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Winner Takes All Chapter 469-470

Chapter 469

Above the high walls.

It was empty.

But Ye Linglong’s face was as cold as frost as she shouted sternly, “Who?!”

The words had just fallen.

There was a rustling sound outside the wall.

A pretty face slowly peeked out from the wall.

Spitting out her tongue, she said helplessly, “I’ve just climbed up here and you’ve already found out, were you born to grasp me?”

Seeing that familiar face.

The frost on Ye Linglong’s face lightened slightly as she slowly raised her right fist and sneered.

“Want a free swelling again?”

Tian Ai, who was lying on the wall, looked stunned.

Almost subconsciously, she looked down at her chest.


The idea was too bold.

“Do you know the consequences of coming to climb the walls of the Mountain River a*sociation twice and thrice?”

Ye Linglong’s low voice was dripping with warning.

The Shanhe Guild Hall was the Hong Guild’s main hall, overseeing three thousand six hundred gates.

Even if Tian Ai had no malice in climbing over the wall, the Shanhe Guild Hall would never tolerate such desecration by others.

If she had not met her twice.

If it were anyone else, they would have already mobilised the people in the Shanhe Hall and arrested them.

Of course Tian Ai knew the consequences of trespa*sing in the Hall.

But she only had a tiny clue about the Hong Society.

She only wanted to find out what Hong Hui was doing on the beach the night Chen Dong disappeared.

If she didn’t break into the Shan He Guild, where would she find the clues?

However, in the face of Ye Linglong’s warning.

Tian Ai’s eyes twinkled, but she pretended to be ignorant and said, “What consequences?”

Ye Linglong suddenly laughed.

Her eyebrows were morose as she looked playfully at Tian Ai who was lying on the wall.

“Do you think that because I’m older than you, I’m not as smart as you?”

Tian Ai’s expression froze, and in an instant raging anger turned up on her pretty face.

She shot back in shame, “Big B**bs are great, huh?”

“Big B**bs, that’s great!”

Ye Linglong raised her eyebrows and smiled, a knitted brows and a smile that was enough to make the sun and moon shine.

Almost simultaneously.

Her expression suddenly turned cold to the extreme, and she quickly accelerated, rushing towards the courtyard wall.

“You get down!”

Lightning flashed.

A look of panic surfaced on Tian Ai’s pretty face.

“Bye-bye to you.”

Seeing Ye Linglong’s a*sisted jump, she directly catapulted herself over the courtyard wall and jumped down.

Ye Linglong had wanted to drag Tian Ai straight down from the courtyard wall.

As soon as Tian Ai ran, a blow missed and she pressed her palm directly on the top of the wall, using her strength to flip directly to the outside alley and chased towards Tian Ai.

She was not a woman with big breasts and no brain; on the contrary, to be one of the Hong Society’s Red Sticks at such a young age, she was smart not only in battle but even in her head.

The first time Tian Ai had trespa*sed, there might have been an element of accident by mistake.

But an accident, is there a second time?

Once is an accident, twice is preparedness!

Ye Linglong was not willing to let Tian Ai go when she had come to the Shanhe Hall alone.

It was also while Ye Linglong was chasing after Tian Ai.

In the room, lying on the bed, Chen Dong’s eyes glowed with a deep light.

“Not going back now is probably the greatest protection for my wife and baby as well.”

While murmuring, Chen Dong’s hands were quietly grabbing his legs.

After he had just learned that his legs were crippled, he wanted to leave the Shanhe Club’s, and even more so, he wanted to return to Gu Qingying’s side.

But now that he had regained some composure, he was clear that going back at this time would only put Gu Qingying’s family all in crisis.

That’s why even though he had heard Tian Ai’s voice just now, he had held back from screaming out.

If Tian Ai had gone and returned, she must have noticed something, but now this clue, Chen Dong would rather Tian Ai had not found out.

With his leg crippled, the details of the man who had killed him that night had not been revealed.

Perhaps hiding under the sheltering wings of the Hong Society was the best option at this point.

Even if he ended up dead, it would be better than harming Gu Qingying’s family.

His eyes grew firm, and Chen Dong squeezed out a reluctant word from between his teeth.

