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Winner Takes All Chapter 487-488

Chapter 487

In the end, Ye Yuanqiu agreed.

But he still asked Chen Dong to postpone the departure time by one day.

He and Yuan Yigang had to spend a day studying the route to go out, as well as the security protection along the way.

Since they were fishing, they had to do their best to protect themselves and catch the fish before they could be considered fishing.

If people were dragged into the sea, it would not be called fishing, it would be called feeding the fish.

Chen Dong did not object either, he was trying to put up a fight and pull out the forces behind the curtain in a desperate move.

But he wasn’t reckless enough to be brainless, and it was only natural that he should be prepared.

When Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang walked out of Chen Dong’s room.

The two were shocked to find that Ye Linglong had not left.

Instead, she was sitting in a lost trance on a stone bench in the courtyard, her right hand propped up on her chin in a daze.

“Linglong ……”

Ye Yuanqiu walked to Ye Linglong’s side.

“You promised?”

Ye Linglong didn’t even turn her head back, her voice trembling a little.

Ye Yuanqiu let out a bitter smile, “Although it is extremely dangerous, it is also the best way, otherwise if we keep letting the stalemate continue, there will always be a time when we will be negligent.”

Ye Linglong took a deep breath, and her right hand, propped up on her chin, wiped it in front of her eyes without a trace.

Then she looked up at Ye Yuanqiu and said firmly, “Then I will go along!”


Ye Yuanqiu’s face sank, “This trip out, nine deaths, you can’t follow us and take the risk!”

“On what grounds? I’m one of the Hong Society’s Red Sticks, I’m not so useless!”

Ye Linglong stubbornly retorted, “Grandpa, you and big brother are going out with us, so why can’t I go out with you?”

“Linglong, listen to Elder Ye’s words.”

Yuan Yigang pressed one hand on Ye Linglong’s shoulder, “This trip is fierce and unpredictable, it’s not convenient for you to move around as a girl, and …… you just can’t go out anyway.”

In fact, he wanted to say that Ye Linglong liked Chen Dong matter.

This was something that, not to mention Ye Yuanqiu, even he, who was not often with the two, had seen long ago.

Just because he liked it, he was worried that once there was danger, he was worried that Ye Linglong would be impetuous.

Such a situation was not something Yuan Yigang wanted to see.

That was why Ye Linglong had to be kept at the Shanhe Club.

Not waiting for Ye Linglong to speak again, but Ye Yuanqiu’s face was cold and stern as he flung his right hand and said in a stern voice.

“Grandpa can spoil you on everything, but if this matter says you are not allowed to go, you are not allowed to go, if you are obstinate, don’t blame grandpa for detaining you!”

After saying that, Ye Yuanqiu directly led Yuan Yigang away.

Ye Linglong was frozen in place.

Her beautiful eyes, red with tears, were filled with stubbornness.

She bit her red lips tightly, but her eyes looked towards Chen Dong’s room.

Eventually, she got up and left.

A day’s preparation was still not enough for Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang.

The planning of the journey, the placement of protection forces and scouts along the way, and even the arrangements for the convoy, all added up to an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive affair.

It was not until late at night that Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang dragged their tired bodies into Chen Dong’s room.

“This is the itinerary drawn up for tomorrow.”

Yuan Yigang handed a map to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong took a glance at it, “The whole journey is three kilometres?”

“Three kilometres, isn’t that enough for the other side to go crazy?” Yuan Yigang smiled.

Chen Dong shook his head, “I’m afraid they’ve gone too far in their sanity.”

Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu stiffened at the same time.

Following closely, Chen Dong took out a map.

“This is the route I have planned, the whole journey is five kilometres, you guys take a look.”

Ye Yuanqiu dragged his tired body up from the chair and walked to the bedside to check the map with Yuan Yigang.

But with this look, both of them simultaneously changed their faces.


Chen Dong had expected the duo’s reaction, because the route he had planned was …… too death-defying!

Yuan Yigang said in a deep voice, “The three kilometre route we planned, odds are we are able to control the initiative and ensure you are safe and sound.”

He dropped one hand to the map Chen Dong had planned, “But the route you planned is remote and densely packed with floors along the way, and there are simply too many a*sa*sination points, not to mention a section of the slums, which are the filthiest and darkest places.”

“This is the kind of place that even we in the Hong Society would find it difficult to reach into, in other words, this nearly one kilometre slum route, once entered, would mean that there would be a gap in our protection for you, almost a vacuum unprotected state.”

“Re-routing, this route is not taking a desperate step, it’s heading for a dead end.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s words were earnest, not giving room for a rebuttal at all: “Leaving aside the complex road surrounding it, just this slum alone is enough for that power behind the curtain to ambush thousands of people to kill you, don’t forget, when they killed you in the first place, they were able to do so by blocking the road!”

