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Winner Takes All Chapter 451-452

Chapter 451

It was also just as Chen Dong was heading to Gu Qingying’s house.

The news of the hijacking was rapidly sweeping through the media.

After the plane landed, Tian Ai, the “saviour” of the incident, became the focus of media coverage.

In the spacious living room.

Gu Qingying sits listlessly, pressing the remote control and watching the TV channels.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing came out from the kitchen, carrying chopped fruits and walked into the living room.

Looking at Gu Qingying’s listless and disoriented appearance, the couple were heartbroken and at the same time cursed Chen Dong severely.

Gu Guohua, in particular, had a look of resentment and anger in his eyes.

Gu Qingying was his pearl in the palm of his hand, and had been held in the palm of his hand since childhood for fear of dropping it, and in his mouth for fear of melting it.

For the sake of Chen Dong, she had rejected all the pride and joy of heaven that he had arranged for her in the three years after graduating from university.

When Chen Dong was poor and had nothing to lose, he returned to Chen Dong’s side without a second thought.

A bumpy road, only to have Chen Dong cheat on her when her daughter was pregnant?

Gu Guohua never thought that his precious daughter would suffer such a nightmare.

In his eyes, even if Chen Dong was the heir to the Chen family, the Chen family head’s own son, but this matter, Chen Dong was still a brute!

These days, Gu Qingying, depressed and losing weight, also had to suffer from pregnancy vomiting, Gu Guohua looked at it in his eyes and hurt in his heart.

If not for Li Wanqing’s several attempts to dissuade him, he even had the urge to fly off and violently beat Chen Dong.

“Baby, mommy just peeled the fruit, have some.”

Gu Guohua squeezed out an almost flattering smile and held the fruit plate, coming up to Gu Qingying.

“No appetite, oops dad, don’t block me from watching TV.”

Gu Qingying’s willow brows knitted slightly as she scolded.

Gu Guohua moved to the side resentfully and sat down, glancing at the TV that kept changing channels, somewhat helpless.

Li Wanqing put her arm around Gu Qingying and said gently, “Xiao Ying, tonight mum and dad have a private party, why don’t you come with us? Think of it as going out for a break.”

Gu Qingying frowned and shook her head, “I won’t go, those people in your business, I don’t want to meet them.”

“It’s not business people, it’s a family dinner.”

Li Wanqing smiled and explained, “Do you still remember Tian Ai? Weren’t you and her the best of girlfriends when you were little?”

“Tian Ai?”

Gu Qingying’s obscure eyes finally glowed with a hint of light, muttering a bit of complaint, “It’s been years since we’ve had contact, back then she dropped the line that she was going to chase her dreams, and then stopped contacting me.”

“Haha, that girl is just that kind of nature, she doesn’t love red makeup but loves to be armed, but now it’s better, she came back today, I heard your uncle and aunt say that that girl seems to have finally fulfilled her dream now.”

Li Wanqing smiled and said, “It seems that she is already an Interpol officer, this time she came back, so you two can meet properly, when you got married, that girl did not have time to attend.”

Hearing the word “marriage”.

Gu Qingying’s expression suddenly dimmed, and the glimmer in her eyes disappeared.

This scene caught the eyes of Li Wanqing and Gu Guohua.

The couple’s hearts tightened for a moment, and Gu Guohua was busy nudging Li Wanqing’s shoulder, signalling that she had said the wrong thing.

Li Wanqing looked at Gu Qingying’s expression and was at a loss as to what to do, not knowing how to round up.

Luckily, Gu Guohua reacted quickly and took the remote control from Gu Qingying’s hand.

“Aiyo baby girl, you can’t change the channel, it makes daddy dizzy.”

As it happened, the TV channel stopped to the local news channel.

And the news report, the hijacking incident that was playing, the video footage of Tian Ai getting off the plane and being surrounded by many media for interviews.

“Crap!” Gu Guohua let out a shocked curse out of his mouth.

