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Never Say Never Chapter 491-492

Chapter 491

I can’t help but look down at the open fork, it’s actually okay, it’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s not open to the root of the leg!


“Shen Yu, you’re picking bones out of eggs, this cheongsam is a normal design, where is it that exaggerated, if we keep on getting it, it will be too late for us to go over later.”


“It’s alright, I can afford to wait!” He looked at the designer and said, “Find her something conservative, it’s winter and not summer, what’s the point of opening it so wide? Don’t you know it’s cold? Besides, she’s going to the Shen family as a daughter, what the hell is this cyan colour? She’s a young, hip girl, find her a brighter colour.”


After a pause, he stared at my face for half a day and said, “Besides, her looks are on the side of RTHK stars, but you don’t need to make her look so S*xy.”


I couldn’t help but laugh, “Mr. Shen, why don’t you just do it yourself?” How is this S*xy when nothing is shown?


He let out a pout and looked at the two men, “Anyway, she should be the most beautiful woman today, but she shouldn’t be too S*xy or too revealing, understand?”


The two men looked at each other, then nodded in unison.


We tossed and turned for a while more to make Shen Yu happy before we rushed to the banquet venue.


The Shen family had chosen the address in a private resort in the southern part of the capital, with a wide and prosperous origin.


When Shen Yu and I arrived, most of the guests had already arrived, and Shen Changlin was greeted at the entrance of the hotel lobby along with several elders of the Shen family.


Because of the large number of people to be invited, some of the reporters and media were from their own companies and there were a large number of bodyguards and staff guarding the entrance.


As soon as Shen Yu and I got out of the car, Shen Changlin saw us and smiled as he waved at my door, “Xiaoshu, Ayu, this way!”


Shen Yu took me by the arm, because the dress had been changed into a floor-length hemline, the hemline was extra long, and the heels were high, so I walked slowly, so Shen Yu slowed down and waited for me.


Shen Changlin was in a very good mood and when he saw how slow we were walking, he trotted over to me and said with a smile on his firm and handsome face, “My daughter is just beautiful, you are the most beautiful of all.”


Shen Yu gave a tsk and laughed, “Of course, handsome man and beautiful woman, definitely eye-catching.”


Shen Changlin gave him a hearty laugh and said, “You, kid, are really good at putting on a show for yourself.”


There was a lot of laughter.


When I was brought to the banquet hall, many guests came up to greet me, basically all the prominent families in the capital, most of those who could come here today were from the political circles, after all, Shen Changlin was in politics, his circle of people were basically the prominent political circles.


There are also some hundred year old families of books and families. Having been married to Fu Shen Yan for many years, I have more or less followed him to some parties and events, but most of them are commercial in nature.


When all the guests were almost here, a long red carpet was laid down in the middle of the hotel lobby, leading straight to the stage at the end of the hotel.


Fu Shenyan came a little late, the man was handsome and dignified, he could be seen in the crowd at a glance.


I averted my eyes and did not react.


It was Shen Yu, who was beside me, who frowned slightly and said, “A quarrel?”


I pursed my lips and changed the subject, “Did the Mo family come?”


“En! They should be here.” He opened his mouth, his gaze falling on Fu Shen Yan, sizing him up for a moment.


The capital and Jiangcheng were, after all, two different places in the north and south, and many customs were not the same.


Chapter 492

In the south, the genealogical entry is to go into the ancestral hall and kneel down to pay respect to the ancestors and offer incense, but in the north it seems to be different.


The master of ceremonies gave a long speech, after which Shen Changlin took me to the stage and performed the rituals, and the ceremony was completed.


Shen Changlin presented me with an exquisite sandalwood box and said, “This is a pair of ice-green jade bracelets that were A Yun’s favourite when she was alive, and when she was alive she often said that if she had a daughter in the future, she would give her these bracelets.”


Seeing the moisture in his rigid brow, I lifted my hand to take it, kowtowed three times deeply, and said, “Dad!”


For a moment Shen Changlin burst into tears, helped me up and pulled me along to introduce me to the crowd.


The fact that a poor girl was considered a daughter by a well-known person for no reason, and that such a big party was held, would make some people gossip.


But the good thing was that Shen Yu was by my side the whole time.


“Are all the reporters and media here?” I held up my champagne and my eyes fell on the Mo couple who were climbing with people not far away.


Lin Wan seemed to be particularly fond of cheongsams, a dark green printed cheongsam that was elegant and regal.


There was no sign of Lu Xinran, presumably still in the hospital.


Shen Yu naturally also saw the Mo couple and leaned over to me, “They’re all here!”


I smiled lightly, nodded my head, held the champagne towards the Mo couple and said with a light smile, “Mr. Mo, Mr. Lin, welcome!”


Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan both looked at me and froze slightly, Lin Wan spoke first, “Shen Shu, you look so beautiful today!”


I smiled graciously, “Thank you, Mr. Lin, I haven’t seen Miss Lu, is she still in the hospital?”


Lin Wan faintly stared and smiled, “Discharged, she’s not in good health, Zhi Zhan and I sent her back to Jiangcheng to convalesce, the weather there is good for her to recuperate.”


Sending Lu Xinran to Jiangcheng alone to recuperate from her injuries? I subconsciously frowned, Lu Xinran originally relied on only Fu Shenyan and the others in Jiangcheng, and now they were all in the capital, was it appropriate to send her to Jiangcheng alone?


But this was not something I should worry about, and it was only for a second before I smiled lightly and said, “Mr. Lin and Mr. Mo are so good to their daughter!”


The two men looked at me and smiled in a complicated way, which was a bit surprising to me.


If it was in the past, I hurt Lu Xinran, at this time Lin Wan only more or less have to inquire in words, but how now instead did not say a word.


“The capital is most famous for its Peking Opera, Mr. Mo is also considered an old resident of the capital, do you like to watch opera?” Looking at Mo Zhi Zhan, I opened my mouth and smiled.


He looked at me and said in a deep voice, “Girl, now you are also the daughter of the Shen family in name only, you should call me uncle!”


I froze and said, “Uncle Mo.


He looked at me, his eyes had a deeper meaning, “Girl, I know you have resentment towards Awan in your heart, but after all, today’s banquet is specially prepared for you by Brother Shen, you shouldn’t mess it up!”


I squeezed the goblet in my hand and blushed a little white for a moment, so, they knew?


Raising my eyes to look at the person coming, I shrugged my shoulders and said indifferently, “Uncle Mo also said that this is my own banquet, it’s all up to me, no matter what, as long as it serves my purpose it’s not a mess up.”


Lin Wan looked at me, sighed slightly and said, “It’s just that, Zhi Zhan, this is retribution!”


Looking at their very different attitudes, I couldn’t tell what was going on for a while!


I had become the daughter of the Shen family, so they were more or less concerned, and that’s why they treated me differently?