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Winner Takes All Chapter 477-478

Chapter 477

Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang looked at Chen Dong in confusion at the same time.

Inside the bedroom, there was silence for a few seconds.

Ye Yuanqiu’s voice slowly sounded out, “Mr. Chen come in, Linglong will stand down first.”

Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang instantly looked at Chen Dong with even more suspicion.

However, both of them did not say much and turned around and retreated to the courtyard.

Chen Dong rolled his wheelchair with both hands and entered the bedroom.

Ye Yuanqiu was sitting on the tai shi chair with a solemn expression, without the slightest hint of embarra*sment.

“Elder Ye, it’s been three days since you’ve left home.” Chen Dong said.

A blush surfaced on Ye Yuanqiu’s old face and he coughed a little awkwardly as he lowered his head twice.

When he raised his head again, he had regained his composure.

It was only the look in Chen Dong’s eyes that was full of appreciation.

“You are very clever, it would not be too much to say that you are the number one junior that I have seen in my life.”

Ye Yuanqiu unabashedly praised, “After I saw the video, I wondered if you would detect the end, but I didn’t expect that you would really detect it.”

“Thank you, Old Man Ye, for your compliments.” Chen Dong nodded his head, not being condescending.

The more he looked like this, the more he made Ye Yuanqiu appreciate it.

At the same time, there was also some loss in his heart.

“If I had met this son earlier, this son would be the most suitable candidate for Linglong’s belonging, and Linglong is also interested in him, it is just a pity that the destiny has not arrived ……”

This was the thought in Ye Yuanqiu’s mind.

Taking a deep breath, he suppressed his lost heart.

His eyes stared at Chen Dong like a torch, “As you think.”

Chen Dong nodded, his eyes shining with a brilliant aura, “I want to see him once.”

Ye Yuanqiu, however, waved his hand, “It’s not the right time yet.”

“Fine.” Chen Dong nodded dryly, pushed the wheels of his wheelchair and turned to leave.

Ye Yuanqiu was stunned for a moment.

He had never expected that Chen Dong would not drag his feet, so crisp and decisive that he was caught off guard.

At the same time, he also swallowed the words he had prepared in his mind.

Only when Chen Dong was about to go out, he paused for a moment and said.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal, it’s just one drunkenness, there’s nothing that can’t be overcome.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s body shook, and his old face instantly turned red to the extreme.

He held his forehead and sighed softly, “You don’t understand, after all, you are still young.”

Chen Dong laughed and said no more.

In the courtyard, Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang looked at each other with blank faces.

Ye Yuanqiu’s change of attitude back and forth had left them stunned and puzzled.

The words “Who is the slave?” from Chen Dong’s mouth. What exactly did it mean?

“Come out.”

Yuan Yigang saw Chen Dong.

Ye Linglong hurriedly went forward and helped Chen Dong push his wheelchair.

She asked with some curiosity, “What did you say to grandpa?”

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Push me back to the East Courtyard.”

This was something he did not want to talk about.

Or rather, it was a matter of secrecy for the time being.

Otherwise, Ye Yuanqiu would have told Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang long ago.

On the way, Chen Dong was indifferent as usual.

Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang, on the other hand, were full of doubts.

When they encountered members of the Hong Society along the way, they all greeted them respectfully.


In the East Courtyard.

A young man with dyed yellow hair was pacing around in a panicked manner.

The young man’s eyes darted about, looking left and right, as if he was looking for something, with a hint of scruples in his eyes.

He wrapped his clothes tightly around him and clenched his teeth, gradually revealing his anxiety.

Ever since the layers of martial law at the Shan He Guild Hall.

The East Courtyard, which had been purged, was now also heavily guarded.

It was hard to take advantage of the fact that the surrounding area had cooled down a bit, the yellow-haired young man wrapped his clothes, bowed slightly, and walked towards the room in big strides.

“Stand still!”

An angry voice suddenly rang out, “That is the residence of a distinguished guest, no one is allowed to enter without an order.”

This order was given by Yuan Yigang himself.

In the entire Shanhe Hall, the only people who could enter Chen Dong’s room at will today were Ye Linglong, Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu.


Ruthlessness erupted in the yellow-haired young man’s eyes.

Instead of stopping, he ran wildly.

“Catch him!”

Seven or eight Hong Society members immediately chased after the yellow-haired young man.

The yellow-haired man was sweating profusely, and while he ran wildly, his expression became more and more fierce, even crazy.

“Death? I’m not afraid! In this life, I’m afraid of being poor!”

The yellow-haired young man hissed out a hoarse roar, “When you’re done having fun, then it’s time to do something!”

As he roared, he was already running to the door.

Without warning, the yellow-haired young man stopped and turned around brazenly, his eyes full of bloodshot blood, staring at the pursuing Hong Society members with mad ruthlessness.

The sudden stop caused the members of the Hong Society who were chasing after him to also freeze.

“I’m at this distance, that’s enough!”

The yellow-haired young man let out a fierce laugh.

