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Never Say Never Chapter 393-394

Chapter 393

I laughed, “Difficult? When Grandpa asked him to marry me at Fu Residence, if he was firm enough, would Grandpa have let him marry me? Do you think that with his character, he would really let grandpa force me on him? It’s only been three years, three years and he can’t let go of me, and what about you? How many years have you been with him? Why hasn’t he married you in all those years? If it were true that he had even that little bit of a man or woman for you before, he would have married you long ago and not waited until I came along, wouldn’t he?”


“You ……” Lu Xinran was already sobbing, and I knew that all these words were like a knife, each one stabbing her in the soft spot.


“Let my mother go, your purpose has been achieved, I will not pester Fu is like that, will not participate in your marriage again, I let go, you do not touch my mother, moreover do not touch the Mo family, we die of old age, you and Fu Shen Yan live a good life.”


Lu Xinran was in a bad mood, she actually knew in her heart that I would not let Lin Wan go, but she still opened her mouth and begged me.


Maybe she really loves Fu Shen Yan and has given her heart and love to him, or maybe she just lusts after the goodness he has shown her, but none of this has anything to do with me.


Looking at her, I spoke, “I will live a good life with Fu Shen Yan, I appreciate your non-involvement and non-entanglement, but your mother, I will not let go just the same, in the end I have only just made a start, there is still a long road ahead.”


Lu Xinran’s face was pale and she was in a state of shock, “Shen Shu, I have already stopped pestering you, why do you still want to press on? You know very well that once I continue to pester Fu Shen Yan, with my brother’s love, he will not even get involved with me, unless I stop pestering, my shadow will be with your marriage for the rest of your life. But Shen Shu, can you really put up with me being involved in your marriage for the rest of your life?”


I pursed my lips and stabbed my fingertips into my palm, the dead really did have a big effect, she was right, Fu Shenyan’s responsibility to Lu Xinran was as disgusting as those disgusting blood ties, as long as something happened to Lu Xinran, Fu Shenyan would be bound by morality and had to take care of Lu Xinran.


The first thing you can do is to take care of your life. ”


Looking at her bloodless face, I continued to speak, “Your existence only occasionally affects our relationship, but you’re different, you’ve spent your whole life in this period of no


Chapter 393 Pouring coffee on yourself?


The meaningful entanglement. But leaving Fu Shen Yan you’re different, you’re beautiful and well off, there are many people who can give you happiness, Qiao Zhuan Yan has been with you for so long, you can’t possibly not see that, follow him, even if Lin Wan ends up in ruin and has nothing left, you still have the ability to take care of her, the Mo family has deep roots, even if I can move, but it’s impossible to uproot, so as long as you leave your future I still have no way to hurt you. ”


This is true, once Lu Xinran let go, even if I have the intention to hurt her, it is only a small fight, can not threaten her anything, but according to all these years she is stubbornly stubborn to Fu Shen Yan, she will not be powerful, this is habit, and love has no relationship.


Sure enough.


Her gaze hardened and she shook her head, “No, I won’t leave him, since you won’t let my mother go, then we’ll fight to the death, if you don’t let me feel better, I won’t let you feel better either, Shen Shu, you can want nothing, but I don’t believe it, love and affection, I want them all, the same cannot be missing.”


I sneered and shrugged my shoulders, “Then I’ll see what happens, we’ll fight to the end.”


Lu Xinran was greedy, she wanted everything, and she was right, I didn’t seem to want anything, yes, I didn’t want anything, but I didn’t have anything, what could I want?


I didn’t notice when Lu Xinran left, but as I sat in the cafe, I just felt a blockage in my heart.


But for me, what I lost was the child I relied on to keep me alive. She had parents and family to protect, but I …… did not.


The coffee dried up on my body, so I was a bit of a mess, and I should have gone back to the office after doing it for too long.


I just got up and was caught off guard by the sight of a man standing next to me at some point.


For a moment I froze, didn’t he have something to do?


