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Winner Takes All Chapter 439-440

Chapter 439

The whole room fell silent at the word.

The smile on the Zheng family head’s face froze.

Zheng Junlin was lost in thought.

Zheng Junxian, on the other hand, had already fallen into a cave of ice, and his body was filled with a vicious chill.

A strong feeling of suffocation hit him, giving him the desperate panic feeling of a drowning man.

“Family, family head ……”

Zheng Junxian murmured out, breaking the dead silence around him.

Only ……


The Zheng family head looked cold and stern, and backhandedly slapped Zheng Junxian’s face fiercely.

“Kneel down and apologize to Mr. Chen!”

The sound was like a thunderclap, instantly exploding across the room.

In the inner courtyard, there was an uproar.

The Zheng family head was like a new person in just a few breaths, taking everyone by surprise.

“To, what on earth has happened?”

“The Zheng family head was still praising Zheng Junxian in his first foot, but now he doesn’t even bother to uphold this point of dignity in public?”

“Who the hell is that Chen? Why do I get the feeling that the Zheng family head is very afraid of him?”


There was a poof!

Zheng Junxian fell to his knees, both sides of his face red and swollen.

Even though he was still full of doubts, he wasn’t stupid, instead he was able to become the number one person of the Zheng Family’s younger generation, and he was also very smart.

The Zheng family head’s attitude had changed drastically, and at this moment, he could not allow him to ask more questions.

If he still held himself as the number one of the younger generation at this time and tangled with the family head in public, the result would only make him regret it afterwards.

“Mr. Chen, it was Jun Xian who was blind, please be generous and forgive Jun Xian!”


With an almost hoarse plea for forgiveness, Zheng Junxian dryly and decisively knocked his head heavily on the ground.

The sound of the kowtow caused everyone in the inner courtyard’s heart to tremble viciously.

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and looked down at Zheng Junxian.

This resolute stoicism alone was able to crush Zheng Junlin, the son of a direct lineage, to the point where he could not raise his head, which was not surprising at all.

Slowly exhaling a breath, Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and said disdainfully.

“Didn’t you say that you, Zheng Junxian, weren’t so down on your luck as to invite me, a dog, to a banquet?”


With a single word, it was as if a large invisible hand had fiercely smacked Zheng Junxian’s face.

At this moment, Zheng Junxian felt a burning pain on his face, more painful than being slapped twice by the Zheng Family Master.

He felt the stern, knife-like gaze of the Zheng family head, as well as the surprised, stunned and even vaguely gloating gazes around him.

Zheng Junxian was like a man on his back, and his heart was filled with resentment.

However, he still clenched his teeth and held back his resentment.


He heavily knocked his head on the ground again.

“Please forgive Mr. Chen, please forgive Mr. Chen, in front of Mr. Chen, Junxian is the dog.”

Wow ……

Inside the inner courtyard, there were shouts of shock.

Those who were able to enter the inner courtyard were all the big names of the city’s dignitaries.

The arrangements for the handover of the next head of the Zheng family had already been sniffed out.

But now, Zheng Junxian, who was already the next head of the Zheng family in everyone’s mind, was kneeling and kowtowing to the ground, in such a sorry state.

At this point, Zheng Junlin finally came back to his senses.

He looked at Chen Dong dumbfoundedly, and in a trance, thought of what Chen Dong had said to him just now.

“You, you’re really worth tens of billions? Can, can you sit at the main table?”

Chen Dong twisted his head to look at Zheng Junlin, his harsh coldness disappearing as he smiled gently, “What do you think?”

The four words spoken in a soft voice fell on Zheng Junlin’s ears but they were like a loud bell.

His whole body felt like a dream.

My God, is Zheng Junlin blessed by the ancestors?

After taking a beating in a bar, he could make friends with such an existence?

As he was shocked, Zheng Junlin blurted out, “D*mn, you’re awesome!”

Chen Dong smiled, his smile giving people a spring-like feeling.

The change in Chen Dong’s expression clearly fell into the eyes of the Zheng Family Master.