Then, under the horrified gaze of the Hong Society members, his right hand fiercely tore open his upper body clothes with a stabbing sound, and on his belly, he was holding a row of explosives!

“Get back!”

The members of the Hong Society instantly retreated in fear.

Almost simultaneously.

The young man with yellow hair, grabbed the fuse with his right hand and didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

With a grit of his teeth, he pulled off the fuse with force.

Rumble ……

Smoke and fire shot up into the sky, turning into a small mushroom cloud.

The terrifying explosion turned into ripples visible to the naked eye, sweeping in all directions.

Everywhere the shockwave pa*sed, it destroyed everything in an instant.

The explosion was earth-shattering.

The entire Shanhe Hall was clearly perceived to shake as the explosion was deafening.

“Something’s wrong!”

The three of them, Chen Dong, who were returning to the East Courtyard, were all startled at the same time.

“I’ll go over first!”

Yuan Yigang took big steps and rushed straight to the East Courtyard.

Ye Linglong, on the other hand, pushed Chen Dong and quickened his pace.

An explosion, an explosion in the Shanhe Guild Hall.

This was the first time in Ye Linglong’s life that she had experienced such a thing.

As she walked quickly, a vicious chill ran down her back, like falling into an ice cave.

Her expression also became frightened and fluttered.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair, his face as deep as water: “Has the way changed?”

When the two arrived at the east courtyard.

A pungent smell of smoke and fire came over them, the strong smell of gunpowder and burning ashes, somewhat choking the throat.

Even from outside the East Courtyard, one could see that flames were still burning inside the courtyard.

The sound of screams echoed through the courtyard.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there was a lot of wailing.

When they entered the East Courtyard, Chen Dong and Ye Linglong were both stunned by the scene before them.

The entire East Courtyard was almost half flattened, and the room where Chen Dong lived was directly razed to ruins.

Flames burned and wreckage was everywhere.

The members of the Hong Society who had been hit by the blast were scattered everywhere, screaming in pain and tumbling in place.

The scene was like a purgatory.

By now, many people had gathered in the East Courtyard.

Yuan Yigang was also blue in the face, forcibly holding back his monstrous anger, and was directing people to administer help.

“Big brother ……”

Ye Linglong pushed Chen Dong and walked in front of Yuan Yigang.

Yuan Yigang turned around and said with a vengeance, “Bought a poor junior member of the club and detonated the bomb, killing and injuring many members.”

Chen Dong and Ye Linglong’s faces froze.

Both of them sweated at the same time, like falling into a cave of ice.

Ye Linglong looked at this purgatory-like scene and even blurted out, “If we hadn’t gone to Grandpa’s place just now, wouldn’t ……”


Chapter 478

The Gu family villa.

A heated argument was breaking out at this moment.

Elder Long had finally returned, but this heated argument had also been brought about by Elder Long’s return.

“What do you mean? One word and you’re telling me to leave this alone?”

Tian Ai glared at Elder Long in front of her in annoyance, scratching her head like a cat with fried fur.

“Yes, don’t care for now.”

Long Lao was calm as usual and nodded indifferently.

Showing no concern for Tian Ai’s annoyance.

“Uncle Gu, you also agree with his words?”

Tian Ai looked towards Gu Guohua.

At this moment, Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were both somewhat at a loss for words.

After Chen Dong’s accident, Tian Ai had always done her best to help.

Even the easing of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s relationship was thanks to Tian Ai’s push.

This is just like unloading a donkey and killing a donkey.

“Long Lao ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The old man raised his eyebrows and looked askance at Gu Guohua: “He is my young master, I think more highly of him than you do, do you still not believe me?”

Gu Guohua swallowed back the words that were on his lips.

Tian Ai saw this scene and instantly laughed.

“Hehe …… dare say I’ve been sticking my hot face on a cold a*s for a while now?”

“Tian Ai ……”

Gu Qingying, who had never spoken, finally spoke up.

She had seen all this in her eyes and knew well how Long Lao was, so when Long Lao opened his mouth, she also felt strange.

Gu Qingying hesitated for a moment and said, “Can you give me some time to ask Elder Long alone?”

Tian Ai’s chest rose and fell in anger, but she still nodded in response.

Gu Qingying braced her weak body and stood up, “Elder Long, come upstairs with me.”

Li Wanqing immediately wanted to come up to a*sist her. Although Gu Qingying had now started eating and had not missed three meals a day, she had lost too much before and it was not something that could be repaired in a few days.

“Mum, I’ll go up alone with Elder Long.” Gu Qingying refused Li Wanqing.

The two of them went upstairs and went straight to Gu Guohua’s study.

Elder Long helped Gu Qingying to sit down.

Gu Qingying asked, “Elder Long, you wouldn’t do something so heartless and hurtful, there must be a reason for you, right?”

She was clear about Elder Long’s character, so she guessed the hidden agenda.

An old slave who had followed Chen Daoling around for years and had also been sent by Chen Daoling to a*sist Chen Dong, it was only right that he should have reached the pinnacle of human kindness a long time ago.

