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Never Say Never Chapter 399-400

Chapter 399

Looking at this spirit, something seemed wrong, I looked to Gu Han and spoke, “You’d better take auntie mother to the hospital, she seems a bit out of sorts now.”


Not many people can withstand that kind of excitement, so Gu Han looked at Fu Qingyin and helped Xu Hui out of the Gu home.


The Gu family was left with me and Fu Qingyin, looking at this somewhat indifferent woman, I said more, just faintly, “Aunt it’s late, I’ll go back first.”


She spoke up before I took a few steps, “Do you also think I was wrong? That I shouldn’t have told you these old stories?”


I froze, paused, looked back at her and paused before saying, “Uncle Gu didn’t want to talk about it when he was alive, maybe he had his own plans.”


“Heh!” She sneered, “He was just concerned about Xu Hui’s feelings and reputation, what plans did he have.”


I couldn’t help but frown, I always felt that her words were full of malice looking at her I couldn’t help but say, “Auntie, Uncle Gu’s plans are his scruples, all he wants in life is to keep his hair wife’s reputation, you’ve taken most of her life away with this comment.”


Half a lifetime of holding back, half a lifetime of hate, and finally realizing that the fault lies with her, that she hated the wrong person, loved the wrong person, how the rest of Xu Hui’s life scruples could not be lived well.


She looked at me and narrowed her eyes, “Are you speaking for Gu Han? My life is not a life? Because of her, my whole life is ruined, I didn’t marry the person I love, I didn’t have someone I could keep my white head with, in the end, I’m the one who’s miserable.”


Looking at her hard, I surprisingly did not want to sympathise at all, looking at her, I said, “Auntie, Uncle Gu gave you most of Gu’s shares, and the money that saved your life back then, these were all things that you willingly exchanged, all these years he was with and gave you love and care, one cannot be too greedy, you enjoyed his money and love, now that he is gone, you start complaining that he delayed your life, is that appropriate?”


People have their own choices, she had already thought that this day would come in the end when she chose to follow Gu Hengyang, and it was only a matter of time before or after she came to this point.


She glared at me angrily, “Thanks to your death of the Fu family’s daughter-in-law, you’ve turned your elbow to the outside, for nothing Shen Yan will look like you.”


I frowned and stopped talking to her. Maybe we are not on the same page and no matter how hard we try, we can’t get along.


I was prepared when she came to me because of the baby in Lu Xinran’s belly, she was a person who put her interests ahead.


When I left the Gu family home, it was already dark.


I went straight back to the villa, originally thinking that Fu Shen Yan had returned, but to my surprise, he was not there.


The actual fact is that I’ve read a lot of documents in the company at noon, and I’m not too familiar with some of the keywords mentioned in the middle, so it’s just as well that I can look them up at this time.


In the middle of the day, Mrs. Zhang asked me to eat, but I was so absorbed in reading that I asked her not to disturb me.


When Fu Shenyan came back, it was already a bit late.


He probably saw that I was not in the bedroom, so he came to the study to look for me.


When I saw him, I couldn’t help but take my eyes off the computer and look at him and say, “Back!”


He smiled lightly and walked towards me, leaning over my desk to see what I was looking at.


The faint smell of perfume floating about him made my subconscious brow furrow slightly.


I basically don’t use perfume, and he rarely does either, and besides, the perfume smells like it’s on a woman.


My upward smile was pulled down and I got up to avoid his reaching for me and went straight back to the bedroom.


Chapter 400

A little confused, Fu Shen Yan followed me and said in a deep voice, “What’s wrong?”


“Sleepy!” I responded and prepared to go into the bathroom to wash up.


I was tugged by him and his brow furrowed deeply, “Shen Shu, something to say, eh?”


“You’ve been out all day, aren’t you tired?” I wasn’t angry, and I smiled deliberately when I said that.


He sank his eyes, a little cold, “No, I’m not tired, I came back late?” He frowned slightly and paused, “Sorry, I won’t keep you waiting long in the future, I’ll try to get things done early, eh?”


“No, your work is important.” With that, I pushed him out of the way and went into the bathroom.


Before I could close the door, his whole body squeezed in, seeing that I still didn’t seem too happy, he frowned slightly and circled me from behind me, his chin resting on my shoulder.


His voice was low and introspective, “Nothing is as important as you.” With that he dropped bits and pieces of kisses.


The smell of perfume belonging to other women filled me and made me a little irritable, I pushed him away and pursed my lips, “Fu Shen Yan, get out, I want to take a shower.”


The words carried a temper and he frowned, “Wash together.”


I was furious, my anger was ignited in a second, “Fu Shen Yan, you don’t understand human language, do you? I said, I want to take a shower, you want to take a shower in the next room.”


He pursed his lips and his face sank, “What the hell is going on, why are you throwing a tantrum when you have nothing to do with it? What have I done to offend you?”




I didn’t even want to talk to him now, he wouldn’t go out, I’d go out, I couldn’t afford to hide, could I?


But he had a mind to pester me and pinned me against the wall, biting me hard on the shoulder, “Tell me why you’re angry, eh? Don’t make me guess.”


“Go take a shower, you smell awful.” I spoke, my brow furrowed tightly.


He raised an eyebrow and raised his hand to sniff his body in question, but he couldn’t help but curl his lips, “Shen Shu, do you have a dog’s nose? Can you even smell it like that?”


“Go take a shower!” I spoke, with a bit of anger.


He laughed and said patiently, “She’s sick and I happen to be with Zhuan Yan, so I’m coming along.


I pursed my lips and pushed him away, my tone loosening a bit, “Go take a shower.”


He laughed lowly and went into the bathroom.


When he came out, he had changed into a bathrobe, and his chest showed off his toned character pecs, which were very eye catching to look at.


Seeing me sitting on the bed reading a book, he made his way over and said, “What are you doing reading the strategy? Thinking of playing there?”


“I want to take a trip to M. Muzzy and Jon have been over there for ages and haven’t sent me any messages, I don’t know how they’re doing, I want to go and see.” I hadn’t seen them since my accident, even Chen Xing hadn’t seen them anymore, and I didn’t know how they were doing.


He nodded his head, took the travel guide in my hand, put it aside and spoke, “It’s useless to read this, it just so happens that I’m going to go to M some time later, you can just go with me then.”


“What are you going to do?” The company has so many things to do, he can go away?


He pursed his lips and gave me a customary kiss on the forehead, “Several hospitals under Jun Yu’s control are in trouble, I have to go there to take a look, there are also several in China, things are getting a bit too big.”


I froze, so his phone kept ringing today.


Originally I hadn’t taken Han Shuang’s words to heart, but that’s how people are, once the seeds of doubt are planted, they start to germinate and then grow like crazy.