He rubbed his eyes somewhat incredulously, “Wife, daughter, you guys take a quick look, is this Tian Ai?”

Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing looked towards the TV screen.

Both mother and daughter were frozen at the same time.

Even though Gu Qingying had not seen Tian Ai for many years, she could still see the feeling of déjà vu in the outline of her face.

“It’s really true!” Li Wanqing nodded her head and said with a face full of astonishment, “A hijacking incident? My goodness, such a big thing and Tian Ai solved it all by herself?”

“This girl, she’s become a big hero as soon as she came back!” Gu Guohua exclaimed.

The couple immediately focused on the news.

Neither of them noticed that Gu Qingying was also focused and staring closely at the TV screen.

But unlike the two Gu Guowas, Gu Qingying’s gaze was always fixed on the corner of the video, where the overhanging ladder of the plane’s hatch was.

One by one, pa*sengers walked down the hanging ladder in an orderly manner, and a familiar figure in the crowd was like a heavy hammer that hit Gu Qingying’s eyes hard.

Is he …… coming?

Gu Qingying stared intently at the TV screen, her heart thumping at this moment.

The anticipation of surprise was interspersed with a raging anger that sprouted.

How could he still have the face to come?

Looking at the figure sandwiched in the crowd, he slowly walked down the hanging stairs and finally disappeared into the camera.

Gu Qingying’s mind suddenly became incomparably complicated.

Both hands subconsciously clenched into fists.

She suddenly said, “Mom and Dad, let me go with you tonight, I haven’t seen Tian Ai for years.”


Gu Guohua looked at Gu Qingying in surprise.

“Good, good, let’s have a good chat with Tian Ai tonight, this girl became a big hero as soon as she came back, this is a big joy.”

Li Wanqing also smiled and patted Gu Qingying’s shoulder.

For so many days after her return, Gu Qingying had always kept herself at home, which had made Gu Guohua and his wife worried.

Now that Gu Qingying wanted to go out for a walk, the couple’s hearts were also a lot more at ease.

If people keep themselves locked up all the time, there will always be problems.

If they went out for a walk and took a break, I believe their daughter would feel better.

“Come on, let’s go now, this is Tian Ai’s big wedding, I have to prepare gifts.”

Gu Qingying squeezed out a smile and got up and said.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s hearts steadied a few more points and they agreed with a smile.

The three members of the family soon finished packing and took the car to Tian Ai’s home.


“This is Little Shadow and her family’s home?”

After Chen Dong left from the airport and took a two-hour ride, he finally arrived at Gu Qingying’s home.

Rather than a home, it was more like a villa manor.

Back in college, he had never known how rich Gu Qingying’s family really was.

Even when he had divorced Wang Nan Nan and got together with Gu Qingying, he had never physically come to Gu Qingying’s home over here.

Even though Chen Dong was already a great achiever today, he was still shocked the first time he came to Gu Qingying’s home.

Looking at the large manor house, it was much bigger than the Tianmen Mountain villa.

There were also bodyguards patrolling the manor, the security level was extremely high.

However, when he thought of the strength of his father-in-law Gu Guohua, Chen Dong was relieved.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong was about to go to the main gate to inform them.

His mobile phone WeChat suddenly thought of him.

He stopped in his tracks and took out his phone to take a look.

In an instant, his pupils tightened and his heart gave a vicious twitch.

It was a WeChat message from Gu Qingying.

It read: You go away, I don’t want to see you.


Chapter 452

This moment.

Chen Dong stood under the blazing sun, but he actually had a feeling of coldness all over his body.

The few fonts on the screen cut his heart like a knife.

“You knew I was coming?”

Chen Dong murmured, “Not even willing to see me?”

Lost in a trance for a moment, Chen Dong tried to dial Gu Qingying’s number.

But the phone rang once and then was hung up.

Unwillingly, he called several times in quick succession, with the same result.

“Can you pick up my phone?”

Chen Dong sent a WeChat message to Gu Qingying.

