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Winner Takes All Chapter 433-434

Chapter 433

“How do you know?” Zheng Junlin looked at Chen Dong with a bit of drunkenness and astonishment.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed lightly, “Actually, I’m pretty much the same as you.”


A flash of joy surfaced on Zheng Junlin’s slightly boyish face.

Facing Chen Dong, at this moment, he suddenly felt a sense of compa*sion for the same illness.

Following closely, Chen Dong smiled as he looked at Zheng Junlin.

“Well, but I’m considered a sidekick, suppressing the so-called elites.”

Zheng Junlin froze for a moment, instantly feeling empty all over.

Chen Dong’s words caused a sense of closeness that he had just developed to instantly disappear, and he even felt the urge to vomit blood.

“What does this have to do with your father’s birthday banquet?” Chen Dong asked.

Zheng Junlin sighed, “Whenever there is a family gathering, I, the eldest, will inevitably become the object of ridicule and mockery, so you think I can be happy?”

“There are a few collateral family members who hold themselves to be outstanding and don’t take my status as the eldest young man into consideration, every time I run into dust.”

Chen Dong suddenly realized, this kind of laborious anger, no one else could stand it.

What’s more, Zheng Junlin himself was the Zheng family’s eldest youngster who was in the limelight outside.

Outside, he had been praised to the clouds, but back at home, he had become an existence that the side lines could laugh at.

The difference was so great that it made sense for Zheng Junlin to be in the state he was in.

The car was silent for a few seconds.

Chen Dong slowly said, “Can I go to your family’s banquet tomorrow?”


Zheng Junlin looked at Chen Dong strangely, “I have all the dignified figures in this city in mind, you look like a stranger, you should be from out of town, right?”

Not too stupid yet.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, he was still thinking that Zheng Junlin was young, so he could get it done with a smooth wave of set-up.

“You’re from out of town, coming to my father’s birthday banquet, do you know what my father’s birthday banquet means in this city?”

Zheng Junlin looked at Chen Dong with an increasingly strange look.

Now that he was a few degrees more sober, his thoughts were gradually recovering.

This incident tonight, when he thought about it carefully, was odd everywhere.

A stranger had knocked him out just to talk to him.

And now thinking about attending his dad’s birthday party.

He was indeed incapable, but that didn’t mean he was retarded.

“Ten thousand people in an empty alley?”

Chen Dong spat out four words.

“Yes, it’s 10,000 people in an empty alley!”

Zheng Junlin nodded heavily and could not help but develop a bit of arrogance, “In this city, our Junlin Group is the number one magnate, an existence that all the upper cla*s have to look up to, my father’s birthday banquet is always a sensation in the city.”

The number one family?

The local upper cla*s?

Chen Dong heard a cold laugh in his heart, the upper cla*s in a corner of the country is considered really upper cla*s?

The Grand Promenade Group dared to intervene to get a piece of the pie when the stock market was fighting with the gods, so what else could the “upper cla*s” in this corner of the world do if they didn’t look up to them?

This is not a difference in rank.

It’s a difference in realm and cla*s!

“So, I want to go and have a look too.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “We’re all here for a trip anyway, and since I’ve heard about the prowess of your King’s Landing Group, it’s inevitable that I want to join in the fun, so can I go along as your friend?”

“Cut, you take me for a fool, bye bye you.”

Zheng Junlin snorted, pulled open the car door and got out straight away.

Kunlun subconsciously wanted to stop him, but Chen Dong calmly spoke, “Kunlun, let him go.”

Zheng Junlin’s heart dropped into his stomach as he saw Kun Lun move out of the way.

Turning his head, he gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance, “Forget what I just said to you, otherwise I can hardly guarantee that nothing will happen.”

A naked verbal threat.

However, it caused Kun Lun’s right hand to tighten, forcing him to resist the impulse to slap out.

Chen Dong, however, smiled and nodded his head.

After Zheng Junlin left, Kun Lun returned to the car, “Young master, he is so threatening and you are still smiling?”

“A brat in his twenties, he’s used to being arrogant, he’s been hit in the face, so he has to say some harsh words to get back some face?”

Chen Dong didn’t think so, rubbing his nose and laughing, “What’s more, I’ve already got the news I want.”

“What news?” Kunlun’s eyes lit up.

“Tomorrow is the birthday banquet of the boss of the Jun Lin Group, all the dignified figures in the city will be there, and when that happens, we will go too.” Chen Dong said.

“How are we going to go?” Kunlun was a little stunned.

“After sending the gift, can they still throw us out?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and said with a deep gaze, “Do you think that you will meet my father at the birthday banquet.”

Kunlun was stunned and fell into silence.

Chen Dong, however, laughed softly and leaned back in his seat.

When he learnt that the Zheng family of the King’s Landing Group was selecting their successor in a nurturing style, that suspicion in his mind became firmer and firmer.

It was really difficult for an ordinary powerful family to have such boldness to establish a strong person instead of a first wife.

“Drive back to the hotel.”

Chen Dong patted Kun Lun on the shoulder.

“Don’t care about Elder Long?” Kunlun asked.

Chen Dong shook his head, “He has his hands full tonight.”


The following day.

As the sunrise spilled over the land.

The whole city was caught up in a lively and joyful atmosphere.

The entire upper stream of the city, all flocked to one place.

The traffic was so heavy that if one looked down from the sky, one could clearly see it.

Outside the city, in the manor house.

The majestic manor covers a wide area and has a grand atmosphere.

By now it is already decorated with lights and festive.

The wide manor stands in the desert, in stark contrast to the yellow sand in the distance.

The silence of the desert and the crowds of people are clearly separated.

At the main entrance, the crowds are swarming.

The open space outside is already full of luxury cars, and a steady stream of traffic is coming this way.

The sound of a clamouring salute rises and falls.

Under the orderly guidance of the welcoming guests, one by one, guests who had been presented with gifts for the birthday banquet were ushered into the manor.

A Mercedes-Benz G swept across the yellow sand and stopped in the car park outside the manor.

After getting out of the car.

Chen Dong, who was dressed in a suit, was also surprised by the scene in front of him.

“Such a pomp and circumstance in the land of the north of the desert, I’m afraid it’s hard to see it in front of other real giants, right?”

“Indeed, I heard that the Zheng family is a come-on, but anyone with a bit of achievement who comes to their door to congratulate them is accepted at every turn.” Elder Long yawned, his face full of fatigue.

Chen Dong looked at it helplessly, “At such an old age, time has to be managed well.”

After saying that, he said to Kun Lun, “The gifts are all ready, right?”

Kunlun nodded, and carrying the gift box in his hand he walked towards the manor with Chen Dong Long Lao.

Soon, a welcoming lady greeted him.

“Greetings sir, welcome to the Zheng family birthday banquet.”

Chen Dong nodded calmly and gestured for Kunlun to send the gift up.

The welcoming lady took it and then pa*sed it to another person.

The three of them were then invited to walk inside.

Chen Dong was a little bit sN*ggered, he had thought that the Zheng family birthday banquet was so difficult to enter, but he did not expect it to be easy to this extent.

“Sir, I see your face is new, you must not be a local, right? I wonder what industry you are in, how accomplished you are and how much you are worth?”

The welcoming lady’s question made Chen Dong instantly unhappy.

“Do you all ask so bluntly?”

The welcoming lady smiled slightly, “To be honest, my master has always made friends with people from all over the world, and he will not refuse anyone.

Seeing that the three Chen Dong still frowned, the welcoming lady explained, “It is not rude to ask about the achievements and value of your profession, but it is a rule of the Zheng family, which is known to all locals, and this is also to facilitate the arrangement of seats.”

A few steps earlier, he had actually walked inside the manor.

The welcoming lady pointed to the wide courtyard full of seating tables and said, “These are the outer seats, which receive all the ordinary guests, while the inner courtyard is the real birthday banquet tables, which admit all the city’s upper cla*s.”

“Moreover, the seating of the tables is also arranged according to the stature of the guests.”

The words were calm, and what would have carried an abrupt and rude enquiry was something that came out of Miss Welcome’s mouth and became taken for granted.

This was the arrogant confidence bestowed by the supremacy of the Jun Lin Group, and also the Zheng family, in the city.

“I shouldn’t sit outside here.” Chen Dong said.

“No harm, go into the inner courtyard and look.” The welcoming lady said and led the way.

When they entered the inner courtyard, the number of tables was significantly less and the specifications were more grand than those of the outer courtyard.

“Look, sir, the ones closest to the inner courtyard gate are those who are worth more than a million dollars in the city, and further in are those who are worth more depending on how much they are worth, the further in they are, the more they are worth, and those who are close to the chairman are all worth hundreds of millions.”

After saying that, the welcoming lady looked at Chen Dong.

“It’s a bit difficult.”

Chen Dong rubbed his hands, approached the welcoming lady and asked in a low voice, “May I ask, which table should I sit at for those who are worth tens of billions?”


Chapter 434

Ten billion?!

The welcoming lady was stunned for a moment, and then her gaze looked Chen Dong up and down for a moment.

The smile on her face could not help but become somewhat perfunctory and cold.

“Sir, I am sorry, today is the Zheng family birthday banquet.”

The welcoming lady opened her voice calmly, “Please don’t joke about it yet, sir.”

Chen Dong was speechless.

Ten billion dollars in value, or so he said at a leisurely pace.

Behind him, Elder Long and Kunlun were also embarra*sed for a while.

“Ten billion in value, is that a lot?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, since he had come to this birthday banquet, his purpose was to find his father.

The closer he was to the main table, the more useful news he could spy.

“A lot ……?”

The corner of the welcoming lady’s mouth tugged, and the look she gave Chen Dong turned completely disdainful as she said with a cold face, “Sir, are you trying to cause trouble if you talk like that?”

It was not that she was deliberately arrogant and rude.

Rather, in this city with a population of less than one million, ten billion dollars simply could not exist.

Even if they were from abroad, they should know how to act in a low profile as they enter the countryside, right?

In her eyes, Chen Dong’s words and actions were clearly not enough to follow the customs of the countryside.

What’s more, was there really a giant worth ten billion dollars who would come to this remote town to attend the Zheng family birthday banquet?

A foreigner, whose worth was unknown, casually quoted a ten billion dollar worth and tried to move towards the main table.

Wasn’t this a toad yawning – a big mouth, intent on stirring up trouble?

“Causing trouble?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and suddenly laughed.

A toad sitting on a well and not knowing it!

At that very moment.

“Young Master Jun Lin has arrived!”

A loud shout was heard.

Instantly, voices were heard like a tidal wave within the inner courtyard.

Many people were looking towards the inner courtyard gate.

Chen Dong’s few people were no exception.

A red-faced Zheng Junlin, dressed in a suit and wearing a smile, slowly walked in.

As he walked forward, he kept clasping his fist and greeting the people around him, the poise of the Zheng family’s eldest young man was enough at the end.

“Mr. Chen, please hurry up, the Zheng family has many guests today, I don’t have the time to spend with you.”

The welcoming lady impatiently rushed up.

The Zheng family was in the area and had such a bottom line!

Therefore, she also had such a temper.

“Wait a moment.”

Chen Dong nodded calmly, then said to Kun Lun, “Go and invite Young Zheng over.”

Kun Lun instantly walked towards Zheng Junlin.

“Invite Young Zheng?”

The welcoming lady was first startled for a moment, then snorted disdainfully.

These three outsiders, they were so deadly.

She gazed askance at Kunlun, her face full of disdain.

Zheng Junlin was well known in the city for his high-mindedness and arrogance. Don’t look at the smiling face he was putting on now as he greeted the crowd, it was because he knew that all the people here were big shots in the city.

But the average person who wants to get close to him?

If they don’t get a swollen face, they’re considered to be in the mercy of God.

And yet.

At this moment.

The welcoming lady’s body suddenly trembled and her pupils tightened to the extreme.

“How is that possible?” She exclaimed offhandedly.

Kun Lun was already standing in front of Zheng Junlin.

Zheng Junlin first froze for a moment, then revealed a warm smile before …… following Kun Lun towards this side.

At this moment, the welcome lady suddenly had her scalp to really tingle and her eyes were a little black.

These three outsiders, could they really be acquainted with Zheng Shao?

“What are you doing?”

Zheng Junlin’s stern shout made Miss Welcome’s face turn white.

Miss Welcome hastily said, “Zheng Shao, I, I ……”

Zheng Jun Lin waved his hand and turned to look at Chen Dong: “You’re really here?”

“Came to join in the fun.”

Chen Dong shrugged, “But your family’s welcome guest is a bit cross, so I asked the one worth ten billion to sit there, and she said I was here to cause trouble?”

“Ten billion?”

The corner of Zheng Junlin’s eyes danced for a moment, and then suddenly laughed strangely, “Driving a big G and you’re worth tens of billions? I just like the way you brag.”

After saying that, he waved his hand to let Miss Welcome leave.

Then with a smile, he said, “Let’s go, since you’re here, then come and take your seat with me.”

The welcome lady, who was secretly relieved and turned to leave, heard these words and was instantly shocked and pale.

My God!

Was he really a giant worth ten billion dollars?

Fear swept through her body as she stifled her head and walked away.

“That wasn’t your attitude last night.” Chen Dong smiled and looked at Zheng Junlin strangely.

“You don’t understand.”

Zheng Jun Lin shook his head, “You and I just met in pa*sing, technically speaking, you even beat me up, we are considered enemies, I am the Zheng family’s youngest status sensitive, today at my father’s birthday banquet, if I still bring you here, what kind of decency is that?”

“Then why are you bringing me now?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked at Zheng Junlin playfully.

Just now, if he had only said one word, I guess the welcome lady would have already called someone up to kick him out.

“I brought you here specifically, and meeting you together by chance, are two meanings, and I think you’re a ghostly person, and since you’re here, I was just about to see what you were up to at my father’s birthday banquet.”

Zheng Jun Lin blinked and turned to whisper, “But you know about me, I’m afraid you’ll suffer a bit if you sit along with me, give you time to think about it, I can change the table for you.”

Chen Dong said, “I’m not in the habit of sitting in the back row.”


Zheng Junlin strutted and led the three of Chen Dong to the main table and settled down.

From the beginning to the end, because of Zheng Jun Lin, it also made many people present notice Chen Dong’s trio.

After seeing Zheng Junlin take Chen Dong and the three of them to the main table, everyone was a little confused.

Who were those three people?

How could they have the courage to sit at the Zheng family’s main table?

A burst of whispers began to ring out.

“My goodness, the three main tables of the Zheng Family are all filled with distinguished members of the clan and giants of the city, what was he thinking, Zheng Junlin?”

“If it weren’t for the status of the Zheng family head’s own son, Zheng Junlin wouldn’t even be qualified to sit at the main table, but now he has the audacity to bring someone to sit there?”

“I’ve always heard that Zheng Junlin is a fop, but when I saw him today, I’ve really learned a lot, he really has no rules!”


Listening to the chatter around him.

Chen Dong frowned slightly: “You’re not angry?”

The first time I saw the company, I was very happy with it. I’m used to it, they only dare to talk about it, it’s tougher at the back, so be prepared, there’s still a chance to pull back now.”

“I’m really not used to sitting in the back row.” Chen Dong leaned back lazily in his chair.

On the side, Elder Long and Kunlun also smiled slightly, clearly not taking Zheng Junlin’s words to heart.

The Zheng family birthday banquet was extremely grand.

There were countless guests.

Chen Dong and the others had been seated for almost half an hour, but there was still a steady stream of guests being led into the inner courtyard.

If this was the case in the inner courtyard, the outer courtyard could be imagined.

From the beginning to the end, there was no end to the chatter about Zheng Junlin and Chen Dong in the inner courtyard.

On the contrary, as the number of people grew, the chatter became more and more intense.

Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces remained unchanged, such an occasion was not enough to make them sit up and take notice.

Zheng Junlin, on the other hand, was also full of care from beginning to end, putting on a fop look and playing with the bowls and teacups in front of him.


In the inner courtyard, it suddenly became quiet.

Many of the inner courtyard guests, one after another, got up.

“Young Master Jun Xian has arrived!”

With a loud shout.

Zheng Junlin suddenly squeezed the teacup in his hand and looked at Chen Dong oddly, smiling bitterly, “Now you don’t even have the chance to retreat backwards if you want to.”