s in your heart, it’s useless what you do, promise me you won’t do this again, don’t turn yourself into something you hate.”


I raised my hand and pinched my brow, clearing my head for a few moments, a little tired, “Jon, I’ve become what I hate.”


I didn’t know since when I had changed.


He was silent for a moment and spoke, “Go back to River City, with the Four Seasons and me, you’ll be fine later!”


Already a little damp, I nodded slightly and pulled out one word in a choked sob, “Yes!”


“From the sound of your voice, you’re still up, when are you going back to Jiangcheng, Four Seasons and I will pick you up!”


“I guess I’ll go back in the next few days, it’s about to be Chinese New Year, I’ll go back once I’ve arranged things over here.”




After hanging up with Qiao En, I stared at the ceiling for a while, washed up with a heavy head and went downstairs.


Sister-in-law Zhang had made breakfast and when she saw me coming down, she looked at me and said, “Didn’t you sleep well last night? Why are you so haggard?”


I yawned and nodded, “Sister Zhang, when are you coming back to Jiangcheng?”