In the room, the atmosphere was instantly tense.

Chen Dong pondered for a few seconds.

Slowly, he said, “I’m crippled anyway, even if I were to fight for my life, I would have to splatter them with blood, the route you have chosen is too safe, they won’t fall for it.”

“You ……”

“Chen Dong!”

Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu’s faces changed greatly, sulking to the point of anger.

Chen Dong stretched, “All of us know that the slums are the best place to ambush, they can also know that they can’t surrender their children to the wolves, if I don’t reveal this vital point out, if they are sensible enough to overdo it, do you think there is any point in this trip?”

After a pause, he added, “These days of a*sa*sination, you guys also know how much they hold back, right?”

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang’s faces were sunken to the point of


A desperate move had turned into a “death-defying” one, and even their hearts could not be calmed by such a change.

To extend the journey was to extend the danger.

What’s more, there was a section of the slum!

Seeing Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang hesitate, Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Don’t forget that there is still a plan for me and Elder Long.”

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang glanced at each other.

There was a few seconds of hesitation.

Ye Yuanqiu finally bowed his head and agreed, “Then we will follow yours, but there is one thing, the journey is set by you, on the itinerary route, you have to listen to us, and when the dragon head will be in a car with you, you have to listen to the dragon head.”


Chen Dong gave Yuan Yigang a meaningful glance.

After re-planning and discussing, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang then turned around and left.

After walking out of the courtyard.

Ye Yuanqiu stopped abruptly and said in a deep voice, “Leader, I’m sorry.”

Yuan Yigang smiled lightly, “Elder Ye is tying my life to Chen Dong’s, so that he will have something to consider in his actions and not act recklessly, I understand.”

Ye Yuanqiu was relieved.

Just as Yuan Yigang had said, he was indeed thinking the same thing.

The fact that Chen Dong was quietly designing his own route, and that it was such a deadly route, was already enough to give Ye Yuanqiu a chill.

If he dared to design such a route, he could not guarantee that Chen Dong would do something even crazier during the journey.

So, it was the only way to go about it.

“Thank you for understanding.”

Yuan Yigang waved his hand, “Tomorrow, I will do my best to protect Mr. Chen, while he is here, I will be here, if he dies, I will die.”


Chapter 488

The following day.


Inside the Mountain River a*sociation Hall, tensions were already spreading.

A convoy of thirty vehicles had been a*sembled, and hundreds of people were travelling with them.

And that was just the people who travelled with them.

Along the way, under the overnight arrangements made by Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, the number of Hong Society members sent out was geometrically multiplied, even more so than the thousands of people who fished for Chen Dong in the sea before.

All the men accompanying them looked solemn, with no trace of laughter.

The tension, the solemnity, made the air in the entire Shanhe Hall seem to freeze.

Such a huge noise was also like a heavy bomb, alarming the entire Chinatown crowd.

The crowd gathered in front of the Shan He Guild Hall, the same grand scene as when the Shan He Guild Hall was bombed before.

“Oh my God! What is the Hong Society up to this morning? Making such a big show?”

“Could it be because of the previous bombing of the clubhouse? Is this going to be revenge?”

“It must be, the Hong Society has never been humiliated this much, even the Guild Hall was bombed, it’s time for that group of people to bear the wrath of the Hong Society!”


Listening to the chatter of the crowd.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, who were standing at the front of the caravan directing the arrangements, looked at each other and smiled bitterly at the same time.

Both thought that the Hong Society was going to take revenge with great fanfare and havoc.

But who knew that this formation was only for the purpose of going to …… “to die”?

When everything was ready.

When Yuan Yigang gave the order, the vast caravan set off at the same time, like a long dragon, and drove out of Chinatown, following the route planned by Chen Dong, all the way.

As the caravan left, the crowd gathered in front of the Shanhe Hall gradually dispersed and calm returned.

But, no one noticed.

Shortly after the convoy left.

A black Hummer, as if it was a fierce beast, roared out from inside the Shanhe Guild Hall.

At the junction, it drifted in a tailspin and, in an almost brutal gesture, broke into the flowing road, chasing in the direction the convoy was travelling.

All the way ahead.

The convoy of thirty cars was no less impressive.

Along the way, many people stopped to watch and exclaim in awe.

And as the convoy moved forward, the cars on the road also had the sense to move out of the way.

After all, no matter where the fleet of luxury cars was, everyone was afraid to avoid it.

Chen Dong sat in one of the cars, the window slightly opened to a slit, feeling the fishy sweet sea breeze blowing into the car, revealing a look of enjoyment.