“I don’t believe it, I can’t stand up in this life …… Even if I go back, I will walk back in an upright manner.”

The other side.

Ye Linglong and Tian Ai, one behind the other, weaved through the alleys at breakneck speed.

The layout of the houses in Chinatown was constructed so that between the houses, there existed an alleyway with each other.

“Big beautiful girl, can you stop chasing? I’m really going the wrong way!”

Tin Ai shouted at the top of her lungs with fine beads of sweat seeping from her forehead.

“If you don’t run, I won’t chase!”

Ye Linglong, with an imperious brow, pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled coldly, “You should thank me now for not calling people together to surround you.”

“It’s not possible for the two of us.” Tian Ai said suddenly.

Ye Linglong: “……”

What brain circuit?

Suddenly, Tian Ai in front of her suddenly kicked the wall next to her with her right foot, and with a counter-thrust, she leapt to the left wall, then another kick.

Repeating three times in a row, she jumped hard onto the nearly three-metre high wall.

“You can’t get away!”

Ye Linglong’s expression was frozen, and in a flash of lightning, she did as she was told.

Almost back and forth with Tian Ai, they leapt up the wall together.

As soon as she steadied herself, Ye Linglong’s eyes narrowed and a cold aura exploded.

“With a bang, she smashed the tiles on the courtyard wall, picked up a broken tile and threw it at Tian Ai with a whoosh.


As she was about to flee, Tian Ai felt a sharp pain in the back of her left knee.

With a shriek, she instantly lost her balance and fell off the wall.

“Now, still running?”

No sooner did Tian Ai stand up than it clouded over before her eyes.

Ye Linglong walked up to her, looking down on her from above.

And out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a cold glint in Ye Linglong’s hand.

Tian Ai’s expression was awe-inspiring: “You, you’re not going to kill me just because I climbed the wall of your house, are you?”

Ye Linglong shook the dagger in her hand.

Her voice was cold and stern, “Twice and thrice you have come to the Shanhe Club, what exactly do you want?”

At this moment, Ye Linglong’s face was no longer the least bit kind, it was cold and stern.

The cold and stern words were as if Tian Ai would drop the dagger in her hand without mercy if she dared to stammer half a word.

Tian Ai’s expression changed.

While her eyebrows knitted together, she suddenly asked, “You Hong Society, what exactly were you fishing for on the beach that night?”


Ye Linglong’s expression was startled, and a sharp aura in her eyes exploded violently.

How did she know that?

If the Hong Society had acted that night, even if a few thousand people had gone out, it would have covered the ears of the whole city.

Why would a girl know about it?

In a flash, a chill ran down Ye Linglong’s back.

It was also in this moment of shock that she was stunned.

Tian Ai’s eyes glinted harshly and instantly rolled out a few times, climbing up in a smooth manner and leaping up the wall with several consecutive stomps, disappearing above the wall.

Ye Linglong woke up with a start.

But looking at the empty wall, it was obvious that she could no longer catch up.

Her back was a little chilly.

Originally, because of her last encounter with Tian Ai, she still held a hint of teasing relief in her heart.

But with Tian Ai’s words that had just come out, her heart instantly lifted.

“She came to Shanhe Guild Hall just to probe about that night, the person who came is not good, she has to tell grandpa immediately.”

After saying that, Ye Linglong’s face was sullen as she turned around and hurried back to the Shanhe Guild Hall.

And on the other side.

After escaping from Chinatown, Tian Ai quickly got back into her car.

Palpitating heartily, she patted her chest, “That was close, fortunately I was a resourceful horse, otherwise I would really have been left behind today.”

Raising an eyebrow, Tian Ai’s mind drifted back to Ye Linglong’s surprised look just now.

“There must be something to hide, it’s just a pity that every time I meet this big breasted girl, it looks like I have to change my mind again, it’s getting late, let’s go to Gu’s house first.”


Chapter 470

“You’re confused!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was gloomy as he stared at Ye Linglong.

“All the purpose has been stated, you should have left the man on the spot, nowadays our Hong Society can fold, Chen Dong can’t afford to fold!”

“Grandpa, it’s my fault, what should I do now?”

