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Winner Takes All Chapter 465-466

Chapter 465

Ye Yuanqiu’s body trembled for a moment.

His face was full of shock.

Eventually, he let out a leisurely sigh.

“Still, the doctor was right.”

Ye Linglong, who had flung herself into Ye Yuanqiu’s arms and bawled, raised her head, her teary eyes hazy as she looked at Ye Yuanqiu incredulously.

“You, already knew?”

Ye Yuanqiu nodded solemnly and gruffly.

“Injured, poisoned, jumped into the sea, he was able to recover a life, is already a great blessing, when the doctor resuscitated, the toxicity had flowed all over the blood, even then the doctor was helpless, purely for the sake of our Hong Society’s face and his generation, the dead horse was treated as a living horse.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was full of helplessness, pulling the corner of his mouth: “As a result, Chen Dong was really saved, but at that time, the doctor also said that the toxicity had entered the blood, even if it was saved, it was normal to injure some organs or cause paralysis, and it was a very high chance of the result.”

Looking at Ye Linglong, who was full of dismay, Ye Yuanqiu smiled bitterly and gently stroked Ye Linglong’s head.

“Grandpa knows your heart for Chen Dong, so he and Elder Long didn’t tell you, it’s just that he didn’t expect that Chen Dong would find out so quickly …… his ability to recover a life has already exceeded all of our expectations, how can we still talk about crippling or not.”

Ye Linglong was stunned and lost in thought.

At this moment, tears flowed quietly.

She felt as if her chest was stuffed with rocks, blocked to the point of suffocation.

The image of Chen Dong’s desperate pain just now was still vivid in her mind.

It was like a knife or a sword, plucking fiercely at her heart.

She asked reluctantly, “How can I tell him this? Is there really nothing that Grandpa can do at all that he can’t accept?”


Ye Yuanqiu shook his head.

Saying this he lifted his dry and old hand and gently wiped the tears from the corners of Ye Linglong’s eyes.

“Linglong, ah, you are already an adult, an adult should behave like an adult, an adult should go and choose to accept some facts and realities that they are not willing to accept.”

Ye Linglong’s lips were noisy, but she was still unwilling.

That man, before, was so spirited.

Why did God have to be so unjust as to make him a cripple?

Only, not waiting for her to speak.

Ye Yuanqiu then slowly got up, “Let’s go, take grandpa to see Chen Dong, call the doctor as well, it’s time for Chen Dong to accept the truth.”


Ten minutes later.

Ye Yuanqiu brought Ye Linglong and the five doctors into Chen Dong’s room.

Chen Dong was lying on the bed, staring vacantly at the ceiling, motionless.

It was as if his soul was out of his body and only a shell remained.

“Chen Dong ……”

Ye Linglong called out softly, “I’ve brought grandpa and the doctor.”

Chen Dong did not respond, and silently, a tear once again flowed from the corner of his eye, sliding down the corner of his eye.

This scene almost made Ye Linglong cry out when she looked at it.

She covered her mouth and could not bear to look on, turning around and walking outside the house.

Ye Yuanqiu shook his head helplessly, stepped forward and said, “Chen Dong, these five are the top doctors, the old man has brought them to help you treat your leg.”

Chen Dong’s eyes glowed with a glimmer of light.

Looking at the five doctors with expectation, his eyes eventually fell on Ye Yuanqiu’s body.

“Is it true that …… there is still salvation?”

A weak statement, but one filled with endless expectation.

It was as if a dying person was eager to grab the last straw to save his life.

Ye Yuanqiu had already known the result, but at this time, he did not dare to directly admit it.

Instead, he said, “How can we know if we don’t try?”

Five doctors stepped forward at the same time to make a joint diagnosis on Chen Dong.

Because of the seven-day coma, the house had been transformed into a “rescue room” by Ye Yuanqiu, and some medical examination instruments were also listed in the house.

