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Winner Takes All Chapter 483-484

Chapter 483

Gu family villa.

As soon as she got out of the car.

Gu Qingying ran back to her bedroom with teary eyes and locked the door behind her.

Long Lao looked gloomy and dragged his heavy body as he slowly walked into the villa.

“Am I, in the end, saying I’ve done a good thing, or a bad thing?”

He was at a loss.

Bringing Gu Qingying to see Chen Dong was to once and for all relieve Gu Qingying’s pain of pining for Chen Dong.

Instead, he had seen that scene in front of the Shanhe Club.

It was a misunderstanding, and his explanation after his arrival had gradually made Gu Qingying understand.

But the scene at the Shanhe Hall was, in Elder Long’s opinion, nothing less than a bolt from the blue, which hit Gu Qingying hard.

But Long Lao was probably clear about why Chen Dong had done that at that time.

It was simply because he did not want to expose Gu Qingying to the broad daylight and attract those forces to covet the secret killer.

So in a very short time, Chen Dong made a choice.

He used “misunderstanding” to anger Gu Qingying away.


Elder Long slapped himself fiercely.

“I’m still the one who caused the trouble!”

Back inside the villa.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were worried and uncertain.

The couple were both shocked by Gu Qingying’s reaction just now.

It was just that Gu Qingying didn’t even greet them both and ran straight upstairs, even locking her room behind her.

At this moment, when they saw Elder Long walk in.

The couple hurriedly greeted him.

“Elder Long, what exactly happened? Little Shadow was still all smiles when she went out, why did she come back and become a tearful person?”

“Yes Elder Long, just now Little Shadow ran in crying, ignored us at all, and went upstairs and locked the door directly.”

Long Lao thought back on what had just happened and almost freaked out a little.

Facing the anxious and worried Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, he still forced himself to hold back his irritation, sighed and said.

“I’m taking the young lady to see the young master.”


Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing froze at the same time.

“Found Dong’er? Where is he now?” Li Wanqing asked busily.

“I can’t say for now, the young master is now in a place that should be considered very safe.”

Long Lao waved his hand and looked at Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing guiltily, “It’s just that old man had done a bad thing with good intentions this time, he only considered that young madam wanted to see young master, but he hadn’t thought about this current situation, that young master wouldn’t see young madam at all, that’s why something happened just now that made young madam like this.”

Long Lao patiently explained, “The young master made an impulsive move to prevent the young lady from meeting him, and that’s what made the young lady angry back.”

“Dong’er is not seeing Little Shadow?”

Li Wanqing was completely dumbfounded and somewhat unsure.

But Gu Guohua was the one who heard the key to what Elder Long said.

He raised his hand to stop Li Wanqing, who was about to ask a follow-up question, and said in a deep voice, “In the current situation, Dong’er is indeed not suitable to meet with Little Shadow.”

Facing Li Wanqing’s puzzled gaze, Gu Guohua patiently explained, “Right now, we don’t even know the forces that want to kill Dong’er, the enemy is dark and I am clear, so if we are at a stalemate, we can still operate slowly, but if Xiao Ying and Dong’er meet, it will intensify pulling Xiao Ying, and our family, together into the dangerous situation that Dong’er is in.”

“But they have managed to seal the road and kill people, they must have investigated our relationship with Dong’er as well.” Li Wanqing said.

Gu Guohua shook his head, “There is no fear of thieves stealing, but there is no fear of thieves thinking of us, their target is Dong’er and they will not pay attention to us for the time being, but if Xiao Ying and Dong’er stay together, there is no guarantee that they will not swing the tip of their swords at us if they fail to kill Dong’er and the dogs jump to the wall.”

Clarity emerged in Li Wanqing’s eyes.

Red lips mouthing, she looked upstairs, “So what now?”

Gu Guohua then looked at Elder Long, “Elder Long, what exactly did Dong’er do that was so impulsive that he hurt Little Shadow?”

Long Lao’s face turned blue and red as he said vaguely, “Pulled a girl and kissed her in front of Young Madam.”

One word came out.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s jaws were splitting.

Was this taking a knife straight to Little Shadow’s heart?

Li Wanqing was about to burst into rage.

However, Gu Guohua said in a deep voice, “Wife, go up and comfort Little Shadow.”

“You ……” Li Wanqing was stunned.

“For the time being, believe in Elder Long’s words, everything when Dong’er returns safely, these scores, I, as a father, will definitely settle with him properly.”

Gu Guohua said in a deep voice, “You know Xiao Ying’s character, once she wants to do it, she doesn’t care, when she went to Dong’er’s side, couldn’t we stop her? I think Dong’er knows Xiao Ying’s character, that’s why he used such extreme means.”

Gu Guohua, who was usually not as calm and steady as Li Wanqing, was now rare in having a few more considerations.

Only in the end, he gazed at Elder Long with an eerily cold gaze.

“I also hope that Elder Long is not lying, my Gu family has gone out of its way to help Dong’er, and I also hope that Dong’er is a person worth helping, otherwise I, Gu Guohua, would not let my daughter suffer these bullies even if I risked everything!”

