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Never Say Never Chapter 409-410

Chapter 409

He reached out and squeezed my ankle and I winced in pain and couldn’t help but say, “Ouch!”


“And you know it hurts?” His tone was bad, “Are your eyes meant to breathe?”


I deflated and whispered, “I didn’t know the floor would be so slippery, who wants to fall on their own!”


He looked at me mockingly, “Who’s to blame for not watching the road?” After a pause, “What are you going to do?”


“Take a shower!” This man was so grumpy.


He put me in the bath, put the water on me and said coldly, “Do you want me to wash you?”


“No!” I said back to him.


Seeing him looking at me nonchalantly, he said, “Other people have lost their parents and you’re as lost as an in-law, Shen Shu, you’re good!”


I ……


What kind of logic is this guy!


From there to here!


“Fu Shen Yan, are you funny? I fell down by accident, it’s not what you said at all, besides, Gu Han helped me, he’s in so much trouble now, what’s wrong with me helping him? Not to mention that he and I are still innocent, just the crap between you and Lu Xinran, did I say anything about you?”


I decided that Fu Shen Yan was making a big deal out of it, if Gu Han hadn’t appeared, I would have been killed twice, and now that he was in such a big trouble, he didn’t have anyone around to talk to, so what was there for me to care as a friend?


“Heh!” He laughed, “You had to help him like that? Do you have to do it this way? Shen Shu, do you think you’re the only one who knows how to be grateful that everyone else is wooden? Would it kill you to find someone to take care of Gu Han?”


“Fine, you find one!” I pursed my lips and said without good humour, “According to you, you could have found someone to take care of Lu Xinran before, so why did you have to do it yourself?”


He was so angry that he couldn’t speak for a while, his face was as black as carbon, he said coldly, “Don’t talk to me about the past, hurry up and wash up, call me when you’re done!”


“No!” I was angry too and said coldly, “I can handle it myself!”


He hooked his lips and sneered, “How can you handle it? Jump out of the tub by yourself and plan to fall again and just cripple yourself?”


“You ……” I was so angry my lungs exploded and I squashed my anger, “You take out your anger!”


He was sullen and in a bad mood.


Half an hour later.


After taking a bath, I looked at my ankle that had swollen up a bit in the water and stared at it, and after a pause, I stood up by myself holding the edge of the tub.


Bear with the pain, I can actually manage on my own.


The shelf next to the bath had bath towels and pyjamas on it, as well as lotion and essential oils, and I sat on the edge of the bath and rubbed on the lotion.


When I was about to take the towel to wipe my hair, I touched the oil and the gla*s fell to the floor and broke.


I froze and looked at the shards of gla*s at my feet, frowning at the inconvenience of squatting down to pick them up.


After thinking about it, I was ready to squat down, so much so that when Fu Shen Yan came in, he saw me strangely reaching out to the floor to pick up the shards.


“Shen Shu, do you have a tendency to abuse yourself?” His voice was low and cold, and he could hear a bit of gnashing of teeth.


I looked up at him, still without my pyjamas on, and reached out for a moment to pull them around me, but accidentally got the moisturiser on the floor again.


He looked and his lips curled into a cold smile, “I brought all the gla*s cups in the house and you dropped them all together?”


This man ……


“I didn’t mean to!” Looking at him, I was not nice, and after a pause said, “You come and hold me for a while, I can’t move like this.”


There were shards of gla*s under my feet, and I didn’t know how many I was going to step on with this one foot.


Chapter 410

Seeing that I had lost my temper, he walked towards me, his thin lips curled into a light smile, “Isn’t it nice to be nice like this all the time?”


He picked me up and nibbled on my lips in the process, I glared at him, this man was not leaving any gaps to take advantage of me.


The bedroom.


Placing me on the bed, he didn’t get up, his voice low and magnetic, “Don’t you like to repay favours? I carried you out just now, how do you plan to repay the favour?”


I F**king ……


Is this a kindness?


It’s a matter of raising your hand!


“Fu Shen Yan, are you funny?” It’s just to carry me out, so shameless.


He said without blushing, “Is it okay for tonight?”


That ……


I raised my eyebrows, “Aren’t you tired?” This ran back and forth towards the capital and Jiangcheng and came back with the ability to fight at night?


He hooked his lips and raised his eyebrows, his gaze extremely seductive, “How about you try?”


I F**king ……


“Fu Shen Yan, I’m too tired to!” This man really does take advantage of me when he finds the opportunity.


He didn’t seem to hear me as he said with a hint of the indescribable in his voice, “Can’t or don’t want to?”




But I couldn’t F**king say that.


After thinking about it, I pulled him away from me and said seriously, “Fu Shen Yan, I think you could buy an inflatable doll so you can be anywhere, anytime.”


He narrowed his eyes and crushed me under his heart, “How do you know it’s so convenient? You’ve used it?”


I ……


“It’s late, it’s time for bed!” I subconsciously tried to avoid him and moved away.


He saw my movement and looked at me with a slight sigh, “Shen Shu, when will you treat me like your husband.”


I froze, not knowing how to answer him for a moment, and shrank back, burying myself under the covers.


Noticing his grip on my ankle, I frowned and lifted the covers to see that I was already dressed and placed my ankle on his lap, squeezing it gently.


It hurt a little, but I managed to hold it in, it was just a sprain and it shouldn’t take long to heal.


Seeing me looking at him, he frowned, “Does it hurt?”


I let out a small cry and said, “No, it’s fine!”


His hands were so hard that it hurt me a little, the sprain was a little swollen so it hurt when he pressed down.


I couldn’t help but draw a cold breath and bite my lip slightly to endure it.


He looked at me and his voice had a deep meaning, “Does it hurt?”


I pursed my lips and said lightly, “It’s okay, it’s fine, I’ll be fine in a few days, Fu Shen Yan it’s getting late, you should go to bed early!”


His face turned green and he looked at me, “Shen Shu, you’re a pig, if it hurts, it hurts, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, what do you mean you’re okay? What’s the point of holding back like this? I’m your husband and you’re pampering me and shouting about pain? You have to make it look like you’re a widow, are you funny?”


I froze and opened my mouth for a moment, unable to say anything.


Looking at him with anger, I added in a whisper, “It hurts!”


He gave me a look, his face improved a bit, and looked at me, “No need to pretend to be strong in front of me in the future, I married you to be a wife, not to be a female Barbie.”


I pursed my lips, what kind of metaphor was he using? After a pause, I nodded in response, “Yes!”


I couldn’t tell you how sour and warm my heart felt.


The sprained part of my ankle was a little bruised and swollen, he tried rubbing it a few times, but I winced in pain, so he gave up.


After finding a plaster and putting it on me, he rubbed me again and looked at me and said, “Don’t go out tomorrow, stay home and get well.”


I let out a hmph and looked at him and said, “Fu Shen Yan, thank you.”


Life is short, I have lived half of my life without being cared for like this, in the end it was different in my heart, he was very kind, I always knew that.


He didn’t look too good, putting away the pill box and frowning at me, “Must you be so rusty?”


I froze, realising that I think he had said before that there was no need to say thank you between husband and wife.