At this moment, the Zheng family head was overwhelmed with joy, his eyes burning, looking at Zheng Junlin with an unprecedented look of doting.

But when his gaze swept over to Zheng Junxian, who was kneeling and kowtowing to the ground, the Zheng Family Master hooked the corners of his mouth and revealed a cold smile.

Secretly, he shook his head.

“You, who the hell are you?” After the shock pa*sed, Zheng Junlin spoke once again.

With these words, all eyes fell on Chen Dong.

Even Zheng Junxian, who was kneeling and kowtowing to the ground, looked at Chen Dong curiously at this moment.

Chen Dong smiled and did not make a sound.

From the reversal of the Zheng family head’s attitude after a phone call, he was already certain of the suspicions in his mind.

Even Elder Long and Kunlun, who were beside him, were excited at this moment.

Family Head Zheng smiled slightly and calmly opened his voice, “He is a chance!”


The sound was very soft.

However, it struck Zheng Junxian like a thunderbolt.

In an instant, Zheng Junxian’s face turned pale and bloodless, fearful to the extreme.

“Chance? He’s the high ranking person that the family head said? D*mn, I, what kind of blood luck have I, Zheng Junxian, had?”

This was the thought that went through Zheng Junxian’s mind.

At this thought, tears instantly flooded Zheng Junxian’s eyes as remorse surged.

His head was like a chicken pecking rice as he quickly and heavily knocked on the ground.

“Mr. Chen, I beg you to forgive, as long as you can forgive Junxian, Junxian is willing to be a cow and a horse!”

Humbled to the dust, wretched to the extreme.

There was no longer any semblance of his previous arrogance.

Because he knew how important this opportunity before him was!

So important that it could determine life or death!




At almost the same time, the three sons of the Zheng family also knelt down on the ground with a terrified expression.

Like Zheng Junxian, they kowtowed desperately to apologise.

The entire inner courtyard was silent enough to hear a needle.

The crowd of guests were all dumbfounded.

They had no idea that things would turn around to such an extent!

Only Zheng Junlin, in a trance, patted Chen Dong’s shoulder and asked with a bewildered expression, “What exactly …… is your chance?”

With a single word, the Zheng family head’s body shook, and the look in Zheng Junlin’s eyes instantly became incomparably strange.

This child, what a foolish man!

The four Zheng Junxian on the ground almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

The four of them had been instructed by the family head to look for “high achievers” everywhere to pray for a chance, but not only did they fail to find one, they had even swaggered around and smacked the “high achievers” in the face.

The first thing that happened to Zheng Junlin was that he didn’t know how to behave, and he actually crashed into the arms of the “high man”.

This F**king …… day dog ah!

Chen Dong smiled slightly and did not pay attention to Zheng Junxian, who had already cracked his head and bled.

Instead, he calmly looked at the Zheng family head.

“Zheng family head, I believe you will settle this matter in a good manner, today’s banquet is delicious, I will visit your house tomorrow and meet him.”

After saying this, Chen Dong turned around and left.

Elder Long and Kunlun hurriedly followed.

“Greetings, Mr. Chen!”

The Zheng family head was busy bending down and cupping his fist, his words and actions were respectful to the extreme.

Zheng Jun Lin, still in a bit of a trance, stood in place.

Zheng Junxian on the ground, on the other hand, was now pale and limp on the ground, his forehead knocked and bleeding all over.

Looking at Chen Dong, who had left in style, a terrifying thought swept through his entire body like a flood.

Sure enough.

The next second.

As the Zheng Family Master straightened his back again.

A cold and merciless voice suddenly exploded like thunder, echoing through the inner courtyard.

“From today, the four Zheng Junxian are deprived of all resources and power, and are no longer allowed to interfere in any of the Zheng Family’s affairs, no different from servants, and are removed from the candidacy of the four family masters!”


Zheng Junxian’s body shook, and in an instant his eyes turned red as tears came out of his eyes.

This one sentence was taking away everything he originally had, no, it was a jerk off to the end!


Chapter 440

The night was as cool as water.

Inside the Zheng family hall, the lights are bright.