“I guarantee it on my head.” Long Lao was not annoyed and said seriously.

Waiting for Li Wanqing to go upstairs.

Only then did Elder Long break the dead silence again.

“Let’s strengthen the security guard inside the villa.”

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “Although Young Master forced Young Madam away today, but at that time, Young Madam did overreact, and Old Master was too late to stop her, and it was already somewhat conspicuous at that time, I am worried that those people will jump to the wall in a dog’s rush.”

“It shouldn’t be that quick, right?”

Gu Guohua would be skeptical.

Elder Long shook his head, “Those people are already doing whatever they can, yet they haven’t hurt the young master, do you think it will be any faster?”

Although a bad thing had been done because of taking Gu Qingying to meet Chen Dong.

But in front of the Shanhe Guild Hall, Elder Long still remembered that scene.

There was a sea of people and the Shanhe Guild Hall was under martial law.

Even the Shanhe Guild Hall had been bombed, so it was clear how unscrupulous that power was.

It had been a bombing tactic chosen at no cost and at no provocation to face the entire Hong Society.

This didn’t even kill the young master.

Then it was probably not far from a dog jumping to the wall.

Hearing this.

Gu Guohua nodded with a gloomy expression, “I will take care of it tonight, but Elder Long, what exactly are you planning to do?”


Elder Long uttered one word, instantly causing Gu Guohua to be filled with bewilderment.

Elder Long rubbed his hands together, “If we hadn’t found young master, old slave would still have to rack his brains, now that we have determined that young master is in a very safe place, then old slave can sit in peace, all that is missing now is time and opportunity.”

Looking at Elder Long’s conviction, Gu Guohua’s heart and mind settled a little.

After a pause, he asked again, “Has there been any news from the Chen family head now?”

Gu Guohua was clear that the reason why there were suddenly so many cattle and snake spirits targeting Chen Dong was because Chen Daolin had disappeared.

When Chen Daolin was around, with his status as the Chen family head, no one dared to be too rampant as the great hand of the sky was pressing down.

Those who did, all paid the price in the end.

For example, the Li family in Kyoto and the Qin family in Xishu.

But now, without Chen Daolin’s hand in the sky, Chen Dong has lost his only umbrella, and the dangers he faces are too great for even his Gu family to bear.

Apart from hoping for Chen Daoling’s return, Gu Guohua really felt there was nothing he could do otherwise.

Long Lao rubbed his chin and said meaningfully, “Soon.”


Chapter 484

It was late at night and the people were quiet.

But Gu Qingying had no intention of sleeping, lying in front of her bed, staring blankly at the white moon in the night sky.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Little Shadow, can mommy come in?”

“Come in.”

Gu Qingying said without looking back.

The door opened and Li Wanqing walked in, seeing her daughter lying in front of the window, dazed.

She had calmed Gu Qingying down during the day, and even explained to Gu Qingying according to what Elder Long had said.

“Still thinking about what happened during the day?” Li Wanqing asked.


Gu Qingying squeezed out a smile on her forlorn pretty face, “Whether it’s true or not, at least now I know he’s safe and sound, and I’ll wait for him to come back and explain to me personally about what’s true or not.”

In her words, there was an air of determination.

It was very different from Gu Qingying, who had been so hesitant and teared up before.

Li Wanqing was secretly relieved, if the daytime incident had caused Gu Qingying to go back to her previous state again, she really didn’t know what to do.

“Do you want mum to keep you company tonight?” Li Wanqing said.

Gu Qingying shook her head, “No, I’m already a mother soon, why do I have to ask my mother to sleep with me all the time?”

With that, she stood up, stretched her back and yawned.

“Mom, you go rest, I’m sleepy too.”


Li Wanqing nodded her head and turned to leave.

Gu Qingying got under the covers, but did not lie down to sleep.

Instead, her right hand gently stroked her slightly bulging belly and said softly and firmly, “Baby, let’s wait together for Daddy to come back and admit his mistake, okay?”

She was not stupid, and after her mother had explained during the day, she had also reacted.

Even though she still had doubts about Chen Dong kissing Ye Linglong, her emotions were no longer as turbulent as they had been at the beginning.

All the doubts could only be explained when Chen Dong returned.

What she has to do now is to do her duty as a wife and a mother and wait for Chen Dong’s return.

The night was covered with darkness.

But Long Lao hurriedly arrived at the Shanhe Hall.

The guarded Shanhe Hall did not stop Long Lao in the slightest, so he was allowed to enter.

After entering the Hall, he did not have to go far before a figure stood in front of Elder Long, blocking his way.



“He’s waiting for you too.”

“I know.”

Elder Long followed behind Ye Yuanqiu and walked towards Chen Dong’s courtyard.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s courtyard was still flooded with the light of lamps.

Chen Dong was sitting on his bed, quietly reading a book and not falling asleep.

When he heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside, he silently put down his book and looked out with a cold expression.

