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Winner Takes All Chapter 463-464

Chapter 463

“Whew …… that was close.”

Tian Ai got into the Lamborghini, panting and patting her heart, “Luckily I’m witty as a horse.”

Only, when she patted the spot where she had just been smashed by Ye Linglong’s fist, her face instantly changed in pain and she sucked in a breath of cold air backwards.

Indignantly, she cursed, “This B*tch is really not a good person.”

Just looking down, Tian Ai hesitated for a second before quietly raising one hand and placing it on the other side.

Maybe ……

“Heya, what are you thinking about, Tian Ai?”

Tian Ai shook her head hard, squashing that bold thought in her mind.

Starting the car, the Lamborghini was like a yellow lightning bolt, moving away from Chinatown.

After making sure no one was coming after her, Tian Ai slowed the car down.

Willow brows furrowed as she mused, “It’s hard to find out what exactly Hong Hui was fishing for on the beach that night, but if we don’t even try to investigate this clue, wouldn’t it be completely impossible to find Chen Dong?”

Before she left, what she told Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing was purely meant to be comforting.

On the one hand, it was to comfort the old couple, and on the other hand, it was also to comfort Gu Qingying.

An a*sa*sination that could go to this extent was obviously raging.

Even Tian Ai was not sure whether Chen Dong was dead or alive.

If they didn’t find Chen Dong as soon as possible, even if he was safe and sound now, he would be in grave danger as time went on.

What’s more, there was Gu Qingying’s body.

Thinking of this, Tian Ai’s head pounded and she scratched her hair in annoyance.

“How can all these years of experience be of no use at all when it comes to this?”

On the other side.

The airport on the outskirts of the city.

After arriving at the airport with his luggage, Long Lao arrived in a starry night.

Then he went straight to the fast VIP lane and entered the airport runway.

The private jet was parked on one of the runways early.

As Elder Long boarded the plane, it soon began to taxi for take-off.

Looking down at the suburban airport that was getting farther and farther away, Long Lao’s face was sullen with a strong killing intent.

“Young Master, you must hold on until Old Slave arrives!”

As he spoke, the temperature inside the cabin seemed to have plummeted to freezing point.

All along, Elder Long had always given off a smooth as water, and a warm as wind feeling.

Anger, would often appear.

But it was rare for him to show such unconcealed killing intent.

When it came to Chen Dong, even if Elder Long was in a stable state of mind, he could hardly contain it.

It had only been a few days?

Such a big deal had happened to the young master.

If Gu Guohua had not informed him, he would not have known anything at all.

On the phone, Gu Guohua’s tone was obviously also a bit powerless to cope with Chen Dong’s disappearance and accident.

Otherwise, a big shot like that would never have revealed a panicked and apprehensive tone.

“Even Gu Guohua is unable to deal with this person, I would like to see if you can make waves in my hands?”

The icy coldness of the cabin intensified with the cold words.

Long Lao’s aura also changed dramatically, cold, stern and domineering.

If Chen Dong were present at this moment, he would have been shocked.

Even Chen Dong had never seen the aura of Elder Long at this moment!

Night was gradually falling.

Gu Qingying awoke, but sat dumbly in front of the window.

The moon was clear and the stars were sparse.

Gu Qingying’s red and swollen eyes, however, danced with the light of tears.

She slowly lowered her head, her right hand gently stroking her daytime bulging stomach, and bean-sized tears dripped down.

She couldn’t remember exactly how many times she had cried in the past few days.

Every day she was in a state of grief.

Chen Dong’s “betrayal” was like a red-hot knife stabbed into her heart.

The growing belly was like a weight on her shoulders.

Now, Chen Dong had come, and she hadn’t even had the chance to meet him head-on, and something had happened.

The series of blows were like a mountain coming down from the sea.

If it were anyone else, they would have been unable to bear it.

In fact, there were times when Gu Qingying had the thought of lightening her life.

