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Winner Takes All Chapter 445-446

Chapter 445

The yellow sand is diffuse.

Even the wind becomes searingly hot in the blazing heat.

Chen Dong and Chen Daolin stared at each other.

Kunlun, who was on the side, also ignored his injuries at this point and stared at Chen Daolin in curiosity and doubt.

An uneventful a*sa*sination had froze the titular Chen family head missing from the Chen family.

He had even hidden his whereabouts all the way.

Everyone was curious about the secret!

Especially since he had just experienced a chase.

Chen Daolin was not in a hurry, but slowly took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one up and smoked it.

The curling smoke slowly exhaled from between his lips and teeth.

Chen Daolin closed his eyes and smiled faintly, “Do you all think that my disappearance is all just because of a mediocre a*sa*sination?”

“Hm.” Chen Dong responded.

If it had been the a*sa*sination of the 18th ranked Death God of the Hidden Kill Organisation, the disappearance of his father would not have made him feel suspicious.

But You Hei had died at the hands of Uncle Daojun at that time, and his head was hanging above the Chen family pagoda for all to see.

And his father’s disappearance was only due to the a*sa*sination of an unusual a*sa*sin, and even the unusual a*sa*sin, who was killed on the spot!

In other words, the a*sa*sin was killed on the spot, and father was actually already in a safe state at that time, yet he still disappeared.


Chen Daoling pulled the corner of his mouth, “Dong’er, the Chen family is really not as good as you think.”

As he spoke, Chen Daolin’s eyes looked out profoundly at the still-burning wreckage of the helicopter in the distance.

“My disappearance was a last resort, if I hadn’t disappeared, not only you and I, but even the Chen family would have had to be in crisis.”


Chen Dong had a sense of uncertainty with a bolt from the blue.

The Chen family …… was in crisis?

What kind of joke is this?

Even the richest people in the world were just ants in the mud and dirt in front of the Chen family, not worth mentioning.

If there is a crisis, it should be caused by internal decay, who can shake it from outside?

Even Kunlun’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

Chen Daolin swept a glance at Chen Dong and Kun Lun, shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

“I know it’s hard for you to believe when I say this, but it’s true, as the head of the Chen family, what I see and know is different from you.”

He flicked his cigarette out and pointed to the burning wreckage of the helicopters in the distance.

“For example, the three helicopters just now, do you still think this was just an ordinary a*sa*sination? This was a ma*sacre that came with great fanfare and in a group!”

Chen Dong stared at the sea of fire in bewilderment.

He could hear that his father was talking about something, but all the time he was talking about something else, avoiding the important.

Obviously, his father was not deliberately hiding it from him, but with his current situation, it was not appropriate for him to know.

“Who exactly are you scorning?” Chen Dong asked a question that he was most puzzled about.

From the a*sa*sination, to his father’s disappearance, it was not so much who he was protecting, but rather who his father was scorning.


Chen Daolin smiled profoundly and glanced at Chen Dong: “You only need to know that the Jun Lin Group is a bottom card that Dad left you, a bottom card that will not only help you to compete for the position of family head, but also a capital that will help you to rise again in the future if you are in distress.”

“I have been saving it for so many years, I should not have revealed it during this crisis of the Qin Kid, but I have hidden my whereabouts, and the Chen Family’s power cannot be called upon for the time being, so I have to let it show itself.”

At this point, Chen Daolin looked profoundly at Chen Dong and laughed strangely, “You are also smart enough to know to follow the vine and find it directly, but you remember, this bottom card of the Zheng family of the Jun Lin Group must not be leaked to anyone else from now on, you will be finished handing out your bottom card, then the whole game of cards will be out of play.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

He was not stupid, what a latent behemoth like the Zheng family of the Jun Lin Group meant, he knew very well.

It was a force that was powerful enough to be compared to a nuclear bomb, capable of turning the tide at a critical moment.

The deeper it lurked, the more it would help him!

However, this time, Qin Ye’s crisis was truly hopeless, otherwise his father would not have revealed this bottom card.

Rubbing his face, Chen Dong said apologetically, “I’m sorry for seeking it out and putting you through what you just did.”

“Silly boy, what is supposed to come will come sooner or later.”

Chen Daolin patted Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Remember, keep this bottom card of the Zheng family, when you need to use it one day, the Zheng family head he will fight for you, originally I was worried that the next head of the family would lose his loyalty, but that karmic battle you had in the Zheng family has put my mind at ease.”

Zheng Jun Lin?

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

It was indeed a destiny.

He had helped Zheng Junlin for the sake of having compa*sion for the same illness.

Now that Zheng Junlin had accepted this favour from him, the future Zheng family would be just as devoted to him as the current Zheng family.

“What are you going to do back there?” Chen Dong frowned heavily and pointed to the sea of fire.

With the three helicopters surrounding him, his father’s whereabouts were already exposed in broad daylight.

What would follow was hard for anyone to predict.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that easy to kill me, Chen Daoling.”

Chen Daoling shrugged his shoulders and said with full disinterest, “As long as I hide the Zheng family and the Jun Lin Group, I want to continue hiding my whereabouts, those tricks of theirs will not be able to find me yet!”