Outside the house, Gu Qing Ying’s jade mouth was clenched on her arm, holding back her sobs and letting the tears flow.

Hearing Chen Dong’s words, it was as if countless red-hot sharp knives were cutting into her heart, splitting it bit by bit.

What else could be more desperate than making a person accept the reality of despair?

The previous Chen Dong was a dragon among men standing in the clouds.

Even if Ye Linglong was arrogant and aggressive, she could admit in her heart that Chen Dong was indeed outstanding.

It was not about the Chen family’s background, but rather Chen Dong’s personal excellence.

Otherwise, it would not have been possible to tug at her heartstrings.

The fact that she knew that Chen Dong was married, she was still like a moth to a flame and could not control her love for Chen Dong at all.

Only now …… the dragon fell into the abyss.

Inside the house, it was quiet.

Ye Yuanqiu stood by, silent, quietly watching everything in front of him.

The five doctors looked focused, performing diagnostic examinations for Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, from the beginning to the end, had a light in his eyes, looking at the five doctors with immense expectation.

He wanted to detect any clues from the five doctors’ expressions.

But the five doctors were indifferent from the beginning to the end.

The examination was completed.

Chen Dong was busy asking expectantly, “Doctor, is there any chance of my recovery?”

“Sir, wait a moment, there are still a few more tests, and you need time to wait for the results.”

One of the doctors pointed to a few instruments in the corner.

Chen Dong nodded, unconsciously breathing faster, taking several deep breaths, but still unable to suppress them.

“I hope, this is my only hope ……”

He murmured, his hands clenched into fists, his body trembling.

This scene, looking at Ye Yuanqiu are difficult to hide the colour of loss in his eyes.

Such a true dragon …… has fallen to such a state, the heavens have no eyes!

With the strength of the Hong Society, Chen Dong’s everything, it is easy to investigate clearly.

This point of ability alone, let Ye Yuanqiu amazed.

Even without the Chen family’s background, even without Chen Daoling, the family head’s father.

Ye Yuanqiu had no doubt that with Chen Dong’s ability, he would only need a little help and a springboard to rise up the ladder.

What’s more, Chen Dong’s heart was so strong that even he, an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation, was amazed and smacked his lips.

Time pa*sed slowly.

One by one, the test reports came back one after another.

Looking at the five doctors who were gathered together, discussing their conclusions.

Chen Dong’s eyes were always filled with hope.

This moment was like years.


The five doctors exchanged glances and walked to Chen Dong’s side.

One of the doctors also gestured for Ye Yuanqiu to lean over.

Then, only then did he slowly say.

“The results of the various tests are not abnormal, but as judged during the resuscitation, it is already a miracle that this gentleman survived, and the loss of consciousness in both legs and the inability to move now should be and after-effect caused by the toxicity penetrating deep into the blood.”

“Then can I …… still recover?” Chen Dong asked expectantly.

The doctor was silent for a second and shook his head.

“The five of us have discussed that your disability, sir, cannot be checked for any specific indicators today and cannot be cured, and perhaps …… this condition will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

Calm tone of voice, said the most desperate truth.

Ye Yuanqiu silently gazed at Chen Dong’s expression.

And after hearing the doctor’s words, Chen Dong’s body trembled fiercely.

The light of hope in his eyes was also quickly annihilated.

All that remained was an endless obscurity.

Inside the house, a dead silence ensued.

Outside the house, Ye Linglong was finally unable to restrain herself and quietly poked her head out to gaze at Chen Dong.

The next second, Chen Dong’s poignant smile caused Ye Linglong’s heart to clench fiercely into a ball.

Chen Dong laughed and stared at his legs, lamenting in despair.

“Ruined, completely ruined, I am also …… completely finished …… all my efforts, lost in this pair of legs ……”

In his words, there was a strong sense of death.

The words fell, Chen Dong’s face suddenly went white, and a mouthful of fresh blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

It was crimson and blinding.