Ye Linglong’s face was a little flushed, and she lowered her head in self-condemnation and chagrin.

It was really because the two times she had met Tian Ai, Tian Ai had given her the impression that she had a jumpy personality and a clear brain.

It made her relax and be careless.

After all, how many people who were serious about their business would be concerned about their chests?

It was only when Tian Ai asked that last question when she was running away just now that she realised the seriousness of the problem.

“It’s already too late to catch that woman after hitting the gra*s.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was gloomy as he frowned in contemplation, “You go back to the East Courtyard, I’ll have the Dragon Head mobilise people to come over, from now on the entire Shanhe Guild Hall is under martial law.”

“Grandpa, why don’t we move Chen Dong?” Ye Linglong suggested.

Ye Yuanqiu looked solemn: “What other place is safer than the Hong Society’s main hall?”

He waved his hand and waited for Ye Linglong to leave.

Only then did Ye Yuanqiu murmured in a low voice, “A force that can block the road with great fanfare, a*sa*sinate Chen Dong, and still hide in the shadows that even our Hong Society cannot find out, moving Chen Dong now is a dead end.”

After saying this, Ye Yuanqiu got up and leaned on his crutches to find the Hung Society leader.

This matter could not be treated with care by him.

A woman, twice, tried to infiltrate the Shanhe Club.

The purpose was to find out what exactly the Hong Society was fishing for on the beach on the night Chen Dong disappeared.

Obviously, this had been a bit of a run at Chen Dong.

It was hard for Ye Yuanqiu not to connect this matter to the forces behind the a*sa*sination of Chen Dong.

If the woman was merely scouting, then behind it, there should be a mountain of a*sa*sination forces.

The hall of the Guild Hall.

Clear incense rose in curls of smoke.

On the wide walls, three huge portraits hang.

In front of the portraits, there is a table behind which a middle-aged man with white hair is looming.

A middle-aged man with white hair is seated in a lofty manner, his handsome, resolute face unperturbed, giving off a calm, mountain-like aura.

The gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose even added a touch of gentle elegance to him.

He is the leader of the Hong Society – Yuan Yigang.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

The white-haired middle-aged man looked up, and when he saw Ye Yuanqiu, a warm smile appeared on his calm face.

He got up and stepped forward, helping Ye Yuanqiu to settle into a chair.

“If you have something to do, you could have had someone call me over, why bother coming here in person?”

“You are our leader, how can I still send you at will?”

Ye Yuanqiu joked.

Yuan Yigang shrugged, “You are our ancestor, you are the reason I am where I am today, you are the one who brought me up.

Ye Yuanqiu smiled blandly.

Gradually, he curbed his smile and said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong’s affair at the Shanhe Club may have been exposed.”


Yuan Yigang was surprised for a moment, “The first and last things we did were very clean, the matter of fishing for people by the sea, even the city’s worldly families and gentry were concealed from earshot, how could it be discovered?”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled bitterly: “It was Linglong’s girl who found out that a woman had climbed over the east courtyard wall twice and attempted to break into the Shanhe Club, and ……”

After a pause, Ye Yuanqiu said in a deep voice: “And just now when Linglong was chasing that girl, that girl uttered a sentence in order to escape, she directly asked, what were we, Hong Hui, fishing on the beach that night.”

With one word, the hall was dead silent.

The gentle and elegant Yuan Yigang’s face suddenly sank, and a harsh cold light suddenly exploded out from under his gold-rimmed gla*ses.

At this moment, it was as if the temperature in the entire hall had plummeted to the freezing point.

As the leader, his gentle and elegant demeanour was only the temperament he usually wanted to show to people.

If he really thought that he was gentle and elegant, he would be very wrong.

“Elder Ancestor, the person who killed Chen Dong has not been found out yet.”

Yuan Yigang said in a deep voice, “Now that they have found out that Chen Dong is in the Shanhe Club, we will be pa*sive when we follow up.”

“You’re afraid?” Ye Yuanqiu raised his eyebrows and said.

Yuan Yigang pulled the corner of his mouth, “Yuan Yigang doesn’t know how to write the word fear.”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled faintly.

Immediately after, Yuan Yigang shrugged, “It’s just that, from now on, I’ll move into the East Courtyard.”