Heads were moving, and the silence could be heard.

Inside the hall, the atmosphere was oppressive.

Zheng Junxian’s four men were kneeling in the centre, their faces white while their eyes were almost dull and empty.

What had happened during the day, until now, they had not reacted.

Especially Zheng Junxian.

To be jerked off to the end, to have twenty years of hard work go down the drain, this was simply worse than killing him!

“Family head, isn’t this too harsh?”

The old man stepped forward and spoke out to break the dead silence in the hall, “Junxian, after all, is your beloved next successor, the matter of daylight, isn’t this punishment too severe for Junxian, isn’t this our Zheng family sealing good talent and beauty in a high pavilion by itself?”

The old man who pleaded for mercy was none other than the third uncle.

The people present were all people of high rank and authority in the Zheng family, or those of very high seniority.

The third uncle was obviously the eldest.

A glimmer of light finally appeared in Zheng Junxian’s eyes, as if a desperate man had grasped the last straw to save his life.

As Third Uncle Gong spoke, the rest of the people echoed.

“Family Head, Third Uncle Duke is right, everyone can see Junxian’s ability, this kind of punishment will undoubtedly kill him.”

“Please also ask the family head to think twice about showing mercy, a talent like Jun Xian, if he is with the servant without a doubt, it would be a loss to my Zheng family.”

“Jun Envy four, for the family has done quite a lot of contributions, will merit to make up for the mistake, also the crime is not to death.”


Hearing the echoes of the crowd.

The glow in Zheng Junxian’s eyes grew stronger and stronger as he knelt on the ground, his hands quietly clenching into fists.

There is still a chance, there must be a chance!

The whole family is helping me to plead for mercy, the family head will definitely show mercy outside the law!

And the remaining three, their eyes also glowed with essence.

Even if they had committed a heinous crime today, their merits were there, and with so many family members helping to plead for mercy, even the family head would have to consider them carefully.

Zheng Junlin stood behind the Zheng family head, his slightly youthful face was filled with depression.

His head was bowed and he clenched his fists, the bruises on the back of his hands standing out and his knuckles clicking.

The same scene had happened countless times in his memory!

Because of the gap in ability.

Ever since he was a child, regardless of right or wrong, these family members had only been bent on favouring Zheng Junxian a few people, while he, the fop in the eyes of everyone, had always been the target of a scramble for revenge.

As the family head’s own son, whenever he encountered such a situation, Zheng Junlin knew in his heart that the family head’s father would definitely tend to favour the crowd.

Zheng Junlin glanced sorrowfully at the back of the Zheng family head.

At this moment, even if his father changed his mind overnight and revoked the punishment of Zheng Junxian’s four, he would not be the least bit surprised.

For, such injustice had accompanied him for more than twenty years!



The Zheng family head gave a humongous slap, landing on the table.

The sound was like loud thunder, shaking the faces of the people present.

Zheng Junlin’s body shook as he looked at the Zheng Family Head in disbelief.

Immediately afterwards.

The Zheng Family Head said coldly, “Third Uncle, you are right, and in front of everyone present, I can also unapologetically say that Jun Xian was indeed the next successor of the family that I had in mind before.”

The tone of his voice was cold and cold, like a knife and a sword.

It made everyone’s heart tremble while they kept their mouths tightly shut and waited for the rest.

“But this is a time and a place! Don’t forget that the Zheng Family started because of me, and the rules for competing for the next family head’s successor were also set by me.”

The Zheng family head’s eyebrows were knitted, and his body exuded a majestic majesty: “But I tell you, Zheng Junxian is arrogant and domineering. I told him a long time ago that there was a chance to be present at the birthday banquet today, and told him to cherish it, and I never said anything about this even to my son, Jun Lin.

Instead of grasping the opportunity, the four of them are so rude and domineering, right and wrong, do I still want to teach you?”

Hearing these words, the four kneeling on the ground, Zheng Junxian’s intestines instantly turned blue with regret.

Zheng Junxian, in particular, even felt the urge to raise his hand and smack himself.