Chapter 466


Chen Dong’s eyes closed and he fell heavily onto the bed.

The scene caught him off guard.

“Chen Dong!”

Ye Linglong hurriedly rushed in, her flowery face pale.

Ye Yuanqiu, however, stopped her.

Five doctors came forward to diagnose, and then one responded, “There is no serious injury.”

Both Ye Linglong and Ye Yuanqiu’s expressions were relieved at the same time.

Ye Yuanqiu turned his head to look at Ye Linglong, “Linglong, take good care of Chen Dong.”

Looking at Grandpa leaving with the five doctors.

Ye Linglong’s eyes were hazy with tears.

She slowly walked over to the unconscious Chen Dong and looked at the fiercely white face, the blood at the corner of her mouth was like a sharp sword piercing her eyes.

“It’s going to be okay, everything is going to be okay, you don’t have nothing, you still have me.”

A voice with a sobbing accent slowly exhaled from her red lips.

Ye Linglong gently wiped the blood from the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth.

Then, slowly and gently, she lay on Chen Dong’s chest and murmured through her tears, “With me, I won’t let you be in any danger again.”

The night was slightly cool.

The private plane landed at the airport.

Long Lao walked off the plane with a stern look.

Outside the airport, there were people from the Chen family office waiting.

When he stepped out of the airport, Elder Long directly got into the car.

“Go to Qing Ying International, the Gu family.”

“Elder Long, coming in a hurry and going to the Gu family, is something wrong?”

The Chen family office man in charge of reception asked.

A cold glint flashed in Elder Long’s eyes as he looked into the rear view mirror.

“Talking too much is punishable by a tongue-pulling hell.”

“Yes, sorry Elder Long.”

The receptionist was chilled as if in shock, hastily apologised and then started the car.

Looking out of the window, Elder Long was thoughtful.

He hadn’t informed the Chen family about Chen Dong’s matter.

It was a good thing that Chen Dong had come over here this time and was also travelling alone.

In other words, the Chen family had no idea of Chen Dong’s whereabouts this time.

Now that Chen Daolin had disappeared, the Chen family was without a head and there were dark currents among the factions.

To report Chen Dong’s accident to the Chen family would obviously do more harm than good in Elder Long’s mind.

Even on his trip, he was trying to cover his tracks as much as possible.

Keeping it quiet was the only protection he could do for Chen Dong.

Therefore, even now that he had landed, Elder Long did not choose to go and stay at the Chen family office, but chose to go directly to the Gu family.

By the time Elder Long arrived at the Gu family’s home, it was already close to midnight.

To Elder Long’s slight dismay, the Gu family was actually brightly lit up.

“Elder Long, I am waiting outside.”

The office receptionist said respectfully.

Elder Long gave him a cold, stern, knife-like, terrifying oppression that made him no longer dare to say more.

“Go away, old man is just doing some personal business.”

Elder Long waved his hand and said indifferently.

He waited for the receptionist to drive away before he went up and rang the Gu family doorbell.

Soon, a servant came.

“Is that Elder Long?”

“I want to see Mr. Gu.”

With the maid leading the way, Elder Long walked into the villa.

When he entered the house, he could not see Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua, the couple.

He frowned and asked, “Where is my young lady, and Mr. and Mrs. Gu?”

The servant looked gloomy and said, “The young lady suddenly fainted, and Mr. Gu is asking the doctor to help with the treatment.”


Long Lao’s expression changed dramatically as he hurriedly got up and headed upstairs.

As he walked into the room in fear.

The scene that met his eyes instantly made his heart sink hard downwards.

Gu Guohua gestured to Elder Long to keep quiet.

Beside him was Li Wanqing, hiding her face and sobbing.

Gu Qingying was lying on the bed, motionless, indifferent and dull-eyed.

At the bedside, two doctors were doing examinations with odd faces.