Finished speaking.

Chen Daoling glanced at Kunlun, who was blushing, and said, “That’s all, you go back and find help first, Kunlun won’t last long.”

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daolin, wanting to say something but not.

He had thought that when he saw his father, all his doubts would be resolved.

But now, all that was known was just a few words.

His father’s deliberately evasive conversation had deepened the doubts in his mind.

However, seeing Kunlun’s appearance, Chen Dong could only forcefully suppress his doubts.

Kunlun, indeed, would not last long!

The gunshot wound and the impact, not fatal on the spot, when the continuous blood loss was enough to kill him!

“You guys wait for me here, I’ll find a place where my phone has a signal, and come back as soon as I contact Elder Long.”

Strongly bracing his exhausted and excruciatingly painful body, Chen Dong got up and left.

The siege had just ended, and there was no guarantee that there would not be another one.

In such a situation, there was no way he could go straight back to the city to find help.

He could only look for a place where his mobile phone had a signal.

Kunlun’s current situation was bad, and his father’s situation was equally bad.

If there was no one around to guard him, once there was the next round of a*sa*sinations, it would be a one-sided slaughter.


Chen Dong had not gone far when Chen Daolin’s voice suddenly rang out behind him.

“Dong’er, be careful of Old Lady Chen! And the Chen family!”

Chen Dong froze, veins bulging out of the corners of his eyes, somewhat puzzled.

I’ve always been careful of Old Madam Chen and the Chen family, so why is my father singling them out for admonishment now?

“Got it.” Chen Dong did not pursue the question.

Leaving in large strides.

“Master, the young master is growing up fast.”

Kun Lun suddenly laughed, “Beyond all of our expectations.”

“Indeed, his fighting instincts are impervious even to me.” Chen Daolin gave an odd smile, “Have you asked him about his childhood encounters?”

“Asked, the young master doesn’t know either.”

Kun Lun shook his head and smiled bitterly, after a few seconds of silence, he suddenly said, “Although I don’t know who you are scorning, but I know your nature, young master, I think it’s a bit wrong for you to keep hiding it from the young master like this, this will only make it harder and harder for you to go, and the situation will become more and more unfavourable for you.”


Chen Daolin’s body shook as he smiled to himself, “I, as a father, have not been by his side for more than twenty years, not giving him a happy and peaceful childhood, now that Lan’er is gone, if I were to immediately bring Dong’er into strife again, how would I deserve the word father?”

As he spoke, Chen Daolin’s smiling face gradually turned pale.

A stream of crimson blood slowly trickled down the corner of his mouth.

The blood dripped down and quietly smashed a small pit in the sand, pooling up full of blood ……


Chapter 446

After Chen Dong finally contacted Elder Long.

He then immediately returned to the place of the accident.

Only, when he returned to the place, dragging his tired and excruciatingly painful body, the scene in front of him made his heart twitch hard.

A sea of helicopter fires tended to die down, with thick smoke and the remnants of starbursts.

The tumbled and scrapped car still lay in the sand.

The air was filled with the smell of petrol and smoke and fire.

And where they had rested before, Kunlun was lying unconscious on the sand.

The father, however, …… had disappeared!

Something was wrong!

Chen Dong’s face was sunken and he panicked as he rolled and crawled to Kun Lun’s side.

After waking Kunlun up, he busily asked, “Kunlun, what happened? Where’s my dad?”

Rubbing the back of his swollen and painful neck, Kunlun said, “Master has gone.”

“Gone where?”

Kunlun shook his head, “He knocked me out when I wasn’t looking, and then he left.”

Chen Dong sat dumbfounded in the sand.

Dazed and lost in thought, his mind went blank.

Who exactly was Father scorning?

Who was it that could force his father, who had all the wealth in the world, to such a state?

The only thing that gave him peace of mind was perhaps that his father was still safe, not that there had been a second round of sieges after he had left.

“Young Master, with this departure, His Lordship may not contact you again for a long time.”

Kunlun said weakly, his lips mumbling for a moment as he forced himself to hold back again from saying what had just happened when Chen Daolin had vomited blood.

He was afraid that Chen Dong would be worried.

With his eyes looking out over the vast sea of sand, Kunlun was secretly worried.

With a body like that, could Master drag himself out of this sea of sand and evade that power’s pursuit?

“I understand.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

This time, because of his arrival, his father had exposed his whereabouts and attracted a siege.

In order to re-hide his whereabouts, he would inevitably spend more time “disappearing”.

Never contacting the outside world was the best way to stay hidden.

But the doubts that lingered in Chen Dong’s mind had intensified.

His father’s words were clearly evasive.

But the last reminder to him to be careful of Old Lady Chen and the Chen family was again meant to be meaningful.

Could it be that …… it was Old Lady Chen and the Chen family who were working together to set up his father?

The moment the thought appeared, Chen Dong suppressed it.

The first time he suspected this, but after his father’s accident, the Chen family just like a family reaction, it is difficult to a*sociate it to his father’s matter.