Immediately after, he hurriedly added another one, “I came over just to explain to you and take you home.”

As he sent the WeChat, Chen Dong looked a little flustered.

Even his hands were vaguely trembling as he typed.

He was afraid!

He was afraid of losing Gu Qingying because of this misunderstanding.

Even if he tried desperately to restrain himself, he could not calm the ups and downs of his heart.

After sending the WeChat.

Chen Dong squatted on the roadside, staring at his phone, biting his nails and waiting silently.

Only, a long wait.

Two WeChat messages, like stones sinking into the sea, with no news.

“I can definitely wait for you!” Chen Dong’s gaze burned and he said firmly, “I’m going to take you home.”


Night was falling.

Inside the luxurious villa.

In the dining room, there was laughter.

It was a private banquet, a private dinner between the Gu family and the Tian family to be exact.

The friendship between the two families had laid a solid foundation since Gu Guohua was young, and for so many years, the two sides had been working together moving forward.

“Old Gu, I still remember when we were both fighting the world, when Wanqing and my wife were pregnant, and we both foolishly got married by fingerprints.”

A middle-aged man with greying temples and a majestic brow raised his red wine gla*s and laughed, “It turned out to be a good thing, giving birth to a pair of little girlfriends.”

“It wasn’t because that night, we both drank a lot of wine and you insisted that Tian Ai marry my family’s Little Shadow, thanks to the fact that I was still somewhat sober.” Gu Guohua laughed nervously.

The crowd talked and laughed.

Only Gu Qingying looked despondent, her hands clutching her mobile phone tightly under the table.

Originally, she had already thought of catching up with her best friend whom she had not seen for years.

But with Chen Dong’s phone call and WeChat call, Gu Qingying no longer had the heart.

“Xiaoying, do you have something on your mind?”

Tian Ai sat beside Gu Qingying and asked with concern, “I feel like you’re preoccupied tonight.”

“No, it’s fine.” Gu Qingying forced a smile on her face.

But Tian Ai frowned and said, “We haven’t seen each other for so many years, and you don’t even want to talk to me, and you still say you don’t have something on your mind?”

“No Ai Ai, I just don’t feel well.” Gu Qingying really couldn’t bring herself to be interested.

Even if the Tian Ai in front of her was her best playmate from her childhood.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Gu Qingying’s face suddenly changed and she hurriedly got up and ran into the toilet.

The sudden scene caused the table to fall silent instantly.

Li Wanqing’s expression changed as she hurriedly got up and followed the toilet.

Gu Guohua smiled and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine, let’s continue, by the way Tian Ai, once you came back this time, you’ve become our big hero!”

With a single word, the topic was smoothly digressed.

Tian Ai’s parents had smiled with relief and happiness.

The airplane hijacking incident was big news.

It had long been reported by the major media.

In this world of heroes, it was a great honour for Tian Ai to be the “saviour” of everyone on the plane.

“No, Uncle Gu, it was just a fluke.”

Tian Ai said shyly with her head down.

Thinking about the scene on the plane, Tian Ai still felt a bit of a fluke in her heart.

If that man named “Chen Dong” had not been there, I would not have been able to return to Heaven even if I had stood up for myself.

“Modest, this child is quite modest.”

Gu Guohua laughed, “I’ve heard your parents say that you’ve been working hard over the past few years, and now you’re an Interpol officer, with your status and strength, it’s only logical that you could save everyone on the plane.

Tian Ai’s father also laughed, “Tian Ai, your uncle Gu and I have been friends for almost thirty years, there is no need to be concerned.”

“You’re such a father, the child knows how to be modest, but you’re still trying to make him feel smug?” Tian Ai’s mother scolded with a laugh.

Gu Guohua took over, “Sister-in-law, I have to say you, we are not old-fashioned people, Tian Ai has done such a big thing, not to mention you two, even I, as an uncle, feel very proud.”

Listening to Gu Guohua’s conversation with his parents.