“What are you …… doing here?” I didn’t look at him, carrying my bag and preparing to leave.


Fu Shen Yan narrowed his eyes, the colour of his eyes extremely deep, “Who was here with just now?”


“No!” I opened my mouth and looked around to see that not far away Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhongyan had just found a seat, so it looked like these three had just arrived.


He sank his eyes, “How do you explain the coffee on your clothes?”


The coffee had dried but there was still a mark, I frowned and said casually, “I accidentally did it myself.”


He sneered and looked at me a bit like an idiot, “You threw coffee on yourself? Hmm?”


Chapter 394

I pursed my lips and changed the subject, “You came to talk about business?”


He withdrew his gaze from the empty cup on the table and answered, “Who spilled it?”


I frowned, “Are you going to find her and beat her up, or return her cup of coffee?”


He raised an eyebrow, “You like it that way?”


I ……


“Alright, you guys talk about your business, I’ll go first, I have work to do at the office!” What’s the use of talking about it, after all, he can’t get Lu Xinran to beat him up, besides, he won’t.


His wrist was pulled, “What did she want to talk to you about?”


I got a bit of a headache and impatience, “Fu Shen Yan, let’s go home and talk about what’s going on, you talk about things first!”


I broke his hand and went straight out of the cafe.


He put his jacket on me, “You didn’t drive here, I’ll take you back later, change your clothes and then go to the office.”


I wrinkled my brows and shook my head, “No, it’s dry, I’ll go back after I take care of some business at the office.”


“What’s the matter that has to be dealt with now?” He spoke, his tone a little heavy, seeing me looking at him, he slightly narrowed his eyebrows, his face a little better, “Go back and take a shower and change your clothes, you’re not uncomfortable yourself!”


“It’s okay!”


“Shen Shu!” He frowned, “We can get along better, more like husband and wife, it’s not like this!”


I frowned subconsciously, it was the same as what Sister Zhang had said, he did have his mouth full trying hard to handle things well all the time, his care and concern I could see.


After a pause, I looked over to him and nodded, “Well, you’re giving me a ride back.”


He looked a few degrees better and pulled me into the car, the car started and I couldn’t help but say, “You’re not saying hello to Dr. Cheng and the others?”


“Nothing!” He answered me and drove off in the direction of the villa.


When I got back to the villa I went into the bathroom and took a shower by the way, when I came out Fu Shen Yan was on the balcony on the phone.


I could hear the voice on the other end of when there was only a little space, and it was Lu Xinran.


Fu Shenyan didn’t seem too happy, his voice was low, “Xinran, I can handle my business with you between us, you don’t need to find trouble with Shen Shu.”


Lu Xinran was a little angry, “Brother Shen Yan, what do you mean I’m looking for trouble with her? Did she find you to sue?”


“No!” Fu Shen Yan’s voice was low, and when he heard the movement behind him he looked back at me, then came in directly from the balcony.


On the other end of the phone Lu Xinran’s voice was loud and upset, “Then what makes you think it was me who did it? Am I that bad in your heart?”


Fu Shen Yan didn’t really want to talk to her about this, and after a pause said, “This is the last time, there’s no next time, if you’re doing this because of your mother, then you can come to me, I’m involved in this, there’s only more and less in the future.”


“Fu Shen Yan!” Hearing the voice, Lu Xinran was furious to the extreme, “My mother is just trying to protect me, what’s wrong with her that makes you guys target her so much?”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, his eyes fell on me, gesturing for me to go and dry my hair, I looked at him crookedly, not wanting to go.


He smiled, and his face pulled down at the phone, “I’m just trying to get justice for my child too, what’s wrong with that?”


That was a clogging statement.


Lu Xinran had nothing to say and hung up the phone directly.


Fu Shen Yan casually dropped the phone in general, pulled me down and rubbed my hair.


His phone rang several times and didn’t pick up, so I sulked and looked back at him, “You go deal with your business!”