What’s more, when he thought about it, his father’s accident might have allowed someone in the Chen family to take over as the new head of the family.

But a sudden and unexpected usurpation of the throne, and a normal succession of family heads, are two entirely different things.

The impact on the Chen family would be immeasurable.

If anyone in the Chen family had any brains, they would not have done something so stupid.

“What exactly does he want me to be careful about, Dad?” Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he muttered to himself.

After waiting for almost an hour.

In the distant desert, yellow sand finally lifted up.

A jeep, speeding up, came.


The car stopped.

Elder Long and Zheng Junlin ran down in fear.

As soon as they saw Chen Dong and Kun Lun’s appearance and the scene, the two of them instantly had their scalps tingling and their backs chilling.

“Young master, where is the master?”

Elder Long asked offhandedly.

He knew that Chen Dong had come to see Chen Daolin, and because he had played with Zheng Junlin all night and was delayed, he had not followed Chen Dong.

But what was in front of him made Elder Long feel creeped out.

“Don’t ask, it’s important to save Kunlun.”

Chen Dong gave Elder Long a sullen stare.

Long Lao understood and was busy asking Zheng Junlin to carry Kun Lun to the car with him.

After the long wait, Kunlun’s consciousness had begun to blur a little, a consequence of the excessive blood loss.

If not rescued in time, it would be too late.

On the way back to the city, the car was dead quiet.

Elder Long was afraid to ask more questions.

Zheng Junlin, on the other hand, was scared into silence by the scene he saw.

He was the youngest of the Zheng family, and although he was a playboy, he was only a playboy.

The shock of a war-like scene could not be considered too great for him.

After he returned to the city and sent Kunlun to the emergency room, Chen Dong’s hanging heart settled down a little.

Sitting in the corridor of the hospital.

Chen Dong’s face was pensive, his gaze deep and thoughtful.

Even though there were injuries on his body, but the worried Kunlun, he did not immediately let the doctors and nurses help with it.

Elder Long also accompanied him and looked around, wanting to ask questions but holding back.

Zheng Junlin ran over and said, “Brother Dong, arrangements have been made for all the doctors in all departments of the hospital to do their utmost to resuscitate Brother Kunlun.”

“Thanks.” Chen Dong said.

Zheng Junlin waved his hand and hesitated for a moment, saying, “Brother Dong, I don’t know what happened, but I think our Zheng family should be able to help somehow.”

If it was before, he would not have dared to say such words.

Because he knew that he, a fop, was not valued at all in the Zheng family.

But Chen Dong’s appearance had caused his father to change his mind, admitting that he was the next head of the family, and he said this with a lot of confidence.

“You won’t be able to help.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and said, “Just get some bodyguards to guard Kunlun, in a couple of days, when the situation in Kunlun is better, we will also leave, when we leave, you just try to say as little as possible about us to outsiders.”


Zheng Junlin froze.

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn: “If you are told to do so, just do it, this is also protecting you and the Zheng family.”

The Zheng Family’s Jun Lin Group was his bottom card.

If he wanted to hide this bottom card well, the best way was undoubtedly to make everyone in the Zheng family ignore his existence.

Fortunately, this time around, there was not much contact with the Zheng family.

The most notable thing was the birthday banquet.

Even so, it was good to have this fate with Zheng Junlin, so it wasn’t too difficult to use Zheng Junlin to hide the reason for the birthday banquet.

“Got it Brother Dong, I’ll go make the arrangements.”

Zheng Junlin hurriedly walked away.

“Young master, go and dispose of the wounds, right?” Long Lao saw that Chen Dong was covered in wounds and said heartily.

Chen Dong smiled, “Kunlun is still inside with his life and death unknown, what is this wound of mine?”

Saying that, Chen Dong raised his eyes to look at Elder Long.

Asking, “Elder Long, you should have served my father for many years, I would like to ask, how much do you know about those people in the Chen family?”

“Who?” Elder Long asked.

“Old Mrs. Chen!” Chen Dong said.

Elder Long’s pupils shrank, a little stunned.

He did not ask more questions, and after thinking carefully for a while, he slowly spoke.

“In fact, the identity of the Old Madam has always been somewhat obscure in the Chen Family, and all the clansmen have kept it a secret.”

“The old lady’s identity has always been somewhat obscure in the Chen family.

What you want is to keep it a secret!

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and waited for the following.

Elder Long looked to his left and right before he mysteriously whispered.

“In fact, strictly speaking, when the old lady’s generation was still all around, that faction of theirs, was not complacent, and could even be said to be on the fringes of the Chen family.”

“Having the status they have today is actually also because of the Chen family’s rule of respecting the old, the old lady had to boil her seniority and boil her peers to death to have the status she has, just because of this matter, that’s why the Chen family is so secretive about it.”

Chen Dong dumbfounded, such a humiliating thing, the Chen old lady certainly can not stand, naturally the Chen family people do not dare to mention it.

“But ……”

Elder Long suddenly laughed strangely, “The old madam is the master’s third mother, there is another hidden secret, the old slave also learned it from the master’s mouth, I think this hidden secret, the rest of the Chen family clan is probably unaware of it.”