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Never Say Never Chapter 375-376

Chapter 375

Han Shuang had warned me before she arrived that Lu Qi was a particularly bloodthirsty and perverted person at heart.


I smiled lightly and slightly hooked the broken hair around my ear, “Just don’t let him know.”


“Hahahaha!” I said why Fu Shen Yan didn’t want such a beautiful woman like you, but had to find one outside, so it’s because you have special tastes!


I was really disgusted by this topic, but I pressed on and laughed, “If you don’t have a hobby in your life, wouldn’t you have lived in vain?”


Lu Qi was holding a gla*s of wine and hadn’t taken his eyes off me since he came in.


Hearing my words, he laughed even more wickedly.


Han Shuang sat beside me and spoke in a whisper, “I’m going out for a while, if you need anything, contact me as soon as possible.”


I nodded, “You’d better come back early.”


As soon as Han Shuang left, Lu Qi came towards me, his handsome features were slightly distorted, and his body smelled of cologne, which I didn’t really like, and I subconsciously frowned.


Slightly moving over to look at him, I said, “Is Mr. Lu always this raw?”


Sulking when his wife dares to leave?


“Since we are out to have fun, naturally there is no need to hide, we know our roots, it’s just a mutual pleasure for once, why wriggle?”


As he said that, he moved closer to me and his hand climbed up my thigh, which was really disgusting.


But the plot had to run its course.


But I couldn’t stand him, so I pressed down on his hand as it continued to slide upwards, and looked up at him and smiled sweetly, “Mr. Lu, I’m going to the bathroom first, it’s my first time, I’m a little nervous.”


He was not yet satisfied, although he felt spoiled, but he could only nod, “Go quickly and return!”


The washroom.


As soon as I entered, Han Shuang looked at me and said, “Can you stand it?”


I nodded, washed my face with water and looked really puzzled, “You used to pull people for him like that?”


She pursed her lips and nodded, “The ones I used to find were in college towns, and if he was happy with his play, I’d have a much better time for the next few days, otherwise it’s just living day to day nowadays.”


I blinked, finding a woman for her husband was really the first day I’d seen that.


“You put this in the wine for him later when you find a chance, he’s an extremely intelligent man and once he realises something is wrong, something could go wrong, this will at least make him less sensible.”


She handed me a small tablet of the drug and I glanced at it, “A euphoria tablet?”




After a pause she said, “One trick pony is the best way to reduce the risk.”




With a glance at her, I headed out.


After walking a few steps, she spoke, “Mr. Shen, be careful!”


I couldn’t help but stare for a moment, then nodded and left.


In the corridor, Lu Qi was smoking in the hallway, which I had pretended not to see.


But his disgusting eyes looked at me, and I couldn’t help but frown and stop.


Suppressing the irritation in my heart, I hooked my lips and smiled, “Mr. Lu!”


He seemed to be enjoying the seduction, took a fierce drag of his cigarette, extinguished the butt in his hand and walked towards me.


“Shen Shu, has anyone ever told you that you’re really beautiful? That kind of very deadly beauty.” He said, his body about to press up against mine.


I shook my head, “You just said that!”


Chapter 376

He smiled and spoke, “Let’s have a drink somewhere else, it’s early.”


I raised an eyebrow, “Change of venue?”


He nodded, “What, you like it in a place like this?”


“That’s not true!” I said after a moment, “It’s just that we’re at least waiting here for Han Shuang to come back, aren’t we?”


At the mention of Han Shuang, he seemed a little displeased, “What’s the point of waiting for her, we’ll just play, plus she’s in the way, let’s go!”


As he said that, he raised his hand to pull me, but I avoided it and I laughed, “She’s your wife and it’s not right to leave her like that, is it?”


“It’s okay, she’ll go back on her own!” He said, forcibly tugging me out the door.


I tugged at him and couldn’t help but purse my lips, “Mr. Lu, this is inappropriate, I should at least talk to Han Shuang about it.”


“No need!” He looked a little eager, I originally thought it was in the private room, but now looking at him, he seemed to be planning to take me somewhere else.


For a moment there was some panic, “Mr. Lu, what’s the difference between you doing this and robbing by force? It won’t be fun to play like this.”


“Cut the crap, just come with me, it’s all fun and games anyway, I’ll take you for a bit of excitement.” There was a disparity in strength between men and women, and I stumbled a bit as he led me along.


Realising that if I left here with him now, the danger would be high.


So, win is tugging at the wall, born, “Mr. Lu, if I have to leave here, I refuse to go with you.”


He pursed his lips and his eyes clouded over, “Why do you want to stay here? Are you planning to set me up? Shen Shu, don’t think I don’t know that you and that woman Han Shuang are digging a hole for me. If I want to screw you, I’m still afraid of that hypocrite Fu Shen Yan? I just don’t want someone to disturb me when I’m having a good time and spoil my fun.”


I froze, my heart was in my throat, and I rushed to ask for help, but before I could say anything, I pa*sed out with a pain in the back of my neck.


When I woke up again, Lu Qi was standing in front of me with an obscene look on his face, scanning the surroundings, the hotel bathtub.


He had just woken me up with water, and I was soaked to the skin, my clothes, which I hadn’t worn much, were soaked in water, and my body was showing through everywhere it should.


I looked at Lu Qi who was standing at the edge of the bathtub without any cover, I was still calm and mimicked my eyes, “Mr. Lu, what is this for?”


Lu Qi smiled and Wang Yao moved closer to me, “Of course I’m doing what needs to be done.”


I pursed my lips, “Mr. Lu is sort of buying by force, as I said, I don’t really want to change places.”


“So what? It’s more fun that way, but I’m afraid I’ll be hurt if I hurt you then!”


He moved his body closer, bracing both arms on the edge of the tub and pressing down towards me.


Out of instinct, I raised my foot and without hesitation, I thrust it at Lu Qi, who reacted quickly and avoided it almost simultaneously.


He straightened up and raised his hand to wipe the water stains from the corner of his mouth, “Not bad, it tastes good!”


I ignored him and thought about how to contact Fu Shen Yan as soon as possible, the hotel should have a landline.


Thinking of this, I climbed out of the bathtub, but the next second I was pressed into the tub by his neck.


Sick to my stomach, I struggled to push him away, but the man was extremely strong.


Struggling down, I instead had a number of extra bruises and marks that stung to look at.


“Tch! A woman who has given birth has a taste, this body is perfect, what is there to keep in mind for Fu Shen Yan, you follow me, later I promise to let you give me a baby.”