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Never Say Never Chapter 483-484

Chapter 483

I suppressed my voice and spoke, “Jon, where are you guys? I’m going to Jiangcheng in the next couple of days, do you want to come back together and we can spend the Chinese New Year together in Jiangcheng?”


The other end of the phone was silent for a while and said, “Probably not, we are still in M. The weather here is cold and it’s not good for the kids to go back and forth, let’s wait until after the New Year, when the weather is better, we will go back home to you.”


I just looked at the man not far away and opened his mouth to tell lies, my heart was blocked, why did he lie to me?


If I hadn’t seen them here with my own eyes, I would have always thought they were in the M’s.


Pressing down the uncomfortable feeling in my heart, I spoke, “Where is Muzi? Is Muzi okay lately?”


I looked not far away as he and Chen Xing looked at each other, then there was half a sound of silence before I spoke, “She’s at home, I’m outside, so what, I’m a bit busy right now, I’ll hang up now.”


Then, without waiting for me to finish my sentence, the phone was hung up.


I froze for half a second, looking at the distant back of him and Chen Xing who were talking while pushing the child child away.


If not for Han Shuang pulling me along, I would have rushed up to ask him why he had lied to me.


It was only after a long time that I calmed down my emotions and took a long breath and said, “What did you find out, tell me directly, right?”


Now that the children are gone, and Fu Shenyan and I are in such a mess, Lu Xinran is no better.


This is actually quite good!


She looked at me and pursed her lips, “You’d better return Mr. Fu’s call first, a hundred to unanswered calls, he should be very worried about you!”


I was a little annoyed and glanced at my phone Fu Shen Yan’s call was coming again, picking up the phone in this situation was most likely going to be a fight.


I simply blacked out the screen and looked at Han Shuang and said, “Do you live far from here?”


She shrugged her shoulders and spoke, “It’s just around here, I was originally planning to go back home for New Year’s Eve, how about this, tomorrow I’ll take you somewhere first, then I’ll go back when your business is almost done, I heard that the Shen family over in the capital is still waiting for you to enter the genealogy, next, you should have a lot of things to do especially.”


I wasn’t one to get to the bottom of things, and seeing that she had already made the arrangements, I didn’t say much, as Fu Shen Yan’s phone kept calling, I spoke, “I’ll go back first then, see you tomorrow!”


She nodded and looked for her car keys from her bag and said, “I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow!”




After saying goodbye to her, I went straight back to the Cloud Copper district, after a long day of tossing and turning, I didn’t have the energy to run over to the villa area over at Shanshui Residence to stay.


There was no one there, so I went over to live alone, but it was unbearably empty.


When I got home, Fu Shen Yan’s phone call came again. I picked up the phone and said indifferently, “What’s up?”


“Third sister-in-law, where are you?” Qiao Zhuan Yan’s voice?


I froze for a moment and said, “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”


“Sister-in-law, why don’t you come over to Huandu and pick up Third Brother? He’s been drinking, quite a lot, and Jun Yu and I can’t persuade him.


There was some noise on Qiao Zhuan Yan’s side, and from the sound of his voice he should be in a bar.


I said into the phone, pursing my lips slightly, “You guys can send him back later when he’s drunk out of his mind, I’m not at home, I can’t come!”


“If he doesn’t want to get drunk, he can drink until dawn, it’s too harmful to his health, Jun Yu and I can’t persuade him, if something goes wrong, Jun Yu and I can’t afford to pay for it!”


Chapter 484

Qiao Zhongyan said it with a nose to the grindstone, and the anxiety in his tone came through loud and clear.


I took the phone and stood on the balcony blowing the wind with some annoyance, my mood faded, “If he doesn’t love himself let him drink himself to death!”


“Third sister-in-law ……”


“Shen Shu, are you still a woman?” Qiao Zhuan Yan’s phone was snatched away, Fu Shen Yan with a strong nasal voice and I spoke, listen to the voice is drunk.


“You don’t know if I’m a woman or not? Fu Shen Yan, drinking and getting emotional in the middle of the night, you think you’re three years old?” I didn’t know that the other end of the phone was on speakerphone, so as soon as I finished my sentence.


Qiao Zhuan Yan blew up and called out a long third brother, obviously with a flirtatious tone.


But I guess it was suppressed by a look from Fu Shen Yan, so the other end of the computer was quiet for a few minutes.


I really don’t have the mood to continue to talk with him about these useless, faintly said, “Fu Shen Yan, if you are fine, don’t call me, I’ll hang up first!”


After saying that, without waiting for him to say anything, I directly hung up the phone.


After that, I directly turned the phone off.


This night, I didn’t sleep well as well, and had nightmares after nightmares, so I couldn’t fall asleep in a daze until dawn, when Han Shuang’s call came in.


Hearing that my voice was a bit hoarse and tired, she couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Shen, you didn’t sleep well?”


I enthused and spoke, “Send me the address, I’ll come over later!”


My head hurt so badly that I got up and sat on the edge of the bed for a while before coming back to my senses.


Hearing my voice, Han Shuang paused and said, “How about this! I’ll come and pick you up later, you go back to sleep, and I’ll come by later and bring you some breakfast.”


When I opened my mouth to refuse, she said, “Remember to open the door later, I’ll hang up now, see you later!”


And then she hung up the phone.


I was in a daze and looked through my phone, except for the call from Fu Shen Yan last night, there were no messages or calls after that.


When Han Shuang came, I wasn’t asleep again, but I had an unbearable headache and barely took a few sips of medicine before I felt better.


She brought breakfast with her and when she saw how heavy the dark circles under my eyes were, she couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t you just stay here and rest for the day?”


I shook my head, “The party held by the Shen family starts on Monday, and Shen Yu has arranged a dress fitting for me, and I’ve already missed several appointments with him.


She sunk her eyes, a pair of clear eyes deepened, inexplicably said, “I’m just afraid that …… will not go too well!”


After saying that, she then looked at me and said, “Let’s eat breakfast first!”


I nodded, my head still buzzing and uncomfortable.


When I came out of Yun Tong’s flat, I felt a bit uncomfortable, the kind of low pressure that makes my heart feel uncomfortable, and with the pain in my head, I was irritable.


When I saw her driving towards the suburbs, I froze and said, “What are you doing in the suburbs?”


She pursed her lips and said, “To take you to meet the person you want to see!”


Someone I wanted to see?


After going through my brain, I couldn’t think of the person I wanted to meet in the suburbs.


I couldn’t help but look at her and say, “Who?”


She didn’t say anything, and after driving for most of an hour, she pulled into the car park of the cemetery.


I had been to this cemetery many times, my grandmother and grandfather Fu were both buried here, so I was particularly familiar with it.


Seeing her get out of the car, she bought a bunch of chrysanthemums at the entrance of the cemetery and handed them to me saying, “Take them with you!”


She then dragged me into the cemetery.