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Never Say Never Chapter 405-406

Chapter 405

Xu Hui didn’t know where she got the strength, but she had already tumbled over the railing, stepping on the edge platform that was only as wide as her palm, holding the railing with both hands, her face haggard.


It was so windy on the top floor that her whole body was being blown by the seal, and if she was just a little bit careless, her whole body would fall from the hundred-storey high building.


This fall would probably turn her into mush at least.


The location she was in was so frightening to watch that a psychologist and rescue team had already arrived early.


As soon as Gu Han reached the rooftop with me, Xu Hui became even more emotional, her eyes red and her voice choked, “Ah Han, mum is sorry.”


Gu Han forced down the fear in his heart, his face was white as he looked at Xu Hui who would have fallen if he wasn’t careful, with a few tremors in his voice, “Mom, you don’t have to say sorry, I don’t blame you, come down first, if there’s anything, let’s go home and talk about it, okay?”


Xu Hui shook her head, her face was blown a little blue by the cold wind, “Ah Han, you have to live well, you are the only man in the Gu family, your father loves you, he did not live with Fu Qingyin still, because he is afraid that after he is a hundred years you have nothing, you have to live well, marry and have children, manage the Gu family well, so that your father and I can look at peace of mind in the underground. ”


These words were explaining the aftermath.


Gu Han’s eyes were red, forcing himself to restrain his emotions, soothing Xu Hui, “Mom, I know, you come down, you have to find me a girl, you have to see me marry her, Mom, don’t do anything stupid, you come up, let’s live a good life as a family.”


Xu Hui shook her head, tears slowly fell down her cheeks, sad and despondent, “Ah Han, don’t blame mum, I survived these ten years because of my hatred for him, I was not willing to give in, but now I don’t hate anymore, there is no point for me to live, after so many years, I always owe him a sorry, I have to find it, I can’t be with him in the world until my old age, if I die, I will be with him I can’t be with him in the world of the living, so if I die, I’ll cross the bridge with him and have a companion.


Xu Hui was determined to die, so she looked at Gu Han with despair in her eyes.


Gu Han’s heart was not clear, but how desperate he should be to lose his father and his mother in a short period of time.


Seeing that Xu Hui could not hear his words, Gu Han broke down, “Mom, you’re gone and relieved, what about me? You’re all I have left, what are you going to do when you’re gone?”


Xu Hui looked at him, full of kindness, “Ah Han, without me, your road is longer and better, I will only drag you down by living, listen to mum, don’t go to M, stay in Gu, your father wanted to leave Gu to you, mum died, you have more shares in your hands, you are still the chairman of Gu, run Gu well, live well. ”


After saying that, Xu Hui unsuspectingly let go of the hand holding the railing, Gu Han’s pupils contracted and ran over when it was already too late.


“Mom !!!!” This cry was heartbreaking and tearful, almost a subconscious reaction, and he intended to jump over the railing to do so.


Luckily, the quick-eyed paramedics held him back and pinned the emotionally run-down woman to the ground to sedate him.


Everything in this world has a spirit, and the sky was originally foggy and cloudy, but as Xu Hui fell, stars of rain pelted down from the sky, washing away all the blood that stung the eyes downstairs.


Gu Han was taken to hospital, Xu Hui’s body was taken away by the funeral parlour, and the crowds of people dispersed.


In just a few hours, a deadly farewell came to an end.


Chapter 406

I watched over Gu Han for a few hours in the hospital. He was sedated and lying in bed, his dark, deep eyes staring at the ceiling, silent and wordless as a dead body.


The doctor had come to observe him several times and there was nothing serious wrong, but his heart and lungs had suffered a brief pause due to excessive grief, but fortunately he was in his prime, so there was nothing serious.


It was getting dark, so I went downstairs to buy some food and when I returned, Gu Han’s tranquilliser had worn off.


His whole body was sitting on the hospital bed in a wooden and despondent manner. When he saw me, he opened his mouth slightly and his voice was hoarse and incomparable, “Where is everyone?”


I deserved the fact that he was asking about Xu Hui, so I suppressed the blockage in my heart and said, “They’ve been taken to the funeral home.”


The fall from such a high floor, which I didn’t witness, was described in two words by those who saw it – meatloaf!


You can imagine what a bloody mess it was.


He nodded, his gaze cold, indifferent to the point of being somewhat abnormal, and looking at the porridge in my hand, he spoke, “Is it just porridge?”


I froze, somewhat unable to adapt to his calm indifference after such great sorrow, nodding and shaking my head, “What do you want to eat, I’ll go buy it now!”


“Nothing, just make do with what you have!” He took it from my hand and ate it with the same reserve and grace as before, as if he had never experienced the tragedy that had just happened.


He was like this, which made me a little worried, but I didn’t know how to comfort him, so after a pause I said, “What else do you want to eat? I’ll go downstairs and buy it for you.”


He stopped what he was doing and shook his head, his eyes fell on me and he said, “Have you eaten?”


I froze and shook my head, “I’m not hungry!”


He put down the chopsticks in his hands, got up, pulled aside his jacket and looked at me, “Come on, let’s get out of the gas and eat something outside.”


As he pulled me out of the hospital, his figure was still tall and calm, and he didn’t look any different, his whole being was the same as before.


The only thing was the bloodthirsty glow from his dark eyes, something he had never seen before, it was hatred, a deep, buried hatred.


I was a bit confused, how did his hatred come about?


When I got into the car, I thought about it and looked at him and said, “Gu Han, let’s go to the Central Park neighborhood, what do you want to eat, I’ll go back and make it for you.”


Now let him go to a crowded place, only afraid that his heart will be even more depressed hard.


The hand holding the steering wheel paused slightly and looked at me, “Why don’t you go to Gu’s house?”


I pursed my lips, “There are maids at Gu’s house, so it’s not my turn to cook if I go.” Trying to ask him, “Do you want to go back home?”


He sunk his eyes, the car had already turned around and was heading towards the Central Park area, “No!”


It wasn’t far away, and when I got back to Central Park, there was basically nothing in the fridge because I hadn’t been over for so long.


I looked at it and said, “Wait for me for a while, I’ll go downstairs to the supermarket and get something back.”


He put the car keys down and looked at me, “I’ll go with you.”


I smiled lightly and shook my head, “No, I’ll be fine going down by myself.”


He looked at me and without meaning to say more, agreed.


It was already late and the supermarket was almost sold out, so I picked out a few dishes that I could normally cook and bought more noodles.


When I got back to the house, I saw that Gu Han was not in the living room, so I left my things in the kitchen.


I searched around before finding him in the study, where he seemed to be editing something on his computer.


Seeing me, he pursed his lips, “Back!” Not hearing any emotion, I nodded and couldn’t say much.


Just a light smile, “I’ll cook the noodles, they’ll be ready in a minute.”


He hmmed and stopped responding.