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Never Say Never Chapter 371-372

Chapter 371

The first time Lin Tao heard this, he wanted to anticipate that I would say this in advance, and opened his mouth, “Mrs. Fu, this point you are completely at ease, what happened last time I promise, absolutely will not happen, in order to show sincerity, I brought the last time in charge of Fu’s General Manager Lu, he is in charge of Fu’s throughout, with him in absolutely let you rest a*sured.”


I looked at the appearance, how could I feel that this Lu Qi’s position in ac was even higher than Lin Tao’s?


I couldn’t help but look at Lu Qi slightly, and saw him smile, “Director Shen, last time, it was all an accident, I promise that this time, absolutely nothing will go wrong.”


I pursed my lips and looked at Fu Shen Yan, “Fu’s audit, can I refuse?”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, “Reason?”


“I don’t want to get into this mess, the same thing, I don’t want to put a mistake a second time.” What’s more, when I entered Gu, no matter what kind of purpose Fu had in mind for letting me continue to be in charge of Jiangcheng Fu’s audit, it would not be a good thing for me.


Fu Shen Yan looked, a pair of black eyes slightly narrowed, a moment’s pause, suddenly looked at Lin Tao said, “Mr. Lin, may have to apologize, your last misunderstanding to my wife caused no small shadow, I ugly words first, the same thing to ac and credit, credit, although small, but nothing went wrong, but ac almost made me face bankruptcy, although in the end there was no danger, but It also ended up making my wife leave her job, for a combination of the above reasons, so I’m sorry to say that I won’t be handing Fu’s over to ac again.”


Lin Tao and Lu Qi were both stunned, “Mr. Fu, you should know better than we do about the problems in the last quarter, the reason why Fu’s went down was not a problem with our auditing company, it was your company itself that had flaws and needed a reshuffle, ac was just a trigger.”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, his face brought a single faint smile, “So, Mr. Lin thinks that the mistakes you made in the middle can be forgiven?”


Lin Tao froze, and his face turned a little white for a moment.


This meal was eaten without panic.


In the car, Fu Shen Yan looked at me sideways, his dark eyes deep and low, “What are you thinking?”


I looked out the window at the windy scenery that flashed by, and I withdrew my gaze to look at Fu Shen Yan, “You never wanted to work with ac in the first place, why did you set up this game?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Guess!”


“Fu Shen Yan, you don’t have to be like this at all.” I pursed my lips, a little displeased, it was really childish to deliberately ask someone out for a trick.


I was really tired and not interested in talking to him further, there was no need to fight over such a small episode.




I had already booked a ticket back to the capital, and I was going to rest for a day and then return to the capital.


I didn’t expect to receive a call from Han Shuang, “Mr. Shen, can we meet?”


Thinking of what Gu Han said the night we talked about the Huayao partnership, I hesitated, “Is there something wrong?”


There was a little choke in her voice, “Mr. Shen, I know I deserve this, but I really don’t want to be imprisoned by him like this for the rest of my life, I beg you, let’s meet, let’s talk.”


Fu Shen Yan was not at the villa, it was somewhat empty, I thought about it and spoke, “En, then I’ll see you at the bridge yard on South Court Road.”


She nodded repeatedly with relief.


I hung up the phone, changed into some warm clothes and left the house, and when I arrived Han Shuang had already arrived.


She was wearing an outdated cotton coat, wrapped up tightly, and had some bruises on her face that she could have covered up with foundation, but they were still clearly visible.


Chapter 372

Seeing her waiting outside the bridge courtyard with her hands clasped and shivering, I couldn’t help but speak up, “It’s so cold outside, why don’t you go inside?”


She smiled, her gaze a little forlorn, “I …… waited for you.” Seeing the embarra*sment on her face, I refrained from speaking.


The bridge courtyard is not considered a high-end place, she was considered a high-income white-collar worker when she was at Fu’s, and she felt indifferent to the occasional high consumption.


But now ……


I don’t know what her situation really is, even if she doesn’t have a job and Lu Qi treats her badly, with her ability she wouldn’t be living in such a sorry state.


When I entered the bridge courtyard and ordered my meal, she looked at me and wanted to say something several times.


I paused and took the initiative to speak up, “Han Shuang, you asked for me ……”


“Mr. Shen, do you still remember when you were kidnapped in the underground car park?” She opened her mouth directly.


I froze for a moment, at that time, not many people knew about this, how did she?


“Lu Qi told you about it?” I had met the man then, the reason was because ac wanted to get an audit of Fu’s, so it was involved, plus it seemed to involve Qiao Zhuan Yan and Lu Xinran.


I thought at the time that it didn’t really matter much, so I didn’t count on it, and I didn’t want anyone to know.


She shook her head, her thick foundation couldn’t but her haggard face, “I overheard it, have you thought about it, at the time you teamed up with Dean Lu to fake an abortion in order to tangle with Mr. Fu, how many people knew about it at the time?”


I thought about it, at that time, apart from me and Dean Lu, the other one was Cheng Junyu, no one else seemed to know about it.


It had been so long ago that I had almost forgotten about it.


When I frowned, she said, “Didn’t you ever wonder why the person who kidnapped you at that time would use your stomach to threaten you to bid for a project? Not many people knew about it at the time!”


“Isn’t Lu Qi the son of Dean Lu? I thought of it at the time after I saw that man and Lu Qi together, so ……” that Mr. Li was with Lu Qi at the time, I probably guessed why he knew I was pregnant in the first place.


She shook her head, “How could Lu Yuanzi talk to Lu Qi about something that even Madam Lu didn’t say, not to mention that Lu Qi and Lu Yuanzi hadn’t gotten along for years, and between them, father and son, there was nothing to talk about at all.”


Apart from Lu Courtyard there was only Cheng Jun Yu, I couldn’t help but frown, “Dr. Cheng is Fu Shen Yan’s brother, you’re saying he would have been involved in this?”


She looked at me, probably because of the excitement, her lips trembled a little, “You don’t believe me?”


I shook my head and sighed, “Cheng Junyu has no reason to do that.” The points of interest were different, he had money and shares in Fu’s, plus I could at least see that he wasn’t so partial to Lu Xinran as to go after me.


Seeing me like this, she was a bit anxious and after a pause said, “If you don’t believe me, go back and ask Fu Shen Yan what happened between him and Cheng Jun Yu before!”


This was a bit too much information and I couldn’t help but frown, “Han Shuang, I can understand how you want to leave Lu Qi now, but you don’t need to be like this, the past is not on my mind anymore.”


Compared to the pain of losing a son, that kidnapping is really nothing compared to the pain of losing a son.


“Would you believe me if I said that Cheng Junyu and the Mo family had joined forces and were creating a huge trap for Fu Shenyan? If I’m right, the president of ac has approached you again and intends to continue working with Fu, right? They are not at all for the huge capital chain, but they know that the embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed by an ant’s nest, the Fu family has been established in Jiangcheng for decades, and if it is getting more and more like the sky in Fu Shenyan’s hands, if someone with a heart wants to do something, it must be disintegrating from within Fu’s little by little.”