Tian Ai became more and more shy, she was clearly telling the truth, but it turned out to be interpreted as modesty.

Listening to the compliments, Tian Ai couldn’t take it anymore.

She was stubborn and arrogant, otherwise she would not have left behind her privileged life at a young age and disliked the red dress and arms.

It was because of this character that she always felt a bit ashamed of this glory of hers.

The real glory should be that man’s!

“Tian Ai, quickly tell uncle exactly what happened, this kind of plot that only happens in movies, uncle is curious about it.”

Gu Guohua could only pursue the matter in order to digress from Gu Qingying’s pregnancy vomiting.

Now that Gu Qingying was pregnant and Chen Dong had done something worse than that, in his heart, he was always a bit ashamed to bring it up in front of people.

Facing Gu Guohua and his parents’ searingly expectant gaze.

Tian Ai clenched her fist and said helplessly, “Uncle Gu, Mom and Dad, it was really just a fluke.”


Gu Guohua and Tian Ai’s parents froze at the same time.

All three of them reacted that Tian Ai’s words were not modest, it was obvious that there was something else going on.

Following closely, Tian Ai slowly said, “After the plane took off, I did take the lead in spotting those four bandits, but at that time, I held myself as a strength and a professional, and thought of solving the whole incident by myself, and made it a point to alert the pa*sengers one by one in the first cla*s cabin.”

“After it happened, I was indeed the first one to stand up to the four bandits as well, but, but I ……”

Speaking of this, Tian Ai’s pretty face flushed red and her red lips were mouthing, “But I really couldn’t beat those four bandits, they were all tall and skilled in fighting skills, and two of them even carried special spliced out knives, and I had a close call with them soon after.”

Thinking of the image of the plane where she had refused Chen Dong’s help with the talk of a professional, Tian Ai now suddenly felt a sense of shame to find a hole in the ground to burrow into.

She gritted her silver teeth, “If not for the presence of another expert on the plane at that time, who secretly helped me out, wounding the four bandits and curbing their ability to move, I might have died at the hands of the four bandits.”


Gu Guohua, Tian Ai’s parents, were dumbfounded on the spot.

Tian Ai’s words were very different from those in the news interview, but the fact that they were coming from Tian Ai, the person in question, gave the three of them the unreal feeling of being in a trance and dreaming.

“Ai Ai, but the video of your interview said that you were the one who solved it, huh?”

Tian Ai’s mother pursued incredulously, “Besides, the plane was just that big, how could that expert you were talking about, secretly help you?”

“He just used flying cards, ah, playing cards in his hands are just like darts, fast and accurate.”

Tian Ai’s eyes flickered with intense awe, then he smiled bitterly and shrugged, “I said that in the interview video because I guessed that gentleman didn’t want to reveal his identity, that’s why I said that on purpose, I was only the apparent saviour, it was that gentleman who saved the people on the whole plane.”

“A flying license?!”

Gu Guohua and Tian Ai’s parents were all stunned.

A small poker card could really have the power to hurt and kill people?

After a pause, Tian Ai sighed, “I even caught up with that gentleman after the interview in the back, and just as I guessed, he really didn’t want to reveal his identity because he had an urgent matter to hurry.”

“My goodness, Tian Ai, that gentleman you mentioned is too low-key and introverted, isn’t he?” Gu Guohua was in a bit of a trance.

Tian Ai’s father also tsked and sighed, “Because he’s in a hurry, he doesn’t even bother with such merits, is his matter more important than this?”

Ask yourself, if the same thing had happened to him.

Even Tian Ai’s father would never have been this low-key and introverted.

Tian Ai’s expression suddenly became strange, and her red lips mumbled, “He, he said, he rushed to admit his mistake to his wife.”

At that very moment.

Gu Qingying, who had finished her pregnancy vomiting, returned to the restaurant with a somewhat ugly face under Li Wanqing’s a*sistance.

Hearing Tian Ai’s words, Gu Qingying suddenly stopped in place, dazed and lost in thought.