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Never Say Never Chapter 487-488

Chapter 487

She was pregnant at the time and I stayed with Gu Han for a month after my accident, a period when I tried many ways to end my life.


Gu Han was too busy taking care of to care about anyone else, and according to his nature, if I hadn’t taken the initiative to see Muzi, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative at all, let alone had the intention to irritate her.


This kind of sinister tactics ……


“It’s Lu Ke, Cheng Jun Yu’s a*sistant!” He spoke, his voice a little cold.


Lu Ke!


I frowned and couldn’t help but think of that girl dressed sunny and clean, the girl who was bullied by Lu Xinran in the Imperial City.




Jon nodded, “She reached out to Muzi, what she said to her I don’t know, but Muzi’s whole mood was bad after she talked to her, and when Muzi left she said to never tell Cheng Jun Yu about the baby.”


Don’t tell Cheng Junyu about the baby?


I stopped talking, people in this life ah, no matter what, you have to be ruthless, maybe it is too weak at first, so, people think you are a good master to hold.


Seeing that I stopped talking and was just staring at the ceiling in a daze, Jon spoke up and called out to me, “Shue, you ……”


“I’m fine!”


I spoke, pulling all my emotions down and looking to Han Shuang, “I might need your help with this.”


Han Shuang gave a slight pause, then nodded, “Good!”


I nodded, “Thank you!”


“You don’t have to say thank you, I deserve it!” She spoke, speaking seriously.


I knew that she was thanking me for helping her to please Lu Qi, but my heart was still full of gratitude for her after all.


Looking over at Jon, I moved my body, still in pain, my whole body ached saying, “Jon, when can I get out of the hospital?”


“The doctor advised you to recuperate for a few more days!” He spoke, seeing my intention to get up, he helped me up and spoke, “It’s almost Chinese New Year, Shu, promise me that everything will be put aside and we’ll spend the Spring Festival together properly, okay?”


I nodded and pulled out a smile, “Yes, but I have to go back to the capital first, I still have work there, when I have arranged my work, I will go back to Jiangcheng to spend the Spring Festival with you and the children.”


He frowned slightly, “It can’t possibly wait until after the New Year?”


I shook my head, “Jon, I might have to rush over there tonight, I’ve adopted the Shen family’s third uncle as my godfather and I have to enter the family tree tomorrow night, so I have to go back.”


“It’s the Shen family’s third uncle? Shen Changlin?”


I nodded, “En!”


He wrinkled his eyebrows, “Is it because of Shen Yu?”




He pursed his lips and did not speak for a long time.


After a long time, he looked at me and said, “Then, I’ll wait for you to come back to Jiangcheng to spend the Spring Festival with us.”


“En!” After a pause, I looked at him and said, “Has the child …… been named yet?”


He shook his head, “Waiting for you to take it, Muzi said, let the child follow your surname, so that …… the child and you are also close!”


My heart twisted raw, my brow vaguely painful, opened my mouth, hard as hell, “Boy or girl?”




“Jishu then, you pick the nickname!”


Jon froze and said, “Shen Jishu, take both your and Muzi’s names.”


I nodded, my eyes a little sore, “All the sunshine and warmth that Muzi and I missed, give it to her!”


He nodded and thought for a moment, “How about a nickname of Four Seasons?”


“It’s quite good, it’s a common and original nickname, it sounds much better than some doughnut meat.” Chen Xing spoke up, agreeing.


Chapter 488

I nodded my head, perhaps because I had talked too much or my body was already at the end of its strength, so I was exhausted.


Seeing how sleepy I was, Han Shuang said, “You’ll spend the day in the hospital to recuperate first today, isn’t the banquet every night? You’ll have the strength to fight monsters only when you’re well rested.”


I sighed leisurely and lay down on the bed for a long day instead.




The next day’s afternoon, Shen Yu picked me up at the airport and saw me with a dark circle under my eyes and said, “A trip back to Jiangcheng made you look like this, did you meet a ghost?”


I got into the car and said indifferently, “I was in a hurry and didn’t rest well!”


“I’ll try on a dress later, then you can go to my place and rest for a while, I’ll call you in the evening.” He started the car and spoke.


I looked over at him and couldn’t help the faint smile that pulled at my face.


Seeing that I only smiled and didn’t say anything, he narrowed his eyebrows, “Why are you looking at me so grimly?”


Retracting my gaze, I opened my mouth lightly, “Has anyone ever said that you’re getting to be like a brother?”


He chortled and said unkindly, “Don’t say such ungrateful things.”


I looked out of the window, a little distracted, and said in a somewhat lilting voice, “Shen Yu, of the people in Huai’an courtyard, only you and I are left now.”


He hesitated for a moment and frowned at me, “What do you mean?”


At the traffic light intersection, he kept staring at me.


My throat hurt a little and my eyes interfered uncomfortably, “Miko’s gone!”




“She and her grandmother are buried in the cemetery in Jiangcheng, I used to want to take them back to Huai’an, but now it seems that we shouldn’t even be able to go back to Huai’an.”


The green light came on.


But the old man on the zebra crossing was walking extremely slowly.


The car behind him kept honking and urging, but Shen Yu didn’t start the car, but looked at the traffic light in front of him and tilted his head and closed his eyes.


I froze for a moment, reacting to what he was about to do, and couldn’t help but run down.


He walked over to the car that had been urging him on and knocked on the driver’s window gla*s. The driver rolled down the gla*s and said very impatiently, “Driving a crappy Bentley is big deal, huh? You ……”


The driver cursed and closed his mouth under Shen Yu’s murderous eyes.


Shen Yu pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows, his cold eyes fell on the man’s face, and spoke, “Come down!”


The man was a little confused, not knowing what was going on, and said with suppressed anger, “No, there’s something wrong with you!”


“I told you to get off!” Shen Yu struggled, almost violently, to open the man’s car door, ripping the somewhat obese man in the car out of the car.


The man was then beaten to death, the man was a bit confused by the beating, but seeing Shen Yu’s handsome face was ghastly, he couldn’t help but down to beg for mercy.


After venting his emotions, Shen Yu threw a business card to him and said with a bit of gangsterism, “Next time, don’t honk your horn in the city centre, otherwise it won’t be as simple as a beating.”


Shen Yu then returned to the car and started it up again.


I sighed slightly, “You didn’t actually have to be so …… impulsive just now! At most, you just listened to him argue a little bit and waited for the old man to cross the zebra crossing and walk away on the line, there was no need to cause trouble.”


He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, clearly, his emotions weren’t here.


“How did it die?”


I froze for a moment, glancing sideways at him, seeing him driving very carefully, seeming to ask only faintly.


I spoke, “Difficult birth, the baby survived, but the adult walked away with a blood clot.”


He frowned, “Whose baby?”