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Never Say Never Chapter 449-450

Chapter 449

“Cheng Junyu?” I opened my mouth, more or less prepared in my mind.


He shrugged his shoulders, “I actually didn’t intend to kidnap you at first because the cost would be too high and it wouldn’t even be a crime, after all, for something like a bid, all you really need to do is for ac’s president to go talk to you, so kidnapping you wasn’t really the best option.”


I nodded my head, gesturing for him to continue.


“But Cheng Jun Yu took the initiative to approach us, saying that he wanted to talk about cooperation, in fact he mainly wanted to cooperate with Lin Wan, and I have been cooperating with Lin Wan all these years, he used the audit of the Cheng family for the next ten years to make a deal with me, the calculation was that I not only got part of Fu’s audit, but also could cooperate with this big business of the Cheng family for ten years, so, I agreed. ”


What was expected, I was more or less prepared, my emotions were still stable as I looked at him and said, “What is the purpose of Cheng Junyu doing this?”


He thought about it and shook his head, “I’m not sure about that, when he worked with me he just said he couldn’t let you get hurt, after I talked to you about my bid, he arranged everything else, I wasn’t involved much.”


I pursed my lips, but I couldn’t understand more and more why Cheng Junyu had to arrange a fake drama between Lu Xinran and Fu Shenyan for me, what was the purpose? To force me to leave Fu Shen Yan in advance?


But what good would it do him?


After understanding these things, I was somewhat calm and looked at him and said, “Mr. Li, thank you for telling me this, but I need to think about the cooperation, after all, I am a person who holds a grudge.”


His face pulled down sharply, a stern face, “What does Miss Shen mean?”


I raised my eyes and looked out of the private room, slightly speaking my body against the sofa, my gaze faintly looking at him, “The one time you kidnapped me, are you going to continue to let me smother you and pretend that this never happened?”


He sank his face and said grimly, “You weren’t hurt in the slightest from start to finish, were you?”


“Physically, it’s true that I was not hurt at all, but what about mentally?” Lu Xinran’s self-directed disgusting recording had really cost the couple’s interest with Fu Shenyan, and counting up, such a loss was not small.


He wanted to say more, but at that moment the door of the private room had been opened, a group of uniformed police officers rushed in and tackled Li An, the person responsible for his arrest spoke in a deep voice, “Li An, you are involved in illegal trading and kidnapping, please come with us.”


Li An reacted and looked at me angrily, his heart heaving with anger, “Shen Shu, you’re shaking me?”


I pursed my lips and said lightly, “This really wasn’t part of my plan.”


He looked at me, his eyes fierce with anger, “Shen Shu, if you have the guts to let me get the death penalty like Lu Qi preferably, or I’ll get out and I won’t let you get away with it.”


Watching him as the police took him away, I sat down in my seat, my eyes faintly staring at the dishes that hadn’t been touched much on the table.


Moving gracefully, I ate by myself, it wasn’t always cheap and it wasn’t good to waste it.


“You’re being too calm, didn’t you hear what he just said? You’re still in the mood to eat?” Shen Yu came in, his eyes fell on me and helplessly said, “When he comes out, you’ll be miserable.”


I took a few bites of the food and thought it tasted pretty good, so I looked at him and said, “Don’t you want some?”


He chortled and sat down opposite me, asking the waiter for a new bowl and chopsticks, looking at me as he ate, “Are you really not afraid of him coming out to get back at you?”


Putting the chopsticks down, I slowly took a sip of tea and looked up at him, “You’d give him the chance to get at me?”


He froze and smiled, “Shen Shu, where did you get the confidence that I would protect you?”


Chapter 450

“You’re the one who took him, not me, so what’s the point of him seeking revenge on me?” It was still unpleasant to order too much food and not finish it.


He was speechless, “Are you forgetting that you were an accomplice too?”


“The mastermind was me?”


He shook his head.


I shrugged my shoulders and said innocently, “In that case, it’s okay for me to drink some of it.”


After a few bites, I lost my appetite and looked at him, “It’s late, I’ll go back first, let me know when the results of the trial are in.”


He tsked and said without temper, “What, are you going to clean up this mess for me?”


I looked at him, “Or I’ll clean it up?”


He faked a smile, “It’s hard to raise a woman and a villain, Confucius was right, Shen Shu, you’re more vindictive than I thought.”


I didn’t retort, there was nothing more to say and I got up to leave.


Outside the restaurant, he followed me out and spoke, “You’re not going to talk to Fu Shen Yan about what happened to Li An?”


I shook my head and looked for my car keys from my bag, “There’s no need, this is already taken care of, you think of a way to turn Lin Wan’s filth out from Li An, the sooner the better.”


I originally thought of slowly dragging Lin Wan to death, but now it seems afraid that it will not work.


I want to get this over with as soon as possible so that I can properly investigate the relationship between Cheng Junyu and Muzi afterwards.


He nodded, clasped his hands and said, “It is quite simple, but you have laid such a big net, just to close it, do not feel boring?”




“I have other things to do!” There was no point in spending too much time here with Lin Wan, she was in a hurry like an ant on a hot pan!


I found my car keys, opened the door and looked at him lightly, “Come on, we’ll talk some other time, I’m leaving first!”


He stopped me in my tracks, “Lin Wan, how far are you going to go with this?”


“To the point of no return, no death?” I don’t want anything else, I just want her to experience the pain of losing a child first hand.


He frowned and looked at me thoughtfully, “If you regret it one day, don’t blame me for being too hard on you.”


I gave him a blank look and said, “I’ll regret it, which means she’ll regret it, that’s an idiotic proposition.


I parted from him, got into my car and went straight back to the villa.


After all, I was easily sleepy because of the Vietnam incident, and I fell asleep not long after I got back to the villa.


But it didn’t take long to be woken up by the unbearable pain in the small of my back, and the raucous noises coming from downstairs made me even more irritable.


Five minutes later, the noises continued downstairs and, somewhat unable to resist, I got up and went downstairs.


Standing at the entrance to the stairs, Lu Xinran was in a camel-coloured coat drenched in rain, her hair was damp and her always delicate face looked a little haggard and wretched.


When she saw me, she pushed away her sister-in-law Zhang, who had been stopping her, and sprinted up the stairs, pulling me and saying with a fierce look on her face, “Shen Shu, you did this, didn’t you?”


I was a little dazed from my sleep and hadn’t realized what was going on, so I took a moment to look at her with slightly narrowed eyes and said, “Miss Lu, when you express yourself, can you translate your own words by the way?”


Her eyes were bloodshot and she was tugging at my clothes, looking like she was struggling to control her emotions, “Shen Shu, don’t play dumb for me, you set my mother up, didn’t you?”


I laughed, so this was it, “Framed?” The pain in the small of my belly was a little too much to be fatal, but it was really uncomfortable, “Has Miss Lu graduated from primary school? Do I need to explain the original meaning of the word “frame-up”? Do you think this is a setup for your mother?”


“By what right, why do you have to target me for everything, you have already snatched brother Shen Yan, I have a parent and a home after a long time, yet you make me homeless still, Shen Shu, what exactly do I have against you, you want to do this to me?”