“You’re at least the leader, moving to guard Chen Dong?” Ye Yuanqiu said in dismay.

Yuan Yigang smiled brightly, “Come on, you personally came here for this, isn’t that what this is all about? It’s not a big deal for me, the leader, to guard our youngest Yuan ancestor.”

“You kid, you’re so smart.” Ye Yuanqiu smiled helplessly.

Yuan Yigang pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose and gave a non-committal smile.

There was a few seconds of silence.

He slowly said, “But now that the Chen family head has disappeared, are you sure that the Hong Society wants to finish this muddy water? This water, it’s muddy as hell.”

The smile on Ye Yuanqiu’s face disappeared.

With a sullen face, he slowly spat out one word.


As Yuan Yigang gave the order.

The entire Shanhe Guild Hall fell at once, no longer cold and clear in front of the main gate pagoda like it was normally.

The level of martial law was raised to the highest level at the same time.

Yuan Yigang also personally moved to the east courtyard and took care of a room.

This was also the first time Chen Dong met the so-called leader of the Hong Society.

What made Chen Dong slightly dismayed was this.

Yuan Yigang’s age was beyond his expectation.

Originally, he had expected the leader to be at least around fifty.

However, even though Yuan Yigang’s hair was white, his essence and appearance were not the least bit old, he was only in his early thirties, just a few years older than him.


Yuan Yigang sensed Chen Dong’s astonished gaze.

“You are young.” Chen Dong nodded his head, not hiding anything.

“Not as young as you.”

Yuan Yigang let out a strange laugh, “You are the youngest Ancestor of our Hong Society’s Yuan Dynasty.”

The two men exchanged a glance.

At the same time, they laughed.

Immediately after, Yuan Yigang shrugged his shoulders.

“By the way, the matter of me moving to the East Courtyard to protect you is currently known to just a few of us within the Hong Society, and I don’t intend to spread the word.”

After a pause, he narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced meaningfully at Ye Linglong, who was standing beside Chen Dong with her head bowed.

Then, smiling, he said, “But you and sister Linglong, don’t worry, although I’m in the East Courtyard, I don’t usually come out, I’ll be inside the house dealing with business documents, and I won’t interfere with you two, in other words, you can also pretend that I don’t exist and do whatever you want, as long as it’s not too loud, I can accept it.”

Chen Dong suddenly couldn’t stop laughing.

This F**king ……

And Ye Linglong’s delicate body even trembled, and instantly her delicate body seemed to be on fire.

Her face flushed red and she glared at Yuan Yigang in shame.

Indignantly, she stomped her foot.

“Dragon head, are you the one who speaks to your sister like that? Have no shame?”

Amongst the Hong Society, she was perhaps the only one who was in a lower position, yet she dared to speak to Yuan Yigang with such a tone of voice.

“I raised you from childhood with a handful of Sh*t, and you actually ask me, the elder brother, if I want to be shameless?”

Yuan Yigang pretended to be helpless as he got up and walked out: “Feelings have faded, faded ah, I was just being kind and looking after both of your emotions ah.”

Looking at Yuan Yigang’s departure.

Ye Linglong’s delicate body was vaguely trembling, and blood was oozing out of her beautiful face.

With her head bowed, she did not dare to look at Chen Dong.

Yuan Yigang’s words just now were clearly words, deliberately hinting at something.

How could she bear this?

At this moment, she was even more afraid to look at Chen Dong.

The atmosphere in the room became somewhat odd.

Even Chen Dong was shocked by Yuan Yigang’s “shamelessness”.

Rubbing his nose, he broke the dead silence.

“I can’t tell, you’ve had a strong taste since you were a kid, haven’t you?”


Ye Linglong was stunned for a moment and looked at Chen Dong in dismay.

Chen Dong laughed, “Anyway, my mother used to raise me by feeding me, not a handful of Sh*t yet.”

Ye Linglong instantly reacted.

She glared angrily at Chen Dong and raised her hand to fiercely pinch Chen Dong’s arm, causing Chen Dong to grimace and suck in cold air.

“You B*****d, how can you and big brother team up to squeeze me the first time we meet?”