“Indeed there is.”

Elder Long nodded, “The old slave already has a plan, it is just that the implementation needs to be done in secrecy and it is not appropriate to include Tian Ai in it.”

“Can you talk to me about it?” Gu Qingying asked.

“For the time being, I cannot.”

Elder Long shook his head and looked at Gu Qingying’s haggard and somewhat white face, hesitating.

Gu Qingying could see what was really going on and asked in a soft voice with a raised eyebrow, “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“Hoo ……”

Long Lao exhaled a breath and did not rush to speak.

Instead, he opened the door to his room with a wary expression and looked down the corridor, then turned and walked to the window again and looked out.

Only after confirming carefully did he then walk over to Gu Qingying and whispered close to his ear.

“Old slave has confirmed that young master is still alive.”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, and in a flash, her eyes turned red.

Whitened lips trembled, “He, where is he now? He’s a big fool, a big B*****d, why didn’t he come back to see me?”

Tears filled up and flowed uncontrollably down the corners of his eyes.

Long Lao was startled and hurriedly soothed, “Young Madam, calm down, you must restrain yourself, this will do great harm to your body and the baby.”

Gu Qingying clenched her lips with her silver teeth and nodded her head forcefully.

She tried to restrain her emotions, but the more she restrained herself, the more agitated her emotions became.

The image of Chen Dong kept coming up in her mind.

These days, after learning from Elder Long’s mouth that Chen Dong’s betrayal was actually a misunderstanding.

She had long been pining for Chen Dong like a tidal wave.

No, before she had learned the truth, she was also so pining for him.

The deeper the love, the truer the pining.

Even one betrayal could not make Gu Qingying instantly cut off her love for Chen Dong with a single stroke.

The best way to describe it would be to use the term “coupling”.

It was only her stubborn character and woman’s instincts that kept her forcing herself to pretend.

Long Lao’s appearance and explanation just made her let go of this strong pretence.

All that was left of the sentiment was longing.

“I want to see him, even if it’s just one side.”

Gu Qingying could hardly contain her longing and grabbed Long Lao’s sleeve and begged.

Since Chen Dong’s divorce and her return to his side, there had never been a time when she and Chen Dong had been separated that would last for such a long period of time.

Long Lao instantly panicked.

He had hesitated just now because he was afraid of this scene in front of him.

Faced with Gu Qingying’s plea, he was at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond.

“Elder Long, please let me see him, I miss him, I miss him so much.” Gu Qingying was in tears as she raised her right index finger with pearly tears, “Just one side, one side to relieve my longing would be good.”

Seeing that Elder Long was still torn, Gu Qingying said one sentence, but Elder Long could no longer refuse.

She said decisively, “If you don’t let me see him, I will continue my hunger strike.”

“Ugh ……”

Long Lao’s pupils tightened and he nodded helplessly, “Old slave arrange it, but young madam must put herself and the baby first, and what just happened must not be said to the public.”

“Okay, don’t say anything, don’t say anything.”

Gu Qingying hurriedly wiped the tears from her face, and a sweet smile emerged on her haggard pretty face.

The two of them returned to the living room downstairs.

The happy smile that Gu Qingying couldn’t hide on her face made both Gu Guohua and his wife and Tian Ai look dumbfounded.

Knowing the truth, Gu Qingying patiently consoled Tian Ai and finally got her nod.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing looked on and had a mind to ask.

But Gu Qingying didn’t give them the slightest opportunity to do so, and after a greeting, she cheerfully followed Long Lao and left the house.

Before she went upstairs, her daughter was still weak and depressed, but after she went upstairs, why did she suddenly become like a child?

The couple, Gu Guohua and Tian Ai, both sat waxed on the spot.

The Shanhe Hall was in a mess.

The bombing of the East Courtyard was a blow to the face of all 3,600 members of the Hong Society.

No one had ever dared to be so arrogant.

Anyone who dared to be so arrogant was like a blood feud with the Hong Society that would last forever!

This slap in the face, as everyone knew, had to be filled with countless human lives.

Yuan Yigang was busy calming down the scene.

Ye Linglong once again pushed Chen Dong back to Ye Yuanqiu’s residence.

If they hadn’t come to see Ye Yuanqiu just now, Chen Dong and Ye Linglong, and even Yuan Yigang, would probably have been buried in the sea of fire.

Only, the two had just entered the courtyard.

Right on cue, they bumped into Ye Yuanqiu, who had hurriedly walked out.

“Grandpa, the east courtyard has been blown up.” Ye Linglong’s face was pale and she was in shock.

“I know.”

Ye Yuanqiu waved his hand, “But that’s not the important thing right now, there’s something more important, I was just about to go find you guys.”

“What is it?”

Chen Dong and Ye Linglong inquired in shock at the same time.

What else could be more important than the bombing of the Hong Society’s main hall?

Ye Yuanqiu pointed in the direction of the gate of the Shanhe Hall and said to Chen Dong, “There is someone who wants to meet you.”