“I haven’t had such a good breeze for almost a month now.”

Chen Dong squinted his eyes slightly as if he was reminiscing, “But this fishy sea breeze always reminds me of the image of jumping off the cliff and falling into the sea that night.”

“I hope everything will go smoothly today.”

Yuan Yigang was not as relaxed as Chen Dong was showing, his expression was grave and his gaze was like a torch.

From time to time, he would be alert to his surroundings, and his right hand was always gripping the top of the weapon at his waist.

“Take it easy.” Chen Dong patted Yuan Yigang’s shoulder, “You are a few years older than me, don’t act as if you haven’t seen the world as much as I have, we are still on the cross-sea bridge, do you think the killer can suddenly pop up from the sea and give us a missile?”

Yuan Yigang was speechless for a while.

Chen Dong’s calmness was beyond his imagination.

More so, it made him wonder who was the one being protected.

However, after taking a look at the cross-sea bridge outside, Yuan Yigang’s expression eased up a little.

Indeed, this kind of place should be considered the safest part of the route designed by Chen Dong, right?


Just then, there was a loud bang from the rear.

“There’s been a car accident?!”

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang looked back at the same time, but apart from the lengthy caravan and the rolling smoke rising from behind, there was no other movement.

Almost simultaneously, Yuan Yigang’s walkie-talkie rang out.

“Tail car was rear-ended by a yellow McLaren, normal accident, OVER.”

Chen Dong smiled and resumed his languid posture.

Yuan Yigang, on the other hand, was visibly relieved.

The convoy continued to drive forward.

After crossing the cross-sea bridge, there were gradually more vehicles along the way, and the buildings around them became dense.

Chen Dong closed the last slit of the car window.

From this point on, the crisis only gradually arrived!

Through the darkly tinted car window, he could see the buildings outside; there were tall buildings and some that looked a little old.

This was the first time he had really felt this side of the world since he had travelled thousands of miles to this side of the ocean.


A light flickered above the roof of a building.

The refracted sunlight instantly caused Chen Dong to squint his eyes for a moment.

“Be careful!”

Chen Dong warned almost simultaneously.



With a loud boom, a car in the convoy exploded, turning into raging flames that shot up into the sky.

“Attack, attack! There’s a sniper!”

Yuan Yigang’s walkie-talkie rang out with an urgent voice.

Chen Dong frowned and pointed in one direction, “On the roof of that building!”

Yuan Yigang hurriedly said to the walkie-talkie, “Hong Society members, immediately head northwest of the target and break in!”

Putting down the walkie-talkie, Yuan Yigang’s eyebrows lowered, “D*mn, this group of people are really crazy, they’re actually coming so fast!”

The convoy continued to move forward in an orderly manner.

The people Yuan Yigang had just informed were members of the Hong Society who had already been ambushed in the vicinity.

As soon as the order was given, the members of the Hong Society moved at the wind.

After just one snipe, the convoy pa*sed through this densely built-up area unhindered.

“There should be a few more sets of killers behind us.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his eyes deep and cold, “But it should just be a cover to create psychological pressure for us, the real killers will still be placed within the slums.”

Yuan Yigang took out the map and frowned at it, “It’s still two kilometres from the slums.”

He took a deep breath and looked at Chen Dong with a sullen face, “It’s not too late to modify the route.”

“Since the game has already started, how can I be so kind as to change the rules of the game so easily?”

Chen Dong sneered, and in his eyes, there was a hint of madness.

Yuan Yigang’s brows knitted together, and after a moment’s hesitation, he handed the pistol pinned at his waist to Chen Dong.

“Take it and defend yourself.”

“You don’t really think I’m half defenceless, do you? Don’t worry, I’m crippled here now, there’s no way I can do anything crazy like Ye Lao thinks.”

Chen Dong laughed and pushed the gun back to Yuan Yigang: “You and I are tied to a car, if you lose your life, I won’t survive either, why would I take this?”

“It’s better to have a backup than no backup, in case something happens to me, you won’t be a piece of meat on the chopping block.”

When Yuan Yigang said this, his eyes fell on Chen Dong’s legs, and he had no intention of considering Chen Dong’s feelings with these words.

The situation at hand did not allow him to consider Chen Dong’s feelings either.

The only thing he could do was to let Chen Dong have a little bit of self-preservation!

Seeing that Chen Dong was still silent and did not take over, Yuan Yigang suddenly smiled, “I have a big one in my trunk, this kind of small one, I am not used to using it.”

Chen Dong laughed, took the pistol, played with it for a while and said to Yuan Yigang with a strange smile.

“You’re a big man and you actually care about the size, tsk ……”

Yuan Yigang: “? 0?”