The figures of Elder Long and Ye Yuanqiu appeared in sight.

As soon as he entered, Elder Long knelt down on the ground with a poof.

“Young master, it was my old slave who was reckless about the matter during the day.”


Anger surfaced in Chen Dong’s eyes, an expression he rarely showed to Elder Long.

Elder Long had appeared at his most troubled time and saved his mother as if a divine soldier had descended from heaven.

In the years that followed, he had been a great help to him in his life and career.

To Elder Long, Chen Dong had always maintained his respect.

But this time, he was furious!

“Do you know how much risk you had to put Little Shadow at by bringing her here during the day?”

The voice squeezed out from between his teeth like a cold wind blowing out from the Nine Underworlds.

Frightened, Long Lao’s face changed and he hurriedly knocked his head on the ground, “It was Old Slave’s sin, it was Old Slave who was reckless and did not think things through, please punish Young Master.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, “It’s just that, get up, what was Little Shadow’s reaction when he returned home?”

Long Lao looked tense and hesitated for a moment, but still said.

“Irritated, she went straight to her room when she got home and locked the door behind her.”

“But the old slave helped the young master explain, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

Chen Dong nodded his head, his heart slightly settled.

It was fine if Gu Qingying was confused by the authorities about this matter during the day, if Elder Long could not even guess the clues, then it would really be a waste of being his father’s trusted household slave for decades.

The old man was not able to guess the truth.

Long Lao slowly got up, his old eyes glistening with tears, and slowly walked to Chen Dong’s side.

Attention, at all times, was focused on Chen Dong’s legs.

Although he had already known about the condition of Chen Dong’s legs when he met with Ye Yuanqiu, now, after seeing them with his own eyes, Long Lao was very happy to see Chen Dong’s legs.

However, now, seeing it with his own eyes, Elder Long still felt a pain like his heart was cutting.

“Young master, your legs ……” Long Lao’s old eyes were filled with tears and his voice was trembling a little.

Chen Dong returned to his senses, smiled bitterly and patted his legs, “Ruined.”


Long Lao’s body shook for a moment and said reluctantly, “No, there must still be a possibility of getting back up, Ye Yuanqiu your tang Hong Society, can’t you still hire a good doctor?”

In the end, Long Lao turned around brazenly and snarled angrily at Ye Yuanqiu, who had been standing indifferently.

Ye Yuanqiu looked helpless and shrugged his shoulders.

“Didn’t I tell you before? You are really wrong to blame me, after retrieving Chen Dong from the sea, we at the Hong Society gave our all and brought in the best doctors in the whole world, but we could only go so far.”

“Chen Dong jumped into the sea at that time, the toxicity got into his blood, according to the doctor, to be saved is already a great blessing, and both legs are also due to the toxicity.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s words were calm, but every word that fell into Elder Long’s ears was like a thunderbolt from the sky.

His eyes turned straight and he clenched his fists tightly, his face full of anger and resignation.

As a slave of the Chen family, he knew exactly what it meant for Chen Dong to be disabled in both legs.

The Chen Family …… could not have a disabled man as the head of the family!

Even if Chen Dong was outstanding, he would never be able to sit as the head of the family!

“There is a way, there must be a way.”

Elder Long’s face was gloomy to the extreme as he kept murmuring, staring intently at Chen Dong’s legs.

“Elder Long, calm down, Elder Ye has already told you the truth, and you have indeed wrongly blamed him, this life of mine, it is already a great fortune that I can pick it up!” Chen Dong explained, “It’s better for a person to be alive than dead, right?”

The young master’s eyes suddenly flashed, “But does the young master know what it means to have both legs disabled?”

“The inability to be the head of the family.” Chen Dong dryly uttered five words, but his eyes were slightly red.

To inherit the Chen family headship and wear the Chen family crown was a vow he had made before his mother died.

And now ……

“There must be a way, young master, the old slave will definitely think of a way.”

Elder Long squatted in front of the bed and took Chen Dong’s hand, “When the master returns, with the power of the Chen family, we will definitely be able to think of a way to get young master back on his feet, even if we invite all the doctors in the world, we will definitely be able to get young master back on his feet!”

“It’s useless.”

Chen Dong shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Why wouldn’t I want to stand up again? But at that time, the Hong Society had already done its best, and even if father was there, I guess that was all he could do.”

Seeing Elder Long’s great emotion.

Chen Dong’s eyes glowed with a brilliant aura as he said firmly, “Besides, if Zhuge Liang could sit on top of a wheelchair and go out of the Qi Mountains to settle Shu, why can’t I, Chen Dong, sit on top of a wheelchair and become the head of the Chen family?”

“But there is no precedent for this! This has been an unwritten rule of the Chen family for generations!”

Elder Long said in a sorrowful tone, wailing in pain.

Chen Dong smiled austerely.

“If there is no precedent, then I will set that precedent! How can a man in this world be without ambition?”

At this moment, even though Chen Dong was sitting on the bed, his body exuded a monstrous momentum.

I am the only one who can do it!

The hegemony is unparalleled!