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Never Say Never Chapter 461-462

Chapter 461

“What do I mean? I mean, that wild seed in your belly, he deserved it, no one wanted him, he was superfluous in the first place, if you don’t believe me, you can go and check with those leftover pills you took, you think that because Shen Yan is protecting you now, he has you in his heart, he is guilty, he is condemned by his conscience.”


Seeing my face turn white, she laughed more and more openly, “Shen Shu, I’m telling you, you deserve it, and so does that child, he deserved to die, he should never have come into this world.”


Yes, I admit that the bad and many negative emotions I had suppressed in my heart were successfully activated by her.


I raised my hand and was stopped by her, she sneered, “What? Still want to hit me? Do you really think I’m stupid enough to let you hit me a second time?”


I laughed coldly, my gaze grim and eerie as I looked at her, my voice was pressed down, “No, I’m not going to hit you, hitting you is too light, someone like you, hitting you with my hands is too cheap, really.”


As I said that I took one step closer towards her, my eyes fell on the fruit knife not far away, looking at her I sneered, “I originally thought that someone like you living would be at best a bit of trouble in my life, but now it seems you’re not just trouble, you’re disgusting to the core, actually so, why don’t you just go to hell!”


With those words, I didn’t give her a chance to refute me, and fiercely took a fruit knife and stabbed it down towards her almost without the slightest hesitation.


“Shen Shu!” The voice was not the terrified Lu Xinran, nor was it Sister Zhang who was sitting on the floor in fear, but Fu Shen Yan.


Almost at the same time, I froze, and the knife had already stabbed into the small of Lu Xinran’s back in the middle of her stomach while I was lost in thought.


Almost simultaneously, a warm stream invaded my hand and there was a ticking sound on the floor, it was Lu Xinran’s blood.


Her eyes were wide and she looked at me incredulously, opening her mouth without being able to say a word.


Almost at the same time, Fu Shen Yan rushed in, pushed me out of the way and held Lu Xin Ran who was about to fall to the ground.


You see, everything coincided as if it had been arranged in advance. I had the intention to kill for no reason, Fu Shen Yan came in unmistakably prepared, and saw me stabbing Lu Xinran precisely.


A puddle of red, stinging blood had slowly fainted beneath Lu Xinran, the knife still lodged in the small of her back.


Fu Shenyan wrapped his arm around her, his face grim, and looked at Sister Zhang, who was already in a state of shock, and spoke in a deep voice, “Contact the hospital immediately!”


I looked at them, my mind somewhat separated, not feeling how horrible it all was, I even felt that Lu Xinran had to die, as long as she died my world would be clear.


Fu Shen Yan picked her up, a pair of gloomy cold eyes looked at me, thin lips tightly pursed, no emotion could be seen.


All eyes were cold.


I suddenly wanted to laugh a little, to laugh out loud, but I couldn’t seem to laugh out loud, watching me grin, a faint smile spilling out, not fear but joy permeating my heart.


He looked at me, a cold chill filling his handsome face, cold to the core, his brow furrowed in a rendition of anger, rebuke and indifference.


Looking at his gaze, it was as if there was a knife in my heart, stabbing into it bit by bit, and with each bit that went in, the pain began to spread a little too much for me to breathe.


I sucked in my breath, it hurt, and as I watched him carry Lu Xinran out of the villa, I sat down on the floor with a weakness in my body.


“Little Shu!” Sister-in-law Zhang exclaimed, holding me up and looking at me with distress, “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, it’ll be okay!”


I shook my head, I wasn’t worried about Lu Xinran at all, I was afraid of Fu Shen Yan, Lu Xinran was right, no matter how long it took, as long as something happened to Lu Xinran, the worry and heartache Fu Shen Yan radiated from his heart was something I couldn’t even compare to.


The actual fact is that you will not be able to let go of it, and it’s not possible to let go of it.


I looked at sister-in-law Zhang, my voice choked up, pressed the place where my heart vaguely hurts, and opened my mouth to say, “Sister-in-law Zhang, it hurts here!”