Long Lao looked worried, his gaze fell on Gu Qingying’s faded and disfigured face, he couldn’t help but feel his heart ache, and the slightly bulging stomach made his eyes flush.

“Elder Long, come out and talk.”

Gu Guohua wearily led Elder Long outside.

Standing in the corridor, Gu Guohua took out a rare cigarette and smoked it.

“What’s going on?” Elder Long said in a deep voice.

Gu Guohua did not answer, but smothered his cigarette, only to smoke extra hard.

One cigarette, froze and smoked it all in three puffs.

After casually throwing the cigarette to the ground, he then said, “Dong’er betrayed Xiaoying, and after he came back, Xiaoying has been tearful and teared up, when Dong’er arrived over here, Xiaoying and Dong’er met once, but did not have the chance to talk, and then something happened to Dong’er.”

“Originally both Xiao Ying was pregnant, because of the betrayal, physically and psychologically it was a huge stress, long ago it was already physically and mentally exhausting, plus once Dong’er had his accident, her weak body couldn’t carry it anymore completely.”

Rubbing his face, Gu Guohua said guiltily, “Tonight it was also her mother who was worried about her and wanted to come over to keep her company, but as soon as she entered the door, she found her fainted on the floor, now she is awake, but you have just seen the situation ……”

At the end of the sentence, Gu Guohua sighed deeply.

In his eyes, they were even flooded with tears.

“I’m useless as a father, watching my daughter become like this, but I can’t do anything about it.”

Long Lao patted Gu Guohua’s shoulder and said comfortingly, “It’s alright, it will get better, since I’m here, I will try my best to find the young master.”

“Let’s go in first.”

Gu Guohua wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes and walked into the house pretending to be strong.

Elder Long followed closely behind.

And at that moment, the two doctors finished their examination.

One of them said.

“The child is fine, but your love is in a dangerous condition.”

Hearing that the child was fine, Elder Long and Gu Guohua, the couple, both breathed a sigh of relief.

But the doctor’s second half of the sentence made the three men’s hearts flutter.

“Doctor, how is my daughter really doing?” Li Wanqing asked with a sobbing voice.

Ever since Gu Qingying had awakened, she had remained dull and mute.

This caused Li Wanqing and Gu Guohua’s hearts to twist like knives.


The doctor said, “Your love is fine.”

Gu Guohua frowned: “One moment it says it’s dangerous, and the next moment it’s fine, what is the situation?”

“Mr. Gu, your Ai’s body is not sick, but her heart is already very sick.”

The doctor said gruffly, “If we can’t open up her heart as soon as possible, the way she is now, she will soon collapse completely, and even the baby ……”

After a pause, the doctor leaned over and gathered his things while saying, “Mr. Gu should have heard of the saying that there is no greater sorrow than the death of the heart, right?”

“Is there a way to treat my daughter? Or prescribe some medicine?”

Gu Guohua’s eyes were red with anxiety.

“I’m sorry, this is a matter of the heart and there is no medicine to cure it.” The doctor shook his head, and then the two left.

“Little Shadow ……”

Li Wanqing cried as she sat by the bed, raising her hand and waving it in front of Gu Qingying’s empty eyes, “Mama is here, will you look at Mama?”

“Daughter, say something, mum and dad are here, you can’t scare us like this na.” Gu Guohua simply squatted by the bed and grabbed Gu Qingying’s hand.

But Gu Qingying, her expression was unruffled and she remained motionless.

Long Lao looked sad and slowly walked to the bedside.

Looking at Gu Qingying, who had lost so much weight, even he could not help but have tears in his eyes.

With a trembling voice, Long Lao shouted softly, “Young Madam, old slave has come to see you ……”

This shout.

Gu Qingying’s eyes suddenly flickered for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, two drops of tears dripped down the corners of her eyes.

The pale and somewhat dry and cracked and peeled lips slowly opened and moved.

“My big fool …… has disappeared ……”