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Never Say Never Chapter 379-380

Chapter 379



I was lying on the hospital bed, after Fu Shen Yan had left, Shen Yu wrapped his arms around me, “You’ve grown up, using yourself as bait? Don’t you think you’ve lived long enough?”


I smiled lightly and lifted my gauze covered hand and laughed, “It’s just a superficial wound, besides, the purpose was achieved, wasn’t it?”


He laughed coldly, “What are you going to do if Third Uncle and I are not in Jiangcheng? Without the power of the official family, do you think Lu Qi would be afraid of a businessman?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Aren’t you both here? If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t dare take the risk of torture.”


After a pause I said, “What will happen to Lu Qi?”


He spoke, “If it’s not a death sentence it’s a life sentence, he has several lives on his back, no one cared about Jiangcheng before, Chen Changhe let him, now Uncle San intervenes and reports all this up, he can’t come out of it, Chen Changhe has been harbouring him for so many years, he’s no better than that, but this move of yours has allowed Uncle San to step on the Mo family’s roots. ”


This is a lot of entanglements, I can not sort out, but more or less can think, Lin Wan and Chen Changhe frequent dealings, just the financial estimates alone can not be said, if continue to investigate, it is estimated that even the other dirty things harbored will also be found out, then if the Mo family for the sake of the foundation, Lin Wan will certainly leave the Mo family.


He looked at me for a long time before saying, “Happy now?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Not really, this is just the beginning, there is still a long way to go!”


Shen Changlin had originally come to Jiangcheng to inspect the city and was ready to go back, I had only just found out about this before I promised Han Shuang, and had only planned to simply meet for a meal.


But Shen Changlin was busy and didn’t have time, so I went when Han Shuang asked me to meet.


I had thought about this when she asked for help. Han Shuang probably only wanted to use Fu Shen Yan’s power to keep Lu Qi in jail for a few years, not to kill him.


But I was different. If I gave Lu Qi a way out, I was giving myself a way to die.


Since I want to help, I will not give Lu Qi a way to live, and Shen Changlin’s appearance, the fatal point in this sentence.




I was in a bit of shock, and I fell asleep not long after Shen Yu left, dazed and confused to see someone beside me.


I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this.


I looked at him and didn’t say anything, knowing in my heart that he was angry. From the hotel until now, he hadn’t said a word and had been asking the doctor to check me out if anything was wrong.


“Snap!” The light was switched on and the nurse came in to change the medicine, sensing that the atmosphere was not right, looked at the potion and left.


In the bright light, his suit was a little creased, his handsome face was haggard, his dark eyes were infested with blood, and his mouth was peeling because it was dry, but it didn’t affect the reserved elegance of his bones in any way.


I had thought he wouldn’t speak as long as I didn’t, but I didn’t want him to, “Not going to talk about it?”


Talk about what? I went over it in my head for a moment, not knowing how to tell him that I had actually done it on purpose? And that it had been included in the count.


But if I didn’t say anything, he would already know after meeting Shen Changlin and Shen Yu.


After thinking about it, I pursed my lips and bowed my head, putting on a look like I was at his mercy; in any case, he just scolded me.


Chapter 380

Seeing me like this, Fu Shen Yan got a little angry, his pair of black eyes stared at me without moving, “For a scumbag, you got yourself into such a mess, you’re good.”


He was probably seeing the pinch wounds on my body and his tone was heavy for a long time.


I pursed my lips, raised my eyes to look at him, and said a little aggressively, “It hurts a little!”


I was lucky he didn’t choke me to death after Lu Qi’s deadly hand.


He laughed coldly, “You still know it hurts.”


Knowing he was angry, I pursed my lips, “I didn’t expect him to hit me so hard either, I originally thought he would hit me a few times and then you would come, but I didn’t expect it to end up like this.”


He chortled, “So you’re blaming us for being slow?”


I shook my head and pulled a smile, “It’s good enough that you guys came.”


“Why was Liam at the hotel too?” He spoke, his tone serious, “Why would there be a Li An there when you want to fight for Han Shuang?”


I was surprised by this Li An, too, thinking that I should have been called there by Han Shuang, except then the man was cunning, and that bump he gave made people a*sume that his presence had saved me.


I had no proof that I had been kidnapped by him before, and no one would believe me even if I said so.


“I’m not too sure, he probably knows Lu Qi, so he came to the hotel to look for him.”


His dark eyes sank, “Shen Shu, tell the truth!”


His chin was hooked and his dark eyes spilled out a dangerous light, “You and Li An really didn’t know each other before?”


I nodded my head and couldn’t help but speak, “You think I should have known him?”


He suddenly sneered, “Li An is the vice president of Lin Wan’s technology company in city A. He suddenly appeared in the hotel where you and Lu Qi were both present, a slick old man who is a fish out of water in the mall would hurt himself to protect an unrelated person, Shen Shu, what do you take our intelligence for?”


I froze, Li An and Lin Wan still had this level of relationship?


Looking at Fu Shen Yan, she spoke, “If I said that Li An and Lu Qi were in cahoots, would you believe me?”


“He was injured because he hit himself?” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his brow furrowed.


I nodded, “He was smart enough to do it before you guys arrived.”


“He knew you before?” It was a question that made me frown, the bit I didn’t quite want to mention.


After a pause I said, “Lu Xinran had her kidnap me before.”




“The time when I first took over ac and Huayu.”


He frowned, quite sure, “He couldn’t have done it by Xinran.”


“Lu Xinran is quite an unusual place in your heart.” Looking at him I smiled a little openly and detachedly.


He sank, “She had only met Lin Wan a few times at that time, there’s no way she would have used Lin Wan’s people.”


“En!” I didn’t argue, I said indifferently, “There’s no way Bai Yueguang would be so calculating, it’s the usual routine.”


He frowned, “Shen Shu!”


I had thought he had come to care for me, but now it seemed he should have come to question me.


Sleepy and uncomfortable, I yawned and said, “Please, Mr. Fu, I’m a little tired.”


He held his breath and sat in his chair looking at me coldly, with no intention of leaving.


The nurse came in to change the medicine and, being stared at by him, thought she had done something wrong, her hands were shaking so badly that she almost dropped the medicine on the floor several times.


She was so relieved to have finished changing the medicine that she hurriedly took it and left.


But after walking a few steps, she came back again and looked at Fu Shen Yan shivering and said, “Miss Shen wants to put some medicine on the wound on her neck, the ointment doctor has already prescribed, it should be at Miss Shen’s.”