Chapter 462

She put her arm around me, lifted me up and sat me down on the sofa.


An alarm sounded outside, so loud that the otherwise quiet villa area echoed with the shrill sound of the siren.


As the siren left, Fu Qingyin came in, still wearing her robe, her gaze falling on my blood-stained hands.


Taking a slight breath, her voice held a note of reproach, “Murder pays for life, even if you hate her more, there’s no need to do it so blatantly, the Mo family won’t take it lying down.”


I pursed my lips, my emotions slowly smoothed out, not saying a word.


It wasn’t that Fu Shen Yan didn’t love Lu Xinran, after so many years of companionship and care, how could he just put it down? He hid it too well, attributing his duty and guilt towards me to love, and that’s why he transferred his goodness towards Lu Xinran onto me.


I took these copied goodnesses as his love for me, never thinking that once something happened, Fu Qingyin’s choice would be biased towards Lu Xinran for no reason.


I know that I can’t even hear what I’m saying at this point, so I sighed slightly, went into the bedroom and changed my clothes and went out.


I stood frozen in place for a long time. Sister-in-law Zhang was with me, and when she saw me heading out, she hurriedly stopped me and said worriedly, “Xiao Shu, where are you going?”


“To the hospital!”


She hastily stopped me, “Don’t go, both Mr. Mo and the Mo family are probably angry now, it’s not good for you to go, be a good girl, stay at home, wait until everyone has calmed down before you deal with anything, okay?”


I sat on the sofa, burying my face into my palm, my heart and head hurting unbearably, and the villa became unusually quiet.


What ensued was my endless confusion and overwhelm.


After a long time, footsteps came from the villa and Sister-in-law Zhang’s voice came through, “Dr. Cheng, why didn’t you go to the hospital?”


A huge shadow surrounded me and I was a little annoyed, I looked up to see Cheng Junyu’s slender body standing in front of me, cold and distant.


I stared at the blood on my hand and said indifferently, “If you are here to point fingers and pursue responsibility, please get a lawyer to talk, I am in a bad mood and there is no guarantee that I will not strike out at you under a breakdown.”


Cheng Junyu …..


He looked at me, his gaze deep and helpless, and only after half a second did he say, “There don’t seem to be any knives around here, how do you plan to strike?”


I pursed my lips, a little annoyed, and said nothing more.


He sat down next to me and Sister Zhang poured him water, which he drank shallowly without meaning to speak.


I looked over at him and couldn’t help but frown, “You’re not here to lecture me?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Why should I lecture you? It’s not like it’s my woman who got stabbed.”


I ….


“So, you came to see a joke?”


He chortled and sneered, “Do I look that boring?”


Neither, so you’re here to see the fun.


The sound of hurried footsteps came from the courtyard, and one didn’t need to think to know it was Fu Shen Yan.


His hands were still stained with blood and his slender body came in from outside, the gloom on his face breathed an air of strangers not to enter.


He pursed his lips and spoke coldly towards me, “Go to the hospital!”




He lowered his voice and could hear that he was suppressing his emotions, “Go!” Then, regardless of whether I wanted to or not, he pulled me straight up.


He dragged me towards the courtyard by the wrist and threw me into the car, he started the car and went straight to the hospital.


Lu Xinran was taken to the emergency room for resuscitation, and Fu Shenyan tugged at my hand, perhaps because he was too angry, he was extra strong.


My wrist was numb with pain and I said, “Let go of me first, if she dies I’ll pay for her life, you don’t have to trample me in advance!”


At the sound of my voice, he looked back at me, realised he had acted too roughly and let go of my hand.


He had pushed too hard and my wrist was so bruised that it stung.


He frowned, perhaps not expecting this, and narrowed his dark eyes, “Sorry, I ……”


I pursed my lips and spoke lightly, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt!”


He wrinkled his eyebrows, the coldness in his eyes was extraordinarily intense, his thin lips were tightly pursed, he was suppressing his anger, “Shen Shu, how can you go down, you hate her again, she has lost her child, and her mother has been punished, you …… are going too far.”