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Never Say Never Chapter 415-416

Chapter 415

The snow started to fall in the capital within a few days, so I broke my foot and couldn’t go out.


I spent a few days recuperating and spent all day in the villa reading or sleeping, but I gained a lot of weight.


I saw that I was almost well enough to go out, but it snowed heavily in the capital.


Fu Shenyan was busy and had no time for me, so I watched the white world outside on the balcony for a while.


I couldn’t help but remember that when I was young, Muzi said that in the future, I should look for a city where it would snow, so that I wouldn’t miss every snowy day of winter.


I remembered that Jon had said that he and Muzi would return at the end of the year.


I couldn’t help but feel my mobile phone and call him, and it took a while for the call to be answered.


It was Jon’s somewhat hoarse voice, “It’s snowing in M, is it snowing in the capital?”


I nodded, “Yeah, it’s snowing, it’s been snowing for two days now the snow is piling up outside, the whole world is turning white, so, are you guys coming back soon?”


After a pause, I spat out the words I’d been holding inside me for so long, “I miss you guys.”


The Jon on the other end of the phone seemed to have a bit of a cold, and cautiously said with a bit of a buzz, “Originally I was planning to go back, but it’s still only been less than three months, and now it’s the dead of winter, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to withstand the back and forth, so I may have to wait for spring to start.”


“Where’s Muzi? How come she hasn’t called me or returned my calls, I miss her so much.” Looking out the window at the drifting snow, I felt a little melancholy.


“She’s staying with the baby taking a nap, so when she wakes up, I’ll tell her to call you back.”


I couldn’t help but wrinkle my eyebrows and say seriously, “Jon, tell me honestly, Woody, is something wrong?”


How else could she have never returned my messages? Once or twice I could understand, but it’s been three months, how come there has been no response?


There was silence on the other end of the line for a while, and as I waited impatiently, I couldn’t help but hold the phone and say nervously, “Jon, what’s wrong with Muzi? Are you guys okay?”


“She …… is fine, she just hasn’t recovered well from the birth, I brought her to M for rehab and every time you call she won’t let me talk to you.” The words sounded no different.


It was so far away, I wasn’t quite sure for a while, how much truth there was in Jon’s words, and spoke up, “Jon, give me your address in M, I’ll come over to see you in a few days, I want to see the baby.”


“The weather is too cold, you should not run around, your health is already not good, the temperature in m country is much lower than the capital, you can’t adapt to coming here, wait for a while, when muzi is better and the child is older, we will come back.”


Jon was in a hurry to speak, when he heard the sound of a baby crying on the other side of the phone, he couldn’t help but rush, “The baby is crying, I’ll go and coax it first, I’ll send you a picture of the baby later, I’ll hang up first.”


I held the phone for a while and was a bit lost in thought.


I couldn’t help him, so I didn’t bother him much.


When Fu Qingyin came to the villa, it was still snowing heavily outside. She got out of the car and entered the villa, and many snowflakes flew over her head in just a few minutes.


When Sister-in-law Zhang saw her, she froze slightly, “Miss!” Sister-in-law Zhang had been in the Fu family for many years, and she knew Fu Qingyin.


Chapter 416

Fu Qingyin froze, “Sister-in-law Zhang, why have you come over to the capital too?”


“Sir and Xiaoshu are both over here, the other day Xiaoshu was not well and sir asked me to come over to look after her, have you …… been well over the years?”


Fu Qingyin nodded and pulled a wry smile to look at me who was about to get up and greet him.


“Shen Shu, where is Shen Yan?”


I gestured to Sister Zhang to make tea and looked at her, “There’s been a lot going on at the company lately, he hasn’t been back for a few days, Mr. Fu, is there something you want to see him about?”


Hearing me call her Mr. Fu, her tone was rusty and she frowned, “Shen Shu, are you still angry with your aunt for what happened before?”


I smiled lightly, greeted her and sat down, and spoke, “You’re overthinking it, it’s just that I called it smoothly and unconsciously.”


She sighed slightly and said, “Shen Shu, don’t take what happened before to heart, I am the daughter of the Fu family, the Fu family is now thin, your second aunt was injured many years ago and will not give birth, I am now in such a situation you know, I may not be able to have a child either, the Fu family is counting on Shen Yan to have a child, at that time your child was lost accidentally, Lu Xinran came to me and said that the child in her The child in her belly is the Fu family’s, I, as an elder, could not stand by and do nothing, so I thought of not leaving the Fu family’s heir out in the open, who thought …… hey!”


She looks a little haggard, although her clothes are thickly dressed, but still looks a lot thinner, a originally very delicate face vaguely more than a few wrinkles.


It seemed that she had aged a lot more than the last time I saw her.


There seemed to be no need to go round and round on this topic, and after a pause, I said, “Do you have something for Shen Yan? I’ll call him.”


I took out my phone to call Fu Shen Yan, but she said, “No, you don’t have to call him, I’m here to see you.”


I was stunned, “Looking for me?”


She nodded her head, and her slightly white lips moved slightly as she said, “Xiaoshu, you know that the Gu family has had too many incidents recently, and the Gu family was already small. You married Shen Yan, you are also a part of the Fu family, I know about Shen Yan’s company, he is busy, I as an aunt can’t help him, I can only not drag her down at this time, but you have nothing to do now, can aunt ask you a favor?”


This has been said for half a day, the last sentence is the subject, I slightly pause, speak, “Gu family has such a matter, Fu ShenYan and I originally wanted to take the initiative to help you, but I recently suffered some injuries, ShenYan company also had an incident, so that is why delayed, you have what you need me and ShenYan to do, you just say.”


In this world, the hardest thing to do is a white wedding, the Gu family is a large family but sparsely populated, and Gu Please Yin, a young widow, naturally had a lot to do.


Originally, this was all something Gu Han should have done, but Xu Hui had just left, and he hadn’t had time to grieve before he had to face the funeral of his parents, which was probably the great sorrow in life, and something he still had to face.


I was so relieved to hear me say that, Fu Qingyin smiled and said, “It’s not a big deal, auntie is thinking that the Gu family is too big and now it’s so empty, Gu Han is not here, I live alone in it, it’s really empty and silent, thinking that you should move down to the Gu family and stay with me for a few days, when your uncle Gu is buried, it will be fine.”