Zheng Jun Lin’s eyes burst into light, gazing at the Zheng family head in excitement and ecstasy.

Father …… has finally helped me for once!

The third uncle, who was the highest senior in the room, took a heartfelt glance at Zheng Junxian and spoke again.

“Junxian few people are always young, young and impetuous to uphold our Zheng family rules only, moreover that Mr. Chen is respected by you as a chance, he really is so important to my Zheng family?”

And already?


The Zheng family head laughed in anger, “Third uncle, you are probably confused! Do you know the Zheng family as well as I, the head of the family, do you?”

“You ……” The third uncle’s body trembled, gritting his teeth and glaring angrily.

The Zheng family head waved his hand: “If it was an ordinary merit and demerit, Zheng Junxian four people can indeed make up for it, but today’s birthday banquet, Zheng Junxian four people really can not offset the merit and demerit!”

“To tell you the truth, I single-handedly contributed to Zheng Junxian sweeping the stock market by more than a billion dollars because of that Mr. Chen, who in this room thinks my punishment is too heavy for this alone?”


A thunderclap.

Everyone in the room was stunned.

When Zheng Junxian, who was kneeling on the ground, heard these words, he was shocked and could no longer suppress his emotions.

He cried out, rolling and crawling in front of the Zheng family head, hugging his thighs and begging for forgiveness.

“Family head, I know I’m wrong, Junxian really knows he’s wrong, please let Junxian go, please help Junxian beg for mercy from Mr. Chen.”

The wailing and crying was miserable.

Looking at him, Zheng Junlin was in a trance.

As the family head’s own son, he had never imagined that he would witness this scene now!


However, the Zheng family head kicked Zheng Junxian away with a “bang” and said in a cold and stern voice.

“I think this is a light punishment for you for rushing against Mr. Chen so rudely, if you dare to be reckless again, don’t blame me as the family head for not showing mercy!”

Zheng Junxian was completely confused.

This …… is still showing mercy?

“All go out!”

The Zheng family head waved a big hand.

Third Uncle Duke and the others did not dare to stay any longer and hurriedly let the three Zheng family children who were kneeling on the ground, set up Zheng Junxian and turn around to leave.

When the crowd left, calm returned to the hall.

Zheng Junlin stood frozen in place, lost in a trance.

It was only when the Zheng family head said “Kirin’s son” that he came back to his senses.

“Dad.” Zheng Junlin’s eyes rippled with excitement as he looked at the Zheng family head.

“Good boy, you are worthy of being Dad’s Qilin’s son, Dad originally thought that your aptitude would never make a difference in your life, but I never thought that you would be able to get the attention of Mr. Chen!”

The Zheng family head took Zheng Junlin’s hand heartily, “These years have been hard on you, dad wants to love you, but since the rules are set, dad has to consider everything from the big picture.”

At this moment, Zheng Junlin’s heart was in turmoil.

It was as if he had tipped over a five-flavoured bottle.

But thinking of Chen Dong, he was busy asking, “Dad, Chen Dong, is it really as important as you say?”

With hot tears in his eyes, the Zheng family head said at length, “Son, remember, in this world, following the right person and the right path is more important than ability! Compared to the merit of being a dragon and becoming a dragon, the former is obviously more likely to soar to the ninth heaven!”

At the end of the sentence, he said firmly, “If you can get Mr. Chen’s favor, the next head of the Zheng family, Dad can be entrusted to your hands with peace of mind.”

There was a loud bang in Zheng Junlin’s head.

Just because I met Chen Dong, I can become the next family head so easily?

“Dad, I’m going to find Chen Dong!” Zheng Junlin suddenly turned around and ran.

The Zheng family head laughed dumbly and did not stop him.

Looking at the departing Zheng Junlin, his face looked like a father’s as he murmured, “If you had the ability, would my father be willing to hand over a large foundation to a side line? Now I can finally rest in peace!”

“The Zheng family can rise so quickly in my hands, these old fools in the family all think that it is my ability, but they never know that it is because of my success as a dragon, I …… am just a puppet.”