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Never Say Never Chapter 475-476

Chapter 475

The little nurse who changed the medicine and water finally went out, I looked at him and tilted my head to look at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Don’t be cold, I’ll think you don’t care about me if you do!”


He walked over to me, looked over my bandaged area carefully and sighed, “Next time watch the car when you walk, it’s a good thing this is only a minor injury, any more serious and I would have had to collect your body.”


I ……


This man’s thinking, it’s killing me!


Seeing a few desserts laying next to my bag, he spoke, “Went shopping and got hit?”


I nodded and looked at him and smiled, “Why don’t you try them, they’re especially good, I had them once last time and they were delicious, I went to buy them today on purpose!”


He frowned, not really interested in dessert, and spoke, “You want to eat it?”


I raised an eyebrow, looked at my hand, which was wrapped in a dumpling and said, “You think I can eat it now?”


He curled his lips, looking good as hell, “Show me, and I’ll consider feeding you.”


“Show what?” I asked him with a crooked head as I didn’t respond.


He opened his mouth and instead his good looking eyes looked deep into mine, the meaning unmistakable.


I froze, reacting to what he meant as an afterthought.


Seeing his cheek move closer towards me, I didn’t mince words and gave him a kiss on his handsome cheek, smiling, “Satisfied?”


He raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth rose, “Barely!”


After taking a few bites of dessert, I looked at Fu Shen Yan’s handsome cheeks and hesitantly said, “Fu Shen Yan, do you think that the dead can come back to life?”


On the day of Gu Han’s accident, I watched him fall into a pool of blood and not breathe, how could ……


He looked at me, his handsome eyebrows slightly narrowed, “What have you encountered? Asking that question all of a sudden?”


“Uh!” I laughed and changed the subject, “I’m just a little curious.”


It was actually just a small scratch, I couldn’t rest in the hospital and after a few hours, I begged Fu Shen Yan to take me back to the villa.


After putting me back in my bedroom, he went to his study, saying he had some business to attend to.


I was thinking about Gu Han and all I could think about was the man I had seen in the city centre today.


After lying down for a long time, I couldn’t resist reaching for my phone and trying to call Shen Yu.


When I answered the phone, Shen Yu was a little tired and said, “It’s been five hours, so just say it, what’s your reason for missing the appointment?”


As soon as he said that, I suddenly remembered that he was taking me to a dress fitting today.


For a moment I couldn’t help but apologise, “I’m sorry, I got hit by a car on the way here and just got back from the hospital, I forgot to tell you.”


He was stunned and said, “Hit by a car? What happened?”


It was hard to say, so I went straight to the point and said, “Shen Yu, can you find out who disposed of Gu Han’s body before?”


He tsked a little and wondered, “What happened to the person who turned to dust? Are you finding out after the fact that you’re in love with him?”


I was speechless and said uncharitably, “What are you talking about? I saw someone exactly like Gu Han today, really too much like him, it’s practically the same person.”


“So, you were in a hurry to go after him and that’s why you got hurt?” The voice on the other end of the computer was somewhat mocking, “Shen Shu, people are dead, do you believe in such talk as coming back from the dead? Unless he faked his death, he can’t come back to life after he’s dead, so you should stop giving yourself a hard time and prepare for the party in peace.”


I pursed my lips and wanted to say something else, but thought that if I did he might think I was overthinking it.


After a pause and a brief chat, I hung up the phone with him.


I just hung up the phone, I coldly saw Fu Shen Yan standing in the doorway with a low and cold air pressure.


“Have you finished?” I opened my mouth and subconsciously put the phone aside.


His gaze fell on me, so deep that I couldn’t see through it.


Chapter 476

“Don’t call, if you’re sleepy, get some rest!” He spoke, clearly words of extreme concern and rea*surance, but they sounded extraordinarily cold to me.


I nodded and tried to say something else to him, but he had already turned and walked away, the bedroom door slamming loudly.


Was he angry?


I don’t know what he was angry about, I just felt a bit baffled.


This night, Fu Shen Yan did not return to the bedroom, perhaps because of the potion.


Although I was injured, I slept extremely deeply this night, and I saw someone standing beside me in a daze.


But the sleep was so deep that I could not open my eyes.


The next day.


I was awakened by a cool sensation on my elbow and opened my eyes to see Cheng Junyu changing my medicine.


I froze and unconsciously spoke, “Dr. Cheng, did Fu Shenyan call you?”


He nodded, his eyes focused on applying the medicine to me.


Sister-in-law Zhang came up with breakfast and looked at me and said, “Xiaoshu, Mr. has gone out for something and told you to eat your breakfast and rest at home!”


I nodded, froze, and looked at Cheng Junyu and said, “Is there a lot going on at the company lately? Do you have to work overtime on weekends?”


He raised his eyes at me and raised his eyebrows, “Not too much.”


I looked at Mrs. Zhang and said after a moment, “He was in his study all last night?”


Sister-in-law Zhang paused and said, “I saw Mr. Zhang come out of the study when I came here this morning, I don’t know if he was there all night.”


I had a slight headache, I always felt as if Fu Shen Yan was angry, but as to what, I didn’t know.


After treating my wound, Cheng Junyu gave me a faint look and said, “Don’t walk on the ground for a few days, don’t get wet and don’t do strenuous exercise.”


I nodded and looked at him and said, “Was Fu Shenyan angry when he called you this morning?”


He raised his eyebrows, didn’t say anything, packed up his medicine cabinet and, without saying a word, left!


I ……




In the evening, Fu Shen Yan did not return until after dinner, his face was light, I took the initiative to go up and talk to him, “Sister Zhang cooked something delicious, just waiting for you to come back and try it.”


He gave me a faint look, his brows light, “I’ve already eaten!”


Still angry?


I was a little confused as I watched him stride upstairs and into his study.


“Xiao Shu, why don’t you serve some up? I can see that Mr. Zhang doesn’t look too good, so I guess he has a lot of troubles at work, you two should have a good chat.


Sister-in-law Zhang opened her mouth and handed me the home-cooked dishes that had been prepared, all of which Fu Shenyan usually liked.


The door to the study.


I knocked on the door a few times and waited for a while but no one came to open the door, so I pushed the door in directly.


The study was extremely dimly lit, and when the door opened there was a strong smell of smoke.


“Fu Shen Yan?”


When I turned on the light, I saw that at the European-style desk, Fu Shen Yan’s eyes were tightly closed, resting against the back of his chair, his face cold with an aura of a stranger.


I carried the dishes and placed them on said table, whispering, “Fu Shen Yan, Sister-in-law Zhang has cooked your favourite dish, try it.”


He closed his eyes, unable to see any emotion, but the cold air in the study clearly conveyed his anger.


Noticing the screen on his computer, I froze; it was a video of me being hit by a car in the city centre yesterday.


How had he gotten this here?


“Third Uncle over there said he wants us to go over to the Shen family next Monday to do the genealogy entry, you’ve been busy lately, why don’t I ……”


“Shen Shu!” Fu Shen Yan interrupted my words, opened his eyes, a pair of black eyes full of blood.


“Do you love him?” The man spoke low and cold, he turned his chair, a pair of black eyes fell straight on me, “Can see him in a sea of people at a glance, and can still go after him without regard for his life, can’t let go?”


The words were extraordinarily calm and sarcastic, and I froze for a moment before I knew why he was angry.