But when she thought of the baby in her belly, she forced herself to suppress it.

A woman is weak, but a mother is strong.

This is how Gu Qingying was feeling at the moment.

“Baby, mommy will definitely hold on, for your sake, mommy must also hold on.”

Gu Qingying lifted her head, teary-eyed, and looked out at the lights of thousands of families, her red lips mumbling, finally letting out a low hoarse voice: “Husband, where the hell are you?”

In the study.

Gu Guohua flipped through his computer over and over again.

The dense data on the top was the investigation information sent up from time to time by the company’s internal intelligence agency.

His eyes were bloodshot and exhausted from staring at the computer.

But he didn’t dare stop, he was desperate to find the clues.

Not because of Chen Dong, but because of Gu Qingying.

As a father, how could he sit still now that his daughter was so emaciated that she was barely human?

The door opened.

Li Wanqing walked in with a bowl of ginseng soup.

“Take a rest, keep doing this, what can you do if you boil yourself down again?”

“Don’t mind me, for the sake of our daughter, I can keep going too.”

Gu Guohua stared intently at the computer and waved his hand, “Now Chen Dong’s whereabouts are unknown, although Tian Ai’s words are easy to say, then you and I can both hear that they are comforting, if we don’t find Chen Dong as soon as possible, how do you think Xiao Ying can hold on?”

“Ugh ……”

Li Wanqing sighed, no longer blocked, handed the ginseng soup to Gu Guohua: “You are fighting for your daughter, I can understand, if I had the means, I would also be willing to fight for my daughter, but you have to take care of your body first, drink the ginseng soup and rest for five minutes, right?”

“I won’t drink it, you take the ginseng soup to your daughter.”

Gu Guohua wearily pinched the bridge of his nose: “She is now teared up and still pregnant with a baby, she needs tonic most of all, I’m fine here, all this information has to be run through first, stop a little, I’m afraid I’ll miss the clues.”

“You ……”

Li Wanqing looked sulking, and eventually swallowed back the words that came to her mouth.

Instead, she revealed a look of despondency and helplessness, “After such a big incident, the Chen family head has also disappeared at this juncture, what are we going to do?”

After saying that, she turned around with the ginseng soup and left the study.

While Gu Guohua stared intently at the computer, his expression gradually became gloomy and grave: “This drama, I’m afraid, is getting bigger and bigger, under the tsunami, I don’t know if my body can withstand it.”

It was late at night and the people were quiet.

Inside the Shan He Guild Hall.

In the east courtyard room, the light is dim.

Chen Dong, who was lying on the bed, twitched his eyelids twice and finally opened them slowly and with difficulty.

“Little Shadow and the baby are still waiting for me to admit my mistake and for me to pick them up and take them home.”

After his eyes gradually regained focus and adjusted to the light in the room.

Chen Dong’s eyes became incomparably firm and stern, as if he could destroy everything in front of him.

“Little Shadow is looking for me, I must get better as soon as possible, for you all mountains and seas can be leveled, not to mention this mere body.”

The whole week of coma made Chen Dong feel weak in every limb.

After a brief adaptation, he tried to move his arms and legs.

However, he was in no hurry and progressed step by step.

It was already a blessing to have recovered a life, and now there was no hurry for so few seconds.

Fingers, hands, arms ……

Little by little, Chen Dong was trying to move around.

Every time he moved, it was incredibly difficult for him.

Even the simple lifting of a finger was like lifting a thousand pounds.

Soon, dense beads of sweat seeped out from his forehead.

Ye Linglong was lying on the side of the bed, unknowingly falling asleep while accompanying him.

At this moment, in a daze, she felt something moving around her.

She lifted her head and rubbed her dazed eyes.

When she saw Chen Dong open his eyes, her beautiful eyes instantly flooded with a brilliant aura and her whole body instantly woke up.

“You’ve finally opened your eyes!”

Chen Dong ignored it and continued to try to move around.

Ye Linglong quickly noticed Chen Dong’s moving hand and was instantly ecstatic.

She carefully rea*sured, “Don’t rush, take your time, you will definitely get better, you have been in a coma for a week here, a normal person would be numb even after lying down for a week, gently move around, yes that’s it.”

And yet.

In the midst of her comforting voice.

Chen Dong’s expression became abruptly frightened, his eyes rounded, and in a flash his eyes filled with blood.

It was as if …… he had seen a ghost.

This scene scared Ye Linglong a great deal.

She hurriedly asked after him, “Chen Dong, you, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you scare me!”

“My leg ……”

Chen Dong effortlessly flicked his lips open and let out a hoarse and fearful voice: “Why is it senseless?”


Chapter 464


Chen Dong’s words were like a bolt from the blue.

Ye Linglong’s entire body was dumbfounded, a layer of pallor covering her stunningly beautiful face.

Her beautiful eyes stared in disbelief as she looked at Chen Dong’s legs.

“My legs, my legs ……”

Chen Dong lay on the bed, looking terrified, his features almost twisted, wailing in despair, “Why can’t I feel anything? Why can’t I move my legs?”

In fear, Chen Dong struggled desperately.

At this moment, he was no longer even struggling as much as he had been earlier, writhing in an almost manic gesture.

But no matter how much he squirmed, his legs remained motionless!

The reddened eyes were filled with panic, and crystal tears surged up.

Ye Linglong jolted awake.

She hurriedly held down Chen Dong who was desperately struggling, “Chen Dong, calm down, be patient, it’s alright, it’s not what you think, your body has not completely recovered yet, if you push so hard, you will hurt yourself!”

“But I can’t feel my legs anymore.”

Tears streamed down from the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes as he struggled with a frightened expression, paying no heed to Ye Linglong’s comfort.

No feeling in his legs meant crippling!

Not only did it mean that he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, it would also cost him the status of the Chen Family’s heir.

In a year’s time, it would be time for the Chen Family to choose the next head of the family.

But the Chen Family would never tolerate the next head of the family to be a cripple!

“It’s fine, believe me it will be fine, you have been lying down for so long and have been injured so badly, it must have had an effect on your body, now that your legs have no sensation, it must be temporary, as long as you slowly adapt, your legs will recover.”

Ye Linglong lost her colour, and while desperately hugging Chen Dong, tears had already welled up in her beautiful eyes.

“You lied to me!”

Chen Dong was like a beast, hissing and roaring at Ye Linglong.

This roar caused Ye Linglong to completely freeze.

Faced with Chen Dong’s scarlet gaze, Ye Linglong felt fear like never before.

As if it was instinctive, her heart chilled with fear.

“It’s gone, everything’s gone!”

Chen Dong struggled, tears of pain streaming down his face as he braced his hands against the bed board, trying with difficulty and effort to sit up.

But several times in a row, he fell heavily on the bed.

The sound of crashing caused Ye Linglong to wake up with a start.

She forced down the fear in her heart and raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes.

“It’s alright, I’m here, don’t be afraid with me.”

She leaned down, holding Chen Dong, helping him to sit up.

Chen Dong looked at his legs like he was in a frenzy and smashed his hands down hard.

This scene terrified Ye Linglong.

Following closely, Chen Dong looked at Ye Linglong in despair and desolation, tears streaming down his face, “Really, there is no feeling ……”

Looking at the tearful Chen Dong.

Ye Linglong fearful heartache at the same time, as if the heart was torn apart.

She had seen Chen Dong’s spirited side.

But now, this man who could tug at her heartstrings was crying like a child in front of her.

A man with tears does not cry lightly, but only before he is sad.

At this moment, how desperate and painful should Chen Dong be?

The next second.

Chen Dong suddenly murmured hysterically, “Go home, yes, go home, my wife and children are still waiting for me, they are waiting for me to go back and admit my mistake, I, I have to go back, Xiao Ying is having people look for me, she must be very worried about me ……”

As if ignoring Ye Linglong beside him.

Chen Dong braced himself and crawled towards the bed.


With both hands braced in the air, Chen Dong’s entire body fell to the ground.

At this moment, Chen Dong was so wretched that it was as if he was a dead dog.

He struggled and cried, his teeth clenched, and at this moment, his scarlet tear-filled eyes were filled with an almost maniacal determination.

Using all his strength, Chen Dong used his hands to brace himself against the ground and crawled, little by little, towards the door.

“Go home, I want to go home …… wife and children, waiting for me ……”

Ye Linglong lost her soul and sat on a chair, looking at Chen Dong who was like a dead dog struggling forward on the ground.

Red lips trembled, wordlessly, two lines of tears, flowing down the corners of the eyes.

“Chen Dong! What time is it, you still think of your wife and child?”

With a sobbing voice, Ye Linglong hissed out with all her strength.

“Because they are my wife and my children!”

Chen Dong didn’t even turn his head back, so weak that his voice was as low as a mosquito’s whisper, yet it was permeated with an indescribable determination that echoed clearly in the room.

“I am the husband and the father ……”

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled, and at this moment, her tears seemed like a broken river, she simply could not restrain them.

With her right hand covering her red lips, she looked at Chen Dong with eyes full of heartache.

Grandpa was right, a second more or a second less of fate is not right.

Only just the right amount of just right ……

Ye Linglong stood up, lost in thought, and still walked to Chen Dong’s side.

“I won’t allow you to trample yourself, if you want to go home, that’s when you’re healed!”

“But do I still have a F**king time to heal?”

Chen Dong stopped and finally raised his head, looking up at Ye Linglong: “I’m ruined, crippled! Please don’t take pity on me, let me crawl out of here, even if it’s like a dog, find a deserted corner and die!”


Ye Linglong’s eyes flickered for a moment, heartache and pain, but in an instant they turned into peace.

She gritted her silver teeth fiercely and laughed coldly, “You want to die? It’s not that easy, with me here, you can’t die!”

With that, she leaned down and in a brutal gesture, dragged Chen Dong towards the bed.

“Let go of me, you let go of me.”

Chen Dong struggled desperately, but at this moment, his legs were unconscious, so he could not struggle against Ye Linglong.

Not to mention that his body was extremely weak.

This made his struggle seem dispensable.

Ye Linglong struggled to help Chen Dong up and dropped him heavily onto the bed.

“You lie down properly, if you are sick, let’s cure you, even if you are crippled, but our Hong Society can hire you the best doctors in the whole world to cure you!”

Chen Dong lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling with a face full of despair and obscurity.

Tears, as his body trembled, flowed out.

“Wait here, I’ll go call grandpa.”

Ye Linglong was unusually calm and her tone was tinged with coldness.

As she walked to the door, she suddenly stopped again.

“You can die if you want, but think about it, your wife and children, if you die, your wife will be a widow, and your children will be orphans.”

Having said that, she stopped stopping and left at a fast pace.

Chen Dong, who was lying on the bed, finally saw a glimmer of light in his obscure and desperate eyes with these words.

His hands quietly clenched into fists.

As soon as she stepped out of the room, she could not restrain herself from bawling.

Her face was so beautiful that she was crying with pearly tears.

She clenched her jade arm, and even with great force, traces of blood appeared between her silver teeth.

In doing so, she also forced herself not to cry.

She ran up quickly, towards where her grandfather lived.


Ye Linglong pushed open the door.

In the house, Ye Yuanqiu was flipping through a book, and when he saw Ye Linglong’s appearance, his face instantly changed.

Without waiting to speak.

Ye Linglong finally let go of her arm with her jade mouth, no longer suppressing her sobs, and flung herself into Ye Yuanqiu’s arms.

“Grandpa, Chen Dong is crippled ……”