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Never Say Never Chapter 397-398

Chapter 397



“Eh, then it’s settled.” With that, he got out of the car and pulled me straight into the Gu family.


The Gu family was originally large, because they wanted to bring Gu Hengyang’s ashes back to put them away for a few days, folk talk about stopping the spirits, the hall was all hung with white cloths and meditation paper, the more it looked big and empty.


The Gu family has few people, and at this time there is a funeral, it looks a bit gloomy, follow him into the hall, he let the Gu family maids cook a meal.


Fu Qingyin came back not long after, holding a pile of documents, basically the distribution of the Gu family’s property.


She took the initiative and handed the documents to Gu Han and said, “You can have the Gu family’s properties and cars, I just want the position of Gu’s chairman.”


“Heh!” Gu Han laughed coldly, his black eyes looking at her, “The man hasn’t even been buried yet, and you’re already splitting with me? Aren’t you afraid he’ll come looking for you in the middle of the night?”


Fu Qingyin’s face was cold, her cool lips pursed slightly, “This is what he promised me, giving me the lion’s share of the fifty percent he held, all, according to the law, I have the right to be the chairman of Gu’s.”


Gu Han raised his eyebrows, “You calculate so early, are you planning to leave the Gu family without waiting for him to finish the funeral?”


Fu Qingyin didn’t open her mouth, a little cold, “You don’t need to speak so harshly, you and your mother both have the shares of Gu’s in your hands, what should be given to you, I won’t give you a single cent less.”


“Give it all to you!” Gu Han opened his mouth and sneered, “I honestly don’t even care about that little share of Gu’s, you’ve been planning for so many years, it’s your fortune fee, you can take it all!”


“There’s no need!” Fu Qingyin stepped on her high heels, “I won’t take a single penny of what is mine, and I don’t want a single penny of what is not mine, just please tell your mother not to come to me again, what happened back then has nothing to do with me, she hated me for so many years, it’s time to let go.”


“What do you mean it’s none of your business?” She was red-eyed, her eyes slightly swollen, her face fierce as she looked at Fu Qingyin, “If you hadn’t seduced Gu Hengyang, would he have suddenly become cold towards me? I have accompanied him to every corner of the world.”


I was with him through all the low points of the Gu family, he loved me so much, from the birth of Ah Han to when he left the country, he took good care of me, I originally thought that we would be happy for the rest of our lives, but I never thought that your appearance would make him choose to divorce me even though he was over half a century old. If you hadn’t pretended to be so sweet, so that Gu Hengyang would love you and take care of you, how would he have become like this?” Fu Qingyin, you’re also a noblewoman, why did you seduce him, a married man?


Xu Hui said to the point of pain, her expression was a bit fierce, she wanted to tear Fu Qingyin apart, “What do you like about him? He can’t even let you have a child, for the sake of Gu’s shares, you are really willing to put yourself out there, what are you fighting for? What are you fighting for? Is it the cheapness in your bones that makes you so despicable?”


This was already a curse at the end of the sentence.


Chapter 398

Fu Qingyin’s face was extraordinarily cold, she looked at Xu Hui, her hands clasped as if she was restraining her anger, coldly she suddenly laughed, “Yes, I am cheap, but I am no more cheap than you, Xu Hui, think carefully, what was the reason for your divorce from Gu Hengyang?”


“Because of you, because of you, the vixen!” Xu Hui was furious, her face was fierce, “Because you seduced him and destroyed our family, all because of you.”


“Heh!” Fu Qingyin sneered, “You really don’t have any memory of your past, that night at the Victor Hotel ten years ago, did you think that as long as you didn’t remember and didn’t talk about it, no one would know about it?”


Xu Hui’s face changed violently, “What do you …… you mean?”


“My meaning you know clearer than I do, you will probably never know that after you did something scandalous like that, that person will take the video and find Gu Hengyang and let Gu Hengyang to appreciate how you were entwined for one night.”


Xu Hui’s face fiercely paled, looking at Fu Qingyin her body trembling, “Impossible, this is impossible, Hengyang knows, he knows ……”


The first thing you need to do is to get a video of yourself, and then you’ll have to pay that person to shut up, and you know how he got through it every time? He loves you and you know it yourself, but why do you still make him sad?”


“It’s not!” Xu Hui was in tears, “I didn’t even know that night, I didn’t know at all, I wanted to explain to him too, but when I saw you with him, I felt bad and ran away inside, that’s why I messed with him, I didn’t know it was like that.”


Fu Qingyin looked at her grief-stricken look with cold eyes and said indifferently, “There was nothing at all between him and me at that time, but it was just to cover up your scandal, he promised me shares in Gu and a sum of money, Fu was facing bankruptcy, it was my father’s life’s work, so I needed that money, I agreed, so I agreed to accompany him in a play, all he had to do was spread the cheating scandal, that person would know that those things in his hands were of no use at all, you must not know why that person died in a car accident somehow, it was Gu Hengyang who put down the killer in your name.”


Xu Hui sat on the floor sobbing, “Why didn’t he tell me, why?”


“Tell you?” The shade on Fu Qingyin’s face had not dissipated, “What’s the use of telling you? That man died in a car accident, you almost killed him for a rotten man, what’s the point of telling you? To make you hate him, that he killed the person you cared about most?”


“What are you babbling about, I didn’t love him at all, that night was an accident, he died, I just went to take a look, I saw you with him, it was hard for me, that’s why I took the knife to stab him, I didn’t expect it to be like this.”


Gu Han’s face was sunken, his face was hard to see.


Looking at Fu Qingyin, he said in a cold voice, “What are you doing talking about this now? Gu Hengyang is dead, do you want to force my mother to die as well?”


Fu Qingyin laughed coldly, “So you want your mother to hate your father for the rest of her life? He was wrongly accused for so many years, why shouldn’t he be allowed to die with a clean slate?”


“I deserve to die, it’s me who deserves to die!” Xu Hui opened her mouth, naively getting up from the ground and looking at Fu Qingyin and smiling, “He loved me, yeah, he loved me.”