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Never Say Never Chapter 453-454

Chapter 453

I wrinkled my eyebrows, these things I do know, Gu Hengyang died, and then Gu family Fu Qingyin is using these things to force Xu Hui crazy, and later could not bear the inner condemnation all jumped to his death.


But these things, I have never said to outsiders, how can?


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and slightly narrowed his eyebrows, “Did you do it?”


I shook my head, “No!”


Fu Shen Yan nodded his head and looked at Fu Qing Yin indifferently, “If she said it wasn’t her, then it must not be her, you better be able to produce evidence, otherwise if you touch her again, I will not be polite.”


Fu Qing Yin looked at him incredulously, so angry that she could not say a word, “Fu Shen Yan, you are foolish, the three members of the Gu family are all dead, only she and I are alive and know these things, am I going to discredit myself at a time like this?”


Fu Shen Yan’s face was expressionless, “Then wait until you find the evidence before you come back for her.”


After saying that, Fu Shen Yan pulled me out of the kitchen and took me straight up to the bedroom.


I took the medicine box that Sister Zhang had found and followed him up to the bedroom.


In the bedroom.


I looked down and cleaned Fu Shen Yan’s wound, some of the blood had already clotted and some was black and stuck in the wound.


“Does it hurt?” With ten fingers, the hand was the most sensitive place on the body for pain, not to mention the palm he was packing.


He shook his head and smiled lightly, “Heartbroken?”


I pursed my lips and sighed slightly, “You don’t have to be so impulsive next time.”


“Silly!” He lifted his hand and touched my face, his gaze deep, “How precious a girl’s face is, next time you must learn to hide, eh?”


I nodded, tilting my head to bandage his wound, and couldn’t help but sigh, “It seems like someone is going to interfere in my aunt’s affairs.”


He sunk his eyes, somewhat unfathomable, “You don’t need to care about this anymore, the Gu family’s business actually has nothing to do with us to be frank, I’ll take care of Auntie’s side.”


I pursed my lips, not really a promise, Gu Han’s death has always been a sticking point in my psyche, how can I get past it, Fu Qingyin like this, I don’t feel any pain at all, instead I think this is her due retribution.


The only thing I can’t figure out is that there are a good number of people who know about this matter, so why would it be blown up and written about in such detail?


The two old men in the Xu family couldn’t have known, so who else knew about it besides me and Fu Qingyin?


I didn’t want to think about it, so I raised my eyes to look at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Is everything okay with the Fu family?”


He was getting more and more haggard lately.


He smiled lightly, shook his head and said, “The company is expanding and will inevitably encounter some hiccups, it can all be solved, don’t worry.”


He didn’t want me to worry, so I didn’t mention it, but said, “I might have to go to M to look for Jon and Muzi, I might be gone for a few days.”


He wrinkled his nose, “It’s almost Chinese New Year, can’t you wait until after?”


I sighed, “I’m just too worried about them, you said earlier that Dr. Cheng was in M, but I asked him to keep an eye on Qiao En and Muzi for me and he never seemed to bring me any information.”


With the wound bandaged, Fu Shen Yan pulled me to sit beside him and said in a smooth mood, “Let’s sit down and discuss this matter calmly, okay?”


It was rare that he had so much patience to talk to me, so I nodded and looked at him, “Go ahead!”


“The weather in M is at least ten degrees cooler than the capital, you have only just recovered, it is not suitable to go to M at this time, are you clear about this?”


I nodded.


He put his arm around me and continued, “Besides, Shen Changlin has the intention to give you a bigger genealogy ceremony, and the world will definitely be set before the year. Also, with Lin Wan, you’ve been planning it for so long and it looks like it’s going to be a success from afar, so you’re not going to stay and take a good look?”


I froze for about a few seconds and looked up at him with surprised eyes and said, “You …… knew all along?”


He smiled lightly, raised his hand and scratched my nose and laughed, “Otherwise you think Han Shuang a woman with her bare hands in the capital could so easily get information that you couldn’t even get?”


Chapter 454

I froze, and for a moment there was an indescribable warmth in my heart, he seemed to know what I wanted to do all along, and never stopped me, always helping me in his own way.


I hugged him and leaned against his heart, my voice mute, “Thank you, Fu Shen Yan!”


He kissed me on the forehead and said, “What did Lu Xinran say today?”


“About her mother!” I spoke, my belly didn’t hurt as much today, but I just didn’t have the strength.


He spoke, “I asked Zhuan Yan to send her to M, so that she can have a good life there.”


“Yes!” I spoke, my emotions muted.


Sensing my mood, he lifted his hand and hooked my chin so that I was looking at her, “Angry?”


“No!” I shook my head and sighed, “Fu Shen Yan, I know from the moment you agreed to Lu Yan you have no way to let go of this responsibility, the road of life is still long, there is no way to tell in the future, all we live the present moment is good.”


Grandpa was a retired, military, man, and Fu Shenyan was brought up by him, so the education concept he instilled in Fu Shenyan was mission and responsibility, their lifelong belief, so for so many years, even though Fu Shenyan had no feelings for Lu Xinran, he would still spare no effort to take care of her.


It has to be said that Lu Yan has really chosen a person who is particularly worthy of entrusting his sister with his life.




Fu Qingyin determined that I was the one who told the reporter about the Gu family, so he was bent on making me feel bad.


When I stayed in the villa, I was always squeezed by Fu Qingyin, so I simply went straight to Gu’s, intending to see the progress of Huayao.


She was dressed stylishly and warmly, with simple black thigh-high shoes and a stylish white knee-length short down jacket.


When she saw me going out, she got off the Land Rover, took off her sungla*ses, pursed her lips and looked at me lightly and said, “Miss Shen looks busy, planning to go out on such a cold day?”


She came to see me, most likely because she was being investigated, I didn’t waste the world and went straight to the point, “Mr Lin wants to see me for something?”


She smiled lightly, elegant and airy, and spoke, “It’s cold outside, do you mind getting in the car for a chat?”


She opened the car door and added, “Don’t worry, the car is air-conditioned and warm!”


I got in, sat on the pa*senger side and spoke indifferently, “Go ahead!”


“The information in Shen Changlin’s hand, you gave it to him, didn’t you?” She opened her mouth, leaning back in her seat, her face pale, looking unemotional.


I thought for a moment and spoke, “What exactly are you referring to?”


She hooked her lips and played with the sungla*ses in her hand, “To be honest, you are really quite like me when I was young, vindictive and cold. ”


“You have found so many old stories of my unbearable past back then, all you want is for the Mo family to not accept me and drive me away again, but Shen Shu, have you thought about it, if you are not able to strike me dead in one blow, what will be your situation next, if I fight back?”


I looked at her, and seeing her expression full of indifference, I couldn’t help but be slightly flabbergasted, and looked at her, “So, what is it that Lin wants to talk to me about?”


“How about we stop here and live in peace without any problems in the future? ”


She said it with ease and comfort, her nice pair of eyebrows narrowed as if she was waiting for my answer.


I looked at her and wondered in my head, “A snake strikes seven inches, so where are Lin Wan’s seven inches?


Lu Xinran and